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East German field glasses East German field glasses

We rescued a few of these versatile 6x30 binoculars from a military supply depot in the former East Berlin. Produced to mil-specs in the '50s-'60s. These saw duty during the Cold War but they're in very good condition. (fully cleaned and collimated). Durable, weather-proof construction and compact porro prism design. Individually-focusing diopters and oversized oculars for comfortable viewing. Complete with amber filters and a high quality, stitched canvas case with leather top and strap. Serial numbered. A functional piece of history. Ideal for collectors, sportsmen and reenactors. Similar binoculars sold elsewhere for twice our price.

1000mm telephoto lens 1000mm telephoto lens

This remarkable 1000mm catadioptric lens, built to mil-specs, is all you'll need to zoom in on the world outside your window. The versatile design combines elements of camera and telescope technology, so you can use it as a telephoto lens, a spotting scope or a telescope. The Maksutov compound lens provides excellent image sharpness and detail, 100x magnification and a wide, 2.5° field of view. Includes detachable eyepiece tube, three color filters, lens hood and rugged nylon carrying case. Will mount to Zenit cameras or Pentax 35mm camera (with screw-mount lens converter, included). One-year warranty. 8"e;x5"e;. 4 lbs.Also Available! Lightweight telescoping tripod, extends from 22"e;-54"e;. 360° swivel panhead. Locking legs. Fits 1000mm telephoto lens and most cameras/camcorders. #203659

Night vision monocular Night vision monocular

This night vision monocular provides the optimum mix of light amplification (20,000x), magnification (1.8x) and compact size (7"e;x2¾"e;x3¼"e;, under 2 lbs.). Crystal clear optics inside camcorder-style body. GenI+. Wide, 20° field of view. Automatic brightness control and free infrared illuminator (a $95 value - lets you see 100 meters in pitch-black conditions!). Ideal for law enforcement, security, navigation, boating and wildlife observation. Great for film processors and homeowners, too! Carrying case and two AA batteries included. One-year warranty. Special volume programs available for law enforcement organizations, government agencies and dealers. Please contact us for more information.

Sovietski Collection: Gifts & Collectibles from Russia, the USSR, and Eastern Europe.
Sovietski Collection: Treasures from a Bygone Era

Titan 30x Scope W/ Tripod and Swivel Table Titan 30x Scope W/ Tripod and Swivel Table

This product is aptly named: it's the Titan Observation Monocular System, the giant among long-range viewing systems. We set it up in our offices, and were able to spot a cabin in the mountains over a mile away! Produced with the toughest tolerances and latest optical advancements, the Titan has the largest aperture in the world at 180mm. The multi-coated solid glass lens features 80mm aperture, 750mm focal length, and 4.1 F-stop; it absorbs light like sand absorbs water and gives you an exceptionally bright and clear image over vast distances. Easily adjusted for inclination and direction, the Titan is the best for hunters, boaters, naturalists, or anyone who just likes watching the scenery from the back deck. The Titan comes outfitted with an illuminated 1000-yard range finder and includes an adjustable heavy-duty cast iron tripod, and a 360 degree swivel base..3V CR 123 battery included. Measures: 29" x 15" x 9" Weight: 63 lbs. .Tripod Measures: 3'11"H Base Measures: 3'3-1/2"D.

Super Zoom Binoculars 20-125 Super Zoom Binoculars 20-125

Bird watchers, boaters, nature lovers and sports fans rejoice--our super high-powered compact zoom 20-125x25 binoculars are made in Japan using the most technically-advanced optical precision machines in the world. They're lightweight , highly portable and affordable, and have a gold multi-coat protective finish for rugged outdoor use. We recommend using them with a tripod for steady viewing (a tripod connector is built in). .Measures: 4" x 4<" x 1 >"

Binoculars - Meade 16 Binoculars - Meade 16" LX200 SCHMIDT-CASSEGRAIN WITH PERMANENT ALTAZIMUTH PIE

Professional instrumentation for the demanding school, college, or university research program or as the ultimate personal telescope for the advanced amateur. The Meade 16 inches LX200 includes features generally offered only on custom-manufactured instruments selling for three and four times its price. This largest of all Meade Schmidt-Cassegrains (in fact, the largest production Schmidt-Cassegrain in the world) fulfills the most demanding state-of-the-art requirements for the school, college, or university teaching or research program, or for the advanced amateur.

Binoculars - Meade 12 Binoculars - Meade 12" LX200SC F/2.2 SCHMIDT CAMERA

The most advanced production Schmidt camera ever made available. Designed in 1930 by Bernhard Schmidt, the Schmidt Camera was the forerunner of the modern Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Notwithstanding all of the advances in optical and electromechanical technology over the intervening years, however, the classical Schmidt Camera to this day accomplishes feats of astrophotography that are simply unattainable with any other telescopic lens, telescope, or electronic imager. No other photo-optical instrument permits such extremely wide-field photography at such fast photographic speed and with such an amazingly flat imaging area to the field edge. Unlike the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, however, the Schmidt Camera is strictly a photographic instrument and can not be used visually. Although it utilizes the basic optical design concepts originally developed by Bernhard Schmidt, the Meade 12 inches LX200SC f/2.2 Schmidt Camera takes full advantage of advanced technologies that were unimagined, the largest sports optics selection online!

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