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Area 51 by Robert Doherty


Did You Know?

Robert Doherty is a pen name for Bob Mayer, author and writing instructor, who also writes science fiction and special forces novels as Bob McGuire, Joe Dalton and Greg Donegan with over two million books in print.

Other Available Selections by Bob Mayer ( AKA: Robert Doherty, Bob McGuire, Joe Dalton and Greg Donegan ) include:  
Area 51 by Robert Doherty
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Area 51: The Mission by Robert Doherty
Psychic Warrior : Project Aura by Robert Doherty
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Atlantis by Greg Donegan
Atlantis : Bermuda Triangle by Greg Donegan
Atlantis : Devil's Sea by Greg Donegan
The Omega Sanction by Joe Dalton
The Omega Missile by Joe Dalton
The Line by Bob McGuire
Eyes of the Hammer by Bob Mayer ebook Download
Dragon Slim 13 by Bob Mayer ebook Download
The Fiction Writer's Toolkit: A Guide to Writing Novels and Getting Published by Bob Mayer Print   ebook Download

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Area 51: The Grail by Robert Doherty Area 51: The Grail by Robert Doherty

The Great Wall of China, the immense carvings on Easter Island, Egypt's pyramids, UFOs. What is the chilling connection? The answer, unearthed by an elite band of soldiers and scientists based at Area 51, is rewriting human history - to include the aliens who shaped it! Now, in this heart-pounding audio, Area 51 personnel embark on a top secret search for the Holy Grail, a glittering artifact with the power to save the world...or lead to its destruction.
Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte has paid his dues in battle and in blood. Now assigned to Area 51, he fights the toughest enemy of his career: the alien race who arrived on earth millennia ago and has returned to claim the planet. Mike has dodged bullets and faced weapons of mass destruction to give humanity another day of reprieve. But when his lover, scientist Lisa Duncan, falls into evil hands, Mike must decide which prize means most to him - the woman he loves or the legendary Grail. It's a decision that could damn him...or us all.
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Area 51: The Sphinx by Robert Doherty Area 51: The Sphinx by Robert Doherty

No place is safe from an alien infiltration . Not even top secret Area 51. Scientist Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte know that better than anyone. Secrets have been revealed. Codes have been broken. A countdown has begun. Using alien technology, a group has gained control of a Star Wars satellite that could engulf the planet in a nuclear fire. With no room for error, Turcotte and Duncan must race to solve an ancient riddle and prevent a global catastrophe.
Joined by a secret band of renegades, Mike and Lisa must travel to Egypt in a frantic search for answers. There they make a startling discovery: the key to the mysterious Ark of Covenant, a true record of mankind's origins. But the artifact is hidden deep within the inner sanctum of the Great Sphinx of Giza. And Lisa and Mike are not alone in their quest. An anthropologist is one step ahead of them, and aliens close behind, as hunters and hunted race to uncover the secret of the Sphinx. Even if it means Armageddon...
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Above Top Secret by Timothy Good Above Top Secret by Timothy Good

Renowned UFO researcher Timothy Good has gathered reports from all over the world to show that UFO sightings are an international phenomenon. In Above Top Secret, Good argues that U.S. government agencies, in collaboration with the Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA, and NASA, have conspired to keep people from the truth about UFOs. The author presents persuasive evidence for his argument in this well-documented work.

Alien Agenda Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us

We are not alone. That is the unnerving conclusion reached by Jim Marrs, author of the now-classic Crossfire, when he turns his award-winning investigative talents on the welter of enigmas surrounding extraterrestrial life. In Alien Agenda, he offers a comprehensive, shocking explanation that confirms not only the reality of UFOs but reveals the decades-long disinformation campaign that has kept the truth from us. Exhaustive, unnerving, and endlessly fascinating, Alien Agenda makes the most persuasive case yet for the truth of an extraterrestrial presence among us. It is read by Paul Butler (Glengarry Glen Ross, The Blues Brothers).

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by C.D.B. Bryan Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by C.D.B. Bryan

Is anybody out there, and what do they want with us? In June 1992, veteran reporter C.D.B. Bryan attended the Abduction Study Conferences at M.I.T. In this remarkable audio program, Bryan recalls the 4 days of the conference, during which he met with scientists, psychiatrists, physicians, and folklorists who have studied the growing phenomenon of alien abductions. He also retells the stories of men and women in attendance who claimed they had been abducted and examined by spindly limbed, telepathic gray creatures aboard extraterrestrial spacecraft. The author examines the validity of these accounts and what might be happening if the stories are not true.

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UFO enthusiast and writer B. J. Booth offers new insight into Alien Abduction.

Belton, TX -- February 10, 2002 --A mirage of a dreamer or a bad dream of a psychotic. That's how many explain the strange cases of alien abduction. Only a few years ago, the majority of the scientific and investigative community adhered to this explanation, opting to accept the old adage,"If it couldn't happen, then it didn't." This attitude is finally changing, and this change is very noticeable in the new E-book, "ABDUCTED!" by B. J. Booth.

Taking you into a realm that many would rather not enter, Booth gives the details of seven cases of alien abduction, making them more than believable. Not with the power of persuasion, but with the power of fact, and eye witness testimony. These accounts form the basis of belief, coming from every day people just like you and me. The difference is that these ordinary people were put into extraordinary circumstances, situations that they never desired.

The one question the skeptics always ask Booth is "If these cases of UFO and Alien abduction are real, then where is the proof?" "The proof does exist, he states, just not in the usual sense." Two men are fishing on the banks of a river at night, and are frightened by a hovering craft piloted by bizarre creatures. They are totally disabled by the unknown creatures, and subjected to medical procedures. These same two report their amazing account to the authorities. They easily pass lie detector tests, and stand up to rigorous questioning, holding to their story. Thirty years later, they still stand firm. Why would same, everyday people report such an event?

"ABDUCTED!" also breaks the common belief that most alien abductions occur while the victim is in bed or asleep. Citing from five documented cases that occurred while the abductee was wide awake, the sleep abductee theory is disproved. One abductee was seen by six eye witnesses as a beam from a hovering craft knocks him to the ground. He disappears for five days. Booth also takes us one step beyond as a former Secretary of the United Nations along with two bodyguards watch in disbelief as an abductee is floated out of a window, along with alien beings! If you have a closed mind, it could be opened if you dare to venture into the realm of alien abduction.

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UFOs: Then and Now? set UFOs: Then and Now?

From ancient cave paintings to the ongoing efforts to make first contact, this is an authoritative history of UFO sightings. 200 mins.; 2 videos.
Are strange prehistoric images the earliest recorded "evidence" of UFO sightings? What is the truth about Area 51? And where do the stories of alleged abductees fit into the UFO puzzle? UFO: THEN AND NOW is a must-have set that chronicles the complete UFO experience on four videos:

* The Innocent Years--From ancient cave paintings to the 1940s, we look at the UFO story in the years before Roswell.
* Cause for Alarm--Relive the most dramatic UFO encounters of the 20th century, including the fantastic Washington, D.C. sightings during 1952, and enter the secret world of Area 51.
* Nightmare--Alleged abductees recount their encounters while scientists and psychologists give their opinions about their claims.
* Aliens and Contact--Join the members of SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) as they man a giant radio telescope that searches for signs of intelligent life in the universe.
Like no other video set ever made, this is a comprehensive chronicle of our encounters with the unknown.

Area 51: Beyond Top Secret Area 51: Beyond Top Secret

New York Times writer Phil Patton, who penned the definitive work on the secret base, shares his findings in this fascinating show.
For years, its remote location and iron-clad security measures kept it a secret. But the existence of Area 51 is now well known, even though it still does no show up on any government documents or maps. And while the government still does not officially acknowledge its presence, the mysterious base is a lightning rod for controversy and speculation.
HISTORY'S MYSTERIESTM explores the many compelling stories and theories that swirl around Area 51, from the fears of conspiracy theorists that it is ground zero for a shadow government they call the "New World Order" to the long-rumored presence of UFO spaceships and alien remains. We'll hear from New York Times author Phil Patton, whose book on the subject is widely considered to be the definitive work about the base and its "black projects." And we'll visit the tiny desert town of Rachel, on the edges of the base, and investigate the mysterious deaths of a number of Area 51 workers.
From its origins in the heart of the Cold War to the enticing clues that incredible events are still unfolding inside this desert outpost, this is a comprehensive chronicle of one of the most compelling and mysterious military installations in the world.

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