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So You Want to Be a Screenwriter: How to Face the Fears and Take the Risks So You Want to Be a Screenwriter: How to Face the Fears and Take the Risks

Written from both psychological and real-life perspectives, this provocative book can help experienced as well aspiring screenwriters as they navigate the bumpy road to career security and success. The book combines practical knowledge of the industry with insights into the emotional roadblocks that writers must overcome to succeed. Thought-provoking questions induce self-evaluation as readers are shown how to develop believable characters and storylines, conquer writers' block, consider the pros and cons of a collaborative partnership, and related concerns. Written by Sara Caldwell and Marie-Eve Kielson ISBN 1-58115-062-8.

The Screenwriter's Legal Guide The Screenwriter's Legal Guide By Stephen F. Breimer

This authoritative guide will help both fledgling and established writers to negotiate the best deal, protect their work, and get fair compensation for it. One of the most powerful entertainment lawyers in Hollywood provides clear, expert advice on all the legal issues involved in the business of screenwriting. He gives an enlightening explanation of the screenwriter's position in the industry and then provides a thorough discussion of contracts, options, and purchase agreements, writing assignments, copyright, collaboration agreements, the producer's role, and working with agents and lawyers. "A real eye-opener. It is a book that should be in every screenwriter's library." --Syd Field. ISBN 1-58115-021-0

Selling Scripts to Hollywood Selling Scripts to Hollywood By Katherine Atwell Herbert

This upbeat resource book is full of encouraging advice to budding screenwriters on just how to prepare, submit, and sell their movie scripts. From structuring the plot and formatting the script to finding an agent and negotiating the best deal, this insider's information covers all the bases. Tips are offered for developing characters and storylines; using scriptwriting computer programs; sending letters to prospective agents; working with directors; getting along in the business; tapping into Web sites and workshops; and other sources of support for writers. ISBN 1-58115-025-3

Writing Scripts Hollywood Will Love, revised edition Writing Scripts Hollywood Will Love, revised edition

by Katherine Atwell Herbert. This fully updated, career-boosting book arms aspiring and experienced writers with an insider's insights into the process of conceiving, writing, and marketing a winning film or television script. A veteran story analyst reveals what is demanded of scriptwriters in today's competitive marketplace and offers guidance on everything from the script's appearance to plot, structure, characters, dialogue, and innumerable subtle clues that shape analysts' opinions. Revised and expanded, the book provides timely coverage of opportunities on the Internet and in film festivals and contests, topped off with sample scripts and interviews with legendary and emerging professionals in the field. ISBN 1-58115-074-1

The Screenwriter's Guide to Agents and Managers The Screenwriter's Guide to Agents and Managers

by John Scott Lewinski. The lessons to be learned from this helpful guide show aspiring screenwriters, television writers, and novelists how to catch an agent's eye and develop a successful scriptwriting career. Step-by-step instructions reveal how to get around the "Catch 22" of the trade--that you can't get an agent until you've sold a script. Interviews with prominent agents and managers disclose how the power brokers choose material, what kinds of writers command their attention, and what they expect from the writers they sign on. Tips on how to write a winning spec script, how to word an effective query letter, how to forge a sound relationship with reps, and other invaluable advice fill this insider's guide. ISBN 1-58115-079-2

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