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Snore Fix™ Snore Fix™

Snore Fix™ SLEEP SOUNDLY ALL NIGHT LONG… Pleasant mint flavor. 3 months supply. What do I get? Snore Fix™ 2 oz. Spray Bottle Snore Fix™ 4 oz. Refill 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Now you and your loved ones can get a good night's sleep! Snore Fix™ is a clinically proven sleeping aid and snore stopper. Just spray the back of your throat 2 to 3 times before bedtime and sleep soundly for up to 8 hours. This all natural snoring remedy was developed by Dr. Glenn Weissman, a board-certified ENT surgeon (ear, nose and throat). He has performed surgery for snoring disorders for 20 years. Snore Fix™ is the result of many requests from patients for a non-surgical, non-prescription remedy for snoring. Snoring is an indication of abnormal breathing during sleep. When there isn't enough space for air to travel easily through the lungs, the soft tissues of the throat may come in contact with each other and vibrate. The all natural ingredients in Snore Fix™ work together to moisturize the throat and clarify breathing. It has a fresh, minty taste that will leave your breath feeling refreshed. Order today - your family will love you for it! Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Oat Beta Glucan, Lecithin, DL-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Pyridoxine HCl, Licorice Extract, Slippery Elm Extract, Prickly Ash Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Hybrid Sunflower Oil, Polysorbate 20/80, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Disodium EDTA. *Snore FIX™ contains no artificial colors or flavors. FAQs - Snore FIX™ What is the recommended dosage for Snore Fix™? For best results you should spray the back of your throat 2 to 3 times before bedtime. This kit will last you approximately 3 months if used as directed. What relief can I expect? Snore Fix™ can provide a significant reduction in the loudness (dB) level of snoring and reduce the duration of snoring per night. How long does it last? Snore Fix™ can last up to eight hours. Will Snore Fix™ work if I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea? People with sleep apnea who snore may experience a reduction in the noise level. Snore Fix™ is not recommended for the treatment of apnea. Please contact your physician for the evaluation and treatment of sleep apnea. Can I use Snore Fix™ if I have a health condition and in conjunction with medications? Snore Fix™ contains natural products. In clinical studies, no side effects were shown. In most cases, it can be used by people with medical conditions, and in conjunction with medications. However, as with any product, you should consult your physician before using Snore Fix™ with prescription drugs. Will Snore Fix™ cure me completely? No. After 20 years of performing surgery for snoring disorders, Dr. Weissman, the creator of Snore Fix™ does not believe that any surgery, medication or herbal throat spray can completely stop snoring for all patients all the time.

Snore Stop 60 tablets Snore Stop 60 tablets

Non-habit forming. 100% natural. Formulated, tested and prescribed by doctors. Safe and gentle relief for the symptoms of snoring. The Green Pharmacy's Snore Stop contains natural ingredients from plants, minerals and protein sources. It is pharmaceutically prepared in accordance with the HPUS. The use of microscopic doses of natural substances insures the safety of SnoreStop and its gentle effectiveness, so that you can sleep and breathe easier. Indications: Aids in the relief of snoring symptoms. Homeopathically prepared Ephedra Vulgaris in a 6x potency contains 0.042 micrograms of the whole plant. At this level, SnoreStop has no stimulating effect. Please read insert enclosed in this box.

Snore Stopper Snore Stopper

Buy it for yourself, buy it for the one you love. The lasting gift of a good, quiet night's sleep.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - NO Risk 30 Day Trial

We all know snoring is a horrible annoyance. It’s a chronic nighttime disturbance that can place a real strain on a marriage. But did you know it places a real strain on your heart, too? It’s a medical fact that people who snore are more susceptible to heart attacks and breathing stoppages! For years people have tried anything to get the snoring to stop — but nothing has worked! Now for the first time, relief! A scientifically-proven end to snoring … for the rest of your life! Snore Stopper is the #1 clinically-tested nocturnal monitor you wear on your wrist. It’s comfortable and lightweight. It detects snores before they disturb you or your partner and delivers a silent, harmless electropulse to your skin! Position or behavior is subconsciously modified (rolling over, relaxing mouth or throat), and the snores stop. Won’t wake you. Not fooled by other normal surrounding noises. Auto-off after 8 hours. Works even if your wrist is under the covers and your mouth isn’t! For the health of your heart (and your relationship), get Snore Stopper. It works!


Begins to work in 10 minutes & lasts up to 24 hours--or longer. Just spray at back of throat as directed. All-natural active ingredients are completely safe with no known side effects. Blend of root, herb & flower extracts may provide permanent relief with regular use. Some users remain snoreless for up to 5 nights after single use. 15 mL pump spray lasts up to 6 wks. Money back if not delighted with results. Anyone with any medical condition should consult their physician.

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