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Sat May 14, 2005

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magazine is the most informative hair and fashion guide you'll ever see. As Atlanta's first and only multicultural hair, fashion, and beauty publication, Atlanta Hair will keep you on the cutting edge of style. Don't miss a moment for Atlanta Hair Magazine's fitness and fashion tips, current trends and hair designs, celebrity interview and much more.
4 Issues per year. Cover Price: $11.80 Your Price $3.95 for a full 1 year subscription!!! SAVE 66% off the cover price!!!

Cosmetic Mall
Cosmetic Mall has the top beauty products, hot fragrances, Beauty, hair care, skin care, cosmetics, shopping, free gifts, make up, fragrances, baby gifts, Personal advice, beauty magazine, free samples all at the Cosmetic Mall.

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magazine is a beauty, fashion and entertainment magazine. It addresses current issues concerning Latinas with features and departments geared to improve and enhance their appearance, health, fashion, personalities, entertainment, relationships and more.
6 Issues per year. Cover Price: $17.70 Your Price $3.95 for a full 1 year subscription!!! SAVE 77% off the cover price!!!

magazine contains information on medical self-care, fitness, beauty, and other areas geared toward helping African-American women to live more healthy and positive lives.
7 Issues per year. Cover Price: $20.65 Your Price $3.95 for a full 1 year subscription!!! SAVE 81% off the cover price!!!

Keywords: HEART and SOUL magazine

- Every fun, fabulous issue focuses entirely on shopping, primarily for fashion, beauty, home, and travel products. Same-page purchasing information accompanies every item featured in the magazine.
12 Issues per year. Cover Price: $35.40 Your Price $3.95 for a full 1 year subscription!!! SAVE 89% off the cover price!!!

Sacha Cosmetics
Cosmetics for exotic skintones.

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