High-Quality Handcrafted Swords Forged by Master Craftsmen from World-Renowned Toledo Steel in Toledo, Spain
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Sea Shell Fencing Foil

# 168
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Hand-Made by artisans in Toledo , Spain. Top of the Line Quality Pieces !!!

# 168 Sea Shell Fencing Foil
# 168 Sea Shell Fencing Foil

Sea Shell Fencing Foil

Item # 168

Rare Clam Shell Foil Guard
Engraved Shell Foil Guard.
  • 37" length
  • Engraved blade
  • Blunted Safety tip
  • Tempered Stainless Toledo Steel blade
  • ( not for competition use - see note below )

  • $156.00 each
    Note: Picture above shows the Sea Shell Fencing Foil in gold finish. Actual sword might be with a silver finish. If you MUST have a gold finished sword please email to see what is currently available. Thanks

    Competition Foils
    The fencing foils we have on site are true historical replicas. The foils we stock are "blunted" ie. not sharpened.
    For all official FIE ( Federation Internationale d'Escrime ) competitions , and most other high level competitions , FIE-certified blades that have the FIE logo stamped at the base of the blade, along with the code letters for the forge that produced the blade (caveat emptor: some disreputable forges have been known to falsify these marks) are mandatory. The factory does not produce FIE blades , as it emphasizes production on true historical replica blades rather than modern swords or electric swords - used in competition for scoring.
    So if you are looking for a FIE certified or electric practice sword , you have to go to the sites that deal with this type of item.

    Educate yourself about sport fencing. Learn important terminology and read classical articles about martial arts and swords.

    Sport Fencing Terminology & Glossary. A good understanding of sword terminology will allow you to ask discerning questions and make an informed decision about your next Highlander, medieval or renaissance sword purchase.

    Sport Fencing Attacks. By understanding the tactical progression of a bout, you will better understand how to choose the correct tactics for each situation in both 5 and 15 touch bouts.

    All Edged Weapons, Battle Ready or Not, May Injure, Kill and/or Become Damaged if Used Improperly

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