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The Acoustic Guitar Workshop - The Net's premier site for acoustic guitar

"Now here's a great idea! You can enroll in fingerstyle courses and learn to play On-Line. A very clever and very logical way to present information at the lowest possible cost. Really demonstrates the power and versatility of the internet."-

Review by Paul Kucharski, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar website

Dear Guitar Player

Master acoustic guitar in various styles, with step by step lessons that take you to a high level of fingerstyle competence...

...Join up today for a a one-off subscription of $19.95

Here's your chance to take your acoustic guitar playing to a new level and master all those professional techniques that will have your listeners gaping with rapt awe. Join the Acoustic Guitar Workshop and learn how to play the ultimate, stand-alone-don't-need-nuttin-else guitar which is Fingerstyle.

Fingerstyle is the most satisfying form of guitar playing. The guitar becomes the entire band, playing bass, rhythm and melody. And you can apply it to whatever style you're into - blues, jazz, classical, country, folk, rock...Surely the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

A great player and a superb teacher

Your tutuor will be Rick Payne. His credentials are impeccable. Apart from pursuing a thriving solo career, Rick is a highly respected teacher in his hometown of Bristol, UK, teaching in schools and colleges. He has been playing and teaching for well over 30 years. The knowledge of half a lifetime has been distilled in these courses. And it's all yours for less than 20 bucks!

Get started right now? You'll be able to access the Member's Area as soon as your payment is approved. Or read on...

Is the Acoustic Guitar Workshop right for me?

It doesn't matter where your guitar playing is right now; you're going to expand the horizons of your playing dramatically when you join.

Maybe you've been playing electric guitar and you want to brush up your acoustic technique... Or maybe you can strum a few chords but want to move your playing on some... Perhaps you want to learn how to create professional fingerstyle arrangements to accompany your favorite songs...

"I have played guitar for over 15 years now and have taken everything from private lessons to University level jazz guitar lessons. My playing has improved by leaps and bounds with this course. This was the best $20.00 I have ever spent. Keep up the outstanding work! Outstanding customer support, too."
Joe Maroli

Read more testimonials here

Whatever you want, get ready to have a whole bunch of fun in the Acoustic Guitar Workshop. And here's an important point to realise: whatever style of playing you like - blues, jazz, classical, folk - there is a common ground of techniques applicable to all forms of fingerstyle.

For example, when you master the art of arpeggiating, you can apply this to an acoustic rock song, or a cool piece of Spanish guitar. It's handy to put labels on music, but the underlying techniques you use to express the music with your guitar are remarkably similar.

6 cool acoustic guitar courses - and counting

These are focused acoustic guitar courses, specifically designed, with step by step excercises and pieces to take you to a high level of acoustic fingerstyle competence. Currently we have six online courses available, but more are planned and in the pipeline.

How do the courses work?

The lessons are arranged in a series of step by step sessions, each one designed to take you further along the road to mastery. You are guided through the process with clearly written notes, diagrams and tablature. The exercises and pieces are supported with Real Audio files and mp3's, played by the teacher. So you can hear what you're supposed to be playing.

Online courses currently available...

Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues: A 10 lesson course in the art of acoustic fingerstyle blues that gives you a real insight into the music pioneered by legends such as Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy. You'll learn all the techniques necessary to give your playing a real authentic feel. Click here for course details.

Fingerstyle Blues 2: A 10 lesson course that follows on from and expands on "Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues." Click here for course details.

Pentatonic To The Blues: A course in 9 lessons that illuminates the link between Pentatonic and Blues scales. Once you've got to grips with this, you'll be able to create your own authentic blues riffs and play dynamic solos over common blues progressions. Click here for course details

Acoustic Blues Slide & Bottleneck Guitar: A 10 lesson course in the haunting art of acoustic slide playing.The course includes 6 great acoustic slide instrumentals and takes you in logical steps, assuming no prior knowledge of the style, to playing like a regular Ry Cooder! Click here for course details.

Beginning Fingerstyle: A 10 lesson course introducing you to the art of fingerstyle.This is a more general course and gives you a mixed bag of styles, including Classical, Blues, Ragtime and Country. Click here for course details.

Beginners Guitar: 19 lessons ideal for people new to the acoustic guitar and guitar in general. You'll get to cover all the bases: blues, rock, folk, fingerstyle, learn cool strumming patterns, basic scales and chords. Plus you'll also learn some classic all-time monster riffs to impress your friends.

But that's not all...

There's a whole bunch more resources in our member's area to help you become the best acoustic guitarists you can be. You also get all this:

  • High quality acoustic mp3's recorded by the Acoustic Guitar Workshop and others. Preview our FREE Mp3 download page now? This is not purely for your enjoyment, but to help you learn by example.
  • A growing archive of single lessons culled from some of the best resources on the web. No need to trawl around endlessly in cyberspace looking for stuff. We've done all the work for you. You'll find lessons in all kinds of styles here: Blues, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk, Celtic and Country.
  • A growing collection of acoustic guitar tab. Some tunes that have been recently added include: "The Entertainer", "Yesterday" and "Maple Leaf Rag".
  • Software for guitarists. A neat program that generates chords and scales in all keys and modes for you at the click of a button. Also we have an audio chord generator - just type in the chord and hear it played.
  • Lessons from top contributing guitarists. At present Tim Sparks, Joe Bennett, Gilbert Isbin and Gert de Meijer have some cool lessons in our members' area. And yes, you guessed it, more are coming soon.
  • Free subscription to our popular monthly ezine - Acoustic Guitar Review. Featuring interviews with top players, news, reviews, tips and cool links. Plus updates on what's happening in the members' area. You also receive our free bi-monthly supplement, MP3 Spotlight which gives you direct links to superb acoustic guitar mp3's across all genres - blues, folk, celtic, classical etc.
  • Acoustic Radio - Our very own web radio station playing a mix of acoustic blues, folk, country, jazz and acoustic rock.

Great value today - even better value tomorrow

Of course, being internet-based, the Acoustic Guitar Workshop is expanding all the time. So your subscription of $19.95US will just keep giving you better and better value for money.

Bluesingly yours

PS: Subscribe to The Acoustic Guitar Workshop now for just $19.95US and you'll get everything we have online today and what we're gonna put up next week and the week after that and the week after that...You get the picture.

PPS: Download a selection of our FREE mp3's right now. Click here

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