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Spike and Splash Water Volleyball-Basketball System Game Combo Spike and Splash Water Volleyball-Basketball System Game Combo

Features Include:

  • Portable water volley system rotomolded of rugged UV treated polyethlene.
  • Each Polethylene bases hold sand or 17 gallons of water each weighing almost 160 pounds when fully assembled for Solid Stability.
  • Easy portability.
  • Heavy duty 20 foot long all weather nylon volleyball net is adjustable in size from 12 feet to 20 feet.
  • Includes a vinyl constructed Volleyball and Basketball for water use.
  • Two molded drink holders and a ball holder are molded within each base.

    Net Supports:
  • 2-3/8' diameter, round, powder coated aluminum support pole set for volleyball net and backboard.

  • Thick-walled UV treated polyethylene construction 23 pounds in weight (empty) Approximately 400 pound water capacity 33' wide x 21' high x 20' deep

  • Heavy duty 20 foot long nylon volleyball net Adjustable to smaller sizes of 18', 16', 14' and 12'
  • Two (2) rugged white vinyl volleyballs for water use

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

  • Dry weight per assembled net support: 15 pounds, Dry weight of assembled background support 50 pounds, Filled weight: 150 pounds with water each base (Approx.)
  • 15' Diameter zinc coated solid steel rim stands 30' high from inground pool deck.
  • Deck space required at pool edge: 3' wide x 2' deep

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