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Bad Lunch

An Irishman, a Mexican and a blonde were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building.
They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, "Corned beef and cabbage again! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building."
The Mexican opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Burritos again! If I get burritos for lunch one more time, I'm going to jump off, too."
The blonde opened her lunch and said, "Bologna again! If I get a bologna sandwich one more time, I'm jumping, too."
Next day, the Irishman opens his lunch box, sees corned beef and cabbage and jumps to his death. The Mexican opens his lunch, sees a burrito and jumps, too. The blonde opens her lunch, sees the bologna and jumps to her death, too.
At the funeral, the Irishman's wife is weeping. She says, "If I'd known how really tired he was of corned beef and cabbage, I never would have given it to him again!"
The Mexican's wife also weeps and says, "I could have given him tacos or enchiladas! I didn't realize he hated burritos so much."
Everyone turns and stares at the blonde's husband.
"Hey, don't look at me" he says. "She makes her own lunch."
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Abalone Prized in China and Japan, abalone is a rich, hearty shellfish with a white, slightly chewy flesh. Very briefly heat this cooked fish and serve drizzled with sake on rice noodles; add to sauce of white miso thinned with mirin (sweet wine), and garnish with lemon wedges and pickled ginger. You can also use the liquid to flavor soups or stocks.
Acacia Honey This pure, natural German honey is made of nectar gathered solely from acacia blossoms. Acacia honey is prized in Europe for its light, herbaceous flavor and medium-golden color. Enjoy on toast, use to sweeten tea or hot cereal, or add to sauces and glazes of all kinds.
Aceite De Oliva This Spanish olive oil has a medium-gold color, a thin texture, a mild buttery aroma, and a delicate, mellow, lightly sweet taste. Good for everyday use, particularly when you want the taste of herbed meats or vegetables to stand out.
Aceite De Oliva Virgen Extra This medium-bodied extra-virgin olive from Spain has a light greenish-gold color, a powerful aroma, and a round, fruity taste. A nice choice for vinaigrettes, or use it to drizzle over herb-roasted chicken or new potatoes.
Aceto Di Vino Coltibuono's wine vinegar is obtained by natural fermentation of select Tuscan red wines, slowly trickled over wood shavings, for a mellow and aromatic flavor. Sprinkle over vegetables, use in marinades, or whisk with olive oil for a salad dressing.
Acini Di Pepe Acini di pepe is Italian for "peppercorn," referring to the appearance of this tiny barrel-shaped pasta, made from 100% semolina flour. Each pasta piece is no bigger than a grain of rice. Serve in thin soups or broths. Try in soup au pistou, a vegetable soup made with green beans, white beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and pasta, flavored with a fresh basil pesto.
Adobo Criollo Adobo is a seasoning blend used in Spanish, Mexican, and Philippine cuisines. The spices used depend upon the region it comes from, with every cook having their own version. This variety, made from salt, garlic, pepper, oregano and turmeric, is especially well suited for seasoning meats, seafood, and poultry.
Adobo With Black Pepper This all-purpose seasoning is derived from Spanish adobo dishes and is a blend of garlic, oregano, and black pepper for beef, chicken, and fish recipes. As a convenient powdered mix, all it takes is a shake to create an explosion of flavor in any meal.
Adobo With Cumin A zesty blend of garlic, oregano, cumin and other seasonings helps add flavor to a varitey of dishes.
Adobo With Pepper An assertive seasoning blend made with oregano, garlic, turmeric, salt, and black pepper. Season meats and poultry for grilling with adobo seasoning and serve alongside rice and beans garnished with cilantro and tomatillo salsa for true south-of-the-border flavor.
Adobo Without Pepper Use this powerful blend of garlic, oregano, and salt to season meats, poultry, and fish for grilling or roasting. Rub adobo spices to flank steaks with black pepper and lime juice, and grill for fajitas or tacos.
Adzuki Beans Used extensively in Asian cooking, adzuki beans are small in size with a mild, sweet flavor. An essential ingredient in the Japanese confection, yokan, adzuki beans are ground into a paste, mixed with sugar, and garnished with persimmons or chestnuts. The festive Japanese dish, red rice, a mix of red beans steamed with sticky rice, is served to commemorate important family events.
Find Adzuki Beans Here
Aged Balsamic Vinegar This highly aromatic vinegar from Modena, Italy, has a sweet mellow flavor. It is made from the fresh, unfermented juice ("must") of fully ripened grapes, then aged for 10 years in wooden barrels. Brush on bruschetta, add to salad dressing, or use as a condiment for roasted meat, fish, or vegetables.
Find Aged Balsamic Vinegar Here
Aioli This robust, all-natural garlic mayonnaise from the Provence region of southern France is made with fresh garlic. Its classic use is in the Provencal seafood dish, bourride, and it's also a popular accompaniment for fish and meats, or dip for vegetables.
Find Aioli Here
Aji Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine Sweet tasting rice wine adds a slightly sweet, rich flavor to meats when used as a marinade or a glaze.

Find Aji Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine Here
Ajowan Similar in flavor and appearance to cumin but more piercing, this relative of dill and caraway has a biting hot flavor on its own that mellows somewhat with cooking. The seeds resemble a plump cumin with a tiny stem on the end. Ajowan is an important spice in India's vegetarian cuisine. Find Ajowan Here
Aleppo Pepper These dried-chile flakes are made from Aleppo chile peppers, a special type of chile from the town of Aleppo in northern Syria. Milder than their Mexican cousins, Aleppo chiles have a warming, earthy flavor that develops slowly in the mouth, and then a long, slow fade.
Find Aleppo Pepper Here
Allspice (Whole) Tropical allspice is so named because it tastes like a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and, some say, pepper. Whole allspice is a must in marinades, stews, and stocks. It is also an essential ingredient in many Indian masalas, or spice mixtures.
Find Allspice (Whole) Here
Allspice Whole Though its name may sound like a blend, allspice is actually a single, complexly flavored spice. The dark, brown, pea-sized berries of an evergreen tree, allspice has a strong, aromatic character, combining the flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. Use allspice for pickling, in marinades for poultry or game meats, and in mulled wine and cider.
Find Allspice Whole Here
Almond Oil Delicate oil with the mild flavor and aroma of toasted almonds. Excellent in salad dressings and with baked fish. Also enhances flavor of cakes, cookies, and stir-fries.
Find Almond Oil Here
Almond Syrup Find Almond Syrup Here
Almond Thins Find Almond Thins Here
Alu Chole Alu Chole is a traditional vegetable curry of north India, made with garbanzos and potatoes and served over brown rice. It's a popular weekend and holiday dish, seasoned with garlic, lemon, ginger, and turmeric, for a complex, tangy flavor. Ready to eat in just five minutes for a flavorful, satisfying lunch or side dish.
Find Alu Chole Here
Amaretti Window Box According to legend, almost three centuries ago the Cardinal of Milan unexpectedly visited the town of Saronno, Italy. To honor him, two young lovers quickly baked a mixture of sugar, apricots, and egg whites, creating crisp, airy cookies with an unusual bittersweet flavor, wrapped in pairs to symbolize their love. Since 1718, this secret recipe has been preserved by the Lazzaroni family— unwrap a legend and begin your own happy ending.
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Amchur Powder Amchoor is a piquant powder made from dried, unripe mangoes. Used throughout India to add tartness and vibrancy to savory dishes, this tangy seasoning has a slight tropical aroma, and is similar to tamarind in flavor. Use amchoor in vegetable curries, chutneys, and soups.
Find Amchur Powder Here
Ancho Chili Peppers The Ancho Chili is known by many names including Poblano and Pasilla.  This versatile, medium hot, dried pepper adds piquancy and depth to Latin and Caribbean cuisine.  Use Ancho Chilis to make authentic sauces, salsas and moles for chicken, beef, fish, and vegetable dishes.
Find Ancho Chili Peppers Here
Anchovies With Parsley Large, high-quality, full flavored anchovies, packed in olive oil flavored with garlic and herbs. An excellent addition to authentic Calabrian antipasti, pizza or a spicy puttanesca pasta sauce.
Find Anchovies With Parsley Here
Anchovy Fillets These salty Italian anchovy fillets are packed in oil and have a distinct taste. Mince and add to softened butter with lemon juice for an anchovy butter; garnish for Caesar Salad.
Find Anchovy Fillets Here
Anchovy Fillets In Oil These popular Mediterranean tiny, salty fish are packed in olive oil. Mince and add to softened butter with lemon juice for an anchovy butter; garnish for Caesar salad.
Find Anchovy Fillets In Oil Here
Anchovy Stuffed Olives Medium-sized green Spanish olives stuffed with minced anchovies, for a rich, salty flavor. Serve on a relish tray or in martinis. Chop, mix with fresh chopped garlic, and scatter on fish before roasting. Or chop and add to a tomato-based pasta sauce.
Find Anchovy Stuffed Olives Here
Anise Seeds This member of the parsley family, native to the Mediterranean, has a distinctive, sweet licorice flavor. Used extensively in Greek and Italian cuisines, it's a classic ingredient in biscotti, and the main flavoring in pastis, a French liqueur. For a unique sweet liqueur, mix anise seeds with twice as much freshly ground coffee, combine with sugar syrup, and add the mixture to good vodka. Seal container well; steep at least four weeks. Strain and serve garnished with lemon zest.
Find Anise Seeds Here
Annatto A powerful seasoning blend made from annatto, garlic, cumin, and vinegar. Annatto is prized throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for its vibrant red color, readily transferred to the foods it seasons. Use achiote to marinate meats and fish for seasoning. For tacos al pastor, marinate pork tenderloin in achiote; grill and shred the meat; and serve with a rich, roasted salsa topped with onion and cilantro.
Find Annatto Here
Annatto Seeds Whole Prized for its intense, red color, and subtle flavoring, annatto (achiote) is often ground into a paste, and blended with vinegar and garlic, as a seasoning paste.  Used throughout Mexico, annatto is used in a variety of soups, stews, and sauces, as a general flavoring additive. For a simple achiote paste, blend ground annatto with garlic, vinegar, and cilantro, seasoned with black pepper. Use achiote paste to flavor grilled meats, sauteed meats and vegetables, or soups.
Find Annatto Seeds Whole Here
Antipasto In Sauce A true antipasto, made of tuna, carrots, artichokes, celery, onions, capers, and mushrooms, preserved in seasoned oil. A delightful cold salad.
Find Antipasto In Sauce Here
Apricot Nectar A premium Belgian blended juice, made with naturally rich apricots. This refreshing nectar has a bright, tangy flavor; it's great on its own, mixed with other fruit juices, or blended into fruit smoothies.
Find Apricot Nectar Here
Apricot Preserves This apricot preserves from Germany is a thick, smooth jelly with a exceptionally bright, pure apricot taste and perfectly spreadable texture. Heat and use as a fresh fruit glaze; or spread on hot pancakes. Serve with toast and tea.
Find Apricot Preserves Here
Apricot Preserves Traditional British preserves made from apricots and sugar, with a smooth, spreadable texture rich with bits of tasty fruit. Try it on scones, pancakes, or served with Brie cheese.
Find Apricot Preserves Here
Aranciata ( Orange Soda ) Imported from Italy, this orange soda is crisp and refreshing. Not too sweet, with a bright, citrus flavor, aranciata is best well-chilled or served over crushed ice.
Find Aranciata ( Orange Soda ) Here
Arborio Rice Arborio rice is essential for making the north-Italian dish, risotto. Arborio rice has a very short grain, which releases starches to give risotto its trademark creaminess, while retaining an "al dente" bite. To make a traditional risotto, briefly saute the rice in olive oil with diced onions, stir in white wine, then add simmering broth bit by bit, stirring until the liquid is absorbed. Finish with good parmesan cheese, butter, and fresh herbs.
Find Arborio Rice Here
Arrabbiata Sauce Translates as “inflamed,” in the sense of angry, a reference to the hot peppers that characterize this spicy tomato-based sauce, made with Italy's renowned San Marzano tomatoes. Arrabbiata sauce is traditionally served over penne, quill-shaped pasta. Frankly, it works just as well with just about any cut.
Find Arrabbiata Sauce Here
Arrabbiata Sauce Arrabbiata means "angry-style" in Italian, and this tomato-based pasta sauce does indeed have a bit of a bite. This vibrant sauce, made with tomatoes, chile peppers, extra-virgin olive oil, onion, and garlic, is a specialty of the mid-southern regions of Italy, particularly Abruzzo, Molise, and Latium. For a really traditional experience, simmer this sauce with pancetta and toss with penne pasta.
Find Arrabbiata Sauce Here
Artichoke Appetizer Caponata di Carciofi is a relish made of chopped artichoke hearts, celery, and onions in an oil, vinegar and tomato paste sauce, and is generally served as part of an antipasto platter.
Find Artichoke Appetizer Here
Artichoke Bottoms Powerful in flavor, and smooth and firm in texture, these artichoke bottoms are ideal for hors d'oeuvres when filled with any salad or savory puree. For a special treat, try piping in goose-liver mousse, and topping with a fanned cornichon and diced truffles.
Find Artichoke Bottoms Here
Artichoke Cream Naturally rich, the artichoke has a mild flavor and a dense, creamy texture. This puree of artichokes is blended with olive oil and salt; it's delicious as a sauce for pastas, and makes a tasty bagel spread blended with cream cheese. Combine artichoke sauce with sautéed onions, capers, and heavy cream; season with lemon juice and fresh basil, and toss with cooked pasta, for a simple, engaging meal.
Find Artichoke Cream Here
Artichoke Hearts Quartered and marinated in oil, vinegar, and spices, these artichokes are slightly sweet, with a hint of acidity.  Toss with pasta, or use in sauces. Serve in salad, on toast rounds, or on a relish tray.
Find Artichoke Hearts Heart
Artichoke Hearts Premium whole artichoke hearts packed in brine, with a nice, firm texture and mild flavor. For a tasty side dish, saute with mushrooms, tarragon, and cream.
Find Artichoke Hearts Here
Artichoke Hearts Naturally rich and savory, these artichoke hearts are tender, meaty, and flavorful, marinated in oil, vinegar, and traditional herbs. Serve with sausage and other vegetables as antipasto. Toss with pasta, tuna, and fresh herbs for a cold salad. Add to mixed greens or vegetable salads. For a rich, savory dip, puree artichoke hearts with olive oil, roasted garlic, fresh herbs, and parmesan cheese.
Find Artichoke Hearts Here
Asafoetida Powder Powerful and pungent, asafetida is a dried resin obtained from the roots of the fennel plant. The powder is a mixture of asafetida, wheat flour, and natural gum with an aroma reminiscent of raw onion and garlic. Use sparingly in dals, curries, and pickles
Find Asafoetida Powder Here
Asia Kitchen Machine Grind, blend, crush, chop and whip with this 120V AC 60Hz voltage machine. Includes basic white base unit, an Asia Grinder Jar, a Stainless Steel Jar, a Small Quantity Grinder, spatula and brush. Unit has a 550W motor and 3 speeds. Grinder has a fixed stainless steel blade and can dry or wet grind upto 400 gms. Comes with operating manual, warranty card and recipe booklet. The product has 1 year warranty on parts and labor and special 3 year on the motor - details with machine.
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Asian Duck Sauce A thick sweet and sour sauce made with apricots, pineapple, ginger and molasses. Duck sauce is also sometimes called plum sauce. Serve with roast duck, pork or ribs. This blend is traditional with Peking Duck and also as a dipping sauce for egg rolls or dumplings. Try glazing chicken or pork with duck sauce when grilling or roasting. Or add an Asian spin to any hors d'oeuvre tray by serving as a dipping sauce.
Find Asian Duck Sauce Here
Asparagus Spears A European delicacy, white asparagus is grown beneath small mounds of dirt, to prevent the plants from developing any color. These peeled, blanched, white asparagus spears share the distinctive flavor of green asparagus. Try white asparagus on its own, in salads, or grilled, with hollandaise sauce.
Find Asparagus Spears Here
Assam Superb Tea Tins Hailing from India's Assam district, this loose, black tea produces a strong, full-bodied brew, with a red tinge. Serve with milk or lemon.
Find Assam Superb Tea Tins Here
Assorted Chocolates - Cookie Cutter Hearts Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 36 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Loca Mocha, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Drom-a-Dairy, Chief Chokolada, Transcendental Toffee, Coco Motion, and Butterscot-cha-cha. Comes packaged in a gift box with cookie cutter hearts on it.
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Assorted Chocolates - I Love You Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 36 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Chief Chokolada, Transcendental Toffee, Coco Motion, Butterscot-cha-cha and more. Comes packaged in a gift box with an image of the words "I Love You" traced on sand.
Find Assorted Chocolates - I Love You Here
Assorted Chocolates - Modern Heart Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 36 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Loca Mocha, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Drom-a-Dairy, Chief Chokolada, Transcendental Toffee, Coco Motion, and Butterscot-cha-cha. Comes packaged in an attractive Valentines gift box.
Find Assorted Chocolates - Modern Heart Here
Assorted Chocolates - Valentine's Day Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 36 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Loca Mocha, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Drom-a-Dairy, Chief Chokolada, Transcendental Toffee, Coco Motion, and Butterscot-cha-cha. Comes packaged in an attractive Valentines gift box.
Find Assorted Chocolates - Valentine's Day Here
Assorted Oriental Vegetables Assorted cooked vegetables. Ready to serve. Vegetarian dish.

Find Assorted Oriental Vegetables Here
Atalanti Olives Grown on the eastern seacoast of Greece, these medium-large olives are naturally cured and sun-ripened. Termed "the olive lover's olive", because of the complex flavor, and moist and tender fruit, serve with cocktails, wine, and cheese.
Find Atalanti Olives Here
Autumn-Leaf Pasta From Apulia, Italy's "heel," this multi-colored pasta, in the shapes and shades of autumn leaves, makes for a beautiful presentation. Feature the pasta itself with a simple sauce of butter, sage, and parmigiano.
Find Autumn Leaf Pasta Here
Azuki Red Beans These small dried red beans have a sweet taste and are used in many Asian desserts, such as Chinese sweet-bean soup and the Japanese sweet-bean paste that is part of many confections. High in fiber and protein, azuki beans are often used as a healthy alternative to meat, especially when combined with rice. Try adding them to soups or stews. They must be soaked overnight before cooking.
Find Azuki Red Beans Here
Baba Ganoush Roasted eggplant, garlic, tahini, and lemon juice are blended in this baba ganoush, a classic Middle-Eastern spread. It has a rich, smoky flavor cut with garlic and lemon. Garnish with pomegranate seeds or chopped mint and serve with warm pita bread.
Find Baba Ganoush Here
Baba Ganoush Roasted eggplant, garlic, tahini, and lemon juice are harmoniously blended to make this classic spread. This baba ganoush has a rich, smoky flavor, cut with garlic and lemon. A smooth, hearty taste from the Middle East. Garnish with pomegranate seeds or chopped mint and serve with pita.
Find Baba Ganoush Here
Baby Conch The conch, a large sea snail, has a rich, slightly chewy flesh, popular in Caribbean cooking. Conch may be sliced, sautéed, and served with zesty sauces and stews, or included in chowders and salads. For a traditional, tropical flavor, try conch marinated in lime juice, added to rice and beans, flavored with cumin, allspice, and fiery, red chiles.
Find Baby Conch Here
Bacalaitos An immensely popular staple in Caribbean cuisine, bacalao is salted and dried codfish. Bacalaitos, made by Goya, are fritters containing ground cod in egg batter. Follow the easy instructions and enjoy these fritters as a side dish or light main course in
Bacchus-F <b>Right now buy 6 get 1 free! </b> A powerful energy drink, flavored with pineapple, strawberry, and orange essences.  Bacchus-F is fortified with niacin and B vitamins;  use this energy drink as a nutritional supplement, in addition to a balanced diet.
Balsamic 10 Yr Highly aromatic balsamic vinegar with a sweet mellow flavor. It is made from the unfermented juice, or must, of fully ripened grapes and aged in wood barrels. It makes an ideal condiment for oven-prepared meats and fish, and adds a balanced sweet and sour
Balsamic Vinegar This balsamic vinegar from Modena has an intense aroma and a sweet, mellow flavor with mild acidity.  In an attractive corked bottle, this aromatic vinegar has been aged in wood barrels.   Use it to finish stews and sauteed vegetables, marinate meats, or
Balsamic Vinegar aged 10 years Balsamic vinegar, a, specialty of Modena, Italy,is made from white Trebbiano grape juice, aged in wood barrels to a dark, pungent sweetness. Made by Monari Federzoni's ancient family recipe,its mellowed in oak casks for a deep, rich vinegar with an intens
Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena - 12 Year A specialty of Modena, Italy, balsamic vinegar is made from white Trebbiano grape juice, cooked and concentrated, and aged in a series of  barrels, each of a different wood, each wood imparting its own distinct flavors. Balsamic has a rich, mellow flavor,
Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena - 6 Year Balsamic vinegar is a specialty of Modena, Italy, made from white Trebbiano grape juice, aged in wood barrels to a dark, pungent sweetness. This exquisite Italian vinegar is aged in oak, with a slightly sweet flavor and mild acidic finish. Not quite as sm
Balti Curry Paste Balti (or karhai) is the typical style of cooking where the dish is prepared in a balti. Meat or vegetables can be cooked in this ready to use curry paste in just a few steps.  Add half a cup of this paste to vegetables or meat and cook. Mix in some yogur
Bamboo Shoots Boiled In Water - Sliced Sliced bamboo shoot for cooking.
Bamboo Steamer - Bottom(8 inches) The bottom stacking part of a bamboo steamer.
Bamboo Steamer - Cover (8 inches) The top cover of the bamboo steamer used for steaming rice cake or food.
Banana And Cinnamon Tea A distinctive herbal tea, blended from hibiscus flowers, licorice root, cinnamon, banana flavoring, and rosehips.  This unusual mix brews into a fruity, tropical beverage, with a light body and an aromatic, sweet flavor.  Serve herbal teas straight, witho
Banana Blossoms The unopened bud of the banana plant, banana blossom has a tender heart with a subtly tangy flavor, ideal for soups and salads. Just drain, cut into pieces, and use as you would zucchini or artichokes. Try banana blossoms chopped with a salad of red peppe
Banana Grass Jelly Drink Banana flavor drink, ready to serve.
Banana Nectar This premium Belgian drink is made with 25% banana juice. Great to drink straight (if you like bananas) or to mix into tropical-fruit drinks. Or, blend with ice-cream and milk to make a banana shake.
Banana Sauce - Regular A  lightly spicy and sweet seasoning sauce.
Barrel Pickles German whole dill pickles packed in a barrel-shaped glass jar in brine with spices and vinegar, with an tender texture and very tangy/sweet flavor. Enjoy right out of the jar or slice as an accompaniment to any sandwich.
Barrel Sauerkraut An excellent source of vitamin C and some B-vitamins, sauerkraut is made by fermenting shredded cabbage, salt, and sometimes spices. This one comes in a glass barrel. Use as a topping for bratwurst, in Reuben sandwiches, or saute with sausages and potatoe
Basil Fettuccine An Italian meal takes on extra flavor with basil fettuccine, long flat pasta ribbons flavored with basil. Toss with fresh chopped tomatoes, olive oil, parmesan, and cracked black pepper, and garnish with basil leaves.
Basmati And Wild Rice This rice combines the aromatic quality of the finest, white Basmati rice with the rich texture and superb color of an exceptional wild rice. Easy to prepare and sumptuous at the table, serve this rice blend for your most refined meals.
Basmati Rice This basmati rice is grown in the southern foothills of the Himalayas, the region where rice cultivation probably began more than 8,000 years ago. Basmati rice has a very long grain, more than three times as long as it is wide and its grains cook up light
Bavarian Potato Dumpling Mix Create round, smooth, potato dumplings with this potato dumpling mix. Just add cold water, cook and serve as a perfect alternative to baked or mashed potatoes.
Bavarian Potato Pancake Mix Potato pancakes are a classic accompaniment to many Eastern European dishes. This easy-to-use mix from southern Germany lets you skip peeling and grating the potatoes: Simply mix with water, fry, and serve hot and crispy, topped with sour cream or apple s
Bean Sauce - Hot, Szechuan Style Szechwan spicy bean paste good for meat dishes.
Bean Sauce Sweet Szechuan Szechwan flavored sweetened bean paste.
Beancurd - Chili with Sesame Oil, Fermented Suspended in a puree of chiles, rice wine, red rice, and sesame oil, these large cubes of fermented tofu are rich and spicy. Fermented bean curd has an intense aroma, and a tangy flavor; red bean curd can be served over rice, in braised meat and poultry d
Beancurd With Red Date - Fermented Suspended in a puree of rice wine, pureed red dates, and sesame oil, these large cubes of fermented tofu are rich and sweet. Fermented bean curd has an intense aroma, and a tangy flavor; red date bean curd can be served over rice, in braised meat and poul
Beef Broth Rich and flavorful, this clear beef broth is an ideal base for soups or sauces. Use for a classic Scotch Broth soup, flavored with lamb, tomato, onion, carrot, celery, and barley.
Beets Sliced
Bengal Hot Mango Chutney Chutneys are indispensable in Indian cuisines for awakening the appetite. This thick, invigorating condiment contains mango slices, onions, garlic, chiles, and Indian spices. It has a hot, bright, sweet-sour flavor. Use it to complement Indian dishes, or
Bengal Lentils A ready-made, black lentil curry cooked in a light gravy of aromatic herbs and spices. This delicately spiced curry has a slightly sweet, creamy taste that goes well with rice or rotis. This convenient Indian dish requires no refrigeration. For an easy, e
Bible Bread With Pure Honey Although it's not for Passover use, this unleavened bread from Israel is kosher and parve-chometz. It's also quite tasty, with a crisp texture and appealingly simple taste, with a touch of honey. Contains no salt, fat, cholesterol, or preservatives. Eat a
Biryani Masala This biryani masala makes it really simple to make biryani - known to be a complex rice dish of meat and vegetables. This biryani powder contains all the spices required to make an authentic  biryani. Make a curry of vegetables or meat with this masala an
Biryani Paste Biryani ready in minutes! Easy to use, create biryani dishes combining rice with meat, chicken or vegetables, with this ready to use paste. Enjoy with pickles,papads, and raitas.
Bitter Red Imported from Italy, this non-alcoholic sparkling soda is a pleasantly bitter, stimulating aperitif. Slightly fruity, hinted with herbs and spices, this bright red sparkler is traditionally served to stimulate the appetite or as a digestive aid.
Bitter Sweet Smoked Paprika From the La Vera region of Spain, famous for its paprika production, this paprika is made from peppers that are oak-smoked instead of dried in the sun. The flavor is earthy, bitter, pungent, and complex with smoky, slightly sweet overtones. Use in stews,
Black Bean Sauce A staple of the Chinese pantry, designed to add richness and texture to dishes. Made from fermented black soybeans, this sauce is full flavored and pungent with a decidedly salty taste. Pair with stir-fry, noodle dishes, or toss with green beans. Blend wi
Black Bean Sauce This staple of the Chinese pantry is made from fermented black soybeans, with a full-flavored, salty taste. It is designed to add richness and texture to dishes. Use paired with meats for dishes such as Beef with Black Bean Sauce. Or, combine with hoisin
Black Beans These dried beans are very popular in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the southern U.S.  They have black skin, cream-colored flesh, and a sweet flavor.  These black beans form the base of black bean soup.  Serve over plain white rice
Black Beans Black beans have a sweet, earthy richness, which easily complements the spicy, complex flavors of Mexican and Latin American foods. Serve these cooked black beans on their own, with rice, as refried beans, or in soups. The soft texture of black beans make
Black Cherry Fruit Spread Made in France from an old recipe, this delicious, black cherry conserve is sweetened with concentrated grape juice to bring out the natural flavors of the fruit.  Spread preserves on bread or toast, serve with biscuits or tea cakes, or try with shortbrea
Black Cherry Preserve Black cherries are much esteemed, for their rich, succulent flavor, ideal for desserts, pastries, and preserves.  This naturally sweetened preserve is rife with chunks of whole cherries, tender and luscious, with a deep, black-purple color.  Serve cherry
Black Currant Jam  Black currents, used to make jams, preserves, syrups, and liquor (cassis) are actually very small berries, related to gooseberries. More tart than sweet, blackcurrants are a popular berry in many European cuisines. This jam is abundant with fruit, making
Black Currant Juice A traditional Polish juice prepared with fruits from Polish plantations, this uniquely light and refreshing drink adds an interesting element to smoothies and could be reduced for a flavorful fruit glaze for meats.
Black Currant Preserves The black currant, a tiny berry best known for its use in cassis, the liqueur, is a natural for preserving. In Poland, chunky fruit preserves, less sweet than their American counterparts, are pantry staples. Use to top toast or muffins or fold into pastri
Black Currant Preserves The bright, tart flavor of black currants sings through this English preserves. Its appealing spreadable texture includes the occasional whole currant. Spread on toast, stir into yogurt, or use as a pancake topper.
Black Currant Preserves Thick with chunks of whole fruit, this traditional English black currant preserve has a strong ripe berry flavor, and a powerful sweetness.  Serve this preserve with tea biscuits, scones, and biscuits, or use as a pastry filling.
Black Dried Mushrooms Mushrooms are ubiquitous in Polish cooking; they're used for pickles, salads, soups, and appetizers, and are featured in national favorites such as crepes, pierogis, and kulebiaka. The boletus family of mushrooms includes the French cepe and Italian porci
Black Iced Coffee Black coffee and sugar mixed together for a delicious drink.
Black Olive Pate Rich Italian black olives are pureed with extra-virgin olive oil into this savory spread, full of ripe olive flavor. Olive spreads are a Mediterranean tradition (one with many variations), with deep, pleasing flavors and creamy texture.  Spread on toast p
Black Olive Spread Blending black olives, garlic, and rich olive oil, this traditional black olive spread has an intense ripe olive flavor and a smooth, dense texture&#151it's ideal for canap&#233s and hors d'ouevres, or even just snacking. Add black olive paste to savory s
Black Olives A La Provenc Ale These succulent, tender black olives are dry-cured and seasoned with the flavors of sun-drenched Provence: basil, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, savory, and garlic. Excellent taste and texture. Utterly delectable as an hors d'oeuvre straight out of the jar.
Black Olives In  Oil & Redwine Vinegar This distinctive olive comes to you from vistas of olive groves in the Valley of Olympia, Greece. The pecan-sized black olive is hand-packed in a mixture of red wine vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil. This rich and salty olive has a soft bite and fruity
Black Sesame Seeds Lightly dry-roast these earthy-tasting seeds over an open flame for about one minute before using. Sprinkle on rice, vegetables, or salads to add color, crunch, and flavor.
Black Soy Beans In Japan, these dried, small, round, black soy beans, called kuro-mame, are soaked, boiled until tender, and sweetened for a celebratory New Year's food. You can also steam them with rice for a flavorful side dish. Make sure to soak these beans overnight
Black Spiced Olives Large black Italian olives, rich and fruity, captured at the peak of their flavor and ripeness. With a sweet, mild flavor and a dense, soft flesh, these black olives are ideal for snacks, salads, and antipasto.
Black Tea Chinese black tea in tea bags.
Blackberry Jam Typically less sweet than American jams, Polish jams are prized as dessert fillings. Or try this thick mixture of blackberries on its own as a bread spread.
Blended Sesame Oil Popular in India as well as Asian, this sesame oil has a deliciously nutty nuance. Blended with canola oil to cut the powerful flavor and fragrance of pure sesame oil, this oil may be used in salad dressings, marinades, and in stir-fries.
Blond Olives In Oil And Red Wine Vinegar This distinctive olive comes to you from vistas of olive groves in the Valley of Olympia, Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics. Hand-picked to avoid bruising, these olives are inspected twice. Ideal for salads, focaccia, pasta sauces or a tapenade.
Blueberry Preserves This beautiful deep-purple French preserves is all-natural and liberally jeweled with little tender blueberries, with a sweetly delicious flavor that sings of pure fruit. Enjoy on hot muffins or croissants.
Boiled Mackerel This firm, fatty fish has a mild, savory flavor. Packed in a solution of water and salt, serve it with lemon juice or white wine vinegar. Place on a cold plate and serve it on soda crackers, or add it to soups and sauces.
Bombay Biryani Masala Biryani, or spiced rice with either vegetables or meat or both can be easily prepared using this spice mix with the recipe given in the pack. It includes an exact blend of spices like cardamom, coriander, pepper corns etc. to make spicy Bombay style birya
Bombay Potatoes Bombay style curry of Alu Chole, a popular dish of potatoes and chick peas cooked in a rich creamy sauce of tomatoes, onions and spices. Serve with puris, chapatis, pita bread or rice. This instant curry comes in a sealed pack that requires no refrigeration. Simply heat for a few minutes and serve. Heating instructions for a microwave or stove top are provided on the pack.
Find Bombay Potatoes Here
Bottarga Di Tonno Macinata This dried, pungent, finely ground tuna roe is a specialty of southern Italy, particularly Sicily, Sardinia, and Calabria.  Quite labor intensive to produce, this richly flavored version is ready to sprinkle over pasta or salads. A little bit goes a long
Bowl Noodle Soup - Hot and Spicy Kimchee-flavored soup with instant noodles
Branston Pickle Relish Branston Pickle Relish is prepared with Middle Eastern dates, carrots, apples, and other special ingredients. Chunky in texture, it is both sweet and tangy to the palate. Enjoy it as a delicious accent to cheese, hors d' oeuvres, cold meats and sandwiches
Breakfast Tea Bags This traditional full-flavored English Breakfast tea is a mix of high-quality Indian teas. The flavor is bracing and fruity, strong enough to drink with milk or plenty of lemon. The perfect accompaniment to a traditional, hearty English breakfast. Or, ser
Brinjal Eggplant Relish This tasty Indian eggplant relish is sweet, tangy, and thick with pieces of eggplant cooked in oil and spiced with fenugreek, mustard, and coriander. It's aromatic and very flavorful, a tasty traditional accompaniments to Indian flatbreads or meat.
Brown Basmati Rice This whole-grain Basmati rice is left unmilled, for a darker, nuttier, rice. Basmati has an exotic, nutty flavor, and a slightly chewy texture;  serve Basmati rice for Southeast Asian or Indian dishes.  Try a flavorful brown basmati pilaf, made with onion
Brown Rice - Medium Grain Loved by the Chinese for hundreds of years for its chewy texture.  Fragrant and rich in nutrients. Particularly good for congee and desserts.
Bru Filter coffee lovers try this, the taste of filter coffee in an instant. Bru has 30% chicory and 70% coffee. Chicory is a perennial plant cultivated as a salad plant. Its root is used ground as a substitute or additive for coffee.
Bu Chim Garu (Pancake Powder) Korean style pancake powder. Just add water, vegetables and various types of seafood to prepare a typical Korean Pancake.
Buckwheat Flour Buckwheat, which is actually an herb unrelated to wheat, is often ground into a fine flour. This stone-ground flour has an assertive, nutty flavor, essential for Russian blinis and the savory buckwheat crepes of Brittany, France. Buckwheat flour easily im
Buckwheat Noodles A traditional Japanese noodle, this long, flat noodle is light brown in color. Soba noodles are made with wheat and buckwheat flours, and have a delicate, nutty flavor. Dress steamed soba noodles with garlic tamari, and top with toasted sesame seeds.
Burghol Wheat Also known as bulghur or cracked wheat, burghol is wheat with its husk removed, which has been steamed, dried, and crushed. Burghol is used extensively in Middle Eastern dishes, and is featured prominently in the traditional dish, kibbeh. This medium coar
Burghol Wheat #2 Also known as bulghur or cracked wheat, burghol is wheat with its husk removed that has been steamed, dried, and crushed. Burghol is used extensively in Middle Eastern dishes, and is featured prominently in the traditional dish, kibbeh. This medium coarse
Butter Coconut Cookies Crisp and light, these sweet, buttery biscuits have a delicate coconut flavor. Serve with tea, a cookie assortment or with ice cream.
Butter Leaves (Biscuits) Light and flaky butter biscuits, shaped like maple leaves. These cookies have a deeply rich character, with a hint of almond flavor. Their attractive design looks great on a dessert tray, or with tea cakes and biscuits for an afternoon treat.
Butterscotch Drops A refined sweet, the kind of candy you'll want to have around for guests or slip into gift basket. Packaged in an attractive tin, these sweet and buttery hard drops are lightly dusted with powdered sugar.
Button Mushrooms Tender and savory, these button mushrooms are a tasty ingredient in soups and stews.  They are especially good in Asian dishes.
Cactus Strips Very popular in Mexican cuisine, these sliced, fleshy green cactus leaves have a delicate, slightly tart green-bean flavor. Soft and smooth, can be saute with onions and scramble eggs, in classic nopa
Cafe Bustelo This robust, 100% pure ground coffee is vacuum-packed. The dark Caribbean style roast makes a full-bodied espresso. Brew as you like. Also for cappuccino or iced coffee.
Calabria Green Olives Cracked In Olive Oil Giant, green olives, cracked on the stone to elicit the best flavors, and packed in fine oil with spicy peppers, fennel, and oregano.  These olives have a firm flesh and an overpowering aroma.
Calamari in Ink Diced  chunks of squid, packed in a sauce made of squid ink, tomatoes, onion, and spices.  A savory treat from the sea, great as a snack, or add it to your favorite rice dish.  Serve with crusty bread or add to rice with red peppers, onions, garlic, and o
Calamari In Ink Sauce This is a flavorful delicacy for seafood lovers, with calamari pieces in a dark, savory sauce flavored with tomato, onion, and squid ink. Serve with crusty bread or crackers, or include in salads.
California Grape Leaves These whole grape leaves are picked fresh, then preserved in salt water so you can keep them handy in your cupboard. Each jar is tightly packed with a neat roll of 20 to 30 large leaves, ready to rinse and use. (It's best to extract them all at once, unro
California Squid Canned, cooked squid should be cleaned and can then be served as an appetizer or in a salad. Also used in pasta sauces.
Calrose Rice This medium-grained white rice from the 1999 California harvest, cooks up plump, moist, and tender. The kernels are coated with corn syrup, which makes them shiny and helps retain moisture, but has no affect on the taste. The texture is stickier than long
Cannellini Beans Cannellini beans are creamy, white, and slightly larger than the typical white bean.  These large, white kidney beans are particularly popular in salads, stews, and soups.
Cannellini Beans Italian for "tiny rods," cannellini are a white kidney beans, a versatile, large, kidney-shaped bean that's widely used in Italian stews and have a mild flavor and tender texture. These are already cooked and ready to be added to soups and stews. Try in m
Cannoli Shells These hand-rolled, fried Italian pastry-shell tubes are delicate, crisp, buttery, and ready to hold the dessert filling of your choice. For a traditional filling, whip ricotta cheese with candied citrus zest, chocolate, or a sweet liqueur.
Capellini Thicker than angel hair pasta, this long, narrow pasta pairs well with thin tomato sauces and light vegetable ragouts. Serve capellini with a zesty sauce zingara, flavored with mushrooms, garlic, ham, and tarragon, finished with Madeira wine and chopped t
Caper Berries These extra-large Spanish caper berries with stems attached are the size of olives, with a pleasantly mild, briny flavor. Caper berries are the pickled fruits of a Mediterranean bush;  the flavor is similar to capers, but milder, with a slightly crunchy,
Capers These large capers are the dried, pickled flower buds of a bush found in the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia. They lend a pungent flavor to sauces and condiments. Or use as a garnish for meat and vegetable dishes. Always rinse capers prior to use t
Capers The caper is native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. After they are picked, capers are pickled in brine and should be rinsed before using to remove excess salt. Its pungent flavor adds piquancy to sauces and condiments and add zest to meat and vege
Capers The caper is native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia.  After they are picked, capers are pickled in brine and should be rinsed before using to remove excess salt. Their pungent flavor adds piquancy to sauces and add zest to meat and vegetable dishes
Cappuccino Coffee Real cappuccino brewed from premium coffee beans. Ready for your enjoyment. Taste better when chilled.
Caramelle Coffee A rich, satisfying hard candy, flavored with dark roast coffee, filled with a smooth hazelnut cream. Made in Italy by Perugina, manufacturers of the finest confections, these coffee candies are a delightful treat.
Caraway Seed Whole These aromatic seeds from a relative of the parsley family have a nutty, delicate, distinctive, anise flavor. Caraway seeds are used widely in Eastern European cuisines to flavor cheese dishes, stews, breads, and sauerkraut.
Cardamom Whole An aromatic spice member native to India and a member of the ginger family, these whole cardamom pods have a warm and slightly sweet flavor. They can be used whole: slightly crush the pods and add to curries or stews. Use the seeds alone, lightly crushed,
Carlamari In Salsa Nera This tinned squid is packed in a sauce of its own ink, tomato and spices. This traditional Mediterranean preparation is used as part of an antipasto platter. Toss in pasta, or in rice dishes to add flavor and an intriguing black color. Serve on toast, or
Carrot, Onion, & Chick-Pea Soup Low-sodium and 99% fat-free, this nutritious, vegetable soup includes carrots, potatoes, onions, chickpeas, lentils, and lemon juice in vegetable bouillon, for a zesty flavor, and hearty texture. Serve as a light meal with crusty bread, or as a starter fo
Cayenne Pepper This organic, ground version of red pepper from a Santaka-type chili pod has a biting flavor and bright red color. Adds zest to anything from flour batters to soups, vegetables, and spiced nuts.
Cedar Coasters These modern coasters are extremely lightweight and practical.  Set of 10 crescent moon-shaped cedar coasters.  When stacked together, all 10 only measure 1/4" in height!  4" W each.
Celery Shredded Shredded celery for cooking or salad. Ready to serve.
Cepes Mushrooms Also known as porcinis, these delicious mushrooms are earthy, pale brown treasures heralded for their smooth and meaty texture, and pungent woodsy flavor. Pickled in an array of vegetables and spices, they are soft and zesty. Use in antipasto, sliced in s
Cereal Carnation 3 Grain  - 10 Packets Breakfast oatmeal, add 7 ounces of boiling water and slowly stir before serving.
Chamomile Flwrs Tea A soothing, mellow tea, made from the flower of the chamomile plant. Mild and faintly bitter with a light body; a relaxing evening tea.
Chamomile Tea Caffeine-free chrysanthemum tea bags.
Champagne Vinegar Champagne produces a very light, slightly dry vinegar, with traces of fruity residue. This mild vinegar pleases the palate with distinct, sharp flavors. Use champagne vinegar in dressings or reductions. A Bearnaise reduction combines fresh tarragon, shall
Chana Dal These are yellow gram lentils also known as Bengal Gram. They resemble yellow lentils (arhar or toor dal) but are slightly bigger and coarser. They are stronger in taste than most other lentils and have a sweet aroma and flavor. Chana dal is also used to
Channa Masala Chana Masala, a very popular curry made of chickpeas to be had with nan or baturas, can be easily prepared with the masala mix. Boiled chick peas can be added to a paste of onions and tomatoes along with the masala mix to prepare it. The recipe is given i
Chapli Kabab Masala Chapli kabab masala is used to season ground meat patties or tikkas, a very traditional Pakistani snack. The masala, which is a dry mixture of coriander, cumin seeds, garlic, ginger and a variety of spices is mixed in ground meat and left to marinate for
Char Sui Sauce Sometimes simply called "barbecue sauce," this thick, jam-like Chinese cooking sauce has a rich reddish-brown color and a sweet, tangy taste. This versatile, ready-to-use sauce is made with fermented soybeans, honey, and spices. It's widely used for marin
Chestnut Puree This French chestnut puree gives you all the rich, indulgent flavor of chestnuts, without the work. Open the can, and let the potent aroma take you to the chestnut-lined streets of Paris. Add a few spoonfuls of puree to some wine and the pan drippings fro
Chicharron De Harina Drop these wheat-flour rectangles into hot oil, and they fry up into honeycombed puffs. Eaten as a snack food, chicharrons are often served for Mexican children's parties. Try these snacks plain, or season with lime juice and hot sauce.
Chicharron De Harina Wheat Pellets Chicharron is made of wheat and flavorings and is a favorite vegetarian snack in Mexico. Deep fry the caramel-colored strips for 30 seconds until they become light and flaky. Drain on paper towels and enjoy with a squeeze of lemon or lime or a dash of hot
Chick Peas
Chick Peas These nutty and tender beans are a favorite for soups, salads, stews, rice,  and hummus.  High in protein and carbohydrates, chick peas are a great source of iron.  Toss in salads and soups for added texture.
Chick Peas These nutty-flavored chick peas in water can be used to make your own hummus, a popular Middle Eastern dip for pita. Blend chick peas with garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil or sesame oil to a smooth consistency and serve with wedges of heated pita and fr
Chicken Consomme These bouillon packets are flavor-concentrated and made from chicken stock and vegetable seasonings. Use this instant bouillon to add fresh chicken flavor to your rice, soups, gravy, and beans.
Chicken Flavored Rice A hearty dish featuring select long-grain rice, golden vermicelli, and a zesty seasoning blend of garlic, turmeric, and onions. This robust chicken-flavored dish is a meal in itself, or accompany with roasted chicken and a mixed green salad.
Chicken Moglai Ready-to-eat chicken cooked in a Mughlai sauce. This richly flavored curry of roasted spices, chicken and vegetables contains no preservatives or artificial coloring. This vacuum sealed prepared dinner requires no refridgeration and only needs to be heate
Chicken Rice Vegetable Soup This robust chicken-based soup contains rice and sturdy vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, celery, corn, and green beans.  Serve as a starter, snack, or as a light meal on its own with a thick slice of buttered bread.
Chicken Sauce A powerfully flavored French chicken concentrate, perfect for making traditional sauces. Each container yields 1 cup of chicken sauce, ideal for making classic velout&#233s. Try a sauce ravigote for poultry, made from reduced white wine and vinegar, blend
Chile Ancho Molido Ancho is the most popular chile in Mexican cooking. It has a rich, deep, slightly chocolaty flavor and only a little heat. Powdered ancho is the main ingredient in chili powder: Use this ground ancho to make your own chili powder, with the addition of cumin and oregano. Add to taco sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, and rubs for grilled meats.
Chile Ancho Molido Here
Chile Chipotle Chipotles are smoke-dried jalapeno chiles;  they have a medium spiciness, and a smoky sweetness.  Use chipotles in authentic Mexican salsas, for use with poultry, pork, or seafood.  Toast dried chiles over an open flame, and rehydrate in warm water;  add
Chile Guajillo Nuevo Mexico Guajillo is a dried chili from northern and central Mexico. In their whole form they're quite tough and must be soaked for a long time before using. Grind these peppers for flavorful heat, instantly available. Add to enchiladas, salsas, and stews.
Chiles Chipotles These dried, smoky, sweet jalapenos are prepared in adobo sauce for added flavor. The sauce is dark red in color and has a piquant taste that complements the chipotles' somewhat chocolaty flavor. Use in sauces, marinades, add to eggs and soups.
Chili Ancho These dried, medium-hot, cranberry-red ancho chiles tastes of cherries, figs, and prunes. They are the principle chile in "mole poblano." Far from being simply a source of "fire" in the Mexican culinary repertoire, chiles contribute depth of flavor and aromatic complexity in a broad range of applications.
Find Chili Ancho Here
Chili Garlic Sauce Korean food is renowned for its garlicky spice&#151this potent blend captures all the fiery flavors in an easily used sauce. Add chili-garlic sauce to salads, soups, marinades, and sauces for distinctive Korean flavor. For a zesty salad with flavors to cu
Chili Garlic Sauce Flavored with chilies, garlic, and vinegar, this tangy, hot and savory sauce adds tangy, hot, and savory heat to any dish.  Add a teaspoon to a chopped avocado for simple, very tasty guacamole.
Chili Paste with Holy Basil There is no simpler path to authentic Thai food in your kitchen.  Just add a tablespoon or so to your stir-fries for typically Thai complexity.  Particularly good with green beans.
Chili Powder A mildly spicy chili powder, blended from cumin, chiles, oregano, and garlic. Chili powder adds traditional flavors to authentic Mexican dishes; it has a medium heat and a broad, savory taste. Add chili powder to rich soups and stews or use to season meat
Chili Relish Spicy green chili pieces in a spicy paste. This chunky pickle is often served with naan or parathas as a main meal accompaniment. Try it also with salads or pizza.
Chilli Paste With Sweet Basil Leaves The intensely anise-like aroma of Thai sweet basil permeates this chili paste. Seasoning sauces and pastes are ubiquitous in Southeast Asian cuisine. Once painstakingly prepared in the home, high-quality versions are now widely available commercially. Use
China Green Tea Tea, steep in hot water to serve.
China Jasmine Tea Jasmine tea in bags, steep in boiling water.
Chinese Barbecue Sauce A traditional sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, rich with miso, ginger and spices. Use to make Asian-style ribs. Also an excellent marinade for meats and poultry. Makes a tangy, sweet baste for just about anything on the grill. Try it on vegetables, too.
Chinese Cooking Rice Wine This sweet golden Chinese wine, made from fermenting freshly steamed glutinous rice, is used strictly for cooking. It has a low alcohol content and a mild, sweet taste. Add a dash of this wine to stir-fries or salad dressings.
Chinese Dark Soy Sauce A dark, rich soy sauce that adds color and flavor to beef and chicken. Not as salty as lighter soy sauces, this sauce is primarily used in northern Chinese dishes. Use as a marinade, in stir-fries, and in sauces.
Chinese Dinner Kit for Four With this kit, we invite you to take a culinary journey to China, the land of Szechuan, sesame and soy. This kit comes packed with 11 essential for Chinese cooking: <blockquote> <li><b>Five Spice Powder</b>, a classic spice blend that adds distinctive Chi
Chinese Style Sausage This preserved Chinese sausage delivers a smoky, salty  taste that goes well with steamed rice or congee. Try it stir-fried with hot peppers.
Chinkiang Vinegar Made from fermented rice, this caramel-colored vinegar is milder than Western vinegars. It has a salty, slightly acidic flavor. Ideal for rice, marinades, and noodle salads.
Chinotto This sparkling Italian soda tastes like a blend of sarsaparilla and cloves. Sweet and slightly astringent in flavor, this soft drink is a welcome change from ordinary cola. Serve well-chilled or over crushed ice.
Chipotle Chile Peppers These red chipotle chiles are made from fully ripened jalapenos, dried and smoked. Chipotles have a sweet, deep flavor and a lingering smoky spice. Toast dried peppers over an open flame, rehydrate, and add to rich, authentic Mexican sauces, soups, and st
Chipotle Chili Powder The chipotle chile is the dried, smoked version of the jalape&#242;o pepper. It's not all about heat, though; the chipotle also has a rich, sweet flavor. Use it to add heat, body, and character to sauces, stews, and <I>moles</i>.
Chipotle Peppers Chipotles are jalapeno peppers that have been dried and smoked. Packaged in a spicy tomato sauce, their color and sweet heat are excellent for seasoning for meats and sauces. Blend with chicken stock, cream, and lime juice for smoky sauce.
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce These chipotle peppers, or dried jalapenos, are packed in smoky tomato-based sauce. Use to flavor soups, stews, sauces, or to top tacos or quesadillas.
Chitarra Rustichella d'Abruzzo ("little rustic thing from Abruzzo") is a throwback to a simpler time. Made by artisans in Italy's Abruzzo region, just east of Rome, the chitarra is shaped in bronze dies and dried slowly in warm rooms. The process carefully preserv
Chocolate Mint Thins
Chopped Tomatoes Native to South America, then spreading to Latin America, the tomato was brought to Europe by Spanish explorers making their way back from Mexico. These  Italian Roma tomatoes are preserved in their own juice, and will make a convenient and flavorful addi
Chopstick rest - ceramic bamboo Rest your chopstick on this green ceramic bamboo-shaped chopstick rest.  It is not only practical but decorative too.  1 3/4" length.  Chopsticks not included.
Chopstick rest - ceramic peapod Add vegetables to your meal - without eating them!  These adorable green ceramic peapod-shape chopstick rests are fun and practical.  Even kids will enjoy these veggies!  2 1/2" length.  Chopsticks not included.
Chopsticks - bamboo Need more chopsticks?  These chopsticks are our most practical set.  Set of 10 bamboo chopsticks 9".
Chopsticks - black with gold ends Having a formal dinner party?  Impress your guests with these modern Japanese 9 1/2" black chopsticks with gold ends.
Chopsticks - black with light woodgrain ends Having a formal dinner party?  Impress your guests with these modern Japanese 9" black chopsticks with light woodgrain ends.
Chopsticks - ebony These beautifal chopsticks are made from natural ebony wood.  9 1/4" length.
Chopsticks - white These unique white chopsticks are made from natural nandin wood.  9" length.
Cinnamon (Ground) Cinnamon is a crucial ingredient in the baker's pantry, and adds mystery and intrigue to savory stews and meats. This finely ground cinnamon is exceedingly aromatic, with big, well-rounded, sweet-spicy flavors. Use in sweet pastries, puddings, and pies, o
Cinnamon Sticks This sweet spice is of vital importance to the pastry chef, and of no small significance to the savory kitchen either. When combined with rich meats and complex spice blends, cinnamon adds warm, exotic flavors. Add cinnamon sticks to hot drinks, sweetened
Cinnamon Whole These 10-inch cinnamon sticks can be used for pastries and savory dishes. When combined with rich meats and complex spice blends, they add warm, exotic flavors. Swirl in hot drinks, sweetened milk for pastries, and rich soups and stews. Or, try lamb shank
Cioppino Sauce Cioppino is a chunky seafood stew containing an array of shrimp, clams, mussels, and fish fillets in a spicy, thin, tomato-based sauce. It is said to have been created by San Francisco's Italian immigrants. Just add seafood of your choice to this all-natu
Clear Mint Candy Intensely potent, these clear mints are powerfully fresh. Use to freshen breath, or as a sweet treat.
Clementines A member of the mandarin orange family, these tiny clementines have a light, tangy sweetness. Packed in a light syrup, these orange segments are natural additions to fruit salads, desserts, and savory sauces. Add clementines to a rich sauce Bigarade, made
Cloves (Ground) The dried, unopened flower bud of an evergreen tree, cloves have been one of the most valued of spices since ancient times. Use these powdered cloves sparingly in stews, barbecue sauces, and any pork dish. A pinch adds zip to chicken or fruit salad. Try a
Cloves Whole This flavorful spice is the dried unopened flower buds of a tropical evergreen tree. They have a tingling, woody, warm flavor that's widely used for sweet and savory dishes, from Indian rice curries to mulled wine. Whole cloves are also a common mouth fre
Coarse Cracked Wheat Burghol Also known as bulghur or cracked wheat, burghol is wheat with its husk removed, that has been steamed, dried, and crushed. Burghol is used extensively in Middle Eastern dishes, and is featured prominently in the traditional dish, kibbeh. This coarse-grain
Coarse Sea Salt Sea salt (the oldest form of salt, made by evaporating sea water) is making a come back for its pure, natural flavor and additive-free purity. This sparkling white Spanish salt has a clean, fresh taste, with large, coarse crystals great to sprinkle into s
Cocktail Cornichon These crisp, tiny French pickles in vinegar are tart, tangy, and refreshing. A traditional accompaniment to pates and smoked meats or fish. Chop and add to mayonnaise-based salads for a piquant, crunchy lift. Try with a cheese tray or as part of an antipa
Cocoa Balsamique
Coconut Coconut palms, grown for their prized fruit, are found throughout the world, from Malaysia to South America, Hawaii to India. This premium-quality, finely shredded coconut has a characteristically sweet, nutty flavor. Try toasted coconut over rich Indian
Coconut Cream Flavored Peanuts Sweet and crunchy, these peanuts are coated with a coconut-cream candy shell. This tasty snack has a light, nutty flavor, with a rich center, and a sweet finish. Add these addictive treats to packed lunches, for a snack your kids will thank you for.
Coconut Cream Wafers These superb wafers have a creamy pink center.
Coconut Ginger Rice This premium, soft jasmine rice is flavored with the Pacific Rim tastes of coconut and ginger. Serve plain as a side dish with grilled fish glazed with mango. Use as a bed for yellow or red Thai curry for added layers of flavor. Or saute with your favorit
Coconut Milk A pantry staple in the Southeast Asian kitchen, coconut milk is made by steeping coconut pulp in water, revealing a thick, creamy liquid. Coconut milk is ideal as a soup base, balancing its natural sweetness against, complex, exotic flavors. Try a yellow
Coconut Milk An essential staple in Southeast Asian cooking, coconut milk is the unsweetened, processed liquid made from grated coconuts. Used in both sweet and savory creations, coconut milk contributes tropical flavor and body. Add to soups, sweets, curries, and sti
Coconut Milk Rich and creamy, coconut milk tempers the fiery flavors of Thai curries and soups. To save time and effort, shake well before opening. <b> Buy three get one free now ! </b>
Coconut Powder Dried, powdered coconut. Mix with a little bit of water and use to flavor curries or even sweet dishes. This coconut powder may be used as a substitute for fresh coconut in a variety of dishes such as kormas and molees. Roasted coconut powder adds flavor
Cocoyam Fu Fu Flour A traditional staple of African cuisine, fu fu flour is ground from cocoyam (the root of the elephant ear plant) and cassava (the starchy tuber from which tapioca is derived). Mix with boiling water to make cassava meal, often served as a vegetable in the
Coffee Filter A Vietnamese  style coffee filter.
Coffee Flavored Drops For the evolved sweet tooth, these coffee flavored drops are lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Imported from Britain and packaged in an attractive tin, they're the kind of sweet you'll want to have on hand for guests or slip into a gift basket.
Come Una Volta Polenta is made from ripe corn that is dried, hulled, and finely ground. This traditional Italian polenta is savory, aromatic, and naturally sweet. Try polenta with sauteed mushrooms; top with good pa
Concentrated Garlic Paste This Italian garlic paste is made with garlic blended with olive oil and salt, for a cooking shortcut on days you just don't feel like chopping garlic. It has a smooth and creamy texture, and a pungent, quite salty flavor. Make easy garlic bread; stir int
Concentrated Sauce with Xeres Vinegar and Thyme for Lamb Finally ... the classic taste of French food without all the work. This concentrated sauce base, made from slowly simmered lamb bones, sherry vinegar, and herbs, makes it easy to create classical French dishes at home. Simply dissolve the sauce water, sim
Condiment Bijol A mild seasoning powder flavored with annatto (achiote), which is often referred to as Mexican saffron. Used in small quantities it provides a brilliant orange color, in larger doses it adds a flavor that's aromatic, earthy, and exotic. Use as a dry rub f
Cooked Rice Bowl Delicious short-grain rice is ready in minutes with this microwaveable dish. Simply heat the package and pull back the cover to reveal perfectly cooked white rice; top with seasoned soy sauce, chopped green onions, and toasted sesame seeds for a fast, lig
Cooking Rice Wine Rice cooking wine.
Cooking Sherry Wine Special sherry cooking wine.
Cooking Wine - Shao Xing Cooking wine made from rice.
Coriander & Ginger Marinade & Grill Sauce This mild spice cooking sauce is so thick, it's almost a paste. In India, Tikka is a popular type of kabob. Brush this sauce on meats before skewering for a taste of India. Includes the classic spices found in many Indian cuisines: coriander, tamarind, an
Coriander Chutney Fragrant green chutney made with coriander leaves or cilantro. Serve as an accompaniment to pakoras and samosas or try as a spread on bread for a spicy sandwich. Coriander chutney is also used as a relish for rice dishes.
Coriander Powder Coriander powder is one of the most basic spices in Indian cooking. It is used for its distinct but gentle flavor and fragrance in curries. It can be either cooked with the masala or added towards the end of the cooking process with very different results
Corn Husks Dry corn husks are used to make tamales, a typical Mexican dish. Tamales are made from a corn dough (masa), spread into the corn husk, filled with meat, cheese, chicken or turkey, and then steamed. Soak the corn husks in hot water to soften before using.
Corn Meal (Makki Ka Aata) 'Makki ki roti and saag' (corn bread and curried mustard greens) are a staple in the northern state of Punjab. Coarse milling of the dried corn grain produces cornmeal, while a finer milling gives the white cornstarch. Cornmeal is used to make fresh bread
Corn Oil All natural, this is Goya's finest corn oil. It has a neutral flavor, and an ability to withstand high heat. Use this versatile oil for frying, baking, and in salad dressings.
Couscous Couscous is a convenient, versatile staple of North African diets. The tiny nuggets of durum-wheat semolina cook up light and fluffy. Complementing flavors from sweet to savory, this couscous is incredibly versatile and ready to serve in five minutes. Try
Cream Of Coconut Used throughout the Caribbean, as well as in Thai curry sauces, this canned cream of coconut is both sweet and refreshing.  Used for a variety of desserts and baked goods, it is also used in cocktails and summer drinks for a rich, creamy texture.
Cream Of Porcini Mushroom A puree of porcini mushrooms in oil and spices.   Strong, earthy flavor and richness go well with any pasta sauce; great for canapes.
Creme De Marrons (Chestnut Spread) This sweetened puree of chestnuts is delicately flavored with vanilla. It is a wonderful addition to pastries with its nutty richness and creamy texture. Mix chestnut puree into butter cream frostings, fondants, fillings of all types, and cake batters.
Creole Seasoning A quick easy way to add a Creole spin to your cooking. Creole seasoning adds the flavor of garlic, onion, and spice without adding heat. Use on meat, fish, seafood, in bean dishes, even salads. Creole seasoning perks up hamburger or meatloaf, too.
Creste di Gallo From Apulia, Italy's "heel," this pasta is distinctive because of its colorful hues, including red, orange, green, and black&#151;a result of vegetables and squid ink added to its durum semolina flour base. Creste di Gallo is shaped like macaroni with a r
Crispbread Wedges
Crunchy Dills Dill pickles from Germany with a medium vinegar tang. Chop and combine with mayo, onion, lemon juice, parsley, and hard-boiled egg for tartar sauce.
Crushed Chili These dried red chile flakes provide medium, well-rounded heat and mild sweetness, adaptable to any cuisine. Sauti crushed chiles in in oil prior to cooking vegetables, or add to soups and braised dishes at the end of cooking.
Crushed Red Pepper This crushed red-pepper seasoning is made of a combination of dried cascabel and guajillo chile peppers. Sprinkle over pizza, pastas, vegetables, or add a dash to spice up almost any meal.
Crushed Tomatoes These crushed tomatoes from the famed San Marzano region of Italy are known for their fine texture and low acidity. For a simple, delicious pizza, spread the crushed tomatoes on pizza dough, sprinkle with oregano, top with mozzarella cheese, and bake. Or
Crystallized Ginger Slices This candied ginger is cooked in syrup and coated with sugar, and is used as a garnish for desserts in China. Or, for a Western approach, use to garnish creme brulee, cinnamon ice cream, or even mix into tea.
Cucumbers In Brine This whole Polish pickle has a tender texture and robust, vinegary flavor. Great as a lunch accompaniment or on a relish tray.  Use it to make tarter sauce or Thousand Island dressing.
Cumin (Ground) Top-quality ground cumin from Pakistan, with an intense character and a powerful and slightly bitter taste. Indispensable to Middle Eastern, Asian, Mexican, and Mediterranean dishes. Add to clam and fish chowders, potato and egg salads, and roasted lamb.
Cumin (Ground) This aromatic spice is made from the dried amber seeds of a plant in the parsley family, with a nutty flavor and complex aroma. Use in a wide range of Indian dishes, such as lentil dals, curries, and raita, a cooling yogurt/cucumber sauce.
Cumin Seed (Ground) This ground cumin is made from hand-picked, specially selected amber cumin seeds. Cumin is an aromatic spice from the parsley family, with a distinctive taste that makes it an essential ingredient in Indian, Mexican, Latin American, and Middle Eastern cui
Cumin Seed Whole The aromatic seed of an herb native to the Mediterranean, cumin is widely used in Mexican, Spanish, and European cooking. Add to chili and spicy meat stews; heat with olive oil and drizzle over cooked vegetables or potatoes; or add to cornbread batter.
Cumin Seeds This is one of the most important spice seeds used in Indian cooking. Roasting cumin brings out different nuances of flavor. When crushed coarsely and sprinkled over a variety of dishes, it adds delicate aroma and taste.
Curly Noodles Dried curly soba noodles
Curry Noodles Spicy rice noodles with authentic Thai sauce.
Curry Paste Mildly spicy, rich brown curry paste. Add a bit of the paste to enhance any vegetable or meat curry. Recipe suggestion for mild curried chicken is given on the pack.
Curry Paste - Green A cornerstone of the Thai kitchen, green curry paste is a smooth blend of fresh green chiles, garlic, onion, lemongrass, and galangal. Season Thai curries, soups, and noodles with this aromatic, intensely flavored paste. Mix with coconut milk, grilled chi
Curry Paste - Red Canned red curry paste used in cooking.
Curry Paste(Hot) A spicy Indian curry paste flavored with onions, garlic, ginger, coriander, cashews, watermelon seeds, and mango powder; it has a tangy bite, with an exotic, sweet spice. Add curry paste to braised vegetables and meats, and serve over rice with an assortm
Curry Powder Curry powder is a mix of ground spices usually used to flavor savory foods. This Malaysian blend is rich, fragrant, and mildy spicy. A medley of turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, and peanut, this curry blend is an easy way to add exotic aromas and flavors to
Curry Powder Its flavor is mild and aromatic, but its color is a vibrant, golden yellow. You can use this to make your own curry-powder blends. Great with lentils or making Indian curries.
Curry Sauce Curry sauce used for cooking.
Dal Makhani This low-fat Indian curry is an exotically spiced blend of black lentils and red beans in a creamy tomato sauce, with a packet of brown rice. Can be made on the stovetop or microwave: just boil and serve for a delicious, easy Indian meal, garnished with c
Dalmatian Sage Sage grows throughout the Mediterranean; this variety comes from its neighbor on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. This herb is characterized by its narrow, oval, gray-green leaves with a slightly bitter taste, and musty mint aroma. Widely used in sausage-ma
Dang Myun Vermicelli Noodle Dried Vermicelli noodle made from green mung bean and water. When cooked it appears as thin and translucent noodles.
Dark Kidney Beans With a dense, crumbly texture and a firm skin, kidney beans make an ideal addition to soups and stews - they retain their shape when cooked, but are tender to the bite. These cooked kidney beans have a sweet, mild flavor. Serve with rice, alongside Mexica
Dark Red Kidney Beans A traditional meal of rajma and rice would probably rate as a top favorite for most North Indians. Kidney beans are very nutritious and versatile because they can be used in many ways. The most well known is the creamy rajma curry and every household has
Dark Soy Sauce This naturally fermented dark soy sauce is more robust and richer than ordinary soy sauce. The stronger flavor holds up in spicier dishes. Makes an exceptional marinade. Add ginger, garlic and a bit of sesame oil for a teriyaki marinade. Adds rich color a
Decaffeinated Coffee Bold, dark, rich and fragrant, enjoy a selection of the world's choicest beans, dark roasted to perfection and  ground for your convenience. This coffee is vacuum packed to maintain its freshness, taste, and aroma. Relax and enjoy a full-bodied espresso o
Decaffeinated Green Tea A welcome alternative for those who want the taste and health benefits of green tea, without the caffeine. This green tea, decaffeinated using only pure spring water and effervescence, has a mild, smooth flavor and natural sweetness. Try it iced by placin
Decorated glass plates These beautifully decorated glass plates come in 5 different designs reminiscent of traditional Japanese paintings.  A great gift idea for your mother or a loved one.  4 3/8" diameter.
Deloba Biscuits These glazed ovals of puff pastry come with a dollop of redcurrant/cherry fruit filling. Crispy treats, these cookies are a welcome addition to any dinner or dessert tray. Enjoy  them with coffee or tea during the day, or save them for a special after-sch
Dhingri Mutter Dhingri Muttar or garden peas with mushroom curry is a North Indian delicacy.  This mildly spicy curry comes with a serving of brown rice. A complete meal by itself, just heat and serve.
Dijon Mustard From the Dijon region of France, this smooth French mustard has a clean sharpness and medium level of heat. Brush on lamb chops; coat with fresh herbed bread crumbs, and bake.
Dijon Mustard-No Salt All the classic Dijon taste, but no salt, giving this mustard a slightly sweet edge. From the Dijon region of France, this smooth French mustard has a clean sharpness and medium level of heat. Brush on lamb chops; coat with fresh herbed bread crumbs & bak
Dijon Originale From the Dijon region of France, this traditional mustard has a sharp, clean flavor, accented with notes of white wine. Serve mustards as an essential condiment for any sandwich buffet, with cold, roast meats, or alongside pates and charcuterie. A little
Dijon Originale From the Dijon region of France, this mustard has a clean, sharp flavor that's not quite sinus-searing, but has a medium-hot bite. Dijon mustard is exceptionally versatile; it's great for sandwiches, dressings, and sauces. Try this strong mustard in a cel
Dipping bowl - black with white circle This black dish has a dramatic blue and white circle design in the center.  Good for serving side dishes or as a dipping bowl for sushi or dumplings.  1 1/4" H x 4" diameter
Dipping bowl - blue & brown spiral This cute blue bowl with a brown spiral design is a fun addition to your dining table.  Use it to serve small bites or as a dipping bowl for sushi or dumplings.  1 1/2" H x 4 1/8" diameter
Dipping bowl - olive green & brown spiral This cute olive green bowl with a inlaid spiral design is a fun addition to your dining table.  Use it to serve small bites or as a dipping bowl for sushi or dumplings.  1 1/2" H x 4 1/8" diameter
Dolmas This traditional Greek appetizer consists of grape leaves stuffed with highly seasoned cooked rice. Packed in fruity extra-virgin olive oil, they are flavored with anise, spearmint, coriander, and lemon. They have a deep, sweet spice, cut with a tangy cit
Dolmas These tender grape leaves stuffed with a savory blend of rice, pine nuts, currants and seasonings, are ready to serve, packed 8 to 10 to a can. They are a traditional appetizer in Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Serve with feta and roasted peppe
Dopiaza Sauce Mild cooking sauce with tomato and onions
Double Chocolate Mousse Delight the palate and tease the senses with this chocolate mousse mix, for a creamy chocolate dessert ready in just 30 minutes. Rich velvety texture with a deep chocolate flavor make this a real treat.
Dragon Pattern Dish Blue dragon and cloud patterns on luxurious white and blue procelain glaze from Japan. This high quality beautiful porcelain plate is in 8.8" diameter and perfect enteraining and everyday usage.
Dragon Pattern Noodle Bowl Blue dragon and cloud patterns on luxurious white and blue procelain glaze from Japan. This high quality beautiful porcelain noodle bowl is in 6.8" diameter and perfect enteraining and everyday usage.
Dragon Pattern Rice Bowl Blue dragon and cloud patterns on luxurious white and blue procelain glaze from Japan. This high quality beautiful porcelain rice bowl is in 4.5" diameter and perfect enteraining and everyday usage.
Dried Anchovy (Small Fish) Can be used as a soup base as well as a side dish.
Dried Black Mushrooms Mushrooms are ubiquitous in Polish cooking; they're used for pickles, salads, soups, and appetizers, and are featured in national favorites such as crepes, pierogis, and kulebiaka. The boletus family of mushrooms includes the French cepe and Italian porci
Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms These dried, trumpet-shaped mushrooms have a delicate, slightly fruity flavor. Their earthy aroma and orange coloring complements sauces for light meats, poultry, and game. Cream, nuts, and dried apricots highlight the distinctive flavor of chanterelles;
Dried Galangal A member of the ginger family, galangal is an essential ingredient for Thai cooking. It looks very similar to ginger but has a distinctive, hot, sharp, peppery taste. Use to flavor Thai curries and soups.
Dried Mangoes Whole dried mango slices, good for a healthy snack.
Dried Morel Mushrooms These wild mushrooms belong to the same species as the truffle and are prized by gourmands around the world. With distinctive textured caps, their earthy, nutty flavor truly captures the essence of the woods. Dried morels have a more intense, smokier flav
Dried Mushrooms Imported from Taiwan, these sliced dried mushrooms are mildly flavored. Reconstituted, they impart a savory, slightly earthy flavor to sauces, soups, and stews. Use us in stir fries or noodle dishes.
Dried Seaweed Soak in water to soften and saute in garlic as a side dish.
Dried Seaweed This black, pungent, dried seaweed has a crinkly appearance and round cake shape, making it perfect for crumbling into Chinese soups and stocks, infusing an instant taste of the sea. Versatile, it can be adapted to a myriad of preparations, such as rice d
Dried Shredded Tuna Made from top quality fresh tuna meat.  Delicious with congee or rice.
Dried Shrimp Dried Shrimp.  Just soak in water to soften and serve with rice. Also a wonderful condiment to soups and stews.
Dried Sliced Shiitake Black Mushrooms Used extensively in Asian cuisines, shiitake mushrooms' meaty, earthy flavor is now popular worldwide. These imported Chinese, dried, sliced shiitakes rehydrate in 30 minutes and are ready to add richness to everything from stir-fries to soups and sauces
Dried Squid Top grade squid carefully dried and preserved. The delicious, fishy flavor with the chewy texture make this product an unique cooking material.
Duck Glace This rich duck glace is made according to the classical French tradition, through slow, painstaking reduction, and careful straining for a thick, potent sauce with a glossy sheen. Ideal for making the classical sauces of French cuisine; try it in a sauce
Durum Atta Coarse creamish yellow flour made from whole wheat, used for making chapati, roti, paratha and puri. Also used in steamed or fried treats and snacks, in curries as a thickener and in milk desserts. Fish, cutlets and patties are rolled in it before deep fr
Earl Grey A distinctive blend of Chinese and Indian teas, scented with bergamot, an essential oil derived from a variety of orange.  Somewhat dubiously attributed to a diplomatic gift to the Prime Minister Earl Grey, from a Chinese official, Earl Grey tea has a lig
Easy Cook Basmati Rice This long grain rice is parboiled to shorten preparation time but retains its tender crunchiness. Basmati rice has a subtle, nutty flavor, and an exotic aroma. Grown at the foot of the Himalayas, and watered by snow-fed rivers, basmati is an excellent acc
Egg Barley Noodles Made from flour and eggs, these interesting egg barley noodles from Hungary are named for their appearance: rough, artisanal, barley-like bits. To prepare, sauti in butter, add salted water to cover, and simmer until the liquid is absorbed. Use in place o
Egg Noodle Nests These semolina egg noodles are fine, like angel hair, and nested for easy handling. They are imported from Eastern Europe, and make a simple side dish tossed with some butter and parsley or dill.  A good pantry staple.
Eggplant Meze "Meze" is the Greek term for appetizer. This chunky, savory dip with a slightly tangy taste is made with fire-roasted eggplant also includes whole pieces of carrot and tomatoes. Serve as a dip with warmed pita or as a sauce for grilled fish.
Electric Hot Pot Shabu-Shabu, 13" Traditional Electric Hot Pot with clear glass cover for monitoring and center heating unit.  Adjustable heat control switch with  on/off indicator for tempeture control.13 inches(around 33cm)in diameter. Perfect for a family gathering.
Electric Water Heater/Warmer PFS-B300 3.0 L This time saver heats 3 liters of water and keeps it hot.  A beautiful state of the art kettle/cozy, it will be ready when you are and ready for your family when you're not.  A graceful countertop decoration to please even the most picky grandmother.
Electrical Herbal Brewing Pot - Vol. 2,750cc Traditional goodness and modern technology are now combined to make brewing Chinese/Asian herbal broth easy and convenient.  All you have to do now is to put in your herbs, water and plug into your electrical outlet and forget it. Yes, just plug it and fo
English Mustard Blend This classic, double superfine English mustard powder is used for sauces and dressings. Make prepared mustard by combining with equal amounts of water. Or, for a more unusual twist, mix with wine or beer. For deviled eggs, mix with cooked yolks, lemon jui
Enriched White Corn Meal This finely ground, pre-cooked white corn meal can be used to make griddlecakes, patties, fritters, tortillas, empanadas, puddings, pastries, etc.  It is especially made to prepare traditional Colombian arepas.  Recipe is included on package.
Escargots Feeling French? If you're in the mood for escargots, these extra-large snails come precooked, ready to heat in seasoned butter for a treat that's tres francais. To prepare: wash the snails well, wrap them in a clean towel and wring out the moisture, place
Espresso Coffee Vacuum-packed, dark roasted ground coffee is made from a special blend of the world's choicest beans. Bold, rich, and fragant coffee for espresso and cappuccino.
Extra Calidad Arroz This premium, short-grain, Spanish rice produces starchy grains that are appropriate for paellas and  risottos. Add sauteed mushroom slices, onions, a dash of white wine, and parmesan cheese for a creamy mus
Extra Fine Yellow Corn Flour Made from cornmeal that is thoroughly sieved, corn flour is useful for baking and as a thickening ingredient for stews and sauces. Combine with other seasonings and use as a breading for chicken or with other flour to make bread and muffins.
Extra Hot Reshampatti Red Chili Powder Ground red chiles are used throughout Indian cooking; this vibrant red reshampatti powder has a powerful, spicy flavor with a broad, pepper sweetness. Add chile powder to masalas, pickles, and chutneys with traditional Indian seasonings.
Extra Long Grain Rice A staple for almost all Latin America diet. Long grain enriched parboiled rice. Great as a side dish or main course meal for a light lunch. Its long grains retain their shape to add texture to your meals. Can be added to soups, salads or to make the renow
Extra Virgin Olive Oil This medium-bodied extra-virgin olive is made from the first cold pressing of handpicked Greek koronia olives.  This oil has a deep green color, a mild aroma, and a strong fruit flavor, with a mild peppery finish. Use for vinaigrettes, or drizzle over roa
Extra Virgin Olive Oil A delicate, fruity Spanish extra virgin olive oil, with a deep golden-green hue. Made in Seville, this olive oil is an ideal addition to traditional tapas or vinaigrettes. Drizzle evo over fresh tomatoes, garnished with Manchego cheese and fresh rosemary,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil This cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil is pungent and aromatic. An excellent base for salads, marinades, dips and pasta toppings. Enjoy on its own as flavorful dip for bread or blend with roasted garlic.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil These fine Italian extra-virgin olive oil is produced under strict regulation, to yield an oil deeply green in color, peppery, and exceptionally fruity. Use to dress salads, pastas, and vegetables of all types. Try with a salad of shaved fennel, clementin
Extra Virgin Olive Oil This 100% natural olive oil from Spain is golden, mildly aromatic, and delicately flavored. Use this all-purpose, pure oil in stir-fries to salad dressings.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rich and fruity, this Spanish extra virgin olive oil has a deep green color and a powerful, sweet aroma.  Extra virgin oils have a low smoke point and burn easily; they're best when used for dressings or finishing dishes. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil ov
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rich olive color and aroma, this oil is from the first cold pressing of Italian olives. Its mellow fruity flavor makes it excellent for salad dressings, marinades, or to drizzle on grilled vegetables.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil This oil is from the first cold press of Italian olives and comes with pour spout. It has a light, mellow fruit flavor with a bit of pepper in the aftertaste. Excellent for salad dressings, marinades, or to drizzle on grilled vegetables. The simple triang
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra-virgin is the highest grade of olive oil, resulting from the first cold pressing of the olives. This deep green-gold oil possesses an intense flavor and fragrance, perfect for dipping bread or tossing with pasta, garlic, and parmesan for a simple me
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Essence of Pepper
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil This extra-virgin olive oil from Ugento, Italy, in the Puglia region, is packaged in a handsome handpainted pottery carafe, protecting the oil inside from heat and light. Cold-pressed from the finest olives, this oil is aromatic and fruity, best suited fo
Fancy Giadiniera Literally, "garden," giardiniera is a vibrant pickled salad, made of crispy carrots, peppers, celery, and olives. An Italian favorite, giardiniera is an ideal addition to an antipasto assortment, and a natural accompaniment to rich meats. Giardiniera capt
Fancy Petite Smoked Oysters These petite oysters are smoked with cherry wood and packed in cottonseed oil, resulting in a smoky taste and firm texture. Try them at your next party for an appetizer with crackers and a squeeze of lemon juice.
Fancy Smoked Oysters - Large Large, rich, and tender, these cherrywood oysters have a dark, smoky flavor with a briny tang. Serve smoked oysters on their own as a snack, or use to top toast points, garnished with a rich rouille. Try oysters sauteed with bacon and onions for a hearty,
Farfalle Farfalle, Italian for "butterfly", is a bow-tie shaped pasta, with a fine texture; made from 100% durum semolina. This Farfalle pasta will stand up to the heaviest sauces, and is delicious in pasta salads. For a simple summer salad, toss farfalle with roa
Fedelini Pasta Long narrow pasta, similar to spaghetti, but thinner, these "little faithful ones" are often served in broth. Made in Italy from hard semolina flour in the traditional fashion, this pasta keeps its shape and consistency when cooked thanks to a patented dr
Fennel Crostini Crackers These Italian "little toasts" or croutons, are made with extra-virgin olive oil and dotted with fennel seeds for a crispy texture and a sweet, delicate anise flavor. Crostini makes a perfect base for canap&#233;s, or for dipping savory spreads.
Fenugreek Leaves Most often the seed of this pea-family plant is used for culinary purposes; however, the leaves are eaten as a vegetable in India. They have a vastly more mild flavor than the seeds, tasting a bit like a blend of fennel and celery. Try the leaves in cold
Fenugreek Powder Fenugreek is one of the most powerful Indian spices. The taste is bitter and lingering. Used for flavoring all sorts of Indian savories and some sweets like ladoos. It is an essential ingredient of curry powder and is widely used in South Indian cooking,
Fenugreek Whole Meaning "Greek hay," fenugreek grows throughout the Mediterranean, where it has been used in foods and medicines for centuries. These crunchy, tan seeds should always be lightly roasted in a skillet before use to bring out their pleasantly bitter, slightl
Feta & Sun-Dried Tomato Spread This thick and chunky spread combines two classic Greek tastes, sweet sun-dried tomatoes balanced with the rich and tangy flavor of feta cheese. Blended with extra-virgin olive oil, tomatoes, vinegar, honey, and spices, this spread can be heated or served
Fettuccine Rustichella d'Abruzzo ("little rustic thing from Abruzzo") is a throwback to a simpler time. Made by artisans, not by machines, in Italy's Abruzzo region, just east of Rome, the fettuccine is shaped in bronze dies and dried slowly in warm rooms. The proce
Fettucine This imported fettucine, made by the same Italian family since 1860, is a classic long, flat, and broad pasta. Made from 100% durum wheat semolina, its texture is smooth and delicate; the flavor is slightly nutty. Serve with cream or cheese sauces. Try wi
Fettucine Nests This long, Italian ribbon pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, wound into small nests for easy dosing. Mix fettuccine with a thick, cheesy  Alfredo sauce, or try it with a  white-wine sauce made with olive oil, onion, chopped tomato and shrimp.
Fine Crystal Sea Salt This fine French sea salt is made from the evaporation of pure Mediterranean sea water. Treasured by the French for centuries, sea salt is also highly regarded by fine food connoisseurs everywhere for its more natural "salty" flavor. Use instead of table
Fine Egg Noodles These fine, narrow egg-noodle threads from Hungary cook in less than six minutes. Cook al dente. Noodles this fine will be overwhelmed by chunky pasta sauces, but pair well with thin, smooth sauces, particularly cream based. They also make an excellent ad
Fine Sea Salt Sea salt (the oldest form of salt, made by evaporating sea water) is making a come back for its pure, natural flavor. This sparkling white Spanish salt has a clean, fresh taste, with fine crystals only slightly larger than table salt, good for a final spr
Fish Sauce Used throughout Southeast Asia, fish sauce is made by fermenting salted fish for several months. Intense, pungent, and salty, fish sauce is used in very small quantities to season sauces, dressings, and soups.  This Vietnamese-style sauce is made with anc
Fish Sauce Don&#039;t you just love the label?  A savory Thai fish sauce, pungent and salty, for that distinctive Thai flavor. Don&#039;t try it plain&#151; just add a tablespoon or two to soups and curries as they cook.
Fish Sauce Used throughout Southeast Asia, fish sauce is made by fermenting salted fish for several months.  Intense, pungent, and salty, fish sauce is used much like soy sauce, in very small quantities, to season sauces, dressings, and soups. This Thai version has
Fish Sauce (Nem) Nem is a Vietnamese anchovy sauce, fermented in a similar manner to other Southeast Asian fish sauces. It is creamy, salty, and has a potent anchovy flavor with a zesty, sour tang. Use to flavor Southeast
Five Peppercorn Mix This blend of five whole peppercorns is rich in color and flavor. The French expand on the more common four peppercorn mix, adding Jamaican peppercorns (allspice). This pepper blend also includes black (grey), white, green, and pink peppercorns. A complex
Five Spice Powder Pre-blended pouch of five spices to create a flavor packed stew,  use as a marinade or meat seasoning.
Five Spice Powder Used extensively in Chinese cooking, five-spice powder is a harmonious blend of flavors.  Cinnamon, fennel seed, cloves, anise, ginger, and licorice root combine for a broad, aromatic, spicy-sweet taste. It adds distinctive Chinese flavor to meats and pou
Flageolet Beans These small, French kidney beans have a delicate flavor and a color that ranges from white to pale green. Serve with their classic accompaniment, roast lamb. Combine with tomatoes for a side dish, or add to any stew.
Flageolets The preferred bean in France, the tiny green flageolet has a mild, sweet flavor and a firm flesh, which holds up well through cooking. The flageolet is the traditional accompaniment to braised or roasted lamb; serve flageolets saut&#233ed with garlic, sha
Floral Pattern Dish Delicate blue blossums and branches on luxurious white glaze, this procelain dish is in 9" diameter and will compliment your every meal with friends and family.
Floral Pattern Noodle Bowl Delicate blue blossums and branches on luxurious white glaze, this 6"-diameter procelian noodle bowl will compliment your every meal with friends and family.
Floral Pattern Rice Bowl Delicate blue blossums and branches on luxurious white glaze, this 5"-diameter procelain rice bowl will compliment your every meal with friends and family.
Focaccia Classica A classic Mediterranean bread, flavored with rosemary and sea salt.  Focaccia has a dense, slightly chewy body, and a flavorful crust;  it's traditionally served with soups or salads, or toasted, with shaved, cured meats. Try focaccia with sun-dried tomat
Fois Gras D'Oie And Truffle Mousse Goose liver and truffle mousse combine in a light and elegantly rich puree that tantalizes the most discriminating palate. This mousse contains the finest ingredients, including foie gras (fattened-goose liver), truffles, eggs, port, goose fat, and spices
Foule Mudammas Fava beans are a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine.  Hearty and flavorful, this meaty bean is ideal tossed in salads, or mashed.  Serve with greens on pita bread.
Four Fruits Preserves This deluxe, all-natural French preserves is made with four different types of fruit: strawberries, black raspberries, black cherries, and red raspberries. This is a very chunky jam, containing whole berries and cherries. Use as a crepe filling or stir in
French Cocktail Toasts Crisp and light, these French cocktail toasts are ideal as a base for canapes and hors d'oeuvres. For a simple, elegant canape, top with smoked salmon or trout, and decorate with piped cream cheese, f
French Dinner Kit for Four With this kit, we invite you to explore France. From its fine cuisine to rustic country stews, it is truly an epicure’s dream. This kit features 6 French classics:<blockquote> <li><b>Aux Anysetiers du Roy Herbs for Fish Jute Bag</b>, a herb blend featurin
French Limonade This beverage is made from sweetened spring water from the Vosges Mountains of France. Lightly carbonated and flavored with natural lemon extract, this French lemonade has tangy, refined effervescence.
French Onion Soup Like the original version found in France, this flavorful, golden broth contains only the freshest slivered onions and aromatic seasonings.  Top this low fat soup with a crouton and melted Gruyere cheese, for a light lunch or appetizer.
French Onion Soup An easy to prepare French onion soup mix.  Buttery-sweet flavors of caramelized onions blend with savory beef stock to make this robust, world-renowned soup. Pour soup into individual oven-proof crocks, and top with a large crouton covered with gruyere ch
French Thyme Thyme is indispensable to all Mediterranean cuisines and is a staple flavor of French cooking. The sharp, bittersweet taste and strong, warm aroma marry with any savory dish. Use thyme in stuffings, soups, fish or chicken dishes. Thyme blends well with wi
Fresh Curry Leaves This product ships separately by two day air. Fresh curry leaves are a signature seasoning in South Indian cooking. Related to the neem plant, the small trees thrive in tropical climates, and produce dark green leaves that look like small bay leaves with
Fresh Guava (18 count) This product ships separately by two day air. Guava or 'Peru' as it is popularly known in India has a thin edible green skin and white pulp with tiny seeds. The fruit is mildly sweet with a sharp tarty after taste. It is generally eaten by itself but can
Fresh Okra This product ships separately by two day air.Okra or Lady'sfinger as it popularly known in India is an elongated finger-shaped pod with a soft green exterior. Okra is a very versatile vegetable; it is  cooked in a variety of ways- By itself, with onions,
Fresh Papaya (8 count) This product ships separately by two day air. Papaya is a sweet fruit, native to India and America. It has a greenish yellow skin the pulp is orangish red in color. The fruit has easy to remove soft black seeds. Papaya is generally eaten sliced or cubed,
Fresh Pomegranate (12 count) This product ships separately by two day air. The pomegranate or 'Anar' is thought to be native from Persia. It is a member of the berry family and has a thick, leathery, crimson-to-brown shell containing a pinkish pulp and edible scarlet seeds that are t
Frooti Mango Drink Made from mango pulp, Frooti is a popular, ready-to-serve Indian drink, relished by most. Chill and enjoy this delicious and refreshing mango juice drink. It is packed in a convenient cardboard box and comes with an attached straw. <b>For limited time: Bu
Furikake Noritamago Rice Seasoning Furikake is Japanese rice seasoning ("furi" means shake and "kake" means sprinkle), which comes in many varieties. This blend includes egg yolk, sesame seeds, bonito flakes (dried tuna), and nori (seaweed). Sprinkle over plain rice, omelets, miso soup, or
Fusilli Corti Bucati This imported  fusilli, made by the same Italian family since 1860, is a short, tightly wound corkscrew pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina.  It has   a mildly nutty flavor. Try fusilli pasta with tomato sauces and pestos; toss with red and green pe
Fusilli Lunghi Imported from Italy, this fusilli, made by the Rummo family since 1860, is a loosely wound, long corkscrew pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina. Pairs well with light sauces and pestos. Try it tossed with olive oil, herbs, and crumbled Gorgonzola che
Fusilli Pasta This fusilli pasta is made in Italy from hard-durum semolina wheat. Shaped like a corkscrew, its spirals are perfect for catching and holding tomato sauce.
Fusilli Tricolore From Apulia, Italy's "heel," this fusilli is distinctive because of its pastel hues&#151;a result of tomato and spinach added to its durum semolina flour base. It's shaped in simple twists, not quite as tightly wound as most fusilli pastas, which helps sa
Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker 10 Cup 10 cup.  Quick Cook feature reduces cooking time by 15 minutes.  Non-stick coated pan for fast and easy clean-up.  Digital preset timer allows for delayed cooking.  Deluxe steaming plate steams small or large foods.  Keep warm heaters on bottom, side and
Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker 3 Cup 3 cup.  Quick Cook feature reduces rice cooking time by 15 minutes.  Exclusive dimpled-bottom pan and cupped heater increase the circulation of rice and water resulting in more evenly cooked rice.  "Fresh" keep warm system keeps rice more moist than conve
Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker 5 Cup 5 cup.  Quick Cook feature reduces cooking time by 15 minutes.  Non-stick coated pan for fast and easy clean-up.  Digital preset timer allows for delayed cooking.  Deluxe steaming plate steams vegetables and other foods at the same time or separately.  Ke
Gaeta Ripe Olives These medium-sized, stone-in, fully ripened black olives have a rich and fruity taste and a tender meat. The bottle comes with a handy built-in strainer. Add olives to an antipasto platter; make a salad with tomatoes, olives, and fresh mozzarella, drizzle
Galangal Tips A member of the ginger family, galangal, or Siamese ginger, is an essential ingredient for Thai cooking. Galangal looks like ginger but has a distinctive flavor, with a peppery finish. Galangal is used as a seasoning in soups and curries, and lends Southe
Garam Masala The garam masala powder contributes to both flavor and aroma. It affects the taste of the curry or any dish if fried in the initial stage of the preparation but contributes to the aroma in a stronger way if sprinkled in powder form towards the end of the
Garam Masala The garam masala powder contributes to both flavor and aroma. It affects the taste if fried in the initial mixture, but contributes to the aroma in a stronger way if sprinkled in powder form towards the end of the cooking process. Garam means 'heat' so ga
Garam Masala This blend of "warm" spices from northern India is used in many dishes and is considered one of the characteristic spice blends of India. Includes cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, and cardamom. Use to flavor curries; also livens rice, bea
Garden Vegetable Soup A chunky array of vegetables in a tasty chicken-flavored broth, this colorful soup is both nutritious and delicious, with reduced fat and sodium. Easy to prepare, just heat into a saucepan or microwave. Serve as a starter, or as a light meal on its own wi
Garlic Basil Rice This rice mix makes it easy to get a taste of Thailand. Each box contains a packet of long-grained rice, a seasoning packet, and a packet of whole, dried basil leaves. Simply add sauteed vegetables and
Garlic Breadsticks This delicious, savory breadstick is laced with garlic and olive oil, and its flaky crust has just the right amount of crispness. Made of all-natural ingredients with no hydrogenated oils. Use for dipping with red sauce, melted cheese, hummus, or any favo
Garlic Flavored White Wine Vinegar A high-quality French white-wine vinegar infused with bold garlic flavor. This is a great shortcut to a garlicky dressing or marinade. The flavor is fresh and full enough to sprinkle straight onto steamed vegetables. Try it as sauce ingredient with any po
Garlic Parsley Fettuccine The classic long, flat Bolognese noodle, made of durum wheat, and flavored with garlic and parsley. Serve dressed with a simple combination of butter and fresh grated parmesan cheese. Or combine with sautied chicken, chopped tomatoes, basil, and feta chee
Garlic Paste Gone are the days of peeling garlic. This paste provides garlic in a convenient, ready-to-use paste form.
Garlic Plantain Chips Unlike the banana, this fruit must be cooked before eating. This banana has a starchy, slightly sweet flavor; denser than the potato chip. With a garlic flavor taste. Great as a snack, appetizer, or use to garnish your favorite food.
Garlic Stuffed Olives Rich, green Spanish olives with a firm, dense flesh and a fruity flavor; stuffed with powerful garlic cloves, these olives are a nice addition to cocktails or relish trays. Not for the faint of heart - but garlic lovers will adore them.
Gathiya An Indian snack made from baked chickpea flour (besan). Lightly salted and studded with cumin and caraway, these crunchy twists are mildly spicy and have a rich, herbal taste. Serve with cocktails, mix with other munchies, or serve with assorted dips.
Genmai-Cha Tea Bags This roasted-rice tea is a combination of roasted brown rice and bancha tea, a very light green tea made from large late-harvest tea leaves including the stems and red stalks. The rice adds a toasty, nutty flavor and light-brown color to this everyday Jap
Genoa Pesto Made with the tender tops of locally grown basil plants near San Remo on the Riviera, this pesto also features real parmigiano reggiano and pecorino romano cheese, pine nuts, fresh garlic, and extra virgin olive oil made from olives grown by the pesto mak
Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar - Light & Mild Japanese rice vinegar, for seasoning.
German Mustard A mild, sweet-sour mustard, with a smooth, dark body. This traditional spread is well-suited to pair with rich, German sausages, and cold, roasted meats.
German Sauerkraut With Wine An excellent source of vitamin C and some B-vitamins, sauerkraut is a German specialty made by fermenting shredded cabbage, salt, and sometimes spices. This German sauerkraut is flavored with white wine. As a topping, sauerkraut is great on bratwurst or a
German Streusel Mix Streusel is the German word for sprinkle - this mix makes it easy to make traditional streusel desserts, topped with a buttery, crunchy toppings. Use streusel over fruit or pie fillings, or as a topping for coffee cakes or muffins. Combine with fresh frui
Gerolsteiner Mineral Water Naturally sparkling mineral water from Germany's Gerolstein, a hamlet known as the "City of Springs." Here a rich reservoir of high quality mineral water springs from deep volcanic rock. Fresh and clean tasting, this water is low in sodium, and high in ot
Giardiniera A zesty relish of cauliflower, peppers, celery, carrots, and cucumbers, in a flavorful brine. This traditional relish is a natural complement to sandwiches and salads, and adds color and flavor to any antipasto platter.
Ginger Paste A convienent and easy way to add ginger to cooking.
Ginger Preserves Made according to a homemade recipe, this traditional British preserve contains sugar, ginger, lemon juice, and pectin. Its lightly sweet, pale-amber jelly is packed with chunks of sweet/spicy candied ginger, with a mild kick of ginger heat.
Ginger Preserves Interesting spicy sweet taste
Ginger Tea Caffeine-free ginger tea.
Ginger Teriyaki Sauce Ginger has long been a mainstay in Asian and Indian cooking. This teriyaki mixture of soy sauce, sugar, seasonings, and ginger gives a sweet/salty flavor with a gingery aroma. Use as a marinade for meat, fish, or poultry, or use as a baste while grilling.
Ginger Thins
Ginseng Oolong Tea Ginseng oolong tea, mind-refreshing tea that is good for health.
Gnocchi An Italian specialty from Piedmont, gnocchi are petite, hand-kneaded potato dumplings. Making them can be a lengthy endeavor, involving pressing boiled potatoes through a ricer. These handmade gnocchi provide a delicious shortcut. They're vacuum-packed to
Golden Apricot Preserves This luxurious handmade British preserves has a clean bright apricot flavor and an even jelly-like consistency interspersed with pureed fruit. Enjoy on scones, or use as a great glaze for fruit tarts.
Golden Peach 100% Fruit Made in France from an old recipe, golden peaches are sweetened with concentrated grape juice, yielding a thick, naturally sweet fruit spread with small pieces of peaches. Spread peach preserves on bread or toast, serve with biscuits or tea cakes, or try
Golden Semolina And Extra Fancy Durum Pasta Flour This custom blend of small batches of enriched golden semolina and extra-fancy durum flour produces a flour blend particularly suited to making your own pasta. Just mix with eggs, knead, and roll the dough through a pasta machine for fresh, homemade Itali
Gooseberry Preserves A large, tart berry common to Europe, the gooseberry is used extensively in desserts, preserves, and jams. This Polish gooseberry preserve has powerful sweet-tart flavor, with a piquant berry finish. Serve gooseberry preserves at the breakfast table, with
Gooseberry Preserves Although rare in America, large, tart gooseberries flourish in northern Europe, where they're famous for making good jams and jellies. This one from England is thick with roughly chopped large pieces of candied fruit. Use to top pancakes or waffles.
Goya Butter Crackers These shell shaped crackers are crispy and have a light buttery flavor.  Use to prepare appetizers or serve with soup as well as chicken or tuna salad.
Goya Coffee Bold, dark-roasted rich and fragant coffee with Colombian Flavor. Good for your morning cup of coffee, espresso and cappucino as well.
Goya Coffee Special blend of dark roasted coffee.  Bold, rich, and fragrant, it is versatile enough to prepare regular coffee, espresso, and capuccino.
Grains of Paradise Though a member of the popular ginger family, grains of paradise, so named for its high value during the Middle Ages, is not well known outside of African cookery. Its flavor has been compared to pepper, with notes of jasmine, hazelnut, and citrus. It is
Gram Flour (Besan) Besan is a yellow color flour made by grinding chickpeas. Rich in protein, besan is used widely in the vegetarian Gujarati cuisine. Besan is used as a thickener, like in kut. It is added while cooking dry vegetable dishes to enhance flavor and to provide
Grape Leaves These whole grape leaves are picked fresh in the Olympia region of Greece and preserved in salt water. Each jar contains 20 to 30 naturally flavorful leaves, ready to rinse and use. Stuff with rice and pine nuts for Greek dolma, or wrap around other stuff
Grape Leaves Grape leaves are used throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East to wrap foods for cooking. Simmered until just tender and preserved in a tangy brine, these whole grape leaves may be stuffed with savory rice and grains, highly seasoned meats, or any var
Grapefruit Soda This highly carbonated, naturally flavored grapefruit soda is tart, with a well-balanced sweetness. Imported from Jamaica, its tangy, citric flavor is particularly appealing on hot days.  Serve well chilled, combine with punches, or add to sherbets for ta
Grapeseed Oil Extracted from grape seeds, this oil is an uncolored, neutrally flavored, polyunsaturated oil, appropriate for all cuisines. It withstands high levels of heat, making it great for frying, sauteing, and
Grapeseed Oil Extracted from grape seeds, this healthful oil is neutrally flavored and polyunsaturated. It withstands high levels of heat, making it great for frying, sauteing, and stir-frying, while its light, ada
Grass Jelly Drink A summer time beverage made with grass jelly and honey syrup.
Great Northern Beans Very versatile, these large white beans are a tasty addition to soups, salads, and stews. Toss these ready-to-eat legumes with roasted onions, tomatoes, chiles, and cumin. Serve as a side dish.
Greek Dinner Kit for Four With this kit, we invite you to journey to Greece, the land of olives, ouzo and opa!  Make everyday a day in the Mediterranean sun with these easy-to-use Greek specialties: <blockquote><li><b>Grape Leaves</b>, to stuff with rice and pine nuts for authenti
Greek Seasoning Classic blend of herbs and spices that lends a distinctively Mediterranean flavor to any culinary creation.
GREEN BEAN CAKE Sweet green bean cube cakes.
Green Cardamom Pale green oval pods of cardamom, also known as elaichi in Hindi. Green cardamoms are very fragrant and have quite a lot of flavor. When using cardamom whole in simmered dishes, the pods are slightly bruised and dropped in. It is used liberally to add aro
Green Curry Paste Thai curries are now quick and easy to prepare using this fiery hot, dense paste. A mixture of green chilies, lemongrass, coriander and other spices, it makes an aromatic sauce when blended with Thai coconut milk. Not for the timid palate!
Green Curry Soup
Green Fig Preserves A far cry from a Fig Newton, this intriguing British preserves is made from sweet green Adriatic figs. Its flavor is intensely sweet, with generous amounts of fruit pieces throughout.
Green Jalapeno Sauce A rich, spicy sauce made from ripe tomatoes, jalape&#241os, onions, garlic, salt, and spices. Add to marinades or serve with tacos, enchiladas, meats, and seafood.
Green Lentils High in vitamins A and B, as well as calcium and iron, lentils are a nutritious, flavorful legume popular throughout the Mediterranean and India. They are often featured in soups, salads, and Indian dals (spicy purees). These green lentils have a dark, ea
Green Mung Beans Dried, whole green mung beans are versatile, pretty, and even good for you. They are easy to digest, 20 percent protein, and rich in lysine and minerals. Mung beans are used in much Indian cooking and are also known as green gram. They need no pre-soaking
Green Olive Spread Great for green-olive lovers, this Italian spread features the pure, sharp, salty taste of green olives, ground to an even paste and mixed with extra-virgin olive oil and salt. No additives or preservatives. Mix into pasta, or use as garnish for fish or m
Green Pickled Serrano Peppers Fresh serrano peppers are often diced and mixed with chopped tomato, onion, and cilantro for salsa. Store these pickled serrano peppers in the refrigerator in an air-tight container and serve as a complementary condiment with grilled meat, rice, tacos, ho
Green Pigeon Peas Cooked grayish-yellow legumes that are the size of peas; earthy flavor.
Green Tea Loose leaf Tea
Green Tea Green tea, commonly consumed in many Asian countries, is produced from leaves that are steamed and dried, but not fermented.  This particular green tea has a slightly sweet aroma and flavor. A relatively mellow green tea , wonderful with Japanese sweets o
Green Tea Made from tea leaves that are steamed and dried, but not fermented, this green tea is herbaceous and flavorful, with a pale green hue, a mellow finish, and the healthful antioxidants contained in every green tea. Packaged in ready-to-use tea bags. Enjoy a
Green Tea - Bi Lou Chun Chinese green tea, steep in boiling water.
Green Tea (Jasmine) Aromatic green tea, highly flavored with jasmine flowers; packaged in an attractive tin.
Green Tea Bags This Japanese green tea is made from a blend of select green teas, for a subtle, herbaceous flavor and light fragrance. Serve chilled or hot, with a touch of honey if desired.
Green Thai Chili Peppers Tiny hot Thai chile peppers are a staple in Thai cooking, necessary for adding depth and heat (Thai dishes all depend on a balance of sweet, sour, hot, and salty flavors). Add these pickled green chile peppers to Thai soups and curries. You can also add t
Green Tomatillos Related to tomatoes and cape gooseberries, tomatillos ripen to small, green-yellow globes, with a papery husk. These canned whole tomatillos have a sharp, sour flavor, with a ripe apple fruitiness. Use in salsas, salads, and guacamole. For a piquant tomat
Green Tomatillos Tomatillos are from the tomato family, but are not merely green tomatoes. Tomatillos have a tart, fruity flavor, with a hint of apple and lemon. Add tomatillos to guacamole, sauces, or salads, or blend with chiles, onion, cilantro and garlic for a simple
Green Whole Peas(Vatana) These are whole dried green peas. After drying they develop a dull green color. They should be soaked overnight before use to make them tender and faster to cook. They are particularly useful when fresh green peas are not available. Dry green peas may be
Green Zatter Zattar (or zahtar) is a fragrant spice blend made of dried thyme, toasted sesame seeds, and ground sumac (a fruity, sour berry). It's often used in the Middle East to season meats and vegetables, or mixed with oil as a spread for bread. It combines powerf
Grissini (Breadsticks) These flaky, crunchy breadsticks have a delicious flavor and a powerful aroma. Made exclusively from all natural ingredients, the finest whole wheat flour, and olive oil, with no additives or hydrogenated oils. Serve with hors d'oeuvres and on buffets, or
Ground Chili With Fried Garlic Flavored with chiles, garlic, and spices, this very hot, strongly seasoned Thai chili-garlic paste with oil adds a savory, well-rounded spiciness to any dish. Add to stir-fries, soups, or noodles for instant spiciness; also good in marinades, pickles, and
Ground Fried Fish Finely-shredded fish serve with rice or congee.  Also ideal to serve with plain buns.
Ground Paprika Pepper Paprika is the ground powder from a pepper plant; it has a vibrant red color, and its flavor is wonderfully complex - sweet, dark, and slightly bitter. This Mexican paprika has a medium spice, and a bold character. Incorporated into soups or sauces, papri
Guajillo Peppers This fiery, full-flavored chile is also known as a travieso chile, meaning the mischievious one. Quite flavorful, these long, narrow chiles are a staple ingredient in the Mexican kitchen. Capture their spicy, rounded flavor in soups, sauces, omelets, or t
Guanabana Nectar The guanabana, known as soursop in the U.S., is a tropical fruit that resembles a green prickly mango; it has a delicate custard-apple flavor. Served chilled or over ice, this nectar has a powerfully sweet, mellow flavor and a full, rich body.
Guarana Soda This refreshing and slightly sweet soda contains authenic tropical guarana juice. Crisp, smooth, and best well-chilled, try this cooler mixed with coconut milk for a novel twist.
Guava Chunks In Syrups This sweet, fragrant tropical fruit has a pale yellow flesh and is cut into chunks and is packed in a light syrup. Poach and puree for a mild dessert sauce, or enjoy out of the can for a light dessert. For a twist, chop and combine with tomatoes, cilantro
Guava Nectar A smooth, refreshing beverage with uninhibited guava flavor. Guava is a tropical fruit found throughout Latin America; it has a rich, tangy flavor, and a natural sweetness with an enticing aroma. Guava drinks are powerful thirst-quenchers&#151serve them o
Gulab Jamun Mix Instant mix to make gulab jamuns, the favorite Indian sweet dish. This readymade mix makes it possible to make gulab jamuns at home in a quick and easy way. Simply make a dough of the mix and a beaten egg, form round balls, fry till golden brown and soak
Gustin Cornstarch A finely ground cornstarch, ideal for baking and cookies. When used to replace a portion of the flour in baked goods, it yields a lighter, fluffier product. Also, use for thickening soups or sauces, or for making custards and creams.
Halva Pistachio Tasty, imported Middle Eastern confection made from ground sesame seeds, pistachio, and honey
Ham Flavored Concentrate To give your favorite dishes a smoky taste just add some ham concentrate to enhance their flavor. Mix in with beans, rice, and vegetables. Also use it to add a meaty taste to sofrito.
Haricorts Rouges (Red Kidney Beans) A rich, meaty bean imported from France. Red kidney beans have a full, rounded flavor and a soft creamy texture. Add these hearty legumes to soups and stews or toss with flaked tuna, extra virgin olive oil, marinated red onions, and capers for a zesty, fi
Harrisa Sauce Fiery hot sauce made from chiles, garlic, cumin, coriander, caraway, and olive oil. Harissa sauce is the traditional accompaniment for couscous, but is also used to flavor stews and soups.
Hazelnut Oil This richly flavored oil is extracted from French hazelnuts, prized for their subtly nutty, rich character. The delicate flavor of hazelnut oil is lost when heated, so use hazelnut oil in rich vinaigrettes, or drizzled over sauteed or grilled vegetables.
Hearts Of Palm This prized delicacy is the edible inner portion of the stem of the cabbage palm tree: slender, ivory-colored, and delicately flavored. Each can contains six smooth, tender stalks with a slightly sweet, refreshing flavor reminiscent of baby corn. Combine
Herb Vinegar Fragrant and aromatic, this mixture of white vinegar and subtle herb extracts adds a fresh tang to a multitude of foods. Use for salad dressings, pickling, mustards, sauces, and marinades.
Herbal Clay Pot This traditional herbal clay pot brings out the best essence of your herbs. Do something good for yourself and your loved ones and give them the best herbal soup with this clay pot.
Herbes De Provence This popular assortment of dried French herbs includes herbs native to Provence, the Southern region of France along the Mediterranean. This salt-free collection includes thyme, marjoram, rosemary, basil, fennel, sage, and lavender. Use with poultry, seaf
Herbs for Fish Jute Bag Blended from thyme, dill, chives, chervil, and tarragon, this herb blend is an ideal seasoning for roasted or poached fish. Add <I>herbes pour poissons</I> to boullion for poaching, or sprinkle over fish dressed with white wine and butter for baking. Inte
Hero Red Raspberry Preserves These sweet red raspberry preserves are thick,  seedy, and easy to spread.  Slather on toast, in pastries, or on biscuits and muffins.
Hibiscus Spice Tea Mind-refreshing beverage, may be served hot or cold.
Hime Nama Udon These large, white, wheat flour noodles are neutral in flavor and take on the taste of broth they are prepared in. Simple to make, just add boiling water and soup base packet. Add chopped scallions and red pepper flakes, or hard boiled egg and bean curd.
Hit Biscuits Crisp, lightly sweetened sandwich cookies, filled with a rich, bitter chocolate filling. Made in Poland, these cookies have a mild sweetness, that shows off the creamy filling. Serve for snacks and desserts.
Hoisin Sauce Seafood sauce, also know as plum sauce. A special sauce with mild sweet taste for cooking and dipping.
Hoisin Sauce This Asian gourmet cooking sauce is sweet and slightly hot. Whisk this deep-amber Chinese barbecue sauce with rice vinegar, lime juice, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and chili oil for a grilled skirt-steak salad dressing. Add to stir-fries,
Hoisin Sauce This traditional Chinese sauce is made of soybeans, garlic, chiles, and vinegar. Its dark-reddish, glossy, and thick, with a rich, sweet-smoky flavor. Use as a table condiment and cooking sauce, to complement meats, shellfish, or poultry.
Hoisin Sauce A thick and tangy sweet sauce often used in barbecue marinade and as a glaze. Combine with ginger and brush over tuna steaks for a fragrant, sweet-tasting dish. Mix with sesame oil to create a dipping sauce for moo shu pork.
Homemade Salsa
Homestyle Salsa This homestyle salsa is a blend of tomatoes, onions, serrano peppers, cilantro, and seasonings. Enjoy this all purpose picante sauce as a dip, on tacos, enchiladas, meat, seafood, soup or pizza.
Hon Dashi A bonito based, very pungent, granular soup base, this product serves as a flavor enhancer to many  dishes.  Use it to add an ocean essence to Asian seafood recipes. For a quick soup, add vegetables, seafood, tofu, hot water, and simmer for a few minutes.
Honey And Dijon Mustard This excellent mustard from Dijon, France, is made with 10% honey, for a mild mustard with an appealing sweetness and nicely balanced taste. Whisk with olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic, and parsley for a Dijon vinaigrette.
Honey and Tea Kit This selection of teas and herbal blends features specialties from the world's leading practitioners of the art of tea-making, including Lapsang Souchong and Green Tea from China, Wild Mountain Sage Tea from Greece, plus Breakfast Blend, and Peppermint, c
Horseradish From the pungent, spicy root, this grated horseradish is carefully preserved in vinegar to preserve its coarse bite. Horseradish provides a tangy, flavorful complement to roasted meats, and makes a piquant addition to sauces and spreads.
Horseradish Dijon From the Dijon region of France, this mustard is characterized by its pale yellowish color, and clean, sharp flavor. This lightly pungent Dijon with whole mustard seeds is flavored with the zesty addition of horseradish. Great for boosting the flavor of b
Hot & Sour Noodles The flavor of a Thai noodle shop in five minutes. A piquant blend of fragrant lemongrass, hot chiles, earthy soy, and hearty noodles, this convenient noodle mix is reminiscent of the famous Thai soup, Tom Yum. Simply stir together hot water, rice noodles,
Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce Popular hot & sweet tomato sauce used as an accompaniment for many Indian snacks. Serve with samosas, pakoras or combine with mashed, boiled potatoes and chopped onions for a tasty toasted sandwich filling.
Hot Bean Sauce Hot bean paste. Used for cooking.
Hot Chile With Cumin Cooking Sauce Madras curries originate in  Kerala, India's main spice growing state. This hot chile with cumin cooking sauce has coriander, cumin and red chiles for a strong authentic flavor. Simmer with cubed beef, lamb or chicken, or fresh vegetables for spicy curry
Hot Chili Oil Flavored with hot chiles, sesame and soy oils, this translucent, red oil is powerfully spicy, with a nutty background flavor. Add chili oil to braised dishes, stir-fries, or noodles, with toasted sesame seeds and saut&#233;ed peppers to garnish. Chili oil
Hot Chili Peppers These long red peppers from southern Italy have a soft bite with fire in the finish, packed in herbs and olive oil. Use sparingly in sauces, soups, chili, or on sausage sandwiches.
Hot Chili Sauce - Sriracha Oil-based spicy sauce used as a condiment.
Hot Chili Sauce With Garlic This Chinese chili sauce has a potent, sweet-sour flavor, medium heat, thick texture, and deep red color. Made of vinegar, sugar, chiles, and garlic, this sauce adds a tangy spice to marinades, stir-fries, and dipping sauces. Brush on meats for grilling o
Hot Chipolte Salsa This hot salsa from Vera Cruz, Mexico is made with mellow garlic, smoky roasted tomatillos, and hot smoky chipotle chiles. This salsa is thinner than most, but alive with authentic Mexican flavor. Serve with charcoal grilled rib-eye steak, swirled into be
Hot Curry Paste This hot, concentrated spice paste coriander, cumin, turmeric, and chili powder to give your meals an authentic Indian taste. Use as a flavor base for sauces. For a delicious curry: Saute onions, garli
Hot Curry Powder Madras curry powder is an aromatic blend of ground spices typically used to flavor Indian dishes. This spicy Malaysian blend includes coriander, chiles, cumin, fennel, mustard seeds, and white pepper. Add this rich, complex blend to any dish calling for c
Hot Curry Powder Curry, from the Indian word 'kari' is a catch-all term for sauce.  Curry powder is a blend of up to twenty different seeds and spices, varying with the region it comes from.   This hot curry powder contains a little extra pepper and ginger, adding a punge
Hot Curry Sauce An exotic blend of turmeric, cumin, and other aromatic spices mixed with onions, sugar, and vinegar for a powerful, aromatic sauce. The fragrant, complex spice of curry sauce easily complements rich meats and hearty braised vegetables. Add curry sauce to
Hot Mango Chutney Indispensable in Indian cuisines for awakening the appetite, chutneys can range in flavor, textures, and  ingredients. This thick, invigorating condiment  contains mango slices, onions, garlic, chilies, and Indian spices. It has a hot, bright, sweet-sour
Hot Mango Chutney Chutney's sweet spiciness is the perfect condiment for hot Indian curries  This chunky mango version is fruity, somewhat peppery in flavor, dark orange in color, and hot to the palate. Serve with grilled meat, add to curries, spread on crackers or toast.
Hot Mustard Made from brown mustard seed, Chinese mustards have a fuller, sharper flavor than English and American style prepared mustards. This Chinese hot mustard is pungent and vinegary, with a lingering spice. Use Chinese mustard as a sinus-clearing dipping sauce
Hot Paprika Powder Unlike sweet Hungarian paprikas, the paprikas of Spain pack some firepower. This hot paprika powder is made from pimiento peppers that are slowly smoked to bring out their full-bodied spiciness. Sprinkle on deviled eggs or use to add spice to tomato sauce
Hot Pepper Sherry Sauce Prepare your taste buds for blazing heat! From Jamaica, home to many of the world's fieriest sauces, comes this sherry flavored with scotch bonnet peppers, the chile that ranks as one of the hottest in the world. Traditionally used by Jamaican cooks and b
Hot Pickled Red Chili Peppers Get ready for a blast of heat: Thailand's tiny fiery red chiles lose none of their intensity when pickled. Packed in vinegar and salt, these are popular throughout spicy Thai cooking.
Hot Red Pepper Sauce This pepper sauce, made from ground red hot peppers, has a smoky-sweet flavor and coarse texture with pepper pieces. Mix with yogurt for Labna, a Middle-Eastern yogurt spread. Use as a pita topping. Mix with olive oil for a dipping sauce.
Hot Sauce A quintessential blend of chiles and herbs. One of the most popular sauces in Mexico. Use with caution!
Hot Spread Sauce This rustic, spicy vegetable spread from the Calabria region of southern Italy is made from mushrooms, peppers, chili, eggplant, dried and green tomatoes, and olive oil. Use as a dip, spread on crusty bread, or stir into tomato sauce for added depth of fl
Hot Vegetable Chutney This is a bottle of exotic Punjabi relish of carrots and cauliflower. The chutney is mainly made of bite-sized carrot and cauliflower pieces, vinegar, garlic, onion, ginger and spices. It can be served as a condiment with any Indian meal or may be eaten a
Huile D'Olive Vierge Extra This extra-virgin olive oil for the Provence region of southern France is a sensual treat. With a deep, greenish-gold color, medium-bodied texture, and mild vegetal aroma, it has a pronounced herbal character with a pleasantly astringent peppery sharpness
Hungarian Hot Paprika Made from ground, sweet red pepper pods, this Hungarian paprika has a deep, orange-red color, and a pungent heat. Hungarian paprika is prized as the best type of paprika, and is a key ingredient in Hungarian cuisine. Use to flavor soups and stews or to ad
Hungarian Paprika This prized Hungarian paprika provides a rich, red-orange color and sweet, exquisite flavor. Made from choice peppers, Hungarian paprikas are an essential part of the local cuisine. Their quality is world-renown. Try this paprika in all of your recipes ca
Hungarian Stl Salad
Idli Rawa (Cream Of Rice) Coarse, grainy powdered rice for idlis, the South Indian delicacy. This idli rawa is usually mixed with ground urid dal and water to make the batter for idlis.
Imperial Citrus Stir Fry Sauce This flavorful, thick stir-fry sauce holds a symphony of fruit flavors: orange, lemon, pineapple, and grape.  Recommended for an unusual fruity stir-fry. Wonderful with hot or cold noodles. Or, toss with apples, pepper, carrot, and celery strips for an in
Imported Capote Capers An oversized caper with a piquant flavor. Well suited for garnishing or cooking. They can be added to salads, marinades, or sauces for an added Mediterranean touch. Works well in chicken or veal piccata.
Indian Dinner Kit for Four With this kit, we invite you to explore India, the land of tandoori, masalas and chutneys. This kit comes packed with 9 essentials of Indian cooking:<blockquote><li><b>Garam Masala</b>, a spice blend to add a warm flavor and aroma to curries, <li><b>Kashm
Indian Puppodums - Plain Puppodums (pappadam or papad) are wafer-thin accompaniments to an Indian meal, made with lentil flour and sometimes spices, although this particular variety is not spiced. Deep-fry or microwave these puppodums to make crispy and serve as part of a complet
Indian Puppodums - Spiced This traditional Indian flatbread is made with ground lentils and flavored with traditional spices. When cooked, puppodums are light and crispy. Traditionally served as part of a complete meal with lentils, meats, chutneys, and pickles. These days they ar
Inst. Sour Shrimp Paste
Instant Corn Masa Mix Masa, the Mexican corn flour used to make tortillas and tamales, is made through a laborious, time-consuming process; this instant mix removes much of the work - just add water and knead into a soft, smooth dough, ready to make authentic Mexican specialit
Instant Corn Masa Mix For Tamales Corn masa is an essential ingredient for tamales, the popular Mexican dish of corn dough filled with meat, chicken, or vegetables and steamed in corn husks. Easy-to-follow instructions for making your own tamales are printed on the bag.
Instant Miso Soup (Can) Japanese freeze dried authentic miso soup made with a blend of red and white miso. Great taste with convenience. Each can contains 16 servings.
Instant Shiro Miso Soup An instant soup, made with white miso, a fermented soy bean paste. Rich, healthy, and delicious, miso soup may be served as a starter for an authentic Japanese dinner, or as a meal in itself. Serve miso very hot, topped with green onions and cilantro; add
Instant Vermicelli Idli Mix Mix of vermicelli, dal, nuts, oil and masalas for instant preparation of vermicelli idlis. Just add finely cut coriander leaves, mix with fermented curds and cook in a pressure cooker or idli vessel for 10 to 15 minutes and serve hot. Detailed directions
Irish Oatmeal This steel-cut oatmeal is made from the whole grain of Irish oats, packaged in an old-fashioned 28-ounce tin. Serve as a hearty, nutritional breakfast treat at the "top o' the morning." Or use to make a batch of homemade oatmeal cookies or oatmeal bars.
Israeli Toasted Pasta Couscous This is not true couscous, but an Israeli variety of toasted pasta that looks something like large couscous (hence the name). These little spheres of hard durum wheat flour are a pantry staple in Israel, but in the U.S. they've recently become a trendy in
Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil This fine extra-virgin olive oil is made from the first cold pressing of Italian olives. With a deep, olive color and a mellow fruit flavor, this oil is excellent in salad dressings, and drizzled over sauteed or grilled vegetables.
Italian Mix Giardiniera This zesty, vibrant relish of cauliflower, peppers, celery, carrots, and pearl onions is packed in a zesty brine. Use this colorful mixture of vegetables in sandwiches and salads, or add to antipasto trays.
Italian Peeled Tomatoes With Basil Leaf A flavorful, imported plum tomato, with a naturally sweet flavor, accented with basil.  For a flavorful summertime soup in minutes, use canned tomatoes in a zesty gazpacho.  In a food processor or blender, combine tomatoes, red peppers, red onions, celery
Italian Tomato Paste This deep red, richly flavored, double-concentrated Italian tomato paste captures the essence of ripe tomatoes. Packaged in a convenient tube, it will keep indefinitely in the refrigerator. Add to sauces, soups, or anywhere you want an intense tomato flav
Italian Treat Gift Set Can't get reservations at that great little Italian place? Make it your place! It's all here in a charming wicker basket. Start with fusilli pasta (l lb.), its fun corkscrew-shape is perfect for holding this natural, no-sugar-added marinara sauce (16 oz.)
Jackfruit (Langka) - Sweet Sweet jackfruit in syrup.
Jacob's Cream Crackers A thick, crispy cracker made of wheat and malt flours.  These flaky English wafers have a mild, toasty flavor, adaptable to a variety of snacks. Cream crackers are broad and thick, sturdy enough to stand up to thick spreads and heavy cheeses,  or any hors
Jaipur Vegetables (Navratan Korma) Instant Navratan Korma, an Indian delicacy made of green peas, beans, paneer and cashews in very mild, creamy gravy. This instant curry comes in a sealed pack that requires no refrigeration. Simply heat for a few minutes and serve with rice or Indian flat
Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce A complex, aromatic curry sauce from the Kashmiri region of northern India, jalfrezi is flavored with red and green peppers, garlic, chiles, tomatoes, and fragrant Indian spices. It has a medium spice with strong coriander and cumin flavors. Serve with an
Jamaican Curry Powder This Jamaican curry powder is blended from turmeric, coriander, cumin, pepper, pimento, and garlic. This aromatic spice blend has an intense, yellow coloring, and an exotic spice. Use curry powder to season meat, poultry, seafood and rice, mixed with pota
Jamaican Ginger Beer Genuine ginger flavored soda, with a crisp, spicy taste. Very similar to ginger ale, but more pungent and a bit more crisp. Serve very cold, or over ice.
Japanese Curly Noodles A curly, Japanese dried noodle, in the ramen style.  Chuka soba noodles are long and wavy. Made of wheat flour, they have a delicate texture and a mild flavor. Quick and easy to prepare, they can be added to soups, or mixed with shrimp or chicken and sesa
Japanese Horseradish Powder Wasabi is a pungent, sinus-clearing condiment, also called Japanese horseradish, used in sushi and as an accompaniment to sashimi.  Mix the powder with water to form a paste (texture is entirely up to the cook).  When adding to foods always remember to ad
Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar Seasoned This seasoned vinegar (sushi-su) is the essential ingredient in sushi rice. When making sushi, add 1/4 cup of seasoned vinegar for every 2 cups (uncooked) short-grain rice. Cook the rice is completely, then stir in the vinegar with a bamboo paddle, while
Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar Unseasoned A clear vinegar (su) made from fermented rice, this vinegar adds a tangy taste to many Japanese salad dressings, marinades, and dipping sauces. Use the seasoned variety (sushi-su) for sushi.
Japanese Soy Sauce A mild Japanese soy sauce, with a light, thin body, this soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans and wheat, giving it a deep rich flavor with a powerful saltiness. Serve as a table condiment or blend with ginger, garlic, and wasabi for a potent yet tast
Japanese Style Noodles With Soup Base These Japanese wheat noodles, called udon, are easy to prepare and make a quick, low-fat lunch. Just add boiling water and stir in the flavorful chicken base. Add chicken, green onions, tofu, or pea pods for a heartier soup.
Jasmine Green Tea A Chinese favorite since the 13th century, jasmine tea is made by repeatedly piling freshly plucked jasmine flowers around drying tea leaves; the flowers impart their exotic flavors to the tea, for an intoxicating, aromatic brew. This fine green tea has a
Jasmine Rice Soup Noodles These thin rice noodles are all-natural and fat-free, for a great addition to a traditional Thai meal. Sun-dried from select, premium, quality Thai rice, these noodles are best in soups, such as a hot-and-sour Tom Yum soup.
Jasmine Tea Fragrant and scented tea.
Jasmine Tea Popular tea from China packed loose in a reusable tin.
Jasmine Tea Jasmine tea by Sunflower
Jasmine Tea Fine green tea leaves that are infused with the scent of Jasmine flowers. Refreshing complement to spicy foods.
Jeera (Cumin) Papad This is a pack of papad with jeera seeds, giving them a rich flavor. Made of urad flour, the papad is crisp when roasted or fried in oil. The papad may be served as a snack or relished with a meal of rice. Roasted papad always makes a good combination wit
Jerk Bar-B-Cue Sauce This fruity, zesty Caribbean barbecue sauce is flavored with mango, banana, tamarind, onions, hot peppers, and Jamaican spices. It has a sweet and savory flavor, a texture thick with spices, and a medium heat. Serve on grilled meats and fish.
Jerk Marinade This Jamaican jerk-style marinade is slightly smoky, hot, and thick with onions, peppers, and spices. Pork and chicken are the most common meats prepared in the jerk style in the Caribbean, but you can use this marinade for almost anything destined for th
Jerk Seasoning This Jamaican jerk paste is an excellent seasoning for chicken, lamb, pork, fish, and vegetables.  Great for grilling or slow roasting, this marinade is flavored with hot peppers, onion, allspice, nutmeg, thyme and black pepper.
Jumbo Udon
Juniper Berries These aromatic, large blue-black berries native to Europe have a slightly astringent aroma and taste, with a touch of orange and pine. Perhaps best known for their role in flavoring gin, juniper berries are also used to flavor sausages, sauerkraut, hot po
Kaju Katli This mithai comes in a Namaste collector's tin. Kaju Katli -the diamond shaped mithai needs no introduction.It is a  popular traditional mithai served in most of the Indian parties and almost all auspicious occasions. It is basically made of kaju or c
Kaki No Tane A popular snack in Japan, these hollow rice crackers shaped like little canoes have a delightful crunch and a glaze made with soy sauce, sugar, and chile peppers for a sweet/salty taste that leaves you with a hint of heat. Great to munch alone or mixed wi
Kalamata Olive Always 100% naturally cured these imported Greek kalamata olives are slit down the side to allow the vinegar brine and olive oil to penetrate deep into the skin. This eggplant-colored fruit has a mellow, sweet and rich flavor. Add to stews, salads, and ca
Kalamata Olive Spread This spread is a sampler of the tastes of the Mediterranean, a rich and fruity blend featuring  kalamata olives, olive oil, wild capers, and oregano. For an hors d'oeuvre, spread on small pieces of toast. and garnish with diced, roasted red peppers, and f
Kalamata Olives in Red Wine Vinegar This distinctive kalamata olive comes from vistas of olive groves in the Valley Olympia, Greece. Hand picked to avoid bruising the fruit, the olives are inspected twice to ensure their quality and size and are preserved the old fashioned in a mixture of r
Kan Nok Du
Kasha Kasha is toasted, whole, buckwheat groats;  served as a cereal, or in soups, kasha has nutty flavor, and a hearty texture.  Serve kasha for any meal of the day, simmered in water or stock until tender, topped with butter. Try a rich kasha appetizer, addin
Kashmiri Marinade This is a bottle of authentic and distinctive ginger-garlic marinade. It is made with red wine vinegar, ginger, garlic and spices mainly. Roughly crushed spices are visible in the paste making it appear more appetizing. The marinade may be mixed with yogu
Kipferl Hazelnut Biscuits These crisp, crescent-shaped cookies are subtly sweet and topped  with finely ground hazelnuts  Enjoy them anytime of day with coffee or tea, or add them to your dessert trays.
Kokuho Rose Premium quality authentic sushi rice. It is 100% California grown medium grain milled rice.
Kola Champagne This mandarin-style thirst quencher is a delicious drink for parties, or served with meals.
Konbu Giant Seaweed This giant Japanese seaweed has a wide range of uses, from stocks to teas. Often used as a flavor enhancer, this seaweed should not be washed or rinsed, but wiped with a damp towel before use. To make dashi (the stock that forms a base for most Japanese s
Korean Barbecue Sauce This sweet, dark-brown, Korean soy-based barbecue sauce includes onions, radishes, garlic, and sesame seeds, for interesting layers of flavor and texture. Use to marinate and glaze meats before grilling, pan-frying, and braising, or use as a table condime
Korean Bulgoggi Barbecue Sauce For the quintessential Korean barbecue, this sweet, rich brown, soy-based barbecue sauce includes onions, for an interesting layer of sweet and spicy flavor and texture. Use to marinate and glaze meats before grilling, pan-frying, or braising. Or use as a
Korean Ginseng Drink A sweet beverage, made of Korean ginseng, flavored with honey.  Prized as one of the finest ginsengs in the world, Korean ginseng is lauded for its restorative, invigorating properties.  Each small bottle of this ginseng drink holds an entire ginseng root
Korma Coconut Cooking Sauce Korma is a rich, creamy, North Indian cooking sauce seasoned with garlic, ginger, coriander, and coconut. A popular sauce from the Andhra region, its flavor is mild, aromatic, and naturally sweet. Serve over basmati rice, with Indian pickles and chutneys.
Ku Cha Enjoy this popular and invigorating Chinese herbal tea.
Kuro Goma Black Sesame Seed Black sesame seeds have an earthy taste, and are usually not toasted like white sesame seeds, or they will become bitter. Use them to make your own gomashio, a Japanese rice condiment made of sea salt and sesame seeds. Use as a garnish for rice, soups, an
Kwong Hung Seng Sauce (Sweet Soy Sauce) Don't think regular soy sauce! This intriguing sweet soy sauce tastes nothing like regular soy sauce, but is thick and sweet, with a flavor close to molasses. It's used in Thailand as a dipping sauce for steamed chicken, and can also be used in marinades
Lapsang Souchong A specialty of the Fujian Province in southeastern China, Lapsang Souchong is made of fresh tea leaves that are smoked over pine boughs before fermentation. This special processing yields a black tea with a distinct smoky character, a mellow sweetness, an
Large Fava Beans A tan, large, meaty bean that's a favorite in Mediterranean cuisine. These pre-cooked fava beans are ready to make into a quick salad with the addition of some herbs and olive oil. Add to soups or pasta dishes. Try an Italian-style spread for toasted brea
Leeks - Pickled Made with garlic, sugar, salt, vinegar and chili peppers, often used to accompany breakfast porridge.
Lemon Chutney A powerful Indian pickle, made with zesty lemons, chiles, and cilantro. Vegetable pickles have a place at nearly every Indian meal; two or three varieties of pickle are typically paired with an assortment of raitas and chutneys to accompany the main cours
Lemon Curd Made in Scotland, this is very sweet, mild curd with a creamy, smooth texture and a subtle lemon tang. Fill tart shells to make lemon tarts, or spread on warm scones or toast.
Lemon Grass Dried Lemon grass is one of the most important flavors in Thai cooking, adding a characteristic sour-citrus flavor to many dishes. Use these small pieces of dried lemon grass to Thai hot-and-sour soups, curries, or stews. Reconstitute and add to stir fries. Or
Lemon Grass Hearts Lemon grass is a fragrant lemony herb essential to Southeast Asian cooking, with a long, woody stalk and a tender pink heart inside. These lemon-grass hearts packed in water give convenient access to their signature flavor. Cut into pieces and add to hot-
Lemon Grass Salad Splash This fat-free liquid seasoning made with fresh lemon grass and Thai chiles makes it easy to add a splash of Thai to many of your dishes, from salads to curries.  Try it over raw spinach or sliced cucumbers and top with sliced grilled chicken which has bee
Lemon Juice Squeezed from fresh Italian lemons
Lemon Mineral Water Zesty and refreshing, this lemon-flavored naturally sparkling mineral water is fragrant and crisp. Its high mineral content, and low sodium content differentiates it from other waters.
Lemon Powder Fine white powder made from lemon juice. Lemon powder has a strong astringent taste and is used to flavor foods and beverages. It is also used as a mild preservative in canning and pickling processes.
Lemon Tea Ten Ren brand lemon tea.
Lemon Wafers These crisp, light wafers are filled with sour-lemon cream. Great with a cup of tea, for snacking, or on a cookie plate.
Lemongrass Stir-Fry Sauce This aromatic Thai lemongrass sauce has strong lemongrass and ginger flavors and a mild level of spice. Add to stir-fries with green onions, garlic, bean sprouts, and cilantro. Add to Thai curries with coconut milk, potatoes, tomatoes, galangal, and a kaf
Lentils One of the most popular ancient of food crops, their botanical name derives from their resemblance in shape to the lens of the eye. These lentils are grayish-brown in color. They should be stored airtight at room temperature and will keep up to one year.
Lentils A staple of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines, lentils have a rich, earthy flavor and a soft texture. Lentils are the only variety of legume that requires no pre-soaking; they cook quickly and adapt easily to a variety of flavors and dish
Light Plum Spring Roll Sauce This fruity, tangy dipping sauce is made with sweet Thai plums and spices, giving it a refreshingly sweet-and-sour taste. Use as a dip for spring rolls, smoked duck, or grilled kabobs.
Light Soy Sauce This salty, thin seasoning liquid is made from fermented, aged, and distilled soybeans, wheat, and water. This light variety is more delicate and subtle in flavor than regular soy sauce. Serve as a dipping sauce or in light, stir-fried dishes.
Lime Juice Fresh-squeezed lime juice. Use for making ceviche, a Latin-American appetizer of raw fish marinated in lime juice, thereby "cooking" the fish. Add a dash to pad thai just before serving for an authentic and fresh flavor. Or use in mixed drinks.
Lime Pickle World-renowned for their complex flavors and unique ingredients, Indian pickles hold an important place at the table. This vibrant red pickle, a mix of tangy lime, chili powder, mustard, and fenugreek, is no exception. Well-spiced and tangy, serve this co
Limonata (Lemon Soda) A bright, lively, lemon soda imported from Italy. Pleasantly tart, this citrus sparkler is mildly sweet and refreshing. Serve this bubbly cooler well-chilled or over crushed ice.
Linguine Made of 100% pure Italian durum semolina, this Italian import has been made by the same family for more than a century.  Linguine is a classic pasta shape: long, flat and narrow, ideal for cream or cheese sauces. Serve linguini as a natural complement to
Linguine Fini This pasta is a thin, delicate version of linguine, the narrow, flat pasta ribbons from southern Italy whose name actually means "little tongues". Made from 100% hard durum semolina. Classically served with white clam sauce, linguine can also be tossed wi
Linguini Rustichella d'Abruzzo ("little rustic thing from Abruzzo") is a throwback to a simpler time. Made by artisans, not by machines, in Italy's Abruzzo region, just east of Rome, the linguine is shaped in bronze dies and dried slowly in warm rooms. The process
Liquid Beef Bouillon Made from real beef stock and spices, this beef bouillon adds rich, potent flavor and color to a variety of dishes. Essential for the busy cook, beef bouillon may be added to any dish that calls for beef stock; use it to add depth of flavor to soups, grav
Lite Coconut Milk Lite coconut milk is made from the second or third squeezing of fresh coconut meat moistened with water. It's a thinner, lighter version of regular coconut milk (with 70% less fat), and can be used interchangeably in most curries, soups, drinks, and desse
Lobster Bisque A classic of French cuisine, lobster bisque captures all the natural richness of that succulent shellfish in a thick, creamy soup. Made from Norwegian lobsters, fish stock, and white wine, this bisque has an intense, savory-sweet character, laced with cog
Lobster Bisque Rich flavor and smooth consistency make this lobster bisque a classic dish at any meal. It's a soup made with fresh lobsters, heavy cream, white wine, and brandy. Serve with bread or crackers as a light meal, or use as a starter for a fine dinner. Garnish
Lobster Tails Candy Nutty and crispy, these crunchy, rum flavored candies are a unique sweet treat.
Long Gin Tea Special long gin tea from China.
Long Grain American Basmati Rice This long-grained, aromatic rice is suited for Indian cuisine, with a floral aroma, nutty flavor. It cooks up into tender, separate grains that make a great accompaniment to savory Indian curries, tandoori dishes, and chutneys.
Long Grain Enriched Rice This extra-fancy, vitamin-enriched long-grained white rice is perfect for everyday use and versatile enough for many pilafs, side dishes, and stuffings.  Add sauteed mushrooms, onions, and celery to rice for a traditional poultry stuffing.
Longan In Syrup Also called "dragon's eye," the longan is a fruit native to Southeast Asia. It has a translucent, white flesh with a sweet, floral fragrance. Eat longans alone as a snack, or use for soups, desserts, and sweet-and-sour dishes.  Try in a stir-fry with onio
Long-Grain American Jasmine Rice This long-grained, aromatic rice is ideally suited for Southeast Asian dishes. Its floral aroma and fluffy texture pairs well with Thai curries. Or, cook in sweetened coconut milk and add fresh mango slices to make a delectable Thai dessert.
Lungching Green Tea A special Chinese green tea packed in individual bags.
Lupini Beans These whole, dried lupini beans are the starting point for a popular Italian snack that takes some effort to prepare, but is reputedly worth it. Soak the beans overnight; drain; add fresh water; boil one hour. The beans will now be cooked, but bitter. Dra
Lychee In Syrup This fruit of an Asian evergreen tree has a semi-translucent, juicy white flesh, and is sugary sweet with the texture of grapes. Eat straight from the can, serve with chunks of ice or ice shavings, or blend fruit, syrup, water, and ice for a refreshing tr
Lychees In Syrup Fruit of lychees in sweet syrup.
Lyle's Golden Syrup This pure cane sugar syrup has a golden color and a mild, caramel flavor. A versatile product, it is useful as a sugar alternative in any recipe, as a pancake topping, and is also great for glazes for roasted meats. Mix with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, ses
Mabo Tofu Sauce - Hot The spicy savory sauce base for home-style Ma Po ToFu.
Madras Curry Paste A complex South Indian curry paste, flavored with cumin, coriander, and turmeric. Madras paste has a spicy, chile-infused heat, countered with a tamarind tang. Cook curry paste with chickpeas, tomatoes, and pork, and serve over rice, with Indian flatbread
Madras Lentils (Dal Makhani) Readymade dish of dal makhani, a rich curry made of black whole urad dal and red kidney beans simmered in a creamy sauce of onions, tomatoes, ginger and aromatic spices. Serve with rotis or rice. This instant curry comes in a sealed pack that requires no
Maftoul Middle Eastern Couscous These tiny pearls of hand-rolled semolina flour are a North African specialty. They're similar to Israeli koos-koos, but slightly irregular in size, for a rougher, artisanal look. Wonderful in Moroccan tagines, or as a side dish to meat, poultry, or fish.
Maifun Rice Stick Noodles Maifun are semi-transparent noodles that turn white upon cooking.  Made from long-grain rice powder and water, they are thin, thread-like noodles that can be deep fried, or softened in hot water and added to stir-fried dishes, soups or salads.
Major Grey Chutney Indispensable in Indian cuisines for awakening the appetite, chutneys range widely in flavor, textures, and  ingredients. This one is thick and invigorating, with a hot, bright, sweet-sour flavor. It contains small mango slices, onions, garlic, chiles, an
Major Grey's Mango Chutney Chutneys combine fruit, spices, and vinegar into a highly seasoned, sweet-sour relish. This zesty mango chutney has a powerful, tropical sweetness, balanced against strong ginger and vinegar flavors. It provides a refreshing complement to complex curries
Major Grey's Mango Chutney When you think of mango chutney, Major Grey's is probably the first that comes to mind. British chutneys like Major Grey's are typically sweeter than Indian chutneys, and this one is no exception. It combines chunks of mango with hints of garlic and ginge
Malta -10 pack An effervescent, non-alcoholic beer, brewed from malt, hops, and barley. This 10 pack Malta has a hoppy, sweet flavor, and a light body - it's at its best when it's ice cold. Chill and enjoy.
Mandarin Orange Sauce This Chinese sweet-and-sour sauce is flavored with sweet oranges, tangerines, sugar, and rice vinegar. Its bright citrus flavor complements sweet, hearty meats; use to flavor roast poultry or pork. Serve as a table relish for egg rolls and won tons, or us
Mandheling Coffee Another distinctive product by Mr. Brown. The difference is this coffee drink is made from selected Mandheling coffee.
Mango & Kiwi Drops A refined sweet, the kind of candy you'll want to have around for guests or slip into gift basket. Packaged in an attractive tin, these assorted sweet mango and sour kiwi treats from Britain are lightly dusted with powdered sugar.
Mango Chutney (Sweet) A sweet, tangy mango chutney, made from large chunks of mango, flavored with ginger and vinegar. Serve this flavorful chutney with any Indian meal, or use it as a spread for breads or roasted or grilled meats.
Mango Jam Enjoy this tropical mango jam on toast or use as a filling for cakes, cookies and pastries.
Mango Nectar A smooth and refreshing beverage with uninhibited mango flavor. This juice is made from real mango pulp, giving it a thick, rich consistency. Best when served chilled. Shake before serving.
Mango Nectar A smooth and refreshing beverage with uninhibited mango flavor. This juice is made from real mango pulp, giving it a thick, rich consistency. Best when served chilled. Shake before serving.
Mango Nectar The mango is perhaps the most popular of all exotic fruit. This refreshingly sweet and tart juice is made with real Mango pulp. Serve chilled or over ice.
Mango Puree, Sweetened A versatile, sweetened mango puree. Smooth and bright orange in color, it makes an eye-catching topping for ice cream, cakes, or puddings. How about a mango smoothie, or maybe a mango-flavored milkshake? Pour over shaved ice for a real treat on a hot summ
Mango Salsa With Peach Salsa is the Spanish (and Italian) word for sauce. This all-natural salsa contains chunks of mangos mingled with tomatoes, chiles, peppers, onions, peaches and spices, giving it a sweet, tangy flavor. Use right out the jar as a dip with chips, or use as a
Mango with Green Chilies Chunky pickle with pieces of unripe mango and crushed green chilies. This tangy, spicy pickle has whole mustard seeds and would go well with most rice dishes.
Manzanilla Olives Spanish manzanilla olives have a savory and tangy taste with a soft texture.  Use for salads, pastas and even mix into breads.  Also puree and add for meat stews, vegetable casseroles, and tomato  based sauces.
Maria Cookies Show someone from any Latin country a Maria cookie, and you'll be overwhelmed with excited exclamations. These plain, crisp cookies, with their distinctive geometrically patterned edges, are popular for both snacking and cooking. This Spanish brand is thi
Marinara Sauce This classic, smooth tomato sauce has a fresh, slightly sweet, natural flavor and is made with a blend of herbs and spices that lends a distinctively Mediterranean flavor to any culinary creation. Toss with pasta, or use for dipping bread sticks, calamari
Marinated Arichokes These artichokes are rich in flavor, supple in texture, quartered, marinated in oil and vinegar, and flavored with herbs. Excellent in pasta and vegetable ragouts.
Marinated Mushrooms Firm, whole, white button mushrooms with minced garlic and herbs marinated in a tangy vinegar. Toss with chilled pasta, fresh Roma tomatoes, and basil for a light pasta salad. Serve on relish trays, use as a garnish for a Bloody Mary, or add to tossed sal
Marinated Roasted Pepper Red peppers have a naturally sweet ripe pepper flavor and a meaty texture. These roasted, peeled peppers are marinated in a savory olive oil, laced with whole garlic cloves. Add roasted peppers to salads, sauces, and sandwiches; try a summery vegetable sa
Marzipan This European specialty is a pliable dough made of sugar and almond paste, often colored and shaped into edible garnishes for cakes and pastries. For marzipan hearts: Roll out marzipan fairly thick; cut out shapes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter; coat w
Masa Harina De Maiz Made from dried masa, the traditional Mexican dough made from corn kernals cooked in lime water, this finely ground masa harina is a necessary foundation for many Mexican specialties, including tortillas, tamales, and gorditas. To use, simply reconstitute
Masaman Curry Soup
Masoor Dal Popularly called "lal masoor", split red lentils are the familiar salmon-colored ones found in stores. They are delicate in flavor with a nutty fresh taste and turn yellow when cooked. Split red lentils are popular because they cook fast and make a nutrit
Masserie Trio Oil/Vinegar Set Displayed on a chrome stand with a whimsical handle, this trio of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar makes a lovely hostess gift. The two distinct oils hail from the sunny shores of Apulia, Italy's boot. The Flavorful oil is made from ripe Corat
Mayonnaise A thick, creamy emulsion of oil, eggs, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and seasonings. Use as a spread, dressing, sauce, or a base for a number of popular sauces including tartar sauce, thousand-island dressing, aioli, and remoulade.
Meatballs Vindaloo Ready-to-eat beef meatballs cooked in a hot, spicy sauce with tart under-tones. This Goan inspired curry of meatballs and fresh garden vegetables contains no preservatives or artificial coloring. This vacuum sealed prepared dinner requires no refridgerati
Mediterranean Acacia Blossom Honey Single-flower honeys generally have more personality and taste than commercial store-bought honeys. This thick, pale golden Acacia blossom honey from Italy is fragrant, herbaceous, and tastes less sweet than clover honey. Use straight out of the jar for a
Medium Couscous This medium-grained couscous, a Middle-Eastern specialty of granular semolina, cooks in 5 minutes. Made of 100% pre-cooked durum-wheat semolina, it's all-natural, and kosher, with no additives. It can be boiled or, more traditionally, steamed. Mix with ve
Medium Grain Rice This medium-grain white rice is fairly fluffy, not as sticky and starchy as short-grain varieties or as dry as long-grain rices. Serve this moist rice with beans, in soups, in casseroles, or as a side dish.
Melon Syrup
Menudo Menudo is a popular Mexican stew combining tripe, hominy, beef stock, and spices. This zesty and meaty stew contains large chunks of tripe, (the lining of beef stomach), and hominy (corn kernels without the hull and germ). Simply heat and sprinkle with ch
Merlot Vinegar This imported Italian vinegar is made from Merlot wine. It has the ripe fruitiness of Merlot along with a bright acidity. Mild and flavorful enough to drizzle over fresh greens or vegetables as is, for a fat-free dressing. Use to make vinaigrettes and mar
Methi Mutter Malai A harmonious blend of peas, spinach, fenugreek, onions, cashew nuts, and spices, this mildly spiced  puree is ready to eat in just minutes.  With lots of small pieces of vegetables, this dish is at its best when heated and served with Indian breads, pita
Mexican Extra Hot Sauce Mexican food is known for the spiciest food in America, the spice is an essential condiment of their cuisin.  This sauce is hot, piquant, vibrant, lively and bold.  It can be used with little toasts, salt cookies or to bring flavor to the dishes. Use for
Mexican Rice Mexican rice is a mixture of rice, bell peppers, onions, garlic, and bits of jalapeno. The rice has a spicy bite to it, good as a side dish for meats, chicken, and pork chops.
Mild Curry Sauce The term curry is derived from one of two sources. Either from the word kari, meaning "sauce", or from the word karahi, the Indian word for the wok- like device in which curries are made. Curry is a cooking method in which meats, fish, vegetables or fruit
Milk Coffee A mocha flavored ready to eat drink.
Milk Cream Bar Rich and creamy like peanut butter, this low fat, sweet treat is meant strictly for indulging.   Serve cubed with sliced fruit or enjoy as a spread on French bread.
Milk-Chocolate Mousse Mix There's nothing like a dollop of chocolate mousse to finish off a meal with a decadent flourish. This mix is simple is prepare: Just mix with milk and chill for a thick and creamy milk-chocolate mousse. Garnish with shaved chocolate or fresh fruit for a s
Minced Anchovy Stuffed Olives Green Spanish olives stuffed with minced anchovies. This rich combination is a nice complement to mild white cheese and crackers. Serve on an appetizer tray.
Minced Garlic This ready-to-use minced garlic is ideal for sauces, stews, or any recipe that calls for garlic.  The garlic has already been peeled, minced, and packed in water.
Minced Garlic Minced fresh garlic from Italy packed in brine
Minced Ginger Minced ginger sauce. Used for seasoning.
Minced Prawns In Spices Use for cooking or serve as side dish.
Minced Red Chili Peppers Tiny, red, Thai chiles have a blistering heat, and a tangy ripe pepper flavor.  Add these minced peppers to dipping sauces, soups, and curries, for a fiery pepper flavor, with a lingering heat.
Mineral Water Carb This natural mineral water is gently carbonated, a refreshing and healthy choice for all occasions. Taste the pristine difference that only Mother Nature can offer.
Mineral Water Non Carb This natural mineral water is clear and clean, just the way Mother Nature intended. Enjoy this refreshing water on a hot day. Brew with premium tea leaves or fine coffee beans.
Minestrone Soup A potpourri of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and an array of other vegetables in a tomato-based broth, this soup is low in sodium and fat, but full in flavor. Made with fresh, natural ingredients for a hearty, homemade taste. Serve as a st
Mini Biscottes These crispy pastry shells are light and flaky, suitable for both sweet and savory fillings. Biscottes are an ideal base to build on for canapes and tartlets - just fill with lemon curd, chocolate mousse, flavored cream cheese, caviar, salsa, or seafood,
Mint Chutney A traditional Indian meal always includes this cool, green chutney, a blend of mint, aromatic coriander, and mild, green chile. Mix this chutney with yogurt for a delicately flavored herbal dip, and serve as an accompaniment to roasted poultry or grilled
Mirin Sweet Sake Mirin is a sweet rice wine that's an essential ingredient in Japanese cooking, adding flavor and sheen to many dishes. This one is carefully brewed and aged for a warm, rich flavor. Use in marinades, teriyaki and sukiyaki sauces, or add a dash to soups an
Miso Dressing This all-natural salad dressing is made with miso, a Japanese specialty of fermented soybean paste. The dressing is creamy, perfectly smooth, and quite sweet, with a tasty combination of miso and natural citrus flavors. Drizzle over salad greens and sprin
Mixed Fruit Drops A refined sweet, the kind of candy you'll want to have around for guests or slip into gift basket. Packaged in an attractive tin, this assortment of hard candy features mango, kiwi, sour lemon, pear, and sour cherry drops—all lightly dusted with powdered
Mixed Pickles This is a mixture of pickled vegetables in oil. The pickle is spicy, hot and sour in taste and best when combined with roti, paratha or rice.
Mochi Maker Transforms rice to perfect Mochi dough to make Japanese tea cakes.
Modenaceti Balsamic Vinegar The small town of Modena, Italy has been aging trebbiano grape musts in wooden barrels since the 11th century.  The result was an intensely sweet vinegar reserved mostly for visiting dignitaries and local competition.  This Vecchia special reserve balsami
Mojo Criollo A grilling basic, this tangy Spanish marinating sauce is rich in garlic and onion, and loaded with herbs and spices. Use to flavor to pork, chicken, beef, and vegetables. Or add a dash to sauces.
Mojo Criollo Marinating Sauce This tangy blend of orange and lemon juices is accented with garlic and spices. Use as a marinade to add flavor and moisture to pork, chicken and beef before roasting or grilling.
Morello Cherries Pitted Syrup The English Morello cherry is the size of a grape, with a dark red flesh. These sour cherries are pitted and packed in a simple syrup. Its uses vary between sweet and savory. Drizzle over ice cream, sponge cake, or reduce the juice to top, pork, lamb and
Morello Cherry Jam A Polish specialty, the dark red, tart Morello cherry is prized for preserving. Sweetened in the preserving process, this jam retains the cherry's vivid flavor, and features pieces of fruit throughout. Serve with muffins or French toast, or bake into cook
Morello Cherry Preserve This thick and rich cherry preserve is packed with whole cherries. Easy to spread, enjoy this preserve on toast, biscuits, muffins, or pastries. Or, use as a cake filling.
Morello Cherry Syrup A sweet syrup, imported from Poland, made from sour Morello cherries. Use as a dessert sauce, over ice cream, pound cake, sponge cakes, or cheesecake. Add to sauces for rich meats or poultry, especially duck. Make a cherry soda by adding to sparkling wate
Multi Grind A compact yet powerful version of Sumeet's classic grinder. This 400W 120V AC 60Hz voltage machine comes fully assembled. It has a white base unit and a stainless steel grinder jar. The Multi Grind can wet or dry grind upto 120 gms. Even grind thick batte
Mushroom Liquid Seasoning This salty brown liquid seasoning is flavored with mushroom essence, for an easy way to add mushroom flavor to almost any dish. Drizzle in soups, marinades, and sauces.
Mussels In Pickled Sauce Rich, tiny mussels, preserved in a tangy brine, flavored with red pepper, garlic, and a touch of salt. Serve mussels as a snack, in salads, or blended into rich soups and chowders.
Mustard Seeds ('Rai') Mustard seeds are usually used in tempering or 'baghaar' in South India and along the coast. They have a sharp taste and aroma when they are popped in hot oil. In Bengali cooking, mustard seeds are ground to a paste, which is used to make the well known f
Mutton Leg Roast Masala Spice mix to make a rich marinade for a leg roast. To make the marinade, mix onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and the masala with beaten yogurt. Marinate the leg of meat in this and set aside. Bake the leg at 200 degrees, periodically basting it with oil.
Nama Udon, Jumbo Japanese udon noodle which is thick and white in color made of wheat.
Natural Spring Water A refreshing, non-carbonated spring water bottled at the source in the Tuscan countryside. Serve well chilled.
Natural Vanilla Sugar Pastry chefs know that sugar stored with a vanilla bean will, over time, take on a light vanilla flavor. This sugar has already been flavored, with all-natural ingredients, and is ready to use in any recipe calling for regular sugar. It infuses the depth
Natural Wasabi Wasabi is a powerful, nose-tingling condiment made from a knobby green root that grows wild along the banks of mountain streams. Mix this powdered wasabi with equal parts of water to form a pungent paste that adds zest to sauces, dressings, and dips. Mix
Navrattan Korma This traditional north-Indian creamy vegetable-and-nut curry is made with vegetables, potatoes, cashews, almonds, and pistachios. The box includes a container of curry and a packet of brown rice, for a gluten-free vegetarian meal. Ready to eat in just fiv
Navy Beans These small, cooked, organic white beans are a quick and delicious way to a high-fiber, low-fat meal. Made famous for their appearance in Navy Bean Soup, these beans can also be added to soup, stews, and salads.
Non-Pareil Capers Non-pareils are the smallest and most prized variety of capers, the pickled flower bud of a Mediterranean shrub. These are tangy and tender, a salty additions to salads, sauces, and meat dishes. Try a sauce with browned butter, capers, fresh chopped parsl
Nori Dark black-green seaweed sheets, lightly toasted.  Nori is used for wrapping rolled sushi, and is also cut into narrow strips and used as a garnish for salads and soups. Nori has a mild,  briny flavor, that accents the rich, subtle flavors of raw fish. Ju
Norwegian Salmon Fillet Rich Norwegian salmon fillets, lightly salted, with no added oils or preservatives. This flavorful salmon is a tasty addition to salads and spreads; blend fish with cream cheese, capers, and red onions for a savory bagel spread.
NS Big Bowl Noodle (Shin Flavor) Big bowl noodle soup with deep fried golden noodles made of wheat, starch, vegetable oil and fresh soup ingredients. Shin flavor is known to be Korea's ethnic hot and spicy flavor.
NS Big Bowl Noodle (Shrimp Flavor) Big bowl noodle soup with deep fried golden noodles made of wheat, starch, vegetable oil and fresh shrimp flavored soup ingredients.
NS Big Bowl Noodle (Udon Flavor) Big bowl noodle soup with deep fried golden noodles made of wheat, starch, vegetable oil and Japanese udon flavored soup ingredients.
NS Bowl Noodle (Hot) Small bowl noodle soup with thin and light golden noodles along with hot and spicy flavored soup ingredients made with fresh spices.
NS Neoguri Instant ramen noodle with Korea's ethnic hot and spicy seafood flavored soup made with dried seafood broth and solid seafood ingredients.
NS Shin Ramyun Instant ramen noodle with Korea's ethnic hot and spicy flavored soup ingredients. World's best selling noodle.
NS Yu Ni Chapaghetti (Black Bean) Instant ramen noodle with incredible taste of seasoning soup made with the finest ingredients including olive oil blended with fried onion and chajang powder which is made from fermented soya beans and natural spices.
Nuss Dessert These rich sandwich biscuits from Germany feature crisp oval cookies with a smooth, subtle, hazelnut-cream filling. Serve on dessert trays with coffee and tea as a mid-afternoon snack.
Nutella A rich, creamy spread, flavored with dark chocolate and pureed hazelnuts. Nutella makes a delightful crepe filling, and is an excellent breakfast treat, spread on crusty French baguettes or croissants. Serve Nutella for snacks or desserts - it's even good
Nutmeg Mill The aroma and taste of freshly ground nutmeg just can't be compared to preground. This convenient mill lets you grind it fresh as needed, with a built-in grinder. Use in baking, to flavor pureed sweet potatoes, or to top eggnog.
Octopus In Garlic Sauce Prized throughout Asia and the Mediterranean, octopus, sometimes referred to as devilfish, is somewhat chewy and delicately flavored. These pre-cooked morsels, packed in a fragrant garlic oil, are ready to enjoy. Toss the medallions into seafood stew, ser
Oil And Vinegar Decanter Set An attractive oil and vinegar decanter set, with a convenient wooden caddy. Fine Italian extra-virgin olive oil is paired with a subtle, sweet Modena balsamic vinegar; both represent the pinnacle of their categories.  The oil has a rich, fruity aspect, an
Oil Cured Black Olives From France, these fully ripened, stone-in black olives are naturally dry-cured and flavored with herbes de Provence, producing an robust flavor and tender, chewy texture. For a chicken marinade, pit olives and combine with red wine, shallots, raisins, ca
Oil Cured Olives These small, dried black olives have a sharp bite with a hint of lemon. Try sprinkling the olives with olive oil and toss with fresh chopped basil and red pepper flakes and mix with pasta or add to an antipasto platter.
Old Fashioned Whole-Grain Mustard A classic French mustard, with mixed yellow and brown whole mustard seeds and a clean vinegar tang. Pleasantly sharp, but not sinus-searing. Use a dollop as a condiment for French sausages or country-style pates.
Olive Oil And Olives Gift Set This beautifully packaged gift box contains: a bottle of unfiltered, richly green, extra-virgin olive oil; a jar of naturally cured cracked green olives packed with pieces of lemon peel; and a jar of naturally cured kalamata olives. Ideal for a hostess or
Olives Stuffed With Salmon These manzanilla olives stuffed with salmon are a Spanish delicacy combining the best of land and sea, with a lingering smokiness. Great for tapas or cocktail party nibbles.
Olives With Capers And Pimientos Small, green Spanish capers, manzanilla olives (with pits) and diced pimientos packed in a light brine. Use to liven up soups, salads, and rice recipes.  Also use as a condiment for sandwiches or include on an appetizer tray.
One Pound Assorted Mithai with Ganesh Coin Present an auspicious mithai and silver coin gift set to your family and friends this festival season. One pound of fresh, delicious assorted mithai  with a 30 gm pure silver coin of Ganesh. Note: The product ships separately.
One Pound Badam Burfi with Laxmi Coin Present an auspicious mithai and silver coin gift set to your family and friends this festival season. One pound of fresh, delicious badam burfi with a 30 gm pure silver coin of Laxmi. Note: The product ships separately.
One Pound Kaju Katli with Laxmi Coin Present an auspicious mithai and silver coin gift set to your family and friends this festival season. One pound of fresh, delicious kaju katli  with a 30 gm pure silver coin of Laxmi. Note: The product ships separately.
One Pound Ladoo with Ganesh Coin Present an auspicious mithai and silver coin gift set to your family and friends this festival season. One pound of fresh, delicious motichoor ladoos with a 30 gm pure silver coin of Ganesh. Note: The product ships separately.
One Stop Jerk Sauce Prepared with bananas, mangoes, tamarind, hot peppers, and Jamaican spices, this Caribbean sauce has a sweet and sour flavor that is somewhat hot. It provides a delicious marinade for fish, chicken or meat. Serve with grilled meats and fish for a zesty Ca
Onion  Pickle Small onions pickled in oil and flavored with tamarind and spices. Goes well with Andhra food or simple curd rice. For an innovative spread, mix a little pickle with softened butter and use as a topping or for sandwiches!
Onion Crostini Crackers These Italian "little toasts" or croutons, are made with extra-virgin olive oil and laced with onion for a crispy texture and rich taste. Crostini makes a perfect base for canap&#233;s, or for dipping savory spreads.
Onion-Flavored Noodle Soup Quick and easy to prepare, this flavorful medley combines onions, scallions, shallots, and chives with hearty wheat noodles. For a filling bowl of Chinese noodle soup, simply add two cups of hot water to the noodles and spice mix, grab chopsticks and dig
Oolong Tea Delicious Oolong tea by Ten Ren.
Oolong Tea Delicious Oolong tea by Ten Ren.
Oolong Tea Oolong tea, steep in boiling water.
Orange Blossom Water This perfumy distillation of the flowers of bitter oranges has a delicate, flowery flavor and clear color. It is widely used in the Middle East to flavor syrups, pastries, and puddings, as well as some tagines (Moroccan stews). In fact, it's such a part o
Orange Marmalade Made in France from an old recipe, oranges and rind are sweetened with concentrated grape juice bring out the natural flavors of the fruit. Spread this wonderful preserve on bread or toast, serve with biscuits or tea cakes, or try on shortbread.  Preserve
Orange Soda This bright orange beverage has a vibrant, exotic, fruit flavor. Serve this lively carbonated drink for a refreshing refrigerated, or over ice.
Orecchiette This pasta, made from semolina flour, has a delicate texture and light, slightly nutty flavor. Cooked al dente, or slightly firm, the small, scoop shape is ideal for holding both meat ragouts or smooth tomato sauces. Try orecchiette in a cold pasta salad,
Orecchiette Orecchiette, or "little ears", are sturdy, round, shell-shaped pastas. This is a fine, 100% durum wheat semolina pasta from Italy, made by the same family since 1860. Try shell pastas with your favorite sauces, especially chunky vegetable sauces.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil This organic extra-virgin Italian olive oil is first cold-pressed, with a sunny, golden color, fruity aroma, and fresh, herbaceous flavor. The oil is made entirely of organically grown olives and comes in an opaque bottle to protect the delicate flavor. A
Organic Shortbread Fingers Historically associated with Christmas, this Scottish tender-crisp, butter-rich cookie is now enjoyed year round. Traditionally baked in a round mold with ridged edges, to signify the sun's rays. These organic shortbread fingers are baked with only organi
Oriental Stlye Won Ton Chicken Soup Base Add fresh vegetables and meat to this instant soup mix for a convenient light lunch. It already includes freeze-dried won tons stuffed with onion, pepper, garlic, and leek.
Oriental Style Noodle - Size L Broad rice noodle used in noodle soups, and stir fries.
Oriental Style Noodle - Size M Broad rice noodle used in noodle soups, and stir fries.
Originario Italian Riso Arborio rice is the primary ingredient in risotto and other Mediterranean dishes. These short, fat grains of rice have a high starch content that helps give risotto its creamy texture. Often additionally flavored with mushrooms, vegetables,  and chili.
Oyster Sauce A dark brown sauce made from oysters and soy sauce. Oyster sauce has a thick, smooth texture, and deep, briny flavor.  It's a traditional ingredient in stir-fries, dipping sauces, marinades, and noodle dishes. Try in a stir-fry of pork, red peppers, and g
Oyster Sauce - Premium Oyster sauce with shrimp flavor.
Pad Thai Noodles This mix contains thin translucent rice noodles, with a Pad Thai sauce mix. Just soak the noodles, drain, stir fry with sauce, add egg, vegetables, chicken, seafood, or tofu, and bean sprouts. Garnish with fresh cilantro, peanuts, and a squeeze of fresh l
Pad Thai Sauce This traditional Thai sauce is made of ground peanuts, chiles, garlic, and lime juice. Add to any noodle dish or stir-fry for a quick, easy meal. For the popular dish pad Thai, soften rice noodles in water and stir-fry with sauce and your choice of vegeta
Pad Thai Sauce A real step saver. The classic Thai stir-fried noodle dish is made simple with this savory sauce.
Paella Kit Paella made easy.  The sensory masterpiece that is Spain's national dishis now accessible for the home chef with this inspiring paella kit.  Complete with paella pan, native Calasparra rice, Spanish smoked paprika, saffron, olive oil, and pimento peppers,
Paella Rice Delight your family with an authentic Spanish dinner.  Rice, seasoned with onion, garlic, Spanish pimientos, whole peas and red bell peppers, combined with traditional seafood of Spain.  Serve as a side dish to add a tasty touch to your meal.
Paella Valenciana Named after the two handled dish in which it is prepared, Paella is a Spanish dish of saffron flavored rice combined with either meat or seafood. This authentic seafood version comes complete with a can of squid, mussels, vegetables and spices, along with
Palak Paneer This traditional and popular Indian vegetarian dish of tender spinach and pure, unprocessed cubes of Indian cheese, is subtly enhanced by aromatic spices and seasonings. Ready to eat in five minutes, this quick dinner comes with brown rice for a complete
Panang Curry Base This convenient curry base yields a sweet and mild curry dish when combined with your own coconut milk, your choice of meat or chicken, and vegetables. Serve with rice; garnish with fresh cilantro.
Panang Curry Dinner Kit This dinner kit is complete with Panang curry base, seasoning sauce, and a can of light coconut milk. Add meats or vegetables and follow the package instructions for a complete Thai dinner. You can also combine curry base with oil, vinegar, lemon juice, a
Panda Brand Oyster Flavored Sauce Oyster flavored sauce for cooking or dipping.
Pang Kare-Kare A savory sauce mix for kare-kare, a traditional Philippine oxtail stew that's practically the national dish. It's known for its interesting inclusion of peanut butter. Just add meat, assorted vegetables, peanut butter, and water for an easy-to-make authen
Pang Pancit Canton Noodle Sauce Mix Noodles come alive with this pancit noodle sauce mix. Just mix the spice blend with shrimp and chicken flavorings to a half pound of cooked Cantonese noodles and your favorite vegetables. Cabbage and carrots work well, yielding a quick main dish.
Panko Bread Crumbs These very coarse white-bread crumbs are used in Japanese cooking to coat foods before frying. They absorb less grease than regular bread crumbs, and produce a delectably crunchy crust on specialties such as <I>Tonkatsu,<I> a Japanese breaded pork cutlet.
Panko Bread Crumbs These very coarse white-bread crumbs are used in Japanese cooking to coat foods before frying. They absorb less grease than regular bread crumbs, and produce a delectably crunchy crust on specialties such as tonkatsu, a Japanese breaded pork cutlet.Try th
Papad With Black Pepper Popular, spicy papads. Roasted or fried crisp, serve them with drinks or to perk up every day meals. For quick, oil free, crunchy papads, microwave them for about 2 minutes.
Pappardelle Egg Noodles This traditional Italian egg pasta, thin, long, and flat, has a porous surface that captures and absorbs the flavors of your favorite sauces. Makes an excellent, aromatic, light pasta. Toss with light sauces add to broth. Try with a sauce of sauteed garli
Parboiled Rice Rice is the staple diet of a South Indian. The process of converting rice is actually  called parboiling. During this process the nutrients are driven into the center of the rice grain, and the surface is hardened to prevent loss of nutrients during the p
Party Cups These miniature pastry shells are ideal for sweet or savory hors d'oeuvres. Made of a subtly flavored, flaky pastry dough, they are pre-baked and ready-to-fill with chocolate mousse, lemon curd, or pastry cream garnished with fresh berries. Savory tarts m
Party Olive Antipasto The olives, peppers, carrots, and cauliflowers in this ready-to-go antipasto are packed in wine vinegar. They are grown on family farms in Greece, where they're harvested and cured with traditional methods that retain their natural flavors. Eat alone, add
Pasilla Chile A dark brown dried chile, the pasilla has a sharp, earthy bite and a rich spiciness. Toast and rehydrate pasillas, and puree into savory salsas and soups.
Pasta Al Ceppo Rustichella d'Abruzzo ("little rustic thing from Abruzzo") is a throwback to a simpler time. Made by artisans, not by machines, in Italy's Abruzzo region, just east of Rome, the pasta is shaped in bronze dies and dried slowly in warm rooms. The process ca
Pasta e Fagioli Soup A favorite bean soup in the Tuscan region of Italy, this hearty, chicken-based soup is bursting with tomatoes, carrots, northern beans, celery, kidney beans, pasta shells, parsley and spices. The bold and robust flavors make this a filling, low fat starte
Pasta Fazool Soup
Pate De Anchoa (Anchovy Pate) This creamy anchovy spread is milder than anchovy paste or canned anchovies. This rich spread pairs well with crackers and toasted baguette slices. Or blend a bit with a robust tomato sauce. Mix with a touch of fresh cream and serve as a dip alongside fre
Patis A light, golden fish sauce from the Philippines. A dash of fish sauce is used to season almost every Southeast Asian dish. Add to soups, curries, marinades, and dipping sauces for authentic flavor.
Peach & Raspberry Preserve This thick, sweet English preserve brimming with fresh chunks of fruit, is a fresh combination of two great summer tastes: peaches and raspberries. Serve with freshly-baked muffins or spoon onto your favorite bread or scones.
Peach Chutney Chutneys combine fruit, spices, and vinegar into a highly seasoned, sweet-sour relish. This zesty peach chutney has a powerful, fruity sweetness, balanced against strong  ginger and vinegar flavors. Serve alongside authentic Indian meals, rich roasted mea
Peach Jelly Packaged individually in small, sealed cups, this whimsical Chinese treat is actually soft jelly surrounding a tiny piece of fruit at its center. Flavored with peaches, these candies have an exotic, fruity flavor. Freeze in the summer for a special treat.
Peach Preserve This sweet and brightly colored peach preserve is interspersed with whole slices of fresh peaches. Serve on toast or with croissants for a summery breakfast.
Peach Preserves A light golden peach jam from France, rich with large chunks of summery peaches. Spread on croissants, or mix into tomato salsa for a sweet twist.
Peach Preserves While there are many forms of cooked fruits, preserves are best characterized by the addition of whole pieces of fruit. This peach preserves is sweet and chunky with bits of fresh summer peaches throughout. Serve on toast or with scones.
Peach Preserves With Fine Cognac From the famed Chambord region of France, this aromatic, sweet peach preserves is flavored with fine cognac, giving it a depth of flavor and sweetness, in addition to the fruity richness from whole pieces of fruit. Serve on toast or with scones.
Peanut Oil Pure peanut oil has a high smoke point, making it an ideal for any high-heat cooking method. This oil has a subtly nutty flavor, easily adapted to Asian cuisines. Use it for tempura, stir-fries, and dressings.
Peanut Oil With a light, nutty flavor, and a high smoke point, peanut oil is ideal for any high heat cooking method.  This Chinese peanut oil has a stronger flavor and aroma than its American counterparts;  use it for stir-fries, deep frying, or sauteing.
Peanut Satay Sauce This rich, mildly spicy, time-saving sauce is made with ground peanuts, and is mainly used as a marinade and dip for Southeast Asian satays - skewered grilled meat, seafood, and vegetables. This one is all-natural, even-textured, and deceptively mild, fol
Peanut Satay Sauce A favorite of Thai cuisine, peanut sauce combines savory garlic, chile, and lemongrass flavors with rich peanuts and coconut milk, finished with soy and fish sauce. This is a fine, smooth sauce, with complex layers of flavor. Serve with marinated, grilled
Peanut Satay Stir Fry Sauce A rich and spicy peanut flavored stir-fry sauce, perfect for satay.  This zesty blend of peanuts, chili, garlic, and soy sauce is ideal for use with beef, chicken, shrimp, and mixed vegetables.  Marinate meats and vegetables and grill or stir fry.
Peanut Sauce Mix Just add your own coconut milk for this Thai staple. Peanut sauce is a spicy, rich addition to stir fried vegetables and noodles, for an authentic Thai flavor. Add peanut sauce to all varieties of stir-fried vegetables and noodles, or use as a dipping sau
Pear Nectar A premium Belgian blended juice, made with naturally sweet pears. This pear nectar has a mellow, rich fruitiness, accented with the smooth, sweet flavor of pear. Refreshing on its own, or added to fruit shakes and smoothies. <b> Buy two get one free now !
Penne Artigiani This penne - short, narrow pasta tubes with ends cut diagonally - is an artisanal pasta from the Martelli family in Tuscany, pasta-makers since 1926. It's made from durum-wheat semolina flour and water, shaped with bronze molds and slowly dried for about
Penne Rigate Rustichella d'Abruzzo ("little rustic thing from Abruzzo") is a throwback to a simpler time. Made by artisans in Italy's Abruzzo region, just east of Rome, the pasta is shaped in bronze dies and dried slowly in warm rooms. The process carefully preserves
Penne Rigate Penne is named for the Latin "penna" (feather), because the sharp angle of the pasta is reminiscent of the freshly cut nib on a quill pen. This short, hollow pasta, cut on the bias, is deeply "rigate" (ridged) to capture and hold sauces. It will stand up
Peony serving plate Having a dinner party?  Serve your delicious meal on this blue and white peony serving plate.  Matching serving bowl also available.  8 1/2" diameter.
Pepitas Tostada These tiny roasted pumpkin seeds are lightly salted; they have a rich, nutty flavor that makes them hard to put down. Pepitas are delightful for snacking, and make and attractive garnish - use to top fall soups, rich stews, or savory moles.
Pepper Sa Te Sauce Slightly spicy, for making soup, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, noodles, seafood, etc.
Perciatelli Pasta An unusual pasta shape, perciatelli pasta is long and cylindrical, like hollow spaghetti. The name comes from the word "perciato," southern dialect for "pierced through." It's made of 100% durum wheat semolina flour, according to a centuries-old family tr
Pesto A classic Italian sauce hailing from Genoa. This mixture of basil, romano cheese, olive oil, garlic, and pine nuts is fresh and nutty. Serve this rich and flavorful sauce with pasta, on toasted rounds, in salad dressing, or as a sauce ingredient.
Pesto Sauce Classic mixture of basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, and spices; fresh-tasting addition to pasta.
PG Tips Tea - 160 bags Refreshing tea from Brooke Bond. Made with only the top two leaves and the bud of the tea plant, this fine black tea is noted for its refreshing flavor. This box contains 160 Pyramid tea bags.
PG Tips Tea - 80 bags Refreshing tea from Brooke Bond. Made with only the top two leaves and the bud of the tea plant, this fine black tea is noted for its refreshing flavor. This box contains 80 Pyramid tea bags.
Pho Soup Base This flavorful base makes it easy to cook beef pho, Vietnam's fragrant, spice-infused rice-noodle soup. It's seasoned with chiles, basil, cinnamon, and star anise, and adds a sweet and hot spiciness to soups, stir-fries, and noodle dishes.
Picante Sauce A hot sauce with a spice that lingers and builds.  Made with chiles and vinegar, this hot sauce has a tangy flavor, with a smoky paprika accent.  Serve this traditional hot sauce as a table condiment, or use to season soups and salsas.
Picholine Ripe Olives Brine-cured olives from Italy. These small, slim olives are mild, meaty, and rich tasting. Serve with antipasto, as a snack, or cocktail nibble. Marinate in olive oil and fresh herbs to make even more elegant. Also good in cocktails.
Pickapeppa Sauce This Jamaican hot sauce has a distinctive flavor and mild heat.  Mango, tomato, raisins, and tamarind join sweet-hot Jamaican spices and cane-sugar vinegar to make a piquant, tasty sauce with a thick texture and rich brown color. Season your meat, chicken
Pickled Baby Beets These baby beets have an intense coloring, a sweet flavor, and a smooth, tender texture.  Add beets to salads, or use in a classic borscht; try baby beets sauteed in butter and parsley, served with roasted pork loin, studded with cloves and peppercorns, f
Pickled Cucumber These tangy, soy sauce marinated cucumbers are firm and flavorful. Ideal for relishes, salads, stir-fries, or to accompany any Asian meal.
Pickled Gherkins Balanced best describes these medium-sized German pickles in an onion/dill/coriander brine. They walk the line between sweet and sour, have a firm bite without being aggressively crispy, and offer an enjoyable blend of flavors that doesn't hit you over th
Pickled Ginger This tangy, sweet pickled ginger in a delicate pink brine is a classic accompaniment to sushi and sashimi. Or, add to marinades, curries, fish dishes, and special drinks.
Pickled Ginger This pickled ginger is vivid pink, pickled in sweet vinegar and salt. Salty and aromatic, pickled ginger is used to flavor both sweet and savory dishes, place on top of Oriental appetizers, or use as a garnish.
Pickled Ginger These translucent, pale pink ginger slices, pickled in sweetened vinegar, have a sharp, spicy-sweet flavor. In Asian salads, pickled ginger adds distinct, authentic Japanese flavor; alongside sushi, it provides a crisp contrast to the subtle, rich flavors
Pickled Onion These walnut-sized onions are packed in a distinctly sour brine. The size makes them ideal for use on a relish tray, or garnish. Slice and use in place of sauerkraut with corned beef or brats.
Pickled Plums Soft and dense, these sweet, tangy plums are pickled in an aromatic blend of cloves, cinnamon and vinegar. Serve pickled plums in sweet, zesty salads, or add to appetizer and party trays.
Pickled Serrano Peppers-Whole Add some zest to your meal with some slightly spicy serrano peppers. La Morena serrano peppers are prepared in escabeche, a traditional pickling preparation for chiles with other vegetables, vinegar and herbs. Great to flavor soups, stews or to spice up a
Pimiento Piquillo Peppers A staple of any Spanish pantry, these slow-roasted red pepper strips are intensely flavorful, brightly colored, and have a slight heat. Traditionally served with salt cod or meat, also can be pureed with olive oil and garlic for a dip or bread spread.
Pimiento Stuffed Olives Rich, and delicate, these Spanish Manzanilla olives are stuffed with sweet, red pimentos; they make an ideal addition to hors d' ouevres, savory spreads, salads, and cocktails.
Pink Beans Very versatile, this bean is good for soups, salads, or stews.
Pinones (Candy Coated Pine Nuts)
Piquillo Peppers One of the true delicacies of Spain, these prized peppers are selected, roasted, peeled, and packed by the expert hand of the Piquillo artisans of northern Spain. Their sweet, delicate taste is a much sought-after flavor. Add to tapas, stews, or antipasto
Pitted Greek Green Olives Pitted, zesty Greek olives marinated in olive oil and tangy vinegar. Easy to stuff with blue cheese, nuts, or roasted garlic. Ideal for hors d'oeuvres or in salads and sauces. Make a green-olive tapenade without having to go to the trouble of pitting the
Pitted Kalamata Olives These plump, meaty, and earthy kalamata olives from Greece are packed in brine and pitted to save you work. A traditional addition to Mediterranean salads and often paired with feta cheese, kalamatas also make an easy tapenade dip: Just puree with olive o
Plain Chinese Noodles These versatile Chinese vermicelli noodles are made of fine wheat flour. Delicate, yellow noodles are a staple of Chinese cuisine, often added to soups, or used for stir-fries. Or, deep-fry them as a crispy garnish.
Plantain Chips Unlike the banana, this fruit must be cooked before eating.  This banana has a starchy, slightly sweet flavor; denser than the potato chips.  Tastes great as a snack, appetizer, or use to garnish your favorite food.
Plantain Chips Closely related to the banana, plantains are starchy rather than sweet and are used as a vegetable instead of a fruit. Plantains can be baked, broiled, or made into tostones. Goya's plantain chips are an exotic alternative to potato chips and can be serve
Plum Butter [Povidal] Plums are a Polish favorite, for both spreads and dessert fillings. This smooth spread has a sweetness and tang. Spread on toast, or create a glaze for meats.
Plum Preserves Plums are a standby of the Polish kitchen, making their way into everything from fruit soups to desserts. These plum preserves, with fruits throughout, are slightly sweet, ideal for lacing into traditional Polish desserts. Or top muffins or toast.
Plum Sauce This thick, sweet, amber Chinese sauce is made with plums, sweet potatoes, ginger, and apple-cider vinegar, with a spicy-sweet, tangy flavor. It's also called duck sauce, as it's often served with roasted duck. Popular as a dip for deep-fried appetizers,
Plum Spread A dark, thick natural plum spread from Germany. Slightly chunky and not too sweet, this plum "butter" is good on toast, muffins and biscuits. For a more authentic Eastern European use, spread onto pancakes or crepes and roll up, jellyroll style. Can also
Plums In Syrup These purple plum halves in a lightly sweetened syrup are imported from Poland. Serve over ice cream or pound cake. Add to a fresh fruit salad for color and sweetness. Use in a stuffing for chicken or pork as they do in East Europe. Or just chill and enjo
Poblano Peppers-Whole The poblano pepper has a rich flavor that varies from mild to snappy.  Fresh poblanos can be found in Mexican markets and in many supermarkets, peak season is summer and early fall. Fresh poblanos are traditionally used to make chiles rellenos.  Canned po
Polish Cucumber In Brine Not your typical American pickle, this Polish cucumber pickle has a smooth texture and a very mellow dill flavor. Add whole fanned pickles to relish trays, slice and use as a sandwich topper, or chop and combine with mayonnaise salads.
Polish Dill Pickles These medium-sized Polish dill pickles are lightly crunchy, with a mild, pleasantly sweet/sour flavor profile. They're marinated in a light vinegar brine with dill branches, mustard seeds, garlic, bay leaf, and whole black peppercorns, with no preservativ
Polish Dill Pickles Packed with dill, garlic, and spices, these Polish pickles are medium-sized and sweet with a soft, juicy texture. Eat straight out of the jar or serve with sandwiches or deli meats.
Pomegranate Glaze & Sauce This intense, full-flavored reduction features reduced pomegranate juice, red wine, olive oil, and herbs, for a tangy, fruity Mediterranean glaze that's thick with herbs and minced onions. Use to baste grilled and roasted meats, especially lamb.
Pomegranate Seeds (Dehydrated) Red dehydrated seeds from the pomegranate fruit. The dry seeds can be rehydrated by soaking them in water or sugar syrup. Pomegranate seeds make a crunchy, sweet addition to most desserts, ice creams or fruit chaat. Also try in yogurt-based dips for a uni
Porcini Mushroom Oil This extra-virgin olive oil is greenish in color, silky in flavor, and infused with porcini mushrooms, giving it an intense, earthy finish. Each bottle contains a few small pieces of dried porcini mushrooms. Drizzle porcini oil sparingly over pasta, or ri
Porcini Mushrooms As a member of the cepes family, the dried porcini mushroom is earthy and woodsy. After reconstituting, porcinis have a smooth, meaty texture and pungent flavor. Use in soups, stuffings, and stews. One ounce of dried porcinis is comparable to eight ounces
Porcini Mushrooms As a member of the cepes family, the dried porcini mushroom is earthy and woodsy. After reconstituting, porcinis have a smooth, meaty texture and pungent flavor. Use in soups, stuffings, and stews. One ounce of dried porcinis is comparable to eight ounces
Pork Fu Shredded meat with five-spice flavor. Ready to serve as appetizer or side dish.
Pork Luncheon Meat Chinese style ham.  Delicious quick and easy meal.
Pork Sung Shredded meat with five-spice flavor. Ready to serve as appetizer or side dish.
Pouchong Tea A popular Chinese tea in individual bags.
Pouchong Tea (Green) A special premium green tea.
Powdered Whole Milk This powdered whole milk is easily prepared by adding cold water. High-quality, pasteurized cow's milk is dehydrated into a powder, for long shelf life, and convenience. Fortified with vitamins A and D, powdered milk is nutritious, and simple to prepare.
Premium Asst. Chocolates - Birthday Balloons Box Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 36 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Loca Mocha, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Drom-a-Dairy, Chief Chokolada, T
Premium Asst. Chocolates - Flag Box Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 36 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Loca Mocha, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Drom-a-Dairy, Chief Chokolada, T
Premium Asst. Chocolates - Original Box Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 36 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Loca Mocha, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Drom-a-Dairy, Chief Chokolada, T
Premium Asst. Chocolates - Tulip Box Dan's assorted chocolates are perfect for the person who enjoys a little taste of everything. The 18 pieces in the box are a mixture of: Udder Delights, Choc-a-lot, Loca Mocha, Carmalita, Razz-matazz, Nutropolis, Orangadu, Drom-a-Dairy, Chief Chokolada, T
Premium Dried Shiitake Mushrooms These whole dried shiitake mushrooms from Japan are large,measuring about two inches in diameter. Simply soak for 30 minutes to experience the savory, meaty flavor, and velvety texture. Shiitakes add flavor depth and texture to soups, stocks,  sauces, to
Premium Luncheon Meat Pork Canned ham luncheon for sandwiches.
Premium Medium Grain Rice This medium-grained rice is shorter and moister than long-grained and not as starchy as short-grained rice. Its versatility makes it a good choice for many applications, such as simple side dishes, pilafs, or rice stuffings.
Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce Oyster sauce is a thick, brown Chinese sauce, concentrated from oysters and soy sauce. This oyster-flavored sauce has a briny flavor and is slightly sweet and salty; it's widely used to flavor stir-fried dishes.
Premium Vanilla Powder Whole, dried ground vanilla bean with sugar added.  Well suited for baking and custards because its flavor does not evaporate when heated.  Use instead of vanilla extract in baked goods; used for koulourakias, Greek sesame cookies with vanilla
Pressure Cooker/Pressure Pan Combo - 7 Liters Elegant design that allows you to cook and serve in the same dish. High quality stainless steel pressure cooker (7L) and pressure pan (3L) combo with glass lid. Thick bottom is ideal for making halwa or for simmering the soup. Four way safety mechanism fo
Pressure Cooker/Pressure Pan Combo - 9 Liters Elegant design that allows you to cook and serve in the same dish. High quality stainless steel pressure cooker (9L) and pressure pan (3L) combo with glass lid. Thick bottom is ideal for making halwa or for simmering the soup. Four way safety mechanism fo
Pu-Erh Tea Specialty tea originating from the Yunnan Province with a strong, enjoyable flavor.
Pu-Erh Tea - Loose Tea from Yunnan province, steep in hot water.
Punjab Eggplant(Baingan Bharta) This is a readymade dish of eggplant cooked in a distinctively flavored sauce of garlic, cumin and other spices, tomato and onions. It may be garnished with fresh coriander/cilantro leaves. The Indian delicacy is ready to eat in less than 5 minutes. Best
Punjabi Special Papad Popular Punjabi style urid dal papads flavored with spices and black pepper. Roasted or fried crisp, serve them with drinks or to perk up every day meals.
Pure Almond Paste Almond paste is used for a wide variety of pastries and fillings. Coarser than marzipan, almond paste is a thick mixture of sweetened ground almonds, with a soft, pliable texture. It has a light, nutty flavor, ideal for flaky pastries and rich cakes. Try
Pure Butter Shortbread These shortbread finger cookies are rich and delicious with a fine, delicate crumb. Made with pure butter and prepared according to an old Scottish recipe, they contain only ingredients of the highest quality. Enjoy this treat from the Scottish Highlands
Pure Cane Brown Sugar Cubes Not your usual sugar cubes. These pure, natural cubes of caramelized sugar are packaged in France and made from sugar cane grown in Africa. The flavor is like brown sugar with a suggestion of molasses and caramel. Use for coffee or tea. Or float in a glas
Pure Ghee This is a container of pure or 'desi' ghee as some call it. Amul ghee is a name that has been trusted and relished for generations. Add a little to any Indian dish, be it any curry or rice dish and a distinct appetizing aroma fills the air only to give aw
Pure Palm Sugar Palms provide a rich, medium-dark sugar, used often in Southeast Asian cuisines to provide the "sweet" flavor that appears in almost every dish, balancing the other flavors of hot, sour, and salty. This palm sugar should be grated to sweeten sauces, curri
Pure Sesame Oil A mildly nutty and aromatic seasoning widely used in Asian cooking. Use it to marinade meat or in stir fry. Also great to add a few drops in noodle soups.
Pure Spanish Saffron Saffron threads are the hand-plucked stigmas of a crocus; this labor-intensive harvest makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world. Fortunately, a pinch of saffron is all that is needed for most dishes. Saffron has a potent, slightly bitter flavor
Purest Lite Sunflower  Oil Extracted from sunflower seeds, this oil is pale yellow and delicately flavored. This lite version is high in polyunsaturated fat and low in saturated fat, and is believed to be well suited for people with cholesterol problems. It is popular as a cooking
Puto Mix A quick and easy way to make Puto, the Philippine steamed cake. This mix is wheat-flour based, and contains a leavening agent. Try making Puto Pao, individual white cakes filled with ground chicken, carrots, raisins, peas, soy sauce, and a hint of rum or
Quail Eggs In Water These tiny, tasty quail eggs are hard-boiled, peeled, and preserved in water ready to add to Asian salads, soups, and stews. Or, try them breaded, fried, and eaten as a snack with hot mustard.
Quinoa Quinoa was a staple grain of the ancient Incas, who called it "the mother grain." Grown high in the Andes mountain, it has a delicate, nutty flavor and contains more protein than any other grain. This quinoa is wheat free, gluten free, and certified organ
Rao's Homemade Marinara Sauce Experience the taste of Rao's famed New York restaurant, with this rich tomato sauce, made fresh from the finest imported San Marzano tomatoes, packed with basil, garlic, and oregano. Smooth and delightful, with chunks of tomato and fresh herbs. Enjoy ove
Raspberry Conserves This Scottish conserves is made with 50 percent fruit by weight, and it shows: the flavor is bright and fruity, a burst of raspberry sweetness. Spread on toast, scones, or warm muffins, or warm and use as a dessert topping.
Raspberry Preserves Seedless; traditional preserve made with the finest fruit
Raspberry Preserves With seeds; rich red color
Raspberry Seedless Preserves No seeds, great texture
Raspberry Wafers These crisp, light wafers are filled with tart raspberry cream. Great with a cup of tea, for snacking, or on a cookie plate.
Raw Peanut Raw peanuts with skin. Peanuts, either raw, roasted or even boiled in salted water, can be enjoyed as a light snack. They may also be added to some dishes like pulaos to add a crunchy taste to the dish.
Real Chicken Stock Rich, all-natural chicken stock. Simmered for four hours with chicken, vegetables, bay leaf, thyme, and peppercorn, this broth is chock full of  traditional, home style flavor.  Add to homemade soups and stews, or use for cooking vegetables, rice, or pota
Recaito A unique cilantro based seasoning with sautee cilantro, green pepper, onion, and garlic in olive oil creates this rich, thick base. Use in beans, rice, soups, and stews to enhance flavor.
Red Aka-Miso Soup Miso is a fermented soybean paste, enhanced with salt and cereal grains. Generally speaking, the darker the miso, the stronger the flavor. This red miso soup mix yields a deep flavor, and is complemented with seaweed and bonito. This packet makes three se
Red Bean Soup Drink Red beans in sweet soup served either hot or cold.
Red Borscht Concentrate Borscht is a soup made from beets, a Russian and Polish specialty. This Polish borscht concentrate can be prepared and served either hot or cold; it has a rich, sweet flavor, and smooth body.  Garnish borscht with sour cream chopped chives.
Red Cabbage With Apples Imported from Poland, this shredded red cabbage is mixed with apple puree for sweetness and preserved in brine. The deep-purple color and salty-sweet flavor make a tangy salad or sandwich addition. Heat for a quick side dish with pork or duck.
Red Chillies Papad Ready-to-fry spicy red chilies wafers. Once fried or just flame cooked, these are medium sized round spicy crisp papads. Serve with thali meals or as a crisp and crunchy appetizer with either sweet or sour chutney or pickle.
Red Curry Base Red curry is the most versatile of the Thai curries, with a level of heat that's in-between very hot green curry and mild yellow curry. This packet contains a spice paste featuring red Thai chiles, garlic, lemongrass, and galangal. Mix with coconut milk,
Red Curry Paste This concentrated seasoned spice paste is the most versatile and widely used seasoning paste in Thailand. Made from red chiles, lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir limes, this paste has a hot, sweet flavor. In Thailand, it is widely used with coconut milk to
Red Kidney Beans A member of the bean family, these red kidney beans are largger than the common red beans. Heat up and serve with rice, tortillas, soups, salads and chili con carne.
Red Lentils High in vitamins A and B as well as calcium and iron, lentils are a nutritious, flavorful bean popular throughout the Mediterranean and India. These red lentils have a dark, earthy flavor and a creamy texture. No need to soak; they require only a short co
Red Palm Oil Also called dende oil, this pure oil is made from the kernel of the palm fruit. Red-orange in color, its strong, nutty flavor is important in north Brazilian and West African cooking. Add a bit to flavor stews and sauces, or try frying ripe plantains in r
Red Vinegar Red wine vinegar
Red Wine Vinegar Made from the pure juice of select Italian grapes, this tangy red-wine vinegar from Italy has a slightly fruity flavor with a strong acidity. Wonderful tossed with olive oil in tomato, cucumber, and onion salads, this vinegar also pairs well with meat and
Red Wine Vinegar Made from fine French wine, this red wine vinegar has a fruity, balanced flavor, and an even acidity. Red wine vinegar is ideal for finishing rich soups or stews, and balancing the hearty flavors of bean dishes. Try red wine vinegar for a robust vinaigret
Refried Black Beans Black beans, which are widely eaten in Latin America and give their name to black bean soup.  Refried beans have a rich earthy flavor. Just heat and serve with scramble eggs, meat, chicken, or white rice at lunch or dinner, do not forget the warm tortilla
Refried Red Beans A Northern Mexican tradition, refried red beans are full-flavored and hearty with a mildly sweet flavor. Serve refried beans in tacos and burritos or with any traditional Mexican dish.
Rice And Black Beans Fluffy long grain rice and firm, rich black beans seasoned with red and green peppers and secret spices lead to a superb, authentic taste.  Impress everyone serving along side a beef or pork cutlet or tomato salad.
Rice bowl - dark blue This dark blue rice bowl is shallow and wide, making it easier to eat every grain of rice.  A perfect compliment to the dark blue ridged teacup. A great housewarming gift idea.  2 1/4" H x 4 1/2" diameter
Rice bowl - dark green This dark olive green rice bowl is generously sized and easy to hold.  Casual enough to use everyday.  2 3/4" H x 4 1/4" diameter
Rice cake Each pack contains about 20 individually wrapped "mochi."  These bite-size chewy rice cakes have rich green tea flavor.  Great for snacking.
Rice Cooker/Warmer JNP-0550 3 cup 3 cup.  This popular Tiger rice cooker/warmer cooks rice quickly and evenly. Tiger's Direct Heat feature sends heat throughout the rice cooker for fluffy rice, top to bottom. This specialty rice cooker also keeps your remaining cooked rice hot and fresh u
Rice Cooker/Warmer JNP-1500 8 cup 8 cup.  This popular Tiger rice cooker/warmer cooks rice quickly and evenly. Tiger's Direct Heat feature sends heat throughout the rice cooker for fluffy rice, top to bottom. This specialty rice cooker also keeps your remaining cooked rice hot and fresh u
Rice Crackers Airy, thin, rice crackers, gently sweetened and flavored with soy sauce, are a great snack food.
Rice Noodle - Vermicelli Rice noodles to be used in soups or stir-fries.
Rice Primavera Rice primavera is a mixture of spring vegetables, green peas, scallions, onions, and red bell pepers, flavored with chicken and cheddar and with our long grain rice.  Good to serve along with chicken, pork, fish, or meat.
Rice Stick These pure, white rice noodles are great for frying, roasting, and adding to soups. Their long, thin shape, fairly neutral flavor, and light texture makes them easy to use in many Asian dishes. Add soaked rice sticks to stir-fries, deep-fry them, or inclu
Rice Stick Noodles Also called &#147;Pad Thai noodles,&#148; after the famous sweet and sour noodle dish seasoned with peanuts, lime juice, and cilantro, these flat, medium-wide noodles are made from ground long-grain rice powder and water. To use, simply soak in hot water
Rice Sticks Used in many different Asian cuisines, rice stick noodles are made from ground long grain rice powder and water.  Semi-transparent before cooking, these noodles become opaque once cooked. Thin and brittle, these long noodles are often deep-fried and used
Rice Vermicalli (Stick) - Zhong Shan Rice noodles produced in the traditional method of Zhong Shan, China. Dried rice noodles.  Great for noodle soups and making pad Thai.
Rice Vinegar This mild vinegar is made from fermented white rice. Pale golden in color, rice vinegar has a sweet flavor and a light acidity; its mild flavor makes it very versatile. Use for dressings, to flavor sushi rice, or to lighten dipping sauces. Make a simple s
Rice With Red Beans Red beans and rice in only a few short minutes with this convenient kit. Serve this hearty mix of long-grain rice, sweet red beans, simmered onions, red peppers, cumin, and bay leaves with grilled meats, roasted chicken, or fish.
Rich Creamy Coconut Cooking Sauce A classic sauce from Northern India, this rich, coconut cream flavored sauce, or korma, is made with tomato puree, peanuts, and a hint of garlic, coriander, and ginger.   Serve over meat, with rice or Indian breads, and a side of chutney.
Riso Pasta This rice-shaped pasta is made from 100% durum wheat flour. Add to soups and cold pasta salads, or serve as a side dish. Try a pasta salad with rice pasta, artichoke hearts, diced red bell peppers, black olives, and a vinaigrette of fresh lemon juice, oli
Risotto Milano Make your own Milanese risotto, a creamy north-Italian specialty, flavored saffron. Each box contains a packet of arborio rice and two seasoning packets with saffron. Ready in 18 minutes, the resulting risotto is creamy, rich, and fragrant. Mix as directe
Risotto Rice This short-grained Italian rice has an even balance of starches to add creaminess and body to risottos, while remaining tender and chewy. Can also be used to make paella, casseroles, and rice puddings.
Risotto Rice This short-grained Italian Arborio rice is the main ingredient in risotto, the classic Northern Italian creamy rice dish.  The balance of starches in the rice makes for it perfect for this dish.. Try a risotto with sauteed mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, sca
Roasted Eggplant Spread Greek <I>meze</I>, or appetizers, are the essence of Greek dining: "little morsels" shared over good wine and conversation. This roasted eggplant spread, often referred to as eggplant caviar, is a perfect example. Made with roasted eggplant, extra-virgin
Roasted Garlic Salsa Packed with garlic, sliced olives, tomato chunks, and hot chiles, this chunky salsa is rich and flavorful. Pair with tostadas, crackers, pasta salads, or toss with goat cheese and serve on crusty French bread.
Roasted Leek Spread Greek <I>meze,</I> or appetizers, are the essence of Greek dining: "little morsels" shared over good wine and conversation. This roasted leek spread combines slow fire-roasted leeks (a Mediterranean native) with extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and seasoni
Roasted Marinated Yellow Peppers Sweet roasted peppers, preserved in oil and vinegar, strongly seasoned with garlic.  A great addition to any salad or sauce, and great on pizza.
Roasted Peanuts Tiny whole peanuts, roasted and salted in the shell.
Roasted Red Chili Paste This concentrated blend of roasted red chiles and Thai spices has a hot, sweet, and smoky taste that adds a depth of flavor to curries and soups.
Roasted Red Pepper Spread This brightly colored sweet red pepper spread, or coulis, packs quite a pepper punch. Made from slow, fire-roasted sweet peppers blended with extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and seasonings, this smooth spread adds sun-dried tomatoes and pepperoncini to th
Roasted Seaweed (Lavar) These dark green sheets of roasted seaweed are essential to Japanese cuisine; they're used to make maki (rolled) sushi, or crumbled as a garnish over rice, soups, or salads. For a simple rolled sushi, carefully toast nori over an open flame, place on a su
Roasted Sesame (Small) Roasted sesame seeds in a bag. Used for California maki, dressing and addition to sauces.
Roasted Sweet Peppers Roasted, peeled, whole red peppers, in a mild vinegar brine. Grown in the Florina region of Greece, they have a meaty texture and a sweet, fruity pepper flavor. Try a vibrant red-pepper vinaigrette:  puree red peppers, capers, and chopped shallots with a
Roasted Sweet Red Peppers Tired of cleaning roasted peppers? Try these smoky, rich red peppers. A delightful addition to any relish tray, these sweet peppers are truly hassle-free. Add to casseroles, pasta dishes, and pizzas. Blend with roasted garlic and olive oil for a sauce or
Roasted Wasabi Green Peas These hard and crunchy peas have a substantial bite and are hard to put down once you  become accustomed to their strong taste. Great for snacking at your next cocktail party, or as an hors d'oeuvre for an Asian dinner.
Rogan Josh Cooking Sauce Medium-spicy cooking sauce with tomatoes, red peppers, mustard oil, and yogurt; popular Kashmir curry
Roganjosh Beef Ready-to-eat curried beef cooked in a creamy sauce. This nutty flavored curry of beef, blended spices and fresh garden vegetables contains no preservatives or artificial coloring. This vacuum sealed prepared dinner requires no refridgeration and only need
Roman Beans Dry roman beans are slightly rosier than pinto beans. A delicious source of iron and protein, use these roman beans in chili, soups, and salads. Boil and blend with seasonings to make a dip.
Roman Beans An attractively speckled pink bean, the roman bean is also known as the cranberry bean.  Roman beans resemble over-sized pinto beans and are used traditionally in classic rice and bean dishes as well as pasta dishes. For a simple yet hearty meal, serve ov
Roquefort Mustard Thick and creamy, with a medium bite, this wholegrain mustard pairs traditional Dijon mustard with France's "King of Cheeses," Roquefort. Subtly accented with blue cheese flavor, roquefort mustard has a sharp, winey kick&#151;it's delicious on sandwiches,
Rose Flower Water An important flavoring in the Middle East and Asia, rose water is the distilled essence of rose petals. It has a subtle, aromatic floral flavor, clear color, and mild floral flavor. It is used to season delicate pastries and is often ground with almonds.
Rose Turkish Delight Turkish delight is a candy invented in Constantinople centuries ago and enjoyed throughout the Middle East. In Turkish, it's called "rahat loukoum," which means "rest for the throat". This rose-flavored turkish delight is a simple, chewy, not-too-sweet co
Rose Water The distilled essence of rose petals, rose water has been an important Middle Eastern flavoring for centuries. Rose water has an subtle, aromatic, floral flavor; it is used to season delicate pastries, and is often ground with almonds to prevent them from
Rosemary Crostini Crackers Use these rosemary-flavored crackers as the base for crostini, topped with white bean puree, chicken livers, or mushroom caviar. You could even use them for cheese&#151;we suggest cacciotta or pecorino toscano.
Rotelle Pasta This round pasta resembles wheels with spokes. This fun shape stands up well to chunky sauces, or can be tossed with vegetables and a light vinaigrette for a pasta salad.
Royal Blend Aggressive, full-bodied blend of Indian and Ceylon teas; loose tea in a tin. Stands up to milk and sugar or lemon.
Royal Blend Teabags For those who love a traditional cup of English tea, this formal wooden box contains 100 teabags of Royal Blend tea, a full-bodied blend of Indian and Ceylon black teas.
Royal Teabags Made from premium Ceylon and Indian teas, this Royal tea blend has a rich, full flavor and a deep, dark body. Powerful and assertive, this is an ideal afternoon or evening tea. Serve straight or mellow with a dollop of milk.
Saag Chole This Indian dish is dairy free and vegan, with tender spinach and garbanzo beans, plus a packet of brown rice. Can be made on the stovetop or microwave: just boil and serve for a delicious, easy Indian meal.
Saffron Saffron threads are the hand-plucked stigmas of the crocus flower; this labor-intensive harvest makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world. Saffron is intensely fragrant, and has a vibrant orange-red color.  Its slightly bitter flavor, and heady,
Saffron Saffron threads are the hand-plucked stigmas of the crocus flower;  this labor-intensive harvest makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world. It is intensely fragrant, and has a vibrant orange-red color.  Its slightly bitter flavor and heady, into
Saffron Threads This intensely fragrant and beautifully colored saffron is the most expensive spice in the world; one gram of saffron, however, goes further than an equal amount of any other spice. Saffron has a slightly bitter flavor, and a heady, intoxicating aroma. Sa
Saifun This long thin noodle, made from potato and corn starches, has a very fine texture and neutral flavor.  It tastes great added to stir-fries or soup.
Saifun Noodles Made from the starch of green mung beans, these noodles are also known as bean threads, Chinese vermicelli, glass noodles, and harusame. These translucent noodles must be soaked in hot water before use in most dishes. Served boiled, stir-fried with spicy
Salad Olives One of over a dozen varieties, these olives are packed with pimientos.  Use to add zest to a number of recipes including traditional Puerto Rican yellow rice or beans in tomato sauce.  Also toss into salads for added flavor.
Salsa Golosa
Salt This fine salt is an excellent source of iodine.  Protected from humidity and moisture, it is ideal for baking, as well as a table salt.
Salted Black Beans Cooked, salted, and fermented, these black soybeans have a heady aroma and rich, complex flavor. Used mainly as a flavoring agent, salted, or fermented, black beans add essential flavors to many braised, steamed, and stir-fried Chinese dishes.
Salty Khari Biscuits These Indian pastry puffs are amazingly light and flaky. An all-natural blend of wheat flour, vegetable oil, and salt, these delicate biscuits have a rich, nutty taste reminiscent of French puff pastry. Serve with spicy chutneys and savory relishes or as
Sambal Oelek - Ground Fresh Chili Paste A pepper paste used as a condiment or with any dish.
Sambal Oelek Fresh Chili Paste Sambals are multi-purpose condiments of a wide variety enjoyed throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, and southern India. This one is a very hot chili paste, balanced with vinegar, that adds intense heat to any dish. Mix well and use to add spice to stir-fries a
Sanma Kabayaki Sanma (saury) are a fall delicacy in Japan: a slender long-beaked fish that's so flavorful it needs no seasoning but is usually grilled and eaten plain with a few deft swoops of the chopsticks. These tender, broiled sanma fillets are firm and flavorful, p
Sardine In Tomato Sauce Green Sardines in green tomato sauce, a tasty side dish.
Sardine In Tomato Sauce W/ Chili Sardines in tomato sauce, a tasty side dish.
Sardines In Oil These canned sardines are rich, salty and flavorful.  Enjoy them in a sandwich with dijon mustard.  Also, serve as an appetizer with crackers at parties or chop and mix in very small amounts into a salad.
Sardines In Soybean Oil Small, tender saltwater fish, sardines have a rich, naturally oily fish flavor; they're a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Serve as a snack, on sandwiches, or add to sauces and ragouts. Try sardines fried with garlic, tomatoes, and green o
Sardines In Tomato Sauce Related to the herring, these tiny fish pack a powerful punch of flavor. These sardines are canned in a rich tomato sauce. For a flavorful light lunch, serve with chopped onions, grated cheese, jalapeno peppers and saltines or tostadas.
Satay Sauce This sweet peanut dipping sauce, flavored with coconut milk and paprika, is smooth and quite spicy, with a nice zippy edge. The jar is packaged with two sachets of spice mix to use as a marinade for meat or chicken before grilling, making a complete satay
Sate Trieu Chau This seasoning paste and dipping sauce flavored with garlic, onion, and chilies adds a distinct Thai flavor to noodles, soups, and satays.
Sauce For Ma Po Tofu Easy one-time use pouches perfectly seasoned every time.  All you need to do is add meat, vegetables and tofu.
Sauce For Roasts - Hot & Spicy A hot and spicy sauce to bring out the flavor of meat.
Sauteed Dried Tofu & Bambooshoot Strips A texturally varied blend of crisp bamboo shoots and firm tofu, ideal for stir-fries and noodle dishes. Tofu and bamboo both have mild flavors, easily adapted to diverse ingredients and tastes. Try tofu and bamboo shoot blend stir-fried with garlic, green
Savoy Coconut Cream Canned coconut milk, can be used for cooking or for making desserts.
Sazon With Annatto Create instant depth and flavor with this all-purpose Mexican seasoning blend. Add this powdered mix of garlic, onion, salt, and savory spices to taco fillings, stews, soups, and sauces.
Sazon With Coriander and Annatto Annatto and coriander seasoning packets. The annatto adds red color, while the coriander, garlic and cumin adds the flavor. These packets are a versatile flavor enhancer that may be added to meats, stew, soups, pasta, rice, beans, etc.
Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce This pepper has a fruity sweetness, flowery aroma, and an aggressive, long-lasting spiciness. This hot sauce is made from scotch bonnet peppers, garlic, onions, vinegar, and thyme, for a delicious, bright, Caribbean-style hot sauce. Add to chilis, soups,
Sea Salt Harvested from the waters of the Mediterranean along the western coast of Sicily, this sparkling white, coarsely ground Italian sea salt can be used in place of table salt. Spinkle on just a bit&#151;it has a cleaner, more intense flavor than table salt.
Sea Salt Coarse Crystals This coarse French sea salt is from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, evaporated to a sparkling white salt by sun and sea breezes. Use in place of table salt, but in less quantity due to its cleaner, more intense flavor.
Seafood Antipasto A colorful combination of seafood and vegetables in a spiced tomato, oil, and vinegar sauce. Includes sardines, mussels, mackerel, olives, carrots and sweet red peppers. Imported from Spain. Vacuum-packed and ready to add to an antipasto platter or salad.
Seasoned Rice Vinegar Used in Asian cooking, rice-wine vinegar is a clear, light-flavored vinegar that is mild and sweet. This seasoned version is traditionally used in salad dressings and to flavor sushi rice. Use to dress an Asian slaw made with shredded cabbage, carrot, dai
Seaweed Sheets Rich in iodine, seaweed ("nori" in Japanese) is a mainstay of Japanese cuisine. These roasted seaweed sheets are essential for sushi rolls. You can also use them to make onigiri, a popular Japanese snack and picnic food. Fill balls of warm cooked short-gr
Seedless Raspberry Preserves This simple raspberry preserve is sweet, thick with fruit, and seedless. Spoon directly onto toast or scones, or use as a filling for chocolate cakes.
Select Harvest Jasmine Rice Harvested just once a year from Thailand's central plains, this jasmine rice is hand-selected from premium crops. Jasmine rice is a type of long-grain rice that is the preferred grain for Thai food and many Asian specialties. It is subtly aromatic, nutty,
Semi Di Orzo This imported orzo, made by the same Italian family since 1860, is a tiny pasta shaped like dainty kernels of rice, made from 100% durum wheat semolina. Ideal for soups and salads, or use instead of rice as a side dish with almost any main course. Orzo is
Semolina Wheat Flour Semolina flour is made from hard durum wheat, more coarsely ground than for traditional wheat flours. Its firm character resists turning into a starchy paste when cooked, making it an integral ingredient for producing the highest quality pastas. Just mix
Sesame Oil Made from toasted sesame seeds, this versatile oil has a dark color, scented aroma and pungent, roasted  flavor. Combine with rice vinegar, peanut oil, scallions, and soy sauce for an Asian vinaigrette.
Sesame Oil Blended With Soybean Oil Made from the best roasted sesame seeds, this sesame oil is blended with soy bean oil, for a milder flavor and lighter color. To accent overall taste, add a few dashes to salad dressings, stir-fries, and marinades for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes.
Sesame Seed (Crushed with Salt) Roasted and crushed sesame seed with sea salt.
Sesame Seed in Bottle Pure, first-grade roasted sesame seeds for a strong sesame flavor.
Sesame Seed Paste Made only from ground, toasted sesame seeds and oil, this thick paste highlights the natural flavors of this delicate seed. Toasted sesame paste is used in northern and western Chinese cooking for rich sauces and dressings, and in hot stir-fries. Blend se
Sesame Seeds Sesame seeds are believed to be warming and energy giving. Hence, they are used in many dishes traditionally eaten in winter. Sweets made from sesame seeds are eaten and exchanged during Sankranti, a Hindu festival because it's believed that sesame sweets
Sesame Seeds Sesame seed is the world's oldest seasoning--some records date it to 3000 B.C. Used throughout Asia and the Middle East, sesame seeds have a rich, nutty, sweet flavor. These white seeds may be used plain or lightly toasted, as a garnish for stir-fries or
Sev Sev are crispy, Indian noodle snacks made from nuts and chickpea flour (besan). These lightly spiced, salted noodles have a crunchy texture and a nutty taste. Serve as a cocktail snack or sprinkle over salads, soups, and stir-fries.
Shallot Flavored Red Wine Vinegar This robust French red-wine vinegar is flavored with mild shallots. It has a pleasant onion aroma and a balanced acidity. Combine with extra-virgin olive oil and fresh herbs for a flavorful vinaigrette; toss with mesclun greens.
Sherry Vinegar 50 year reserve; finest quality; attractive small corked bottle
Sherry Vinegar Reserve is the highest classification reserved for sherry vinegars, made from the fortified wine produced near the town of Jerez in the Andalusia region of southern Spain. This reserve sherry vinegar is aged for 30 years, for a dark color, aromatic fragra
Sherry Wine Vinegar A delicate, yet full-bodied sherry vinegar imported from the Spain and aged over 25 years. Mellow and a little sweet, sherry-wine vinegar can be added to pan drippings to make an elegant, easy sauce. A little will give a simple vinaigrette a sophisticated
Shiitake Mushrooms Originally from Japan, the meaty flesh and full bodied flavor of shiitakes are now popular almost everywhere. These dried shiitakes (one ounce) can be rehydrated and used like fresh mushrooms. Don't forget to save the water from soaking to add to soups an
Short Grain Rice This short-grain white Japanese rice is tender, moist, and clingy, and holds its shape ideally for sushi. Follow the box directions to produce the perfect degree of stickiness, for professional-quality sushi every time.
Shrimp Chip A crispy, shrimp-flavored snack shaped like crinkle-cut fries. We were dubious at first, but soon discovered that these unique snacks are hard to put down. An unexpected, savory treat.
Shrimp Flavored Noodle Soup Instant Japanese-style noodles with shrimp-flavored soup
Shrimp Paste With Bean Oil Shrimp, peppers, garlic, and spices compose this pungently aromatic paste. Rich with garlic and shrimp flavor, this robust paste adds an element of Thailand to numerous dishes. Add to soups, stir-fries, and rice. For a traditional Thai soup base, combine
Shrimp Powder Made of 97% dried and finely shredded shrimp, plus a little sugar and salt, this product is used to flavor and garnish salads, soups, and rice or noodle dishes. Mix with lemon juice, fish sauce (nam pla), or broth to make a thin sauce. Serve with rice, or
Sicilian Lentil Soup High in protein, lentils have long been used as a meat substitute. This dry mix of brown lentils is embellished with small cut pasta, bits of carrots, and garlic. Just mix with water for a fat free lunch or appetizer.
Sicilian Pasta Sauce This Sicilian pasta sauce is a robust blend of earthy mushrooms, sweet peppers, Romano cheese, garlic, and spices for a sweet, mild taste that's versatile for tossing with pasta or baking as lasagna.
Simla Potatoes (Alu Bhaji) An instant Indian meal, made from potato cubes stir-fried with onions, red chilies, and traditional spices. Simla has a hearty, complex flavor, and a mild, balanced spice; it comes in a microwave-safe container - just heat, and serve with Indian flatbread
Skordalia/Garlic Spread A garlic lover's dream. Skordalia is a true Greek tradition. A popular Greek <i>meze</i>, or appetizer, it is made with barley bread, walnuts, extra-virgin olive oil, and wine vinegar. It has a smooth, rich texture and flavor and a pungent roasted garlic
Sliced Bamboo Shoots The edible young shoots of the bamboo stalk, this sliced bamboo is prized for its light crunch, and its versatile, mildly woody flavor.  Found throughout Chinese cuisines, bamboo adds bite to stir-fries and noodle dishes.
Sliced Bamboo Shoots The edible young shoots of the bamboo stalk, this sliced bamboo is prized for its light crunch, and its versatile, mildly woody flavor.  Found throughout Chinese cuisines, bamboo adds bite to stir-fries and noodle dishes.
Sliced Ginger A tropical root, ginger is prized worldwide for its pungent, peppery, sweet-spicy flavor. This peeled, sliced ginger is preserved in brine. Drain and chop ginger slices for stir-fries; savory, complex curries; or pastry fillings. For a quick, simple veget
Sliced Jalapeno Peppers Named after Jalapa, the capital of Vera Cruz, the jalapeno is perhaps the most widely recognized Mexican pepper. These canned, sliced jalapenos are pickled in vinegar with onions and carrots. Pickled jalapenos are an almost universal condiment with all ty
Sliced Jalapeno Peppers Named after Jalapa, the capital of Vera Cruz, Mexico, these smooth, sliced jalapeno chiles range from hot to very hot. Use over tostadas, tacos, in meat or fish dishes, and a variety of other dishes.
Sliced Mango In Syrup These large slices of mangos in syrup retain much of the taste and texture of the fresh fruit. Use to add a tropical touch to yogurt drinks, sweet/hot salsas, sweet dessert sauces, or savory sauces for grilled fish or seafood.
Sliced Mangoes In Syrup Enjoy these sliced mangoes alone or in fruit salads. Also, drain and use as a filling for cakes or puree to make mango mousse as well as a sweet sauce for ice cream.
Sliced Potatoes for Spanish Omelettes In Spain, "omelet" refers to a potato/egg dish cooked in a round pan and served in thick wedges. Use these delicately seasoned potatoes to make your own Spanish omelets: Beat in two or three eggs, mix well, and cook in a saute pan until the egg sets. Turn
Small Red Beans These are small red kidney beans with a cream colored flesh. They have a full bodied flavor and tender texture. Already cooked, simply add to rice for red beans and rice or try them in your favorite chili con carne recipe.
Small White Beans Fat free and high in protein and fiber, these cooked small white beans have a mild flavor and tender texture. Serve with rice, or use to make a bean soup. Can be pureed and mixed with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic for an interesting dip.
Smoked Baby Clams Rich, delicate, and deeply smoky, these tiny baby clams make a delightful snack or appetizer. Add to creamy chowders or serve on canape toasts, garnished with a zesty tropical salsa.
Smoked Cod Liver High in Omega-3 fatty acids, cod liver oil is a healthy ingredient.  It is an oil obtained from the liver of the cod, and used as a source of vitamins A and D.
Smoked Eel Fillets These eels are considered a rich, firm meat delicacy in Europe and Japan.  These canned eel fillets have been smoked.
Smoked Hokaido Scallop These famous Hokaido dried scallops (21 pieces) are used for flavoring in soups, sauces, and other dishes. As small quantity, however, goes a long way, because the scallops, once rehydrated, are shredded and used in small quantities.
Smoked Mussels These delicate smoked mussels have a rich, powerful flavor and a dense, tender flesh. Serve mussels in soups, salads, or sauces paired with tangy dressings and garnishes. Add mussels to a rich chowder flavored with tomatoes, onions, and carrots; combine i
Smoked Oysters These small, fancy oysters have a distinct smoky aroma and taste.  Packed in cottonseed oil, they can be enjoyed straight from the tin, on toasted rounds, or baked in puffed pastries.  Try them as part of a smoked shellfish platter with smoked mussels and
Smoked Oysters - Medium These large cherrywood smoked oysters are high in calcium and iron, as well as good source of protein. Serve as a snack, appetizer, or hors d'oeuvre.
Smoked Sprat Pate The sprat is a small fish found off of the European Atlantic coast, belonging to the herring family. Sprats have a high fat content, making this a rich tasting pate, flavored with a hint of onion. Serve these fine imported smoked sprats in the traditional
Smooth Mustard with Honey and Mead
Snails With Shells A French delicacy, escargots are juicy, flavorful snails, traditionally served with flavored butter. These extra large snails come in their own beautiful shells ready for serving - no special snail dishes are required. Serve in a rich snail butter, flavor
So Ba Buckwheat Noodles Japanese soba noodle is made from buckwheat flour and is light brown in color and has a nutty flavor and chewy texture.
Soba Buckwheat Noodles Buckwheat is not actually wheat, but an herb native to Russia. These Japanese buckwheat noodles (soba), are made with a blend of ground buckwheat seeds and wheat flour, for a robust character. Serve in broth accented with hot chile, or boiled and chilled
Soda Lemonada Soda lemonada has a rich, cream soda flavor, with a citrus finish.  Light, effervescent, and intensely sweet, soda lemonada is refreshing and delicious.
Sofrito Traditionally, sofrito is made by sauteing annatto seeds in rendered pork fat and then cooked with chopped onions, green peppers, garlic, and various herbs. Goya's sofrito does not contain any pork fat.
Soft Jasmine Rice This aromatic long-grain rice cooks to light, fluffy, separate grains, with a delicate floral aroma. Serve jasmine rice to accompany all types of Asian food, particularly Thai soups and curries.
Solid White Tuna In Olive Oil This firm, meaty, white tuna has a rich fish flavor. Use this gourmet tuna in salads or right out of the can; blend tuna with capers and black olives as a pasta sauce, or add to a salad Nicoise, with haricot verts (green beans), Nicoise olives, hard-cooke
Somen Noodles The most delicate of Japanese noodles, somen noodles are thin, white wheat-flour noodles tied into bundles with decorative paper. Prized for their fine texture, somen are often served cold in salads, and are at their best in simple broths.
Soup Mix -  Won Ton Just add a measure amount to make an excellent soup base for Won Ton Soup and other dishes such as congee, and meat broth
Soup Mix - Beef Use Knorr Beef Broth Mix to flavor stews, sauces and gravies.  Great as a base for all your homemade clear beef soups.
Soup Mix - Chicken Made with real chicken, it will add delicious flavor to your dishes.  Ideal for soup base and marinating.
Soup Mix  Cube- Pork Add cube to water to make delicious pork broth and flavoring.  Ideal for soup  base and marinating.
Soup Mix Cube - Beef Add cube to water to make delicious beef broth and flavoring.  Ideal for soup base and marinating.
Soup Mix Cube - Fish Add cube to water to make delicious fish broth and flavoring. Ideal for soup base and marinating.
Soup Mix Cube - Shrimp Add cube to water to make delicious shrimp broth and flavoring.  Ideal for soup base and marinating.
Soup Mix Cube - Vegetarian Add cube to water to make delicious vegetarian broth and flavoring.  Ideal for soup base and marinating.
Soy Bean Curd - Silken Firm Ready to eat tofu bean curd for all your home-style Chinese dishes.
Soy Bean Curd - Silken Soft Made from the whey extracted from ground, cooked soybeans, tofu is a versatile, nutritious food. This soft tofu has a mild, slightly nutty taste that will take on the flavors of the foods it is combined with. Smooth bean curds are especially well-suited f
Soy Bean Drink Refreshing and nutritious single-serve soy milk to take on the go.  Serve chilled or at room temperature.  Take advantage of this great deal -- <b>Buy 5 and get 1 FREE!</b>
Soy Bean Flour - Kinako High in protein and low in carbohydrates, mix with other flours for baking and thickening sauces.
Soy Drink - Natural, Sweetened Soy beverage is a traditional part of the Chinese diet and has kept people healthy for generations.  Soy bean is an important source of protein and energy.  This product is sweetened and delicious chilled or warm.
Soy Sauce First developed centuries ago in China, soy sauce is the Asian answer to salt. Brewed from roasted wheat grain and soybeans, this Philippine sauce is dark brown in color and has hints of caramel. While contributing necessary salinity to foods, soy adds a
Soy Sauce Soy sauce for cooking .
Soy Sauce This naturally brewed Chinese-style soy sauce is made from roasted soybeans, wheat, and salt. It has a rich, pungent flavor and is darker and saltier than Japanese soy sauce. Soy is a ubiquitous flavoring in Asian cuisines, and is used to adjust the seaso
Soy Sauce This Chinese-style soy sauce is made from roasted soybeans, wheat, and salt. It has a rich, pungent flavor and is somewhat darker and saltier than Japanese soy sauce. Use in any Asian soup, sauce, or stir-fry.
Soy Sauce - Kimlan Lou Chau Seasoning for cooking or dipping.
Soy Sauce - Naturally Brewed A popular Japanese soy-sauce with a hint of sweet flavor.
Soy Sauce - Special Soy sauce particularly good for cooking and marinates.
Soya Bean Drink A tasty, highly nutritious soy bean milk drink.
Spaetzle Literally translated from the German as "little sparrow," spaetzle is a dish of tiny dumplings made with flour, eggs, water or milk, salt, and sometimes nutmeg. For a traditional German side dish, just boil these prepared dried spaetzle, toss with butter,
Spaetzle Tiny Swiss Style Noodles Literally "little sparrow" in German, spaetzle is a dish of tiny egg dumplings, made of flour, milk, eggs, and salt. This mix makes them easy to prepare: Just boil, drain, and serve. Toss with butter, serve with gravy, use in a casserole, or add to soup.
Spaghetti Rustichella d'Abruzzo ("little rustic thing from Abruzzo") is a throwback to a simpler time. Made by artisans, not by machines, in Italy's Abruzzo region, just east of Rome, the spaghetti is shaped in bronze dies and dried slowly in warm rooms. The proces
Spaghetti Italian for "little strings", spaghetti has become  America's favorite pasta. Long, slender tubes, just wide enough to stand up to a hearty sauce or wrap around a giant meatball. Spaghetti's versatility makes it a classic companion to regional Italian sau
Spaghetti This spaghetti is from an old-style, family-run business. Durum wheat semolina is worked with water into dough and passed through a bronze mold, then slowly dried. The resulting spaghetti has a porous surface great for absorbing sauce. Serve with pesto, t
Spaghetti Sauce This Italian-style tomato sauce is made with crushed tomatoes, olive oil, and spices, with a mild sweetness that comes naturally from the tomatoes. It has no cholesterol or saturated fat. Ready to serve; just warm and mix with pasta.
Spaghetti Whole Wheat A whole-wheat version of a popular pasta shape, this Italian spaghetti is blended from whole wheat and semolina flours. Made according to a centuries-old family tradition, the noodles have a coarse surface and a hearty, subtly nutty flavor that matches we
Spaghettini Manufactured by the same family since 1926, this Italian spaghettini has been made and dried following a traditional recipe. Composed of fine durum wheat semolina flour, this pasta has a naturally coarse surface, to grab and hold sauces. Serve spaghettini
Spanish Caper Berries The caperberry is the fruit of the Mediterranean  shrub which gives us the dainty, intense caper. These Spanish caperberries are the size of olives, with a flavor similar to that of the caper, but milder, with a meaty, sweet-tart flesh. Caperberries bring
Spanish Octopus In Soy And Olive Oil Light, tender, and packed in oil, these octopus pieces are delicate in flavor and slightly chewy. Serve them plain on crackers, or use in stir fries, paella, salad, or on toast points.  Dice and serve as a canape garnish.
Spanish Olives These pitted Spanish green olives are ready for cocktails, snacking, or cooking. To make a tasty topping for grilled chicken breasts, roughtly chop and mix with olive oil, lemon juice, capers, garlic, and oregano.
Spanish Olives These rich, Spanish olives are stuffed with sweet, tangy red pimento peppers - a savory accompaniment for cocktails, salads, and relish trays.
Spanish Saffron Dried flowers of saffron are the world's most expensive spice as it takes approximately 70,000 flowers to obtain half a kilogram of saffron. A quarter tablespoon of loosely packed strands can flavor and color a dish to serve 6 people. Used mainly in Moghu
Spanish Salad Olives A rich, tangy Spanish olive stuffed with sweet pimento. These stuffed olives are an ideal accompaniment to cocktails and add bright sweet flavors to salads and relish assortments.
Sparkling Citrus Beverage An effervescent soft drink imported from Canada. This carbonated drink is a refreshing blend of orange and tangerine juices. Packed with orchard-fresh flavor, this cooler is best well-chilled or served over crushed ice.
Sparkling Water The name and symbol of Apollinaris has remained unchanged for over 100 years. Light and refreshing, this naturally sparkling German mineral water is fragrant and crisp, with an optimum balance of all essential minerals, yielding a fine, rounded taste.
Sparkling Water A natural English mineral water of exceptional taste, derived from the chalk hills of the Hampshire countryside. This gently carbonated water is bottled at the source, Broughton, Hampshire, UK. Sodium free.
Special Soy Sauce Also known as Soy Sauce Tau Vi Yeu Bo De.  A medium soy sauce that serves as a multi-purpose base for all Vietnamese dishes.
Spicy Ginger & Garlic Marinade & Grill Sauce Minus the red coloring that marks many tandoori sauces, this naturally colored marinade and grill sauce has all the vibrant flavor of the classic north-Indian dish. It's thick, pungent, and medium-spicy with lots of ginger, tamarind, and garlic. Combine w
Spicy Jerk Sauce Inspired by the Jamaican dry spice blend for grilled meats that combines fiery chiles with warm spices such as cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. This thick, dark brown sauce features cane vinegar and sugar with chiles and spices for a sweet taste followed b
Spicy Rouille
Spicy Sesame Linguine Noodles Linguine noodles are called "little tongues" in Italy. These long, narrow, flat noodles have a slightly nutty, slightly spicy, Asian-inspired taste. Use in most Asian noodle dishes. Try serving cold as part of a spicy chicken salad. A nice change from the
Spicy Thai Chili Sauce This versatile hot sauce made from fresh Thai chiles has a sweet, smoky aroma and hot taste. Use just as you would any hot sauce: Sprinkle a few drops into salad dressings, chilis, soups, dips, or pasta sauces.
Spicy Thai Peanut Bake A hot, sweet blend of ground peanuts, sugar, ground red pepper and other spices, this dried mix makes as easy and delicious coating for boneless chicken breasts.  Can also be used with pork chops, fish fillets, or shrimp.  Sure to wake up your taste buds!
Spicy Thai Pilaf This combination of delicately perfumed jasmine rice and traditional Thai herbs makes it easy to bring a taste of Thailand to your table. Easy to prepare: Just follow package directions and toss with sauteed asparagus and red pepper.
Spicy Tomato And Cardamom Cooking Sauce Classic hot Indian sauce with tomato and cardamom from the Kashmir region of India . Simmer with a variety of meats or vegetables, and serve with rice . This sauce works especially well with lamb or chicken.
Spinach & Tomato Rotini This pasta combines spinach, tomato, and 100% semolina rotini. This short, twisty pasta, vibrant with green, red, and golden hues, is made by the Rummo family, which has been producing delicious Italian pastas since 1860.  Combine with fresh tomatoes, pep
Spinach Fettuccini A traditional Italian pasta, made from semolina flour, according to a family recipe that spans many generations. Broad and flat, fettuccine has a tender bite and a mild flavor. Toss pasta with cream sauce and freshly ground black pepper, or try it topped
Spring Roll Skin - 31Cm This rice wrap used for spring rolls. Steam or wet until soft; roll while the wrap is still sticky.
Spring Roll Skins This delicate flour wrap can be used for all types of spring rolls, such as light Asian wraps filled with seafood or meats, sprouts, and vegetables.  Simple to use, and always popular with the adventurous cook.  Steam wraps until soft, and quickly fill wi
Spring Roll Wrappers Use this delicate flour wrap for all types of spring rolls, especially Vietnamese and Thai rolls. Try filling with shredded pork, cabbage, carrot, and mint or with crispy tofu, avocado, and enoki mushrooms. Steam wraps until soft, roll as you would a burr
Squid Ink Fettuccine A flat, narrow, black noodle made with semolina flour and squid ink. Serve with a tomato seafood sauce. Or try with just about any vegetable sauce for a striking looking dish. The flavor is very close to regular pasta, but the color is surprising.
Squids In Own Ink Imported calamari packed in olive oil and squid ink. Mild and ready to use in antipasto, as a canape, or hors d'oeuvre topping. The rich, dark color comes from the natural ink of the squid.
Stainless Thermal Cooking Pot (SNAE-B45) An energy saving, healthful way to cook. An inner pot is used to bring foods to a boil. Complete the preparation process by placing the inner pot in the vacuum insulated outer container and seal until cooked. Capacity: 4.77 quart / 4.5 litters. Heat Reten
Star Aniseed Dried This dried, star-shaped fruit comes from a small Chinese evergreen.  It is used extensively in Chinese and Vietnamese cooking.  Its flavor is similar to, but stronger than, anise seed.
Steamed Bun Flour This finely ground wheat flour yields a light, slightly chewy dough that's ideal for making dim sum wrappers. Fill the wrappers with ground pork, soy, scallion, and water chestnuts. Steam and serve with a soy dipping sauce.
Stir Fry Oil This combination soybean and peanut oil is flavored with garlic, onion and ginger. It adds instant flavor and aroma to any Asian stir-fry without chopping. Use also for salad dressing or dipping sauces.
Stir Fry Oil No need to chop garlic or ginger to season your oil: this stir-fry oil already contains a perfect infusion of these essential flavors of Asian cuisine. Made from soybean oil, peanut oil, garlic, onion, and ginger. Use liberally in stir-fries.
Stir Fry Vegetables Make stir-fry easy without the time-consuming prep work. This convenient blend includes bean sprouts, baby corn, water chestnuts, and mushrooms.
Stir-Fry Rice Noodles Bangkok's favorite noodle and essential for Pad Thai, Thailand's most famous dish. These rice noodles are versatile and easy to work with. Cook noodles for two minutes (or, more traditionally, soak in water to soften), then stir-fry with meat, vegetables,
Straight Lainfen Straight and thin, these cylindrical rice noodles are also called rice sticks. They are featured in every Asian cuisine, especially Vietnamese and Thai. Use in stir fries or soups. Toss with water chestnuts, toasted coriander, marinated red onion, sliced
Strawberry and Honey with Red Currant Preserves
Strawberry Preserve A handmade English fruit preserve, thick with strawberries.  Made according to a traditional recipe, this strawberry preserve has bright, ripe berry flavors, and an intense sweetness.  Preserves are essential for any breakfast table, and make delightful a
Strawberry Preserve While there are many forms of cooked fruits, preserves are best characterized by the addition of whole pieces of fruit. This thick English strawberry preserve  is sweet to the palate and abounds with pieces of fruit.. Enjoy it on toast or scones, with a c
Strawberry Preserves A Swiss preserves made from the finest strawberries; thick and fruity. Fill baked tartlets with this preserves and ground almonds.
Strawberry Spread Made in France from a traditional recipe, this fruity strawberry conserve is naturally sweetened with fruit concentrates. Bright berry flavors abound in this spread, studded throughout with chunks of whole fruit. Preserves and jams are essential for the b
Strozzapretti Rustichella d'Abruzzo ("little rustic thing from Abruzzo") is a throwback to a simpler time. Made by artisans, the pasta is shaped in bronze dies and dried slowly in warm rooms, carefully preserving its durum wheat character, and producing a porous surfac
Stuffed Grape Leaves Stuffed grape leaves, a type of Greek dolma (vegetables or fruit stuffed with a savory filling), are a popular Greek mezze (appetizer). These stuffed grape leaves (12-14 per can) are about two inches long and are stuffed with rice, mint, and other spices,
Sugar Cane A popular Thai treat, sugar cane stalks are chewed on for their natural sweetness.  These peeled, canned stalks from Thailand offer intensely sweet tropical flavor, for an unusual snack.
Sugar Free Vanilla Halvah This traditional Middle Eastern confection is made from ground sesame seeds and vanilla flavoring. Sugar free and all-natural with no preservatives, it's sweet and nutty, with a slightly chewy texture. Serve sliced on a sweet tray or with fresh fruit.
Sugo Alle Verdure This chunky, rich orange-red sauce has a delicate flavor with a hint of heat balanced by the heartiness and sweetness of zucchini and tomatoes. Toss with pasta or use to top crostini.
Sukiyaki Sauce Japanese hot pot sauce that gives soups and dishes a slightly sweet flavor.
Sultan Stuffed Peppers Small green peppers stuffed with rice, vegetables, and spices; cooked in tomato sauce; 4-5 per can
Sumac (Ground) Sumac powder is the ground berry of a Mediterranean evergreen and is widely used in the Middle East; the bright, red berries have an intense, sour, fruitiness. Sumac's potent flavor cuts through strongly flavored, rich meats. Use Sumac in place of lemon o
Sumac, for garnish Sumac powder is the ground berry of a Mediterranean evergreen and is widely used in the Middle East;  the bright, red berries have an intense, sour, fruitiness.  Sumac's potent flavor easily cuts through strongly flavored, rich meats. Sumac may be used in
Summer Fruit Preserves A rich blend of morello cherries, raspberries, strawberries, and red currants, in a thick preserve.  Made from a traditional recipe, this sweet spread is filled with powerful ripe berry flavors, with a mildly tangy finish.  Serve preserves at the breakfas
Sun Dried Tomatoes Sun-dried Roma tomatoes, preserved in fine olive and canola oils  These imported tomatoes have a darkly sweet flavor, well-matched to salads, sauces, and stews.  Try a sun-dried tomato spread, blending sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, capers, anchovies,
Sun-Dried Tomato Paste Rich with the sweet intensity of sun-dried tomatoes, this concentrated Italian paste in a convenient tube includes olive oil, chile peppers, oregano, garlic, and capers. Use to flavor cream cheese for hors d'oeuvres, or toss with hot vegetables and butter
Sun-Dried Tomatoes Intensely flavored tomatoes, dried in the Italian sun and packed in olive oil and spices. No need to reconstitute. Chop and add to pasta or omelets; layer between roasted vegetables on sandwiches or sprinkle on pizza.
Sun-Dried Tomatoes In Olive Oil These sun-dried tomatoes are made from small, ripe Roma tomatoes, dried to an intense concentrated sweetness and packed in fruity olive oil. A tasty garnish for pizza, pasta, salads, and sandwiches. Or top a slice of cheese with a whole sun-dried tomato f
Sunflower Crackers, Plain Small and rectangular with a flaky texture and a mild taste, these Philippene crackers are an ideal base for hors d'oeuvre toppings. Serve them with caponata, a richly flavored mix of saut? eggplant, tomatoes, onions, anchovies, capers, and olive oil for
Superior Black Soy Sauce This intriguing "black soy sauce" from Thailand has molasses added, yielding a sweeter taste and a full-bodied texture that's much thicker and sweeter than regular soy sauce. Use as a dipping sauce for chicken. To make a dipping sauce for satays or an int
Superior Soy Sauce
Sushi Ginger Ginger, pickled in sweetened vinegar, has a sharp, spicy-sweet flavor. In Asian salads, it adds distinct, characteristic Japanese flavor; alongside sushi, it provides a crisp contrast to the subtle, rich flavors found in raw fish and smoked eel.
Sushi Making Kit Everything you need to make authentic rolled sushi at home: short grain rice, sushi vinegar, rice vinegar, dark soy sauce, nori, pickled ginger, wasabi, bamboo rolling mat, and rice paddle.  This comprehensive set includes a detailed recipe book, informat
Sushi Nori This dried, roasted seaweed is the wrapper used for rolled sushi. Rolling instructions (in English) appear on the back of this Japanese 10-sheet pack. Once you get the hang of rolling sushi, it's easy and fun to make your favorite traditional and innovati
Sushi Rolling Mat And Paddle The bamboo paddle and rolling mat are indispensable tools in making rolled sushi. Use the paddle to toss warm rice with rice vinegar and mirin to make seasoned rice; use the bamboo mat to roll toasted seaweed (nori) around the seasoned rice, raw fish, and
Sushi Shoga
Sushi Vinegar Brewed according to a century-old process, this seasoned rice vinegar has a delicate, mildly tangy flavor. Mix with cooked rice to make the seasoned rice used for rolled sushi. Or, add to Asian dressings and sauces. Blend with sesame oil, garlic, and ging
Swedish Coffee Dark Roast
Sweet & Sour Noodles Maggi's instant noodles in a delicious sweet and sour flavor. Simply boil water, add noodles followed by the flavoring mix and cook. For a more wholesome dish, try adding some fresh vegetable pieces like carrots, peas and cauliflower.
Sweet And Sour Sauce This piquant and versatile sauce and table condiment combines vinegar, sugar, and spices for a pleasant, balanced sweet-and-sour taste. Best known for its appearance in classic Chinese sweet-and-sour dishes, this sauce also makes a great table condiment a
Sweet Basil Dried One of the oldest herbs known to man, basil adds a fragrant aroma and zest to many dishes. Use this dried sweet basil for tomato sauces; combine with garlic and butter for a basting chicken or fish; add to salad dressings or sprinkle over cooked vegetable
Sweet Bavarian Mustard Mild and sweet, with a medium grain, this Bavarian mustard has a balanced flavor and a delicate bite.  Bavarian mustard is an essential accompaniment for German sausages; try with sausages and sauerkraut or vegetables braised in Rhine wine.
Sweet Chile For Chicken This tangy, sweet-hot chili sauce has a distinct garlic flavor.  Tastes great with chicken, meat, or seafood dishes.
Sweet Khari Biscuit These sweet, Indian pastry puffs are amazingly light and flaky. With a delicate texture reminiscent of French puff pastry, these sugar-dusted, wheat biscuits have a rich, buttery taste and a nutty aroma. Serve as an elegant accompaniment to dessert trays,
Sweet Mild Soy Sauce
Sweet Paprika Hungary's paprika is considered the finest in the world, and is a staple of Hungarian cuisine. Made with ground sweet red pepper, this exquisite paprika has a pungently sweet taste and a deep orange-red color. Widely used as a seasoning and garnish, papri
Sweet Pepper Spread This smooth, natural, brightly colored spread bursts with the smoky sweet taste of roasted sweet red peppers. Made simply with roasted red peppers, extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and sheep's milk cheese. Use as a spread for roasted-vegetable fo
Sweet Red Chili Sauce This sweet and spicy condiment is made from mellowed Thai red chiles and has a slightly smoky-sweet taste with a medium heat. Use  to accompany fried fish, to enliven soups, or simply as a dipping sauce for shrimp chips.
Sweet Red Pimentos Often found inside stuffed green olives, bright-red pimiento peppers are sweeter and more aromatic than red bell peppers. These pimiento strips are tasty in salads, sandwiches, or as part of an antipasto platter.
Sweet Rice This glutinous or "sticky" rice, called "mochi" in Japanese, has opaque white grains that cook up translucent, tender, slightly sweet, and chewy. The cooked grains cling together, making it easy to eat with chopsticks or shape into balls to dip into curri
Sweet Sugar Palm Fruit These peeled, white sugar palm fruits have an intense sweetness, a soft, pulpy flesh, and a tropical, banana-pineapple flavor. Palm fruits are essential for the Philippine dessert specialty, halo-halo. Literally, "mix-mix," halo-halo is a blend of fruits,
Sweet Sugar Palm Fruit These peeled, yellow sugar palm fruits have an intense sweetness, a soft, pulpy flesh, and a tropical, banana-pineapple flavor. Palm fruits are essential for the Philippine dessert specialty, halo-halo. Literally "mix-mix," halo-halo is a blend of fruits,
Sweet Thai Noodle Sauce This stimulating noodle sauce is made from sugary coconut milk and is accentuated with spicy chiles, onions, and garlic. It is a perfect balance of sweet, bold, and fiery flavors. Serve with noodles or use as a marinade for poultry.
Szechuan Sauce A spicy cooking sauce, made in the Szechuan style. This cooking sauce is made from miso, broad beans, red pepper, and vinegar; it has a dark, potent heat, and a sour bite. Use Szechwan sauce to flavor a variety of meat or poultry stir-fries.
Tafelmeister Vinegar Seasoned with 13 herbs, this vinegar has a strong, herbal flavor and a lightly floral aroma. A natural choice for salad dressings, pickling, or as a table condiment. With a strong dill flavor, this vinegar is ideal for finishing rich sauces, especially fo
Tagliolini Pasta Carlo and Carla Latini are in the midst of a labor of love. They work with local farmers and agronomists in Le Marche, on Italy&#039;s Adriatic side, on planting old-fashioned, low-yielding wheat varieties that have been known for centuries to provide the
Tahina Extra Tahini is a smooth, light-ivory, creamy, oily paste made from ground sesame seeds. Used extensively in the Middle East for sauces, dressings, and appetizer spreads, tahini has a naturally rich, sweet, nutty flavor that pairs well with strong, acidic flavo
Tahini A Middle Eastern paste derived from ground sesame seeds, tahini is high in protein and other nutrients. Its toasted, nutty flavor and creamy texture make it an essential ingredient in  hummus, a spread consisting of ground chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice a
Tahini Tahini is a smooth, rich, creamy paste, made from ground from sesame seeds. Used extensively in the Middle East for sauces, dressings, and appetizer spreads, tahini has a naturally rich, sweet nut flavor, that pairs well with strong, acidic flavors. Somet
Tamari Sauce Darker in color and flavor than soy sauce, tamari is the traditional Japanese soy, often used as a dipping sauce for tempura and sushi.  Add tamari to stir-fries and marinades for a dark, mellow soy flavor. Made with fermented soy beans and wheat, this is
Tamarind Candy Sweet and fruity candies with a sour bite&#151;the classic hard candy of Thailand. <b> Buy two get one free now ! </b>
Tamarind Concentrate Imported from India, tamarind concentrate is a tangy paste collected from the pods of a tropical evergreen tree. Widely used in Indian cuisine, tamarind pulp is initially sweet, although once removed from the pods it takes on a decidedly sharp taste. Tama
Tamarind Concentrate for Cooking An essential flavor for the Thai kitchen, this liquid tamarind concentrate is ready to add to soups or drinks without additional preparation. Tamarind has an intensely sweet-sour citrus flavor, but usually requires soaking and mashing before it can be use
Tamarind Date Chutney Chutney made with date (khajur) and tamarind (imli). It is sweet and sour to taste. It can be used as a dip for snacks like samosas, pakoras or bhajis. It may also be used in dahi badas as the chutney (saunth) which makes the curd a little sweet. Try it i
Tamarind Nectar The tamarind is the fruit of a tall shade tree native to Asia and northern Africa, now widely enjoyed throughout Latin America. Tamarinds have a sour-sweet flavor, reminiscent of raisins. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of this full-bodied nectar. Serve
Tamarind Seedless The pods of the tamarind tree are prized as an essential ingredient in Southeast Asian and Indian cuisines. With a decidedly tart flavor, this concentrated tamarind paste is seedless and ready-to-use. Try this rich, brown concentrate in place of lemons or
Tamarinds Tamarind fruits, or "Indian dates," are the fruit of a tall shade tree native to Asia and northern Africa and widely grown in India. These tamarind pods contain small seeds and a sour-sweet pulp, which lend a characteristic sour, slightly bitter taste to
Tandoori Masala Reddish brown colored, aromatic spice mix used for preparing all kinds of tandoori dishes including tandoori chicken. Mix the powdered spice blend with yogurt and lime juice to make a marinade for meat or vegetables. Ideal for adding a Mughal flavor to an
Tandoori paste Tandoori paste is a highly seasoned cooking paste, flavored with tamarind, ginger, coriander, cumin, and turmeric. Used to make the signature North Indian dish, Tandoori Chicken, this cooking paste has a rich flavor and  vibrant red coloring.  Blend the p
Tandoori Paste This is a spicy, slightly hot readymade paste ideal for any conventional tandoori dish, be it tikka masala or chicken tandoori. Even vegetables may be marinated in this masala paste mixed with a little yogurt. Tandoori dishes go best with naan or roti.
Tandoori Spice Mix Tandoori is a simple and traditional north-Indian method of marinating and spicing foods before roasting or barbecuing them. This classic blend of Indian spices includes cumin, mustard powder, and coriander. Combine with yogurt for a great, simple marinad
Tandoori Stir Fry Sauce This convenient, medium-spicy stir-fry sauce is brightly colored and flavored in the Indian tandoori tradition with a blend of Indian spices, including cumin and ginger, in a tomato/cream base. Add to stir-fried chicken, shrimp, or vegetables for a quick
Tangerine Olive Oil A rare cold-pressed olive oil, flavored with tangerine. A specialty of the Abruzzo region of Italy, it's made by crushing ripe tangerines together with hand-picked olives in a traditional stone mill, for a delicate extra-virgin oil with a citrus soul.
Tangy Coriander And Lemon Cooking Sauce Tikka Masala is a traditional North Indian sauce,  flavored with garlic, onions, lemon, tomato, turmeric, and coriander. Tikka masala has a broad, deep flavor, with a medium spice.  Use tikka masala to braise any type of meat, and serve over rice, with ch
Tarragon Dried This is an essential herb in French cuisine; it has a delicate, herbaceous anise flavor. Often preserved in vinegar, and used to flavor dressings and sauces, tarragon is a natural complement to fish and poultry dishes. Tarragon is the primary flavoring in
Tarragon Dried This distinctive, aromatic herb with a distinctive, almost pungent, anise-like flavor is widely used in classical French cooking, from flavoring chicken and meat dishes to infusing flavor in the classic Bearnaise sauce. Blend with softened butter, chives,
Tarragon Vinegar This vinegar is made from white wine steeped with tarragon. The strong aroma of tarragon, with natural traces of anise, is predominant, while the vinegar has a balanced acidity and hint of herb and wine flavoring. Tarragon is a natural complement to fish
Tarragon White Wine Vinegar
Tarragon Wine Vinegar The assertive, anise-like flavor of tarragon infuses this French white-wine vinegar, with pleasingly aromatic and flavorful results. Whisk with olive oil for a simple salad dressing, drizzle over grilled vegetables, or, if you're feeling ambitious, reduce
Tea, Essence of the Leaf An international exploration of tea through photography, poetry, prose, and recipes. <i>Tea: Essence of the Leaf</i> unveils the secrets and mysteries of this ubiquitous drink, exploring its Eastern roots and history, its role in cultures across continent
Teacup - bronze Enjoy your favorite traditional tea in a new modern way.  This bronze glazed teacup is not only stylish but very trendy.  2 7/8" H x 2 7/8" diameter.
Teacup - dark blue ridged The ridges in this dark blue teacup make it easy to hold and enjoy a soothing cup of tea.  A perfect compliment to the dark blue rice bowl.  A great housewarming gift idea.  3" H x 2 1/2" diameter
Teacup - light green crackled At first glance this light green teacup looks damaged but don't be fooled.  In fact it is carefully crafted to look cracked and worn.  2 1/2" H
Teacup - white with blue bamboo design Drink your favorite tea in this beautiful blue and white teacup.  The bamboo design can be seen on the outside and inside of the cup.  3 3/4" H x 2 1/2" diameter.
Tea-Quik One hundred bags of black tea. Serve with tea and sugar for an aromatic, strong cup of tea.
Tempura Batter Mix Tempura is a Japanese dish consisting of lightly battered and fried foods. This seafood and vegetable tempura batter mix is easy to make and produces a light, crisp crunch. Makes an easy and impressive appetizer or entree. Just serve with a traditional di
Tempura Batter Mix Tempura is a traditional Japanese dish of battered, deep-fried vegetables and seafood. This instant powdered batter makes a light, crispy coating every time. Use to coat bite-sized vegetables and seafood; serve with a dipping sauce made of tamari, garlic,
Tempura Oil A Japanese specialty, tempura is a traditional method of deep-frying vegetables and seafood in a light, crisp batter. This tempura oil, blended from sunflower and sesame oils, has a mildly nutty flavor, and a high smoke point - it's ideal for deep-frying.
Tender Cactus A Mexican specialty, nopalitos' appeal has spread beyond the country's borders. The taste is slightly tart, with a consistency similar to that of green beans. Nopalitos are a staple during Lent and are typically prepared alone or with ground shrimp pattie
Tender Sweet Peas Sweet and tender, use these green peas in salads, soups, stews, rice dishes, and casseroles. Also enjoy as a side dish to accompany meat, poultry, and seafood.
Ten-Wu Tea Premium tea leaves in individual bags from China.
Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce Made from soy sauce, flavored with sugar and garlic, teriyaki is used as a Japanese marinade and glaze for grilled meats and vegetables. Serve teriyaki with grilled portobellos and beef, over sticky rice, garnished with green onions and toasted sesame see
Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce Seasoning for Teriyaki beef.
Teriyaki Roasted Garlic Sauce A Japanese favorite, teriyaki sauce is a robust blend of rich soy, tart sherry, piquant ginger, and earthy, roasted garlic. Try this tangy, slightly sweet, garlic-packed sauce for a traditional teriyaki grill: Marinate chicken breasts, beef sirloin, or su
Thai Coffee The authentic flavor of Thai iced coffee is yours! Blended from dark-roasted coffee, corn, sesame, and soybeans, oliang powder brews into a beverage with the distinctive flavor of Thai coffee&#151unattainable with regular coffees. Just boil equal parts co
Thai Curry Pilaf A savory rice pilaf mix, with bright, Southeast Asian flavors. This Thai dinner mix is made with fragrant jasmine rice, flavored with turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, chiles, and cilantro. Serve rice pilaf for a flavorful side dish, or add stir-fried meat an
Thai Curry Pilaf An easily prepared rice pilaf, made from jasmine rice flavored with garlic, onions, and authentic Thai spices. Serve this Asian dish with a Thai cucumber salad and a rich, spicy Thai curry for a complete meal.
Thai Dinner Kit for Four With this kit, we invite you to explore Thailand, the land of fragrant curries, spicy soups and aromatic salads. This kit includes 9 essentials of Thai cooking: <blockquote><li><b>Red Curry Paste</b>, a versatile, potent spice paste to make your own curri
Thai Jasmine Rice Prized for its delicate aroma and slightly sticky texture, this aromatic jasmine rice is easy to eat with chopsticks. Perfect for tangy Thai stir-fries or exotic rice puddings, this fragrant and exquisite rice is ideal for any dish.
The Food of Greece Through a blend of cultural history and delectable recipes, author Vilma Liacouras Chantiles offers home chefs the healthy flavors of the Greek culinary tradition. Enjoy a wide variety of regional dishes, both old and new, with concise, carefully wrought
Thick And Creamy Horseradish Native to Eastern Europe, this ancient root herb is finely grated with a sharp, tangy, pungent flavor.  Ideal with meats, in sauces, or add to mashed potatoes.
Thick Lentil Soup
Three Pepper Fettuccine Noodles Thin ribbons of egg pasta made with three kinds of cracked pepper. It cooks up tender but firm. For another dose of pepper, serve with a sweet pepper sauce. The slightly peppery flavor of this pasta goes well with most sauces from tomato to cream based. O
Ti Gim Garu (Frying Powder) Korean style frying powder. Just add water and use as a batter for fish or vegetables and deep fry.
Ti Kuan Yin Tea Premium black tea, steep in boiling water.
Ti Kuan Yin Tea Chinese tea, steep in boiling water.
Tikka Masala This rich sauce is laden with lemon flavor and aromatic spices. Tangy coriander, brightens this Indian cooking sauce. Use with chicken, lamb or vegetables and top with chutney or relish.
Tikka Masala Sauce Tangy coriander and lemon cooking sauce
Tikka Paste This easy, ready-made paste is a rich blend of aromatic spices that is ideal for marinating vegetables, meat or prawns before cooking.  Tikkas are one of the most popular dishes in India. Simply mix the paste with plain yogurt and pour it over meat or veg
Tikka Sev These crispy, spiced noodles are a popular Indian snack. Made from chickpea flour (besan), these crunchy noodles are moderately hot and full-flavored. Try with cocktails or combine with roasted almonds and chow mein noodles for a robust snack mix.
Tiny Black Nicoise Olives These addictive tiny black nicoise olives from Nice have a fleshy fruit with an assertive, rich taste that can stand up in to the strongest meats and stews, or enhance any salad or pasta. Nicoise olives are delicious on their own, and go well with salads,
Tiramisu Mix This mix makes it easy to prepare tiramisu, the famous, rich Italian dessert. Each box contains a packet of lightly sweet ladyfinger cookies, powdered cream mix, and cocoa powder. Add your own brewed coffee, milk, and a touch of rum or amaretto if desired
Toasted Sesame Oil This oil pressed from toasted sesame seeds adds a rich, nutty flavor and aroma to Japanese and Chinese cuisine and Asian stir-fries. Add to marinades and salad dressings, or sprinkle over steamed vegetables. Use in dipping sauces with soy and garlic.
Tofu Mix This convenient mix contains every ingredient you will need to prepare the tender and tasty tofu in your own kitchen. Easy to prepare. Great flavor.
Tokyo Sushihane Nori Seaweed, used for making sushi, or eat directly.
Tom Yum Seafood Noodle Enjoy Thailand's famous hot-and-sour tom yum soup with little effort. Just add hot water to package contents. Ingredients include carrots, onion, and garlic, with mushrooms, shrimp, mussels, and noodles, flavored with kaffir lime leaf.
Tom Yum Soup
Tomatillo Salsa This salsa, developed by chef Rick Bayless, is typical of Central Mexico, with sweet roasted tomatillos, aromatic cilantro, slow-cooked garlic, and lively serrano chiles. He recommends it on grilled tuna sprinkled with chopped red onion.
Tomato Fettuccine The classic long, flat Bolognese noodle, made of durum wheat, and flavored with tomato. Fettucine cooks quickly and is delicious tossed with sautied vegetables and fresh herbs.
Tomato Pickle (Medium) Thick, spicy pureed tomatoes pickled in oil with spices and chopped onions. This rich, paste like pickle combines the mild tanginess of tomatoes with hints of garlic. It is mild and can be enjoyed by everyone.  Try as a combination with rotis, naan or ric
Toor Dal These are matte, solid yellow lentils split into two round halves. They are easy to digest and have a pleasant, subtle nutty flavor. These lentils are rich in protein and easy to cook. Their cooking time is further reduced if the lentils are soaked for ha
Tostadas 10 Count These light and crispy fried corn tortillas have a delicate crunch and natural sweetness, lightly seasoned with salt and lime. Indispensible for Mexican cooking, the tostada adds richness and crunch to savory beans and spicy salsas. Try tostadas in chilaq
Traditional Dijon Mustard Prepared in Dijon, France, from carefully selected mustard seeds, this mustard has a mellow smoothness. Mix with balsamic vinegar and honey for a great salmon glaze.
Traditional German Barrel Sauerkraut This traditional sauerkraut is packed in a glass "barrel" and imported from Germany. The cabbage is finely shredded with a pungent sour flavor. Great in casseroles or other braised meat dishes. Makes a mean Reuben sandwich.
Trecce del Oro Trecce dell' Orto means "braids of the garden," and this pasta looks the part. From Apulia, Italy's "heel," Trecce dell' Orto is distinctive because of its colorful hues, including red, orange, green, and black&#151;a result of vegetables and squid ink ad
Trecce Nere Trecce Nere means "black braids," and this pasta fits the part. From Apulia, Italy's "heel," this pasta is black as night because of the squid ink that colors and flavors its durum wheat semolina base. Its twisted shape helps sauces cling to each bite. Sq
Tropical Crackers These shell shaped crackers are light and neutral flavored, with a crispy crunch.  Use as an appetizer scoop, with cheese spread, or serve them with soup as well as tuna or chicken salad.
Tung-Ting Oolong Tea A specialty Oolong tea by Ten Ren.
Turkish Delight With Filberts These chewy, sweet jellied squares contain crunchy whole filberts (hazelnuts) and are coated with finely shredded coconut. This Turkish confection makes a nice accompaniment to tea, a finale to an authentic Turkish meal, or an interesting addition to a de
Turkish Delight With Pistachio A chewy jelly candy, these squares are studded throughout with whole pistachios, and are dusted with powdered sugar. This Turkish confection makes a nice accompaniment to tea, a finale to an authentic Turkish meal, or an interesting addition to a dessert
Turmeric (Ground) This bitter, orange-colored spice gives color and flavor to curry powders and Indian dishes. Turmeric comes from the root of a plant related to ginger. It has a bitter, pungent flavor and bright color, and is often referred to as "poor man's saffron" as i
Turmeric (Ground) Bitter, orange-colored spice that gives color and flavor to curry powders and Indian dishes. Turmeric is actually a root from a plant related to ginger. It has a bitter, pungent flavor and bright color, and is often referred to as "poor man's saffron" as
Turmeric Powder Turmeric is derived from the root of a tropical flower related to ginger. Its flavor is mild and aromatic, but its color is a vibrant, golden yellow. Turmeric is a primary ingredient in many commercial curry powders, and readily lends its color to foods.
Turnip Pickles These turnips, pickled in a zesty brine, have a lightly sweet flavor, and a smooth, tender texture. Serve pickled turnips with a hearty winter meal, or in a tangy pickled salad. For a flavorful family meal,  try turnips alongside a roast lamb leg, served
Tuscan White Bean Soup This convenient soup mix recreates the unforgettable white bean soups in a rich, thick broth. Laden with vegetables such as carrots, peas, zucchini, broccoli, and garlic. Simply follow package directions and enjoy for a quick, hearty dinner.
Udon Fresh Seafood Bowl An integral part of the Asian diet, noodles are used for soups, salads, and stir fries. These thick, soft udon noodles are seafood flavored and packaged in their own serving bowl with a seasoning packet. Ready in minutes, this noodle soup makes a tasty, n
Udon Noodles These flat, white Japanese noodles, made of wheat flour and water, are specially popular in Osaka and southern regions in Japan. They have a fine, soft texture and are usually added to clear broth soups. Simmer in water for about 15 minutes, drain, and ad
Unsweetened Coconut Water This unsweetened, tasty beverage is naturally sweet and has an almost milky taste.  Unique and refreshing.
Urid Dal(Washed) This cream colored split urid dal is used to make batter for idli, dosa and also dahi vada. They are always soaked in water for a few hours to soften the dal before grinding it for batter. The lentils are creamy-white and matte. They have a tendency to th
Valencia Rice This short-grain rice is the most popular rice of Spain. It absorbs flavors easily, and is used in the traditional Spanish dish, paella. Short-grain rices usually have a high starch content, with a moist, viscous texture that allows them to stick together
Vanghibhath Powder Flavors of South India are captured in this ready to use spice mix. Use it to make vanghibhath, which is a spicy rice, lentils & vegetables dish. Add the powdered spice mix while cooking dal and rice with tamarind. Complete recipe given on pack. Enjoy wit
Vanilla Sugar (3-Pack) This sugar is flavored with vanilla, and is ready to use in any recipe calling for regular sugar. Substitute for regular sugar to infuse the depth and complexity of the finest vanilla beans into all your pastry favorites.  Add to dessert sauces. Add to he
Veal Demi-Glace Made in the French tradition established by the father of classical cuisine, August Escoffier, this demi-glace brings traditional French sauces to your table with unprecedented ease. Each container makes nearly a cup of sauce or 2 quarts of veal stock—jus
Veal Glace The most powerful of the French glaces, this is a natural reduction of brown veal stock, reduced until it's thick, dark, and glossy. Perfect for a traditional sauce Bordelaise, or thin with water and add to Beouf Bourguignonne. All the potent flavors of c
Vegetable Broth Mix This instant, all-natural, vegetable broth mix makes easy vegetable broth for soups, sauces, and gravy. It also enhances the taste of other dishes salads and stir-fries. Just combine with boiling water and use.
Vegetable Curry A traditional, mildly spiced curry from Northern India, this sauce is a unique combination of vegetables (peas, potatoes, beans and carrots) fresh herbs, and spices. Thick and robust in flavor, it is perfect served over rice, with a dollop of chutney.
Vegetable Curry Aloo Mattar Sabzi is a home-style vegetable curry, made with peas and potatoes, flavored with coriander, cumin, paprika. It has an aromatic, mildly spicy taste.  Serve with fried rice or lentils, accompanied with spicy Indian pickles, a cooling raita (yog
Vegetable Oil This is a neutral-flavored oil that is high in quality fats (polyunsaturated and monosaturated) and low in saturated fats. Enjoy this 100% pure oil made from soybeans for frying and in sauteing vegetables.
Vegetable Salad This crisp, subtle salad is a blend of pickled cabbage, cucumbers, paprika, onions and carrots. Perfect with pork, or as a side dish, this colorful salad is excellent chilled on pumpernickel.
Vermicelli Vermicelli or "sevian" is made from hard wheat semolina. It is fine, hard and pale beige in color. Vermicelli has a pleasant, cookie like aroma and taste which develops when it is roasted in ghee. A traditional Muslim treat is made of fine vermicelli, mil
Vermicelli Roasted These are fine, long noodles known as vermicelli or 'sevian'. They are made of wheat flour and are lightly roasted, giving them a reddish brown color. The vermicelli is cooked with milk, sugar, saffron, raisins and nuts to make a  traditional sweet treat
Vindaloo Cooking Sauce A spicy cooking sauce from Goa, in southwestern India;  vindaloo was given to India by the Portuguese.  Vindaloo is flavored with the "black spices" (coriander, cumin, black pepper), chiles, tomatoes, and vinegar (the Portuguese sailors had a taste for th
Vindaloo Curry Paste The traditional Vindaloo from Goa can be easily prepared with this thick red  paste made of  rich spices and coriander which impart a spicy ,tangy  taste and fragrant aroma. The Recipe suggestion for making the curry is given on the pack. Good with vegeta
Vindaloo Paste A highly seasoned, lively sauce with coriander, garlic and ginger used in the creation of authentic Goan shrimp vindaloo.  For a simple recipe, saute shrimp in oil, followed with the vindaloo paste. Simmer till shrimp is cooked. Serve hot with rice.
Walnut Mustard Traditional French Dijon mustard is reinvented in this novel blend, flavored with grilled walnuts. Mellow, sweet, and nutty, this wholegrain mustard has a depth of flavor unmatched by conventional mustards. Blend walnut mustard into vinaigrettes, or pair
Walnut Oil This rich, nutty oil is derived solely from white walnuts. A deep golden oil with a naturally sweet flavor, it is a natural complement to rich, sweet foods. Try drizzled over grilled asparagus. Or add to a red-wine vinaigrette, over a salad of mixed mescl
Wasabi Wasabi is a pungent, sinus-clearing horseradish used in sushi and as an accompaniment to sashimi. Mix the powder with water to form a paste (texture is entirely up to the cook). When adding to foods always remember to add less wasabi rather than more, adj
Wasabi Furikake Rice Seasoning Furikake is a Japanese rice seasoning ("furi" means shake and "kake" means sprinkle), which comes in many varieties. This blend features wasabi, and also includes sesame seeds, strips of nori (seaweed), shaved bonito (dried tuna), and Japanese mustard pla
Wasabi Powder This powerful, nose-tingling condiment is made from a knobby green root that grows wild along the banks of mountain streams. When mixed with equal parts of water and powder, wasabi forms a pungent paste that adds zest to sauces, dressings, and dips. Tradi
Wasabi Powder This powdered wasabi has a clean sharp heat, and is more potent than the kind that comes in a tube, so use sparingly! Wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, is a powerful, nose-tingling condiment is made from a knobby green root that grows wild along
Water Chestnuts The water chestnut is actually the edible root of a water plant, used widely in Chinese cooking. These sliced, canned water chestnuts have a tender crunch, and a mild, slightly sweet flavor.  Their versatile flavor make water chestnuts extremely useful; 
Water Chestnuts These pale, crunchy, slightly sweet water chestnuts add texture to many Asian stir-fries. Toss in stir-fries or add to salads.
Water Chestnuts Peeled (Sliced) Peeled chestnuts in a can.  Crunchy and juicy with a hint of sweetness.  Great for stir-fried dishes.
Weetabix Whole Wheat Cereal Weetabix is made from grains of whole wheat, mixed with malt, salt, and sugar in a large pressure cooker and cooked until they are rich brown. The wheat grains are then rolled and flattened into golden flakes. This nourishing breakfast cereal has been the
Whip It Whipped cream is a crowd-pleasing dessert topping. This easy-to-use stabilizer makes it easy to keep whipped cream stiff for hours without separating. Simply sprinkle into cold whipping cream and beat until peaks form. Use for topping desserts or decorati
Whipped Cream Cookies A delicate wafer cookie, filled with a rich whipped cream filling. Each fragile waffle cookie is lightly dusted with sugar; the whipped filling has a subtle cinnamon flavor. Serve for teas or dessert platters, or add to ice cream sundaes and frozen desser
White  Pistachios These white pistachios from Mexico have a delicate, subtle flavor and are rich in calcium, thiamin, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin A. An addictive snack.
White Borsch-Zurek Soup This powdered white borsch mix is made from beef bouillon flavored with potato, onion, paprika, and parsley. Just add to boiling water and simmer five minutes for a  smooth, satisfying appetizer or light meal.  Add potatoes if desired. Serve hot or cold w
White Clam Sauce Classic white clam sauce popularized from Italian coastal fare. Made from the freshest clams combined with olive oil and savory herbs, just heat and toss with cooked linguini.  Garnish with clams in the shell and chopped parsley. Containing only six grams
White Cooking Wine This select white cooking wine from Spain is a blend of premium grapes, with a mild flavor that makes a convenient substitute when you don't have wine on hand. Use as you would white wine for cooking, especially in deglazing sauces.
White Corn Hominy Hominy is dried white or yellow corn kernels from which the hull and germ have been removed.  It is commonly served as a side dish or used in various casseroles and chowder dishes.  In Mexico, the white corn kernels are used to make the traditional dish k
White Haricot Beans These cooked, extra-large, plump white beans from Spain are packed in water. They make a mild, meaty addition to salads and can be dressed with a little olive oil and herbs for a starter or side dish. Add to soups at the last minute to preserve their text
White Hominy Hominy is dried white or yellow corn kernels from which the hull and germ have been removed.  It is commonly served as a side dish or used in various casseroles and chowder dishes.  In Mexico, the white corn kernels are used to make the traditional dish k
White Peppercorns Preferred in Europe, white peppercorns are the dried interior of ripe pepper berries with the outer skin removed. Its aroma and taste are pungent. Used primarily in foods where you want delicate pepper flavor but no black specks, such as a light cream sau
White Sesame Seeds "Shiro Goma" Lightly dry-roast these nutty, sweet-tasting seeds over medium heat for about a minute and add to numerous Japanese dishes. White sesame seeds are used in many maki (rolled) sushi items as well as in salads and sauces. Combine roasted sesame seeds, mild w
White Truffle Oil This intensely fragrant oil is infused with the earthy, transcendent flavor of the white truffle, an Italian delicacy. Native to northern Italian forests, white truffles grow at the base of certain varieties of oaks, and must be sought after by well-train
White Truffle Oil This intensely fragrant olive oil is infused with the earthy, slightly garlicky, indescribable flavor of white truffles, a specialty of Alba, Italy. White truffles are one of the rarest and most expensive of foods. They must be found by specially trained
White Wine Vinegar A tangy, sharp white-wine vinegar, made in Italy from the pure juice of select Italian grapes. Use for marinades, vinaigrettes, or with light fish or poultry. For a tangy fish marinade, whisk with olive oil, fresh citrus juice, ginger, and cilantro.
White Wine Vinegar A light fruity tasting white-wine vinegar. White wine vinegar is slightly sweet, delicate, and maintains the clear, fresh appearance of dishes that traditional balsamic vinegar would darken. Use for salads, in sauces, and to enhance the flavor of fruits a
Whole Baby Beets
Whole Chestnuts Chestnuts, whether roasting on an open fire, or served caramelized with pheasant breast and sage stuffing, are always a treat.  Sweet, nutty, and rich, these chestnuts come peeled and ready to use. Their rich character is exceptional paired with tangy sau
Whole Green Lentils High in vitamins A and B, as well as calcium and iron, lentils are a nutritious, flavorful bean popular throughout the Mediterranean and India. They are often featured in soups, salads, and Indian dals (spicy purees).  These brown lentils have a dark, ear
Whole Green Peppers Roasted, peeled, and marinated in brine, these green chiles have a mild bite and a slightly bitter green chile flavor. Add chiles to authentic Mexican sauces, soups, or salads; try tossing chopped chiles with julienned jicama, red onions, and cilantro, dr
Whole Jalapenos Whole jalapeno peppers mixed with sliced carrots, onions and garlic.  Eaten by themselves or to spice up your main meal.
Whole Moth Bean Also known as haricot or dew bean, the moth bean is very small and brownish in color, with a cream colored interior. Similar in taste to the moong bean, these tiny beans are simmered with other vegetables for a curry in North Indian. Across most of India
Whole Oregano A pungent herb, oregano naturally complements strongly flavored meats and sauces. This dried Mexican oregano is slightly more bitter than its Mediterranean cousin; paired with cumin, onions, and garlic, it offers distinct, characteristic flavors from the
Whole Peeled Italian Tomatoes These whole, peeled Italian Roma tomatoes are big, juicy, and ripe. Versatile and ready to use in your homemade Marinara sauces. For a quick and easy marinara sauce, saute onions and garlic in olive oi
Whole Peeled San Marzano Tomatoes Fruity and sweet, these canned, whole peeled tomatoes are handpicked in the famous San Marzano region of Naples. The firm, meaty tomatoes have few seeds; ideal in pasta sauces. Use to make your own pasta sauces or stews. Tastes great in lasagna!
Whole Staw Mushrooms - Peeled Widely used in Asian cooking, the straw mushroom has a sweet, musty flavor and a dense, chewy texture. Add these canned mushrooms to soups or noodle dishes; stir-fry straw mushrooms with bean sprouts, garlic, and ginger, tossed with black bean sauce and s
Whole Straw Mushrooms Popular in Asian cuisines, these small, sweet mushrooms are cultivated on rice straw in paddy fields. Velvety smooth with a chewy, meaty texture, they're great for soups, stews, and stir-fries. Try in red-miso soup with cubes of silken tofu.
Wide Egg Noodle Nests These wide, thick noodles from Eastern Europe come in convenient portioned nests. Cook al dente and pair with goulash, a meat/vegetable stew seasoned with Hungarian paprika and usually served with sour cream and buttered noodles.
Wild Blueberry Preserve This wild blueberry preserve is exceptionally sweet, and thick with tiny, whole berries.  Preserves are essential for any breakfast table, and make delightful additions to pastry fillings and dessert toppings.
Wild Capers The unopened flower buds of a Mediterranean shrub, capers are preserved in a salty brine. Sharp, salty, and lightly floral, these wild Greek capers are larger than usual and have a deep green color and mild acidity. For a traditional French dish, dust fis
Wild Cranberry Preserves Also called bounceberries (because the ripe berries bounce), cranberries grow wild in North America and Northern Europe. Small and sweet, these tart and lively berries produce a delicious, textured preserve. Enjoy on toast, in pastries and cookies, or thi
Wild Mediterranean Oregano Whole-Leaf This oregano grows wild on the steep rocky mountainsides of Turkey along the Mediterranean Sea. Selected oregano branches are carefully harvested by hand, leaving enough of the plant to continue growing. A special process keeps the tiny leaves whole inste
Wild Mushroom Fettuccine A meal takes on extra flavor with woodsy wild-mushroom fettuccine. This wonderful combination of flavors cooks up quickly and is delicious when combined with a sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, and parmesan cheese in a light cream sauce.
Yamaimo Soba Earthy and bracing with a slightly bitter edge, buckwheat noodles (soba) are a traditional Japanese summer treat, served chilled in stacked bamboo trays with a light dipping sauce. These extra-fine soba noodles include yam for an extra flavor treat, and c
Yan Yan Chaco Snack Yan-Yan is a light, crispy cookie-stick, flavored with sesame, coated in a sweet chocolate icing. These addictive cookies are small enough to be a light snack, but it's hard to eat just one.
Yan Yan Vanilla Cream Snack Delicate cookie-sticks flavored with sesame, coated in a vanilla icing. Yan-Yan are irresistable little snacks, sure to win your heart and your palate&#151;it's impossible to eat just one.
Yeast Extract Marmite is a potent yeast extract, with a flavor reminiscent of concentrated beef bouillon. 100% vegetarian, Marmite is a low-calorie, no-fat source of B vitamins.  Not for the faint of heart or mild of palate. Spread Marmite on crackers or bread;  try it on a sandwich with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and sprouts.
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Yellow Bean Sauce This salty bean sauce is made from fermented yellow beans. Indispensable to Asian cuisines, they are used to flavor a variety of stir-fries. Mild in flavor, with mashed whole bean texture, use when a light bean sauce is called for.
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Yellow Label Tea A fine-grained blend of premium Indian black teas. This loose-leaf tea brews up robust and full-bodied with enough flavor to stand up to milk and sugar. Packed by Lipton in India.
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Yellow Split Peas (Chana Dal) A small variety of the chickpea, this pale yellow dal has a delicately nutty aroma and flavor. It also goes by the names chana dal or bengal gram dal. It is combined with onions and spices to make a classic dal or it is mixed with meat to make koftas and kebabs. Chana dal is also used to make a variety of sweet dishes like payasam and puran poli.
Find Yellow Split Peas (Chana Dal) Here
Yellowfin Tuna In Olive Oil This yellowfin tuna from Spain, also called ahi, has a flavor slightly stronger than the more common, canned albacore tuna. This is a dolphin-safe, chunk-style tuna packed in olive oil. Use in tuna salads, add to tomato-based pasta sauces with black oliveolives, or use to stuff roasted piquillo peppers.
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Zarte Herring Fillets These white, flaky herring fillets are packed in a rich and spicy horseradish cream sauce. Serve with crackers, on a relish try, or as a mid-afternoon snack.
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Zupa Fasolowa This instant white-bean soup mix imported from Poland is flavored with beef, onion, garlic, and carrot. Just add water and simmer for five minutes. Serve with a Polish ham sandwich for a hearty lunch. Or pair with piroshki for an authentic Eastern European meal.
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Zupa Grzybowa Domowa This soup mix cooks up thick and creamy, with mushroom pieces amidst a velvety soup with a surprisingly fresh mushroom aroma. Just add water and boil for an easy starter to a meal, or add less water and use as gravy for meat or potatoes.
Find Zupa Grzybowa Domowa Here
Zupa Pieczarkowa A mushroom soup mix from Poland with beef, milk, spices and dehydrated pieces of white mushroom. Ready in five minutes; just add water and simmer. Serve with pirogi for a traditional Eastern European meal. Have for a light lunch, or add a cold-cut sandwich for a heartier meal.
Find Zupa Pieczarkowa Here
Zupa Zurek Slaski This Silesian Sour Soup mix from Poland has a multitude of flavors - smoky bacon, potato, milk, beef, citrus, and garlic. It is creamy, hearty, sweet, and sour. Make it in five minutes by adding water and simmering. Serve with piroshki for an authentic meal. Or turn into a hearty lunch with a Polish ham sandwich.
Find Zupa Zurek Slaski Here
Zur A mix for Polish sour-rye soup, traditionally made by fermenting rye flour. To enjoy the unique flavor of this Polish specialty without the bother, just add water to this mix and bring to a boil. Serve with diced egg and sausage; garnish with fresh dill. Can also be added to other soups, like beet or cabbage.
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