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Mystical Caribbean LoveLeaf Newsletter # 1

LoveLeaf with Babies    LoveLeaf flower small    LoveLeaf plant small    LoveLeaf bunch small    LoveLeaf close-ups small   
PLEASE Spread The Love - Tell Your Friends and Post to Your Favorite Forums. Thank You!

I:    OUR First Newsletter !
II:   A LoveLeaf by any other name, is still a LoveLeaf
III:  Interesting Custom
IV:  LoveLeaf Friend Sharing
V:   New: Three LoveLeafs WITH Delivery in USA - NO COST to YOU
VI:  Signed-Up but didn't get Your LoveLeaf?

I:    Well, I finally did it. I put together OUR first newsletter. ( felt like I was back in school ). I hope you enjoy it. If you do, or don't, please share your opinions. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information on your LoveLeaf and to share information and experiences among LoveLeaf friends. Remember, the mission of the Free Mystical Caribbean LoveLeaf offer is to share the Love and passion this plant brings as well as fundraise for charity thus sharing our Love with those less fortunate. Charity fundraising is accomplished by YOUR direct donations in lieu of sending a self addressed stamped envelope for delivery (donation amount is roughly equivalent to the cost of sending the s.a.s.e. anyway, but more IS appreciated) of the Free LoveLeaf or by commissions paid by sponsors that pays for the LoveLeafs AND delivery (at NO COST to YOU - but a nice donation for charity) and by commissions of recommended Special Offers we come across that we feel have Real extra value to our LoveLeaf friends. (100% of these commission profits are donated).

II:   One of the most often asked questions I get is, "By what other names is the Mystical Caribbean LoveLeaf known?"
The LoveLeaf can be found throughout the world. They were native to Africa but are now common in India, Indian Ocean islands, the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Americas, Australia and Asia. As time went on, distinct common names evolved in the different regions. I have come across over 50 different names for the Mystical Caribbean LoveLeaf, but I am sure there are others. Do you know of one? Please share it with us.

Mystical Caribbean LoveLeaf

Genus: Kalanchoe or Bryophyllum

Taxonomy (Scientific Plant Name): Kalanchoe pinnata or Bryophyllum pinnatum
In the past the genus Bryophyllum was placed under Kalanchoe. Recently, botanists have decided to resurrect the genus Bryophyllum based on two characteristics: (a) formation of plantlets in the leaf notches and (b) having pendulous flowers. Kalanchoe has erect flowers and do not under normal conditions give rise to plantlets in the leaf margins.

Common Names:
Abamoda or Odundum Abamoda (Nigeria - Yoruba)-
Abamoda" meaning in Yoruba "as I wish so be it" or "Your wishes come true".
Air Plant
Africa Never Die
Amarpoi (India)
Bruja (Spanish)
Bulatawamudu (Fiji)
Canterbury Bells
Cathedral Bells
Coirama, Coirama-Branca, Coirama-Brava
Curtain Leaf Plant, Curtain Plant
Floppers (Bermuda)
Folha-da-Costa (South America)
Flor de aire (Spanish)
Good Luck Leaf (Mexico)
Green Mother of Millions
Hemasagar (India)
Herbe Mal Tete (Dominica)
Hoja Del Aire (Bolivia)
Leaf of Life (Tobago)
Kibilia (Marshall Islands)
Life Plant
Live-leaf-of-resurrection plant
Love Plant
LoveLeaf (Virgin Islands)
Lougarou or Fèy Lougarou (Creole)
luo di shen gen (China)
Magic Leaf
Mexican Love Plant
Miracle Leaf (Mexico)
Mother Of Thousands
Never Dead (Trinidad)
‘Oliwa Ku Kahakai or 'Oliwa Ka Kahakai (Hawaii)
Paochecara (South America)
Parvu (Trinidad)
Patragaja (India)
Piggy-Back Plant ( According to LoveLeaf friend, Joy S. from Missouri - that's what her grandmother called it )
Pipi Vao (Tonga)
Pregnant Plant - ( forgot this one - thanks , Starla )
Prodigiosa (Spanish)
Q'ora Wayra (Peru)
Resurrection Plant
Saiao (South America)
Sanglou or Sanglaou (Creole)
Sayao (South America)
Siempre Viva (Spanish)
Sprouting Leaf
Teang or Te Ang (Kiribati)
tupu he lau or tupu noa (Niue)
Wonder-Of-The-World (Trinidad)
Yerba de bruja (Spanish)
Zèb maltèt (Creole)

III:   Interesting Custom: In Eastern Europe, the LoveLeaf is thought to bring good luck when it is placed on the front door.

IV: LoveLeaf Friend Submission:
"I put them on my curtain in the Kitchen with paper clips.." Debbie

Thanks for your submission, Debbie. This is the island way - but remember to place on top of soil - as soon as "babies" arrive. Also if air is dry - mist LIGHTLY.
Update from Debbie 6/26/02:
Wow my kitchen window is in your news letter, I have them on top of dirt now and they are all doing well, I can't wait until they get big. I hope things are going well for you. Have a good day, Debbie

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002
I love my Love Leaf. Half of it was smushed when I got it, but now, one of the shoots is about 7" tall. I had a very small white flower when it first started sprouting. I am wondering when to put it in a bigger planter. Cliff I hope you are doing well. We're hot here in SC and praying for rain. I hope you've been in a hammock sipping a nice cool fruity Caribbean drink for me! Go splash in the surf and send some sand and a seashell and tell me how it was. Love the newsletter. Looking forward to more.
Hi Becky,
Thanks for your letter of encouragement. I'm glad to hear somebody liked the newsletter. It actually took ALOT of time to put together. I will try to do more of them, but can't commit to a schedule yet.
Also glad to hear your LoveLeaf is doing well. Sorry, that it arrived "smushed" , that sometimes happens in the mail. But LoveLeafs are persistant. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor mailman, shall keep them from growing. ( at least most of the time )
As for putting the LoveLeaf in a bigger planter, it is hard for me to tell from here. How big is the one it is in now? Some start the LoveLeaf in a styrofoam cup ( with holes in the bottom for drainage ), others like me, start them in the great outdoors. ( nothing bigger than God's planter ) Not really being an expert in this area, I will appeal to other LoveLeaf friends for guidance. I think though, it must be a matter of judgement. Obviously, a 7 foot tall LoveLeaf plant ( yup, they can get that big ) shouldn't be in a 3 inch pot. Maybe there is some ratio.
Every once in awhile I actually do get some free time to lime (island for relax ) in the hammock on our deck, which overlooks the harbor and it's beautiful turquoise waters. Unfortunately, unless my kids are visiting or we have guests, we don't seem to have time to lime at one of our many spectacular beaches. But the next time I do, I'll gather some sand for you, and some shells if I can find any. Most of the beaches here are shell free. Not like at Atlantic City, when I was a kid. ( in fact, usually the sand in a bottle and shells that the tourist shops sell here, come from the Philipines! ) I'll also think of you as I splash around.
We usually have a small 10 minute rain most everyday, usually at night. However, we are approaching hurricane season, when it can REALLY rain! Considering that most of us in the islands use cisterns that collect the rain as our water supply, rain is very valuable to us. ( water cost 5-6 cents a gallon - that's a $2400.00 water bill to fill a cistern ) But I'll talk to the man upstairs to see about sharing some of our rainfall with you. Temperatures here are pretty consistant year round, 70 at the coolest, 95 at the warmest, but mostly 80 - 85 degrees. However in the summer time the trade winds die down, so it seems a little hotter without those cool tradewind breezes.
"There once was a woman with large feet - size 14 - who complained that she could never find nice shoes in her size, until she met a woman with no feet at all "

All the Best,

Does anyone know about planter size vs. plant size ?????
Please share your experiences and thoughts.

Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002
Hi Cliff,
I just wanted to thank you for all the information. I do have 4 cats so I will place them where the cats can't get them. I will send you lots of customers, O.K. I love the newsletter
Date: 4/11/03
Loveleafs are just about the easiest plant to care for. Spritz them with water, give them a sunny window, give them a nice drink of water and they are worry free. They grow quickly and without a lot of fuss. They are super plants.
Date: 4/11/03
awesome and even more awesome
At first, I didn't think it would grow - my loveleaf has gotten sooo big.
I have kept it on my table by the couch, where a light was on most of the time.
I don't know if this helped it, but it is vibrant green and very healthy.
thank you, thank you
Carol F.

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