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Bike Magazine

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Mountain Bike Action Mountain Bike Action

Mountain Bike Action covers everything about this growing sport including technical and fitness issues as well as the pure fun of off-road riding!
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12 Issues per year---Now Available for Delivery WorldWide!

Bike Magazine Subscription Bike

Bike Magazine is edited specifically for the mountain biking fan, and profiles new products and equipment specially designed for mountain bikers. Each issue also features beautiful photographs of challenging places to ride. Save 75%! 10 Issues per year---Now Available for Delivery WorldWide!

Bicycling -- 11 issues Bicycling -- 11 issues

World's #1 road and mountain biking magazine, packed with the practical tips needed to make every ride more enjoyable. Where to ride, how to train, health and fitness tips, and equipment reviews.

Mountain Biking -- 12 issues Mountain Biking -- 12 issues

Mountain Biking covers the growing sport of mountain biking like no other magazine. Each issue is jam packed with contest news, interviews with the riders, equipment reviews, mountain bike accessories, and lots of photos of high-flying, gear-jamming, wheelie-pulling bikers.

Performance Mountain Biking (Video) Performance Mountain Biking (Video)

All you need to know about mountain biking. Taught to you in the comfort of your living room by World and six-time National Champion Ned Overend. Technical riding skills are clearly described and demonstrated. Topics covered include: climbs, drop-offs, switchbacks, drifting high speed turns, obstacle hops, traction improvement techniques, pedaling and braking efficiently. Guest instructors include: John Tomac, Daryl Price, and Greg Herbold. Instructional sequences were shot in Moab and Durango.

Mountain Biking (book) Mountain Biking (book)

Discover the fun and excitement of exploring the outdoors on two wheels


It's easy to see why mountain biking is one of the world's fastest growing outdoor activities. It's fun, exciting, and a great way to get in shape while exploring the world on two wheels. Plus, it can be enjoyed anywhere--you don't even need mountains.

Now, with the help of this complete guide, you can experience the thrill of mountain biking. Whether you're a beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals or an experienced biker seeking ideas for places to ride, this book provides all the information you need to experience biking like you never have before.

Don Davis and Dave Carter begin with expert instruction on the basics of mountain biking. Combining upbeat writing with dozens of full-color photos, they show you how to

* choose a mountain bike that's right for you and your budget,
* determine which bicycle components you will need,
* select the proper safety gear, apparel, and accessory

* perform flexibility and strengthening exercises that will improve your biking fitness, and

* maintain your mountain bike for safe riding.

Next, the authors teach you the skills you need to mountain bike correctly and safely in all types of terrain. You'll learn the basics of braking and shifting, as well as how to position your body properly while riding uphill, downhill, and around corners. Plus, you'll avoid costly mistakes as you learn how to cross water, negotiate rutted roads, and handle other terrain changes.

But Mountain Biking is much more than a "how-to" book you will use only a few times. It's loaded with reference information that has lasting value for even experienced mountain bikers. For example, you'll find detailed descriptions of some of the best mountain biking spots in North America and around the world.

For serious mountain bikers, the book explains different types of racing and advanced skill competitions. And for those who want some basic training guidelines, the book includes a sample race-training program.

This book is part of the Outdoor Pursuits Series from Human Kinetics. Like all the books in the series, Mountain Biking emphasizes safety, environmental responsibility, and--most of all--the fun of outdoor activity!

Real Simple (Video) Real Simple (Video)

Real Simple contains footage of extraordinary mountain biking that may look simple, but is anything but! You won't believe the 75 mph freeway action where one rider grabs hold of a truck and takes to Highway 101 through Santa Barbara, California. It also features Santa Barbara trail riding, night riding, California race footage, a 60 mile back country trip, Hawaii trails, and much more! Includes Shaums March, Dave Langer, Brandon Chapman, Adrian Cortina, Rich Sudduth, and many others.

Victims Of Gravity (Video) Victims Of Gravity (Video)

America's top riders have gone head over heels in this mud-in-your-eye look at mountain biking. 'Victimes of Gravity' is the first full-length mountain bike video devoted to the art of The Crash. Hosed by Bob Roll and co-produced by the creators of television's favorite mountain bike magazine show - The Fat Tire Journal - and by the producer of the ever-popular Kamikaze video.

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