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A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash by Sylvia Nasar


Albert Einstein used to go to dinners where he was invited to give a speech. One day, on his way to one of those dinners, he told his chauffeur (who looked exactly like him) that he was dead tired of giving the same speech, dinner after dinner.
"Well," said the chaffeur, "I've got a good idea. Why don't I give the speech since I've heard it so many times?'' So Albert's chauffeur gave the speech perfectly and even answered a few questions. Then, a professor stood up and asked him a really tough question about anti-matter which the chauffeur couldn't answer.
Thinking quick, he said, "Sir, the answer to your question is so easy that I'll let my chauffeur answer it!"
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A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash by Sylvia Nasar

Did You Know?
Dr. John Forbes Nash, Jr., Won the Nobel Prize in Economics, 1994, jointly with Professor John C. Harsanyi, and Professor Dr. Reinhard Selten, for their pioneering analysis of equilibria in the theory of non-cooperative games.

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A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash by Sylvia Nasar A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash by Sylvia Nasar

"How could you, a mathematician, believe that extraterrestrials were sending you messages?" the visitor from Harvard asked the West Virginian with the movie-star looks and Olympian manner.
"Because the ideas I had about supernatural beings came to me the same way my mathematical ideas did," came the answer. "So I took them seriously."
Thus begins the true story of John Nash, the mathematical genius who was a legend by age 30, when he slipped into madness. Thanks to the selflessness of a beautiful woman and the loyalty of the mathematics community, he emerged after decades of ghostlike existence to win a Nobel Prize and world acclaim. The inspiration for a new motion picture starring Russell Crowe, Sylvia Nasar's award-winning biography is a drama about the mystery of the human mind, triumph over incredible adversity, and the healing power of love.
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UFO enthusiast and writer B. J. Booth offers new insight into Alien Abduction.

Belton, TX -- February 10, 2002 --A mirage of a dreamer or a bad dream of a psychotic. That's how many explain the strange cases of alien abduction. Only a few years ago, the majority of the scientific and investigative community adhered to this explanation, opting to accept the old adage,"If it couldn't happen, then it didn't." This attitude is finally changing, and this change is very noticeable in the new E-book, "ABDUCTED!" by B. J. Booth.

Taking you into a realm that many would rather not enter, Booth gives the details of seven cases of alien abduction, making them more than believable. Not with the power of persuasion, but with the power of fact, and eye witness testimony. These accounts form the basis of belief, coming from every day people just like you and me. The difference is that these ordinary people were put into extraordinary circumstances, situations that they never desired.

The one question the skeptics always ask Booth is "If these cases of UFO and Alien abduction are real, then where is the proof?" "The proof does exist, he states, just not in the usual sense." Two men are fishing on the banks of a river at night, and are frightened by a hovering craft piloted by bizarre creatures. They are totally disabled by the unknown creatures, and subjected to medical procedures. These same two report their amazing account to the authorities. They easily pass lie detector tests, and stand up to rigorous questioning, holding to their story. Thirty years later, they still stand firm. Why would same, everyday people report such an event?

"ABDUCTED!" also breaks the common belief that most alien abductions occur while the victim is in bed or asleep. Citing from five documented cases that occurred while the abductee was wide awake, the sleep abductee theory is disproved. One abductee was seen by six eye witnesses as a beam from a hovering craft knocks him to the ground. He disappears for five days. Booth also takes us one step beyond as a former Secretary of the United Nations along with two bodyguards watch in disbelief as an abductee is floated out of a window, along with alien beings! If you have a closed mind, it could be opened if you dare to venture into the realm of alien abduction.

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A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash by Sylvia Nasar - Thank You

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