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Chinese Elm - Large Chinese Elm - Large ( Complete Bonsai Collection & Supplies Available Here )

Has small evergreen leaves which remain on the tree year-round. They are hardy with excellent branching characteristics. Also has a twisted trunk and exposed roots which give the appearance of great age. Easy indoor care.

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Gardening Centers & Supplies

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Everything a Gardener Needs!
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Spring Hill Nursery is one of the top mailorder nurseries in the country with 1000 different items to choose from. They are a producer and supplier of premium flowers , perennials , bulbs , roses , trees , fruit trees , annuals , gardens and seed. Over a century of gardening know-how, expert advice, regional email newsletters, discussion boards, a searchable database full of tips and articles, zone information, and online planting guides!
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Direct Gardening - Offers quality plants at great prices, come see what they mean!
Gardening has been the source of endless pride for millions of Americans for as long as anyone can remember. If you are a gardener , or a gardener in training (aren't we all), or know a someone who just enjoys gardening, this site is everything you have been looking for. Some of the largest, oldest and most loved growers and distributors of nursery stock have joined together to provide Direct Gardening. This site offers the finest flowers, shrubs, trees, and seeds available at prices you won't believe.
Wind & Weather Online Store
Decorate your garden! Visit Wind & Weather's Online Store
Wind & Weather: Fine weather instruments, weather stations, barometers, thermometers, weathervanes, garden and home accessories, and garden art online.
Seed and Nursery Co. since 1892!
Henry Fields Seed and Nursery
Henry Fields is a well known leader in the seed and nursery business with over 2000 different items to choose from. They have a full array of live plants, seeds, bulbs, trees, shrubs and gardening tools and supplies.
Yardiac - The Ultimate Garden Center
Yardiac is the Ultimate Garden Center stocking over 10,000 items for the lawn, garden, patio and outdoor decor! Yardiac combines the peaceful and informative environment of a traditional garden center with the value and selection found in the large discount stores. They have products for the novice as well as the professional and their easy to navigate site has won praises from gardeners everywhere.
For all your plant & bulb needs
For quality flower bulbs and perennial plants at rock bottom prices, go to Blooming Bulb
The Blooming Bulb Company offers the home gardener a source for all your perennial plants and flower bulb needs at wholesale prices. They supply the horticulturist with tulips, daffodils, lilies, peonies, hostas, gladiolus, begonias, daylilies and many more.
Bonsai Boy of NY
Bonsai Boy of New York
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Bonsai Boy of New York is the largest supplier of Bonsai Trees plants, accessories, and supplies on the internet offering hunderds of items at low wholesale prices. Bonsai Boy of New York is a family operated, certified New York State nursery. As tree growers, they maintain superior product quality and offer their bonsai trees and other accessories at low wholesale prices. They offer a variety of bonsai , including junipers , Azalea , Rosemary , Brush Cherry , New Zealand Tea Rose , Citrus Trees , Snow Rose Serissa and much more. Bonsai Boy's unique trees and fountains range in price from under $20.00 to several hundred dollars.

Gardening Tips

1. Choosing the right plant: You won't have to spend as much time caring for your plants if you choose plants that are suited to your environmental conditions and gardening style. Let the Floracle help you find which plants are right for you.

2. Watering: Test the soil in your containers every day with your finger. If it's dry an inch below the surface - water. If you can't water your plants on a regular basis, consider self-watering containers.

3. Fertilizing: Mix a dry, time-release fertilizer into the soil when planting, and use small amounts of liquid fertilizer for regular feeding every few weeks.

4. Fighting Pests: Inspect plants regularly for fungus, insects, bugs, etc. Remove any diseased or dying leaves. Spray insects with water or other natural repellants to get rid of them.

5. Pruning: Don't be afraid to cut or trim plants to keep their shape and encourage growth - just leave at least 2/3 of the original plant intact so it'll have enough surface area to absorb sunlight. Pinch (aka. deadhead) faded flowers regularly to encourage more blooms on annual plants.

Keep in mind that every plant is different. Take some time to read up on your plants and learn as much as you can about their individual needs. A little time spent reading and planning now can save you a lot of time and disappointment later.

More Quick Tips: Dr. Botnic | Design Queen | Chef Clive

Windowbox - The Biggest Name in Little Gardens
Windowbox : The biggest name in little gardens.

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Pruning is a vital part of plant and tree care. This task can be confusing so we developed the following guide to help you prune properly.

Three basic tools suffice for most pruning jobs: shears, loppers, and a pruning saw. Keep them sharp for clean cuts; disinfect after pruning diseased material.

1. When Do Roses Need To Be Pruned?

Prune in winter or early spring when plants are still dormant. Prune plants to maintain symmetrical bushes and to encourage strong new growth. Cut back all previous years growth as much as one-third its length. Remove branches that cross through center and remove plants understock. Also prune weak and dead stems as needed. This will also encourage strong new growth.

2. When Do Crepe Myrtles Need To Be Pruned?

The best time to prune crepe myrtles is in February. Prune out twiggy stems and any dead wood. Thin out crossing or crowding branches in the plants center. If tree form, prune lower branches. Prune top to maintain symmetry. Each year after flowering, cut 12 to 18 inches off the tips of branches that have bloomed.

3. When Do Hollies Need To Be Pruned?

Prune in winter or early spring mostly to shape plants. Cut back wayward branches and prune out weak unproductive dead stems as needed.

4. When Do Butterfly Bushes Need To Be Pruned?

Butterfly bushes bloom in summer on new spring growth. They can be pruned in late winter or early spring. By pruning old blooms you will encourage new flowers. Also prune out old dead and unproductive branches.

5. When Do Hydrangeas Need To Be Pruned?

Hydrangeas fall into two groups. Some you prune in early spring and others after the flowers fade.

  1. Early Spring Pruning
    Hydrangeas bloom on new growth. These plants are Climbing Hydrangea, Annabelle, Grandiflora, and PeeGees.
  2. After-Bloom Pruning
    Hydrangeas bloom on last years stems. These include Bigleaf Hydrangeas, Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Lacecaps, SummerBeauty, and Nikko Blue. Pruning should be done when the flower has faded. Cut back the flowering stems to the strongest pair of new shoots. As plants mature, begin to thin out the oldest woody stems. Remove crowded crossing, broken, or dead branches.

6. When Do Clematis Need To Be Pruned?

Clematis can be put in three categories: Spring-flowering, summer-flowering , and twice-flowering.

  1. Spring-blooming
    Clematis produce flowers on stems that grew during the previous year. Prune when flowers are done blooming. Cut back the flowers that are now dead. Prune out any old dead stems as well.
  2. Summer-blooming
    Plants bloom on new growth produced in the spring. Cut back stems before new growth begins. Late autumn or early spring is a good time to prune. Cut back about 12 inches of old growth. Each year the vine will grow larger and stronger.
  3. Twice-blooming
    Plants first bloom in spring on stems produced the previous year. Late summer or fall will be the next bloom time. In late fall or very early spring, prune lightly to thin the stems. After the spring bloom, prune more heavily for more healthy stems to develop for the next bloom. After a second bloom, prune old flowers away.

7. When Do Fruit Trees Need To Be Pruned?

The most common fruit trees are apple, peach, pear and cherry.

  1. Apple Trees
    Apple trees should be pruned in late winter or early spring before new growth starts. Always remove all suckers (summer is a great time). Also remove dead and other unproductive branches as needed.
  2. Peach Trees
    Peach trees are fast growing and need to be pruned in winter. Without pruning the peaches will grow farther away from the tree's center. This will put great strain on the branches, causing them to break. In winter, thin out upward-growing branches that cross in tree's center.
  3. Pear Trees
    Prune back in early spring. Always prune dead and unproductive branches as needed.
  4. Cherry Trees
    Prune in winter. Prune out branches that cross in center and dead unproductive branches as needed.

8. When Do Azaleas and Rhododendrons Need To Be Pruned?

They can be pruned in winter or early spring. However pruning at this time will prevent plants from producing many blooms. The best time to prune azaleas and rhododendrons is just after their blooming period in spring. If you prune at this time , no additional pruning will be necessary.

9 When Do Junipers Need To Be Pruned?

Junipers need very minimal pruning. They should be pruned to correct their shape, to accent their form, or to limit their size. This should be done during the juniper's growing stages in mid-summer.

10. When Do Flowering Trees Need To Be Pruned?

Flowering trees should be pruned after they have finished blooming. Prune as little as possible. Dead branches, branches that cross in the center, and branches that are unproductive should be pruned out.

Three basic tools suffice for most pruning jobs: shears, loppers, and a pruning saw. Keep them sharp for clean cuts; disinfect after pruning diseased material. --the Ultimate Garden Center


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