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Kodak mc3 Multimedia Device 64MB Kodak mc3 Multimedia Device 64MB

It's your world, your music, your life. So own it. Anytime, anywhere. All with the coolest pocket player out there. On the way, click into digital video mode to shoot funny movies that'll embarrass everyone later. Download your favorite MP3s and take them with you, listening via ear buds or through your boom box or car stereo. It's one of the only MP3 players with a reflective color preview screen, so you can use it even in bright sunlight. And, if the action gets really good, snap a few digital pictures.The KODAK mc3 will catch everything you want.Transferring to your PC is a breeze. Then you can share your memories over the Internet or print them out. It even lets you combine your pictures, music and video into unique video clips or music videos. KODAK mc3. It's all the multimedia you've ever wanted in one little player.

Catch all the action, wherever you go. It lets you shoot digital video or still pictures. Download and play your favorite MP3s.And share your memories over the Internet.

The KODAK mc3 is one of the only MP3 players to offer a reflective preview screen, so you can use it even in bright sunshine. In music mode, you can view the artist's name, song title, and album. It's also great for reviewing your digital videos and pictures

For bundles that come with a 64mb COMPACTFLASH removable memory card: collect, display, record, download and play music, videos, still pictures-anything you want.

Perfect for the active lifestyle, the KODAK mc3 is small, pocketable, and you can use it with one hand.The mc3 was designed with the Internet in mind. It lets you quickly and easily download your favorite music and transfer your videos and pictures to your PC for sharing online.

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