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Timeline of The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients

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The Tale of the Swords
of the Ancients


A Timeline of the Ancients

Kit Rae

First Age - Of Creation: The Anath create the world of Ammon.

Second Age - Of Immortals: The Anath desire to create beings like unto themselves and so they conceive the Ancients Ones and allow them to dwell in Ammon. They are made immortal and each is given a special power of creation.

Third Age - Of Mortals: The Ancients are saddened and alone, so the Anath give them the power to create mortal creatures and charge the Ancients to rule over and protect them. Elves are the first to be created. Men are second. Uldurin, are third. The Ancients create the Temple of the Anath, hidden in the frozen realm of Ulaine, where they dwell in its great halls and watch over their creations.

Fourth Age - Of Chaos: Mortal creatures multiply and many wars are fought. The Great Realms are explored and conquered. Elves move underground and become Dark Elves. In the underworld of Barkonia (later called Lokonia) they discover the mystery of steel. The Ancient Ones create the Blades of Chaos, steel bestowed with great powers, to restore order but they fail. They unbalance the world and the Uldurin are corrupted by them and turn evil. The first Ancient One is killed by a mortal. The blade Umethar is carefully forged by the Ancients to restore order. The Orwenoch, mysterious dark beasts, first appear and dwell in the underworld.

Fifth Age - Of Order: The Ancient Ones command the Dark Elves of Barkonia to forge the Ten Swords to which the Ancient Ones embody with great powers of dominion over all mortal creatures and create harmony and order in the world. The kingdoms of the Great Realm arise, Deylund, Amunach, and Deylindor. One of the Ancients defies the others and steals the sword of darkness, Kilgorin, and allies with the Orwenoch. He is known as the Dark One by mortals.

    1 Beginnings of recorded history. Battle of the Ancients against the Dark One, who has allied with the Orwenoch. Six of the original fourteen Ancient Ones are killed in the battle. The Ancients hunt the Dark One and the Orwenoch for many years after.

    82 The Ancient Ones find the Dark One in Ulioc where he is subdued by Anatharís influence, the sword of power. He betrays the Orwenoch hiding place to them, in the Tellorien Mountains between Deylund and Lumenia. The Ancient Ones create the Neverworld to imprison him and the blade Umethar is made its key. The Orwenoch are driven underground into Lokonia. The Dark Oneís sword, Kilgorin, is not found. The nine remaining swords are dispersed throughout the lands.

    133 The order of the Mithrodin, mortal warriors, are created by Elves and Men to keep order over the Ten Swords. They reside in Deylindor, where most of the Ten Swords are hidden, but they have many temples throughout Ammon.

    333 The Ancient Ones battle the Orwenoch and rid their kind from Ammon. More of the Ancients are killed in the battle. The Orwenoch are banished to the Neverworld, but when the gate to the Neverworld is opened with the Umethar to let them in, the Dark One secretly escapes, in spirit form.

    402 The Dark One reappears in Ammon, whole once again. The first immortal sorcerers appear in Nasnandos, in the Land of Dagorlund. The last of the Ancients is killed by the Dark One in Ulaine with the sword of darkness, Kilgorin, and their kind passes from the world. He acquires many of the remaining Ten Swords and hides them from mortals. The Mithrodin spread their members throughout Ammon, seeking the swords. Mithrodin recover the Umethar and place it in a secret chamber of the hidden Temple of the Anath in the realm of Ulaine, never to be used for fear of releasing the Orwenoch from the Neverworld.

    418 The Mithrodin succeed in defeating the Dark One with the sword of power, Anathar. He is not destroyed, for he is the last of the Ancients. They lay waste to his body and banish his spirit to the underworld of Lokonia, where he thenceforth appears to mortals only as a dark shadowy form, a spectre. His sword Kilgorin is hidden by the Mithrodin. The sword Anathar is also hidden. Mithrodin establish Kingdom of Lumenia in the Great Realm to watch over the Dark One.

    419 Elves return to the surface of the world, but some stay in the underworld of Lokonia, under the Dark Oneís power. Sorcerers spread throughout Ammon.

    1014 The Dark One breeds many terrible creatures in the depths of the Underworld.

    4049 The Dark One breeds the first Baelin.

    5053 War between Deylund and Lumenia. The immortal sorcerer Navros aids Deylund in the war.

    6002 The Dark One emerges once again, aided by the sorcerer Navros who has given him a corporeal body once again, and wages war with his Baelin against Deylindor, the homeland of the Mithrodin. Deylindor is destroyed and made a wasteland, but most of the Mithrodin escape to other lands. Its many treasures, among which are the sword of shadows, Morthoseth, and the sword of fire, Valermos, are taken by the Dark One. They are hidden with Baelin left to guard over them. Morthoseth is hidden in the realm of Loringel and Valermos is hidden in Anundos of the realm of Dagorlund.

    6003 The Dark One wages war on Lumenia and Deylund. The Mithrodin give the slayer sword, Cinthorc, to the king of Deylund to aid in the battle. The Dark One is driven back to Lokonia, his forces not strong enough to battle the great numbers of mortals now in the Great Realm. Cinthorc remains in the Realm of Deylund, passed from king to king for the next four thousand years.

    7302 The Dark One breeds the first Barumen, as he desires to be master over his own subjects and is in need of great soldiers. He is aided by the sorcerer Navros, who uses magic in the creation of the Barumen, spawned from mortal men and apes of the north, and born of wolves.

    7982 The Battle of the Northern Realms between Elves and Uldurin. The Uldurin posses the ancient blade of chaos, Umethar. Uldurin are defeated and driven back to the frozen Realms of the North, where the Elves rule over them for a time with the sword of the earth, Anathros, given to them by the Mithrodin. The blade Umethar is lost or destroyed the realm of Ulaine.

    8228 The chiefs of the Great Realms are divided due to the Dark Oneís treachery. Dark Elves make allegiance with the him and recover the sword of darkness, Kilgorin, which the Mithridin had secretly hidden on an isle in the Abelard river almost 8000 years earlier. The Barumen spread throughout Ammon.

    9007 The Uldurin battle the Elves in the northern realm of Ulaine once again and defeat them, taking the sword of the earth, Anathros. The Elves are enslaved.

    9066 The sorcerer Navros secretly resides in the realm of Deylund for a time and stirs much malcontent among the peoples with his witchcraft. He is discovered by the kingís men but escapes capture, fleeing to Lokonia.

    9068 King Almaeth of Deylund banishes his mother, Morgolien, from his Kingdom for practicing the dark arts and using her power to influence the throne. Morgolien, who was corrupted by the sorcery of Navros, establishes the city of Nokomis in ruins of Deylindor. Many wizards, witches, and users of the black arts gather there.

    9092 Vaelen, a Mithrodin cleric, becomes a queen by marrying King Eadred of Lumenia. The Sorcerer Navros offers his services to Eadred but is refused. The Dark Oneís Barumen have grown great in number and have many fortresses hidden throughout the Great Realm.

    10,000 The Black Legion of Barumen arises and leaves Lokonia to decimate the Great Realms, at the command of their master, the Dark One. King Almaeth of Deylund, fearing the Barumen power, departs across the sea of Valesthia on a quest to find the sword of power, Anathar, in Dagorlund. He is most knowledgable about the Ten Swordsí power, for his kingdom has held the slayer sword, Cinthorc, in its guard for almost four thousand years. Almaeth departs in his fleet of ships with Cinthorc and never returns. King Eadred becomes sick and Queen Vaelen assumes the throne.

    10,004 The Sorcerer Navros offers to cure King Eadred as a token of good will between the peoples of Lokonia and Lumenia, but Vaelen refuses, fearing treachery. King Eadred dies. The homeless child Aluen is found and brought to Lumenia.

    10,008 Aluen trains with the Mithrodin.

    10,020 Vaelen is given the sword of war, Elexorien, by the Mithrodin.

    10,022 Vaelen unites the realms of Deylund and Lumenia, once enemies, with Elexorienís powers. The Black War or War of the Black Legion is fought by the Dark One with the sorcerers of Navros against the Great Realms.

    10,026 Great Realms join and defeat the Black Legion, the Dark One is finally destroyed, and Vaelen is lost to the Neverworld. Navros escapes the final battle and hides in Nokomis with the sorceress Morgolien.

    10,027 Vardor, the Dark Oneís son, is born in Lokonia and taken to Dagorlund by the sorcerer Navros. King Aethelred is chosen to replace Vaelen as ruler of Lumenia. Navros finds the sword of shadows, Morthoseth, in the realm of Loringel.

    10,066 Navros gives Vardor the sword Morthoseth and he becomes Lord of the Shadows. Vardor rears a new, greater breed of Barumen, the Shadow Army.

    10,076 Vardor sends the Shadow Army across the sea of Valesthia to infiltrate the Great Realm, and a new evil arises. The Mithrodin send Aluen, now a warrior, on a quest to find a blade of the Ancients that can free Vaelen from the Neverworld.

    10,078 King Aethelred of Lumenia sends his sons, Barlodir and Borloth, to find the origin of the new evil. Borloth finds Navros, is corrupted, and slays the King with Morthoseth. Shadow Army overtakes Lumenia with Borlothís aid. Barlodir seeks counsel from the oracle Methuscia of the Dead City, who tells him to seek the sword of light, Luciendar, on the isle of Eldinyed in the south, in order to defeat the Shadows.

    10,079 Barlodir slays the ancient Baelin of Eldinyed and finds Luciendar. Shadow Army overtakes many cities in Lumenia, Deylund, and Ammunach. Aluen learns of the Umethar from the ancient texts in the Realm of Loringel.

    10,080 Barlodir retakes Lumenia from the Shadows with Luciendar, but dies in the battle. The Mithrodin recover Morthoseth. Borloth is imprisoned, but the Shadows still cause havoc in the Great Realm. Prince Luthol of Deylund seeks counsel from the sorceress Morgolien to defeat the Shadows. She creates the Shadow Slayer blade for him. Luthol sends a quest party to find the slayer sword, Cinthorc, which she requested as payment. Mithrodin warriors temporarily lead Lumenia until a new king is chosen. They decree that the Ten Swords must be found and protected to prevent chaos. Aluen finds the blade Umethar in the frozen Realm of Ulaine.

    10,081 Prince Luthol uses the Shadow Slayer to call forth the Orwenoch spirits from the Neverworld. The Orwenoch destroy the Shadow Army for Luthol but refuse to return to the spirit world. They  demand that Luthol take them across the sea to Dagorlund for revenge against Navros, the spawn of the Dark One, whom they have a long standing grievance with since the beginning of the Fifth Age. Aluen, with the aid of the Elves, conquers the Uldurin and finds the sword of the earth, Anathros, and the Uldurinís rule over Ulaine is ended.

    10,082 Lutholís forces and the Orwenoch attack the Shadow Army in Annundos but they are defeated. Lutholís men betray and kill him. Aluen arrives to see the end of the battle and assembles some of the remaining troops for another assault. She raises Lutholís dead army from the ground with Anathros and brings them to life with the Umethar, but they are undead. She assaults Morgadurin with the undead army and slays Vardor, but Navros intervenes and takes Anathros, escaping. Aluen and the remnants of Lutholís army return to Deylund, having defeated the Shadows.

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