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    Credit Problems?...Debt Problems?...Need Help?... Over 2 million people have been helped already by non-profit credit counselors providing the CareOne service. Click here for credit counseling help!

    Financial Problems - In Debt ??? Been There Done That - A FYI site - Click Here

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    Credit Problems?...Debt Problems?...Need Help?... Over 2 million people have been helped already by non-profit credit counselors providing the CareOne service. Click here for credit counseling help!

Financial Help

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Are you in Credit Card debt? Click here for a free consultation.


  • Get Debt Relief!
  • Stop Creditors Harassment
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Get Out of Debt in 24-36 months!
    If you are experiencing any type of hardship, this new program can end your unsecured and credit card debt in 24 to 36 months with savings up to 70% or more. They work with your creditors in a non-adversarial nature negotiating a much lesser pay-off on an unsecured debt such as a credit card. When a debt settlement amount has been agreed on by your creditors and paid, your creditors have accepted payment for that debt. Eliminate Credit Card debt. Click here.
  • Visit Credit Reporting for your 3 Bureau report
    FIND OUT what's in your CREDIT REPORT TODAY - so it's 100% ACCURATE TOMORROW. Order a 3-BUREAU REPORT from Credit Reporting.


    Order Your 3 Bureau Credit Report Online, by Mail or Fax. Receive Online or by Mail. Information reported by Experian , Equifax & Trans Union all in one easy-to-read report.
    The Federal Trade Commission strongly urges consumers to monitor their information at all three national credit bureaus at least once a year.
    Your Credit Report Package Will Include:
  • Your 3 bureau merged credit profile
  • Your creditors' addresses, along with a detailed comparison of your information from all 3 credit bureaus
  • Information on your rights
  • Toll-free customer support for disputes and understanding your report
    Visit Here.
  • heck your credit report online
    Check your credit report online. Credit fraud , identity theft , errors can ruin your credit rating.


    Get Your Credit Report FREE!
    With Credit Reporting & Monitoring you will Protect Yourself against Credit fraud , identity theft and errors that can ruin your credit rating. Privista offers industry-leading credit protection and management services designed to help you regain control of your personal information and protect your privacy. Get instant online access to your credit report, a personal credit rating and more. Plus their credit monitoring service helps protect against credit fraud and identity theft. Visit Here
    Free Credit Report
    FREE Credit Report


    Free credit report with 30-day Free Trial membership in their Credit Monitoring Service. FREE Credit Report
    Do-it-Yourself Bankruptcy Kit
    Do-it-Yourself Bankruptcy Kit. Click Here.


    Do-it-yourself bankruptcy kit. This kit is for people who have determined that they need a fresh start. It contains all of the forms needed to file, step-by-step instructions, as well as a list of each state's exemption policy. If you are considering bankruptcy, this kit will save you money! Lawyers typically charge over $1,000 to help you file. Their kit will show you how to easily file on your own for under $200, and how you can pay it in installments. Do-it-Yourself Bankruptcy Kit. Click Here.
    do it yourself credit repair
    Erase Bad Credit from your Credit Report. Click Here!


    Not only do they help with loans for credit-challenged individuals, but they also help with repairing your credit. And, this does NOT involve the current scam floating around the internet where you are told to apply for a new Social Security Number or EIN. That method is completely illegal. Members of their website are given online access to a very unique and exclusive credit repair kit. It is nothing like any credit repair kit you've ever seen. It contains completely legal methods that WILL show you how to remove negative marks from your credit report, even if they are true. Their credit repair kit will show you how to remove charge-offs, bankruptcies, judgements, etc. You will learn the latest, closely-guarded methods that attorneys are using every day. These methods will also help to increase your FICO score, which is the score lenders use to evaluate your creditworthiness. Erase Bad Credit from your Credit Report. Click Here!
    Buying a house? Repair Your Credit NOW
    Legal Online Credit Repair ,
    Click Here


    The Credit Bureaus can't stand them , bill collectors despise them , but their clients LOVE them. They must be doing something right.

    Lexington is a law firm specializing in credit repair. They have helped over 80,000 Americans repair their credit by removing inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable items from their credit reports. From bankruptcies to charge-offs to tax liens, we have challenged virtually every credit problem under the sun.
    They’re good at what they do because they believe in their work, because they enjoy what they do and they're committed to their clients. And that means they get you results you can count on, results that can literally turn your life around.
    Their service is engineered from the ground up with credit repair in mind. As a client you will find that they leverage their entire arsenal of credit repair experience and powerful strategies on your behalf.
    No-compromise credit repair is what they offer. The results are nothing short of amazing. But don’t just take our word for it — take a look at their statistics. They feel they speak for themselves.

    Lexington Law Firm puts their "money where their mouth is" .
    Their service is backed by a warranty which entitles you to some or all of your money back if enough disputed items are not deleted. Put simply, they don’t believe you should have to pay for ineffective service.
    Visit Lexington Law Firm NOW !
    Put the Brakes on Bad Credit - Credit Repair Kit
    Credit Repair Kit


    Included in Credit Repair Kit
  • Understanding the Law and Knowing your Rights. Fully understand your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting act. Discover the Laws the Credit Agencies don't want you to know about. How to use these laws to the fullest extent.
  • Your FICO Score What it means. How it works. Why it is different from your credit score. What type of score looks good to what type of creditors. How to increase your score.
  • How to Read your Credit Reports Make sense of the codes the credit agencies use. How these codes determine your level of credit. The truth about the 100 word statement.
  • How to Negotiate Directly with your Creditors Not getting anywhere with the Credit Agencies? Try the creditor directly. Getting the upper hand with your creditors. Proven negotiation tactics (don't be intimidated) How to phase your approach. (working from the top - down) Letter template you can use to contact your creditors directly and get fast results. Settling your debts with creditors What debts can be settled easily. Using settlements to restore your credit.
  • The Best Disputing Methods Proven tips that get fast results. What to do and what not to do. What inaccuracies to look for. Getting past the credit agency checker. Dispute letter templates. How to handle rejections. Follow up methods. (forth quarter strategies) Very Important!!!
  • How to Reestablish your Credit. Little known methods to build back great credit fast. Keeping your credit in prime condition. How to remove inquiries.
  • Keeping Track of your Progress Tracking tools and information Credit Restoration Organization Form This form allow you to easily keep track of your progress. Use it to track your request, disputes, follow ups, etc...
  • Important Website Links Federal Trade Commission Reports and Studies Court cases and conclusions
  • Valuable Information Important contact information for Credit Agencies FTC Local offices by state Credit Companies More
  • Companion Website Updates Link to website containing updates and changes so your always up to date with the newest information.
  • Free updates for 1 year When you purchase our Credit Repair Kit, you don't just get a download and that's it. We are constantly monitoring the laws and practices related to consumer credit. We edit our kit to reflect these changes. By purchasing the Give yourself Credit Kit you become a member of As a member, you will receive a free updated guide any time major changes are made to the kit for one full year after you download the kit. * On average they make a major update to the kit every 6 months.
  • Performance Guarantee 90 days Our guarantee is very simple. If you apply the techniques and follow the instructions detailed in this kit and do not see satisfactory results within 90 days of sending off your first round of disputes, we will refund 100% of your money. It sometime takes 2 full dispute cycles to see adequate results. Each dispute cycle takes about 30 to 45 days to complete. Thus our guarantee covers the your first two dispute cycles from which you should see the majority of results.
    The Difference In Our Credit Repair Kit
    Our kit was written by professionals who have been using the exact strategies and techniques detailed in the kit to remove negative items from their clients reports for the last 10 years.

    Many kits are nothing but a collection of form letters. Using form letters can delay or even damage your credit. Agencies can spot them right away and will often dismiss your dispute or even suspend your case. Our kit details exactly how to write your own dispute letter and convey the necessary information.

    Creditor Direct Strategies. This method of credit repair is unique to our kit. Negotiating with your creditors directly can result in quick removal of negative information. No other kit we know of covers this method.

    Up to date, relevant content. Many kits sold on the internet are so out dated that they still refer to TRW as one of the agencies. You can be assured that our kit contains up to date information.
    Credit Repair Kit



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