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4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine Subscription : 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine - is the perfect magazine for the serious off-roader. Each issue shows shows back country enthusiasts the great trails to visit, club events to attend and breath taking places to explore each month. Each issue of 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility features critical tips on how to improve performance as well as product previews, engine and suspension upgrades, wheels, tires, winches and a comprehensive events listing.

5.0 Mustang Magazine Subscription : 5.0 Mustang Magazine also known as 5.0 Liter Mustang Magazine and 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine , specializes in information for pony car enthusiasts who are interested in those V8-powered Mustangs from 1979 to the present day. 50 Mustang & Super Fords magazine also focuses on late-model Fords, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords provides readers with an array of performance how-to’s, technical advice, competition tips, new product evaluations and the latest innovations in street performance.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine Subscription : Acoustic Guitar Magazine is written and edited for all acoustic guitar players, whether ambitious beginners or accomplished professionals. Workshops, sheet music, song transcriptions, and reviews help expose readers to music from around the world and to the artists who create it. Each issue of Accoustic Guitar also includes extensive product reviews and expert advice.

Action Comics Superman Action Comics Superman - The Man Of Steel stands for truth, justice, and the American way in Action Comics as he faces the menaces of Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Metallo, the Parasite, and countless other super-powered foes!

Adirondack Life Magazine Subscription : Adirondack Life Magazine covers everything about the nature lovers paradise that is Northern New York State: the landscape, history, outdoor recreation, music, and culture of a breathtakingly beautiful region of the U.S

Aging With Style Magazine Subscription : Aging With Style Magazine motivates, informs, educates, and entertains senior readers as they prepare for the most rewarding years of their lives. With regular features on style and beauty, advice on health and well-being, coverage of relevant financial and legal issues, and inspiring celebrity profiles, Aging with Style stirs dreams, emulates life and shares its wisdom to make the later years of life as rich and rewarding as they can possibly be.

Alabama Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Alabama Game & Fish Magazine - If you like to hunt and fish in Alabama, at last there is a magazine just for you! The latest strategies and hotspots for Cotton State outdoorsmen.

Alaska Magazine Subscription : Alaska Magazine is all about life on the Last Frontier. Alaska is the world's only general interest magazine about Alaska. Alaska covers the state's unique and numerous animals, as well as the many recreational activities in which one can participate when visiting or living in the 49th state, including biking, hiking, camping, RV'ing, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and mountain climbing. Alaska also includes great photography of its spectacular landscapes, native Alaska life, as well as stories about the most remote villages and commentary on the political issues affecting its priceless wilderness. Alaska explores life on the Last Frontier as no other publication can!

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Subscription : Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is the monthly publication of suspense, mystery, and intrigue. Each issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine features chilling stories by top contemporary mystery writers.

Alternative Medicine Magazine Subscription : Alternative Medicine Magazine is uniquely targeted at consumers who are passionate about increasing the quality of their lives through alternative medicines and natural health. AlternativeMedicineMagazine provides the most comprehensive features and news on natural , holistic and alternative healthcare solutions.

America's Civil War Magazine Subscription : America's Civil War Magazine provides history enthusiasts with comprehensive and authoritative insights and analysis of the American Civil War, with a strong emphasis on the military aspects of the war, its battles, strategies, leaders and little-known facts. Each issue presents a wide range of articles on different aspects and theatres of the war, beautifully illustrated with historic photographs, period and modern artwork and detailed battle maps.

American Cheerleader Magazine Subscription : American Cheerleader Magazine is the ultimate magazine for cheerleaders. Written by cheerleading experts, articles include tips on training and health advice, as well as a Coach's Clinic to answer readers' questions. American Cheerleader is packed with stunts, routines,competition tips, interviews and spotlights on outstanding cheerleaders. American Cheerleader is also a great resource for fundraising ideas and beauty tips. This magazine is a must-have for anyone interested in cheering!

American Cheerleader Junior Magazine Subscription : American Cheerleader Junior Magazine is the perfect introduction to cheerleading for girls 7 to 12. Learn what it takes to cheer ¬ the jumps, the motions and the chants.

American Cowboy Magazine Subscription : American Cowboy Magazine is appropriate for both professional cowboys and lovers of the American West. Articles on the timeless lure of western legends, style, clothing, art, and lifestyles.

American Handgunner Magazine Subscription : American Handgunner Magazine is a publication devoted exclusively to the sport of handgunning. American Handgunner Magazine is edited for active shooters , handgun hunters , collectors and hobbyists who are serious about handguns, accessories, carry options, self-defense, and shooting techniques. American Handgunner Magazine features on topics that include combat, self-defense, shooting, reloading and hunting in a easy-reading, tell-it-like-it-is style. American Handguner Magazine is the first choice for handgunners around the world.

American Heritage Magazine Subscription : American Heritage Magazine is well written and a great read for anyone interested in American History. Gain a better understanding of contemporary America with features articles on art, literature, politics and travel.

American History Magazine Subscription : American History Magazine presents the history of America - with all it's nuances and implications - to a broad spectrum of general interest readers in an authoritative, informative, thought provoking and entertaining style. Lively narratives take the reader on an adventure with history, complemented by historical photographs, paintings, illustrations and maps. Each issue provides enlightening and entertaining insights and perspectives into the significant events, people and places of the American past.

American Journal of Nursing Magazine Subscription : American Journal of Nursing Magazine ( AJN Magazine ) is the premier professional journal for today's nurse, providing comprehensive and in-depth information to help nurses stay current in their profession. American Journal of Nursing Magazine's content includes practical, hands-on clinical articles on essential topics, vital information on drugs, clinical, nursing and healthcare news, research and more. americanjournalnursing , American Journal of Nursing Magazine, has cutting-edge features and departments include Practice Errors, Research for Practice, Infectious Disease and Washington Watch. Plus, each issue of americanjournalnursing carries two or more self-study articles for continuing education contact hours. American Journal of Nursing Magazine is presented in a lively, fast-read format with vivid photographs and illustrations, the American Journal of Nursing magazine is the indispensable source for every practicing nurse.

American Legacy Magazine Subscription : American Legacy Magazine focuses on the historical and cultural achievements of African-Americans and their contributions to business, the arts, education, and religion; cultural and societal developments; and persons who fought for racial justice and equality.

American Photo Magazine Subscription : American Photo Magazine is a stunning graphic feast edited for professionals, advanced or aspiring photographers and includes articles on equipment, technique and industry developments and industry. Also includes profiles of photographers, reviews of books and exhibitions, and technical updates.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine Subscription : Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine features short stories and articles by current authors , science fact articles and book reviews. Reviewed by scientists and other academics for accuracy and technological likeliness , Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine is the pioneering leader in the science fiction genre.

Angels On Earth Magazine Subscription : Angels On Earth Magazine is a bi-monhly magazine that presents true stories about God's angels as well as humans who have played angelic roles in the daily lives of others. Angels On Earth Magazine presents inspirational, true stories of persons who selflessly helped strangers in a time of need. Angels On Earth Magazine relays messages of tragedies averted, diseases cured, and destinies altered by human and superhuman angels. This magazine provides readers with inspiration and strengthened faith.

Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine Subscription : Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine is overflowing with the best and the brightest new crochet projects and designs with over a dozen original patterns in each issue. In addition to the easy-to-follow instructions and crystal-clear photographs, each issue of Annies Favorite Crochet Magazine features such popular sections as "Christmas Creations"; a Special Stitches section designed for crocheters who want to expand their crafting know-how; the "Gifts Galore" feature that makes it easy to find that perfect gift, and a"Quick Crochet" sampler that offers a variety of simple designs that can be completed in no time! The glorious art of crochet is suddenly new again!

Antique Trader Weekly Magazine Subscription : Antique Trader Weekly Magazine is the largest tabloid newspaper for the antiques & collectibles hobby marketplace publication in the U.S. Considered the bible by collectors for 40 years, AntiqueTrader Weekly Magazine features over 2,000 advertisements each week plus comprehensive listing of auctions & shows as well as news and articles on antiques.

Archaeology Magazine Subscription : Archaeology Magazine brings global archeological events to the attention of the general public. Archaeology Magazine provides field reports , regional surveys , discoveries and research written by professionals.

Arkansas Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Arkansas Sportsman Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Arkansas outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Arkansas , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Art and Antiques Magazine Subscription : Art and Antiques Magazine is an International publication that focuses on the fine and decorative arts. Art & Antiques Magazine features news on trends in the art market, as well as auction reports, personality profiles, and features on specific works, periods, artists, cultural trends, and events.

Arthur Magazine Subscription : Arthur Magazine is a publication from the children's publisher Redan Fun to Learn. Fun to Learn Arthur Magazine is full of educational fun, featuring everyone's favorite aardvark--Arthur! Each issue of Arthur Magazine is packed with fun stories, a 16-page pull-out project book and collectible poster. Arthur Magazine keeps children entertained for hours while also educating them. Based on the character from the popular line of children's books and television show on PBS, Arthur Magazine is for children ages 4 to 11.

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine Subscription : Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine features vacations for Real People. It is written for the savvy, frugal traveller. Each issue of Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine is packed with affordable and enjoyable budget vacation ideas for unique trips to attractions, hot spots, and resorts worldwide!

Artist's Magazine Subscription : Artist's Magazine is the leading magazine for serious, active artists. Artists Magazine features expert advice on working with pastels, watercolor, oil, acrylics, pen and ink, or any imaginable medium, written by artists for artists. ArtistsMagazine is a must !

Arts & Activities Magazine Subscription : Arts & Activities Magazine is a masterful resource for any teacher or parent that wants to enrich the artistic lives of children. Arts and Activities Magazine includes classroom project ideas , products , news , information on current events and developments in visual arts. Arts and Activities Magazine publishes articles dealing with the theory and practice of art education at the elementary and secondary levels, as well as teacher education and related issues. Every issue of Arts and Activities Magazine contains media reviews and coverage of new products and services. Readers of Arts & Activities Magazine will find in the "Shop Talk" section a specific medium addressed along with color photos and explanations of classroom projects in that medium.

Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Subscription : Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine : Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine contains the best of modern science fiction. Each issue of Asimovs Science Fiction Magazine contains famous editorials , Robert Silverberg's controversial Reflections column , classic Asimov stories , puzzles, letters , cartoons and more.

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine Subscription : Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine is Atlanta’s premier lifestyle magazine: homes, interior design/decorating, art & architecture, gardening and entertainment. Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine presents’ the region’s most beautiful homes - designed with that comfortable yet sophisticated look that is pure style! Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine is a resource you’ll love to turn to for information and inspiration!

The Atlantic Magazine Subscription : The Atlantic Magazine , formerly The Atlantic Monthly , has been a voice for the literate reader interested in the world around them for two centuries, and has won more National Magazine Awards than any other monthly magazine. The AtlanticMagazine will place you at the very epicenter of contemporary issues, and also features the very best in fiction, travel, food and humor. The Atlantic Magazine is a thoughtful news and literary magazine that focuses on politics, foreign affairs, economics, arts events, and personalities.

Audio Video Interiors Magazine Subscription : Audio Video Interiors magazine now becomes Connected Guide to the Digital Home Magazine , evolving from a home theater magazine to one with a broader purpose, mirroring the dynamic changes in our connected world.

Automobile Magazine Subscription : Automobile Magazine is filled with photos of great cars in beautiful surroundings and is written so that readers can experience the sensation of the world's newest, classic, unique and extraordinary cars.

Automundo Magazine Subscription : Automundo Magazine is the premier Spanish language automobile magazine published in the US. La Revista #1 del Automovil en Espanol en los Estados Unidos.

Auto Racing Digest Magazine Subscription : Auto Racing Digest Magazine covers events and drivers worldwide. The emphasis in AutoRacingDigest Magazine is on Formula One Grand Prix events, NASCAR Grand National stock car races, CART and USAC Indianapolis racing, SCCA and IMSA road racing. Auto Racing Digest Magazine also has stats, schedules, standings and photos!

Auto World Weekly Magazine Subscription : Auto World Weekly Magazine , known as AMI Auto World Magazine , because it is no longer weekly , gives you easy-to-read analysis and photographic coverage of automobiles. AutoWorld Magazine helps you find the best buys on hundreds of new and used vehicles. You get in-depth results of hundreds of road tests , in plain English. Plus you can also check the latest rebates and factory incentives. All the information you need to make an informed, money-saving decision is right at your fingertips!

Aviation History Magazine Subscription : Aviation History Magazine Subscription : offers aviation enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds the most comprehensive, authoritative, in-depth coverage of the history of world aviation. Each issue of AviationHistory Magazine Subscription : provides keen insights and exciting stories about the people, places and events comprising manned flight's rich history, from the field's leading writers and researchers. Action packed accounts put readers in the cockpit to experience aviation's greatest dramas, accompanied by the finest artwork, meticulously researched photography, illustrations and maps.

Baseball Digest Magazine Subscription : Baseball Digest Magazine is edited for true Baseball Fans! Articles from leading columns in the sports pages of newspapers and magazines throughout the country help keep you up to date on the sport known as America's favorite past time. BaseballDigest Magazine features special articles and player profiles, plus rosters, schedules, stats and scouting reports in every issue.

Basketball Digest Magazine Subscription : Basketball Digest Magazine is written for the true basketball fan! BasketballDigest Magazine has complete coverage of NBA teams and players, including action photos, stats, profiles, rosters, statistics, and player data. Special departments include a crossword puzzles and quiz..

Bass and Walleye Boats Magazine Subscription : Founded in 1994 , Bass & Walleye Boats Magazine is the only magazine dedicated exclusively to freshwater fishing boat owners who demand top performance from their boats, engines and accessories. Each issue of Bass and WalleyeBoats Magazine is loaded with in-depth tests of boats and outboards, product reviews, maintenance how-tos, performance upgrades and electronics/accessories coverage that's designed to maximize any fishing boat's potential.

Beckett Baseball Collector Magazine Subscription : Formerly Beckett Baseball Card Monthly , covers the superstars of baseball and baseball card collecting. Each issue of Beckett Baseball Collector Magazine has insightful articles , action photographs , tips on card collecting and a readers' forum.

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine Subscription : Better Homes & Gardens Magazine has it all! All the dreaming, planning, how-to tips and perfect results! Each issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine features 100s of creative solutions for your home, as well as ideas for decorating, cooking, gardening, building, remodeling, crafts, and more. BetterHomesandGardens Magazine is the classic magazine for those lives center around their home life!

Bike Magazine Subscription : Bike Magazine is edited specifically for the avid mountain biking fan. BikeMagazine profiles new products and equipment specially designed for mountain bikers. Each issue of Bike Magazine also features beautiful photographs of challenging places to ride.

Black Belt Magazine Subscription : Black Belt Magazine covers Judo , Karate, Kung Fu and other aspects of self defense, with the philosophy and history of the martial arts. Black Belt Magazine gives readers the martial arts information needed to keep their power focused, their technique true, and their spirit strong. Black Belt Magazine provides information on competitions, tournaments, seminars and dojo directories to keep readers in touch with the martial arts world. In each issue of Black Belt Magazine is a section dedicated to rookies that will provide them with a solid foundation from which to research a specific art, find a school and instructor suitable to their needs, and have the information needed to get started in the martial arts.

Black Enterprise Magazine Subscription : Black Enterprise Magazine is the nation’s #1 Authority On Black Business. Black Enterprise Magazine is a business publication for African American professionals and entrepreneurs. Black Enterprise Magazine features personal finance, plus career & business issues. Black Enterprise Magazine is for black businessmen and women, professionals and administrators dealing with all aspects of black economic development. Articles in Black Enterprise Magazine deal with money management, industry highlights, careers and high technology. BlackEnterprise Magazine also offers a career marketplace and a classified section.

Boating Magazine Subscription : Boating Magazine is dedicated to sportsmen, distributors & manufacturers in the powerboat industry. Regular articles on boat buying and financing, powerboat accessories, seamanship, maintenance, sport fishing, racing, and sport cruising.

Boating Life Magazine Subscription : Boating Life Magazine understands and appreciates mankind's eternal love of boats, boating and the water. BoatingLife Magazine is written for the experienced boater as well as the landlubber, this publication makes the point that boating is not only a blast, but can be affordable as well.

Boating World Magazine Subscription : Boating World Magazine exemplifies the passion of power boaters through award-winning editorial and provocative photography that challenges, educates and entertains. BoatingWorld Magazine serves the largest segment of the powerboat market, and has something for every boater from do-it-yourself articles to features on environmental issues. Especially valuable for owners of power boats up to 35 feet in length; provides information for family boaters, fishermen, cruising boaters, and other water sports enthusiasts with all the information needed to select equipment and to maintain, and enjoy their boats.

Boston Magazine Subscription : Boston Magazine features comprehensive coverage of the Boston area, including local politics, leisure activities, business news and financial developments. BostonMagazine has regular articles on dining and travel in New England, fashion trends, profiles of prominent Bostonians, and arts and entertainment news.

Bow & Arrow Hunting Magazine Subscription : Bow and Arrow Hunting Magazine is a comprehensive reference for the serious bow hunter. Equipment reviews, exciting true hunting adventures plus terrific hunting tours and destinations.

Bowhunter Magazine Subscription : Bowhunter Magazine is heralded as the "very best archery hunting magazine possible". The goal of Bow hunter Magazine is to help archery hunters get the most from their bowhunting experiences. Each issue of Bowhunter Magazine provides the latest advice on how to use bowhunting tackle and techniques, tips on the best bowhunting locations in North America, and reviews of new products. Bowhunter Magazine delivers riveting hunting stories, coverage of issues important to bowhunters and an insider's understanding of the pursuit of the world's most popular game animals. In every issue of Bowhunter Magazine, readers will enjoy features, columns, and essays that portray the bowhunting experience from experts in the field.

Bowhunting Magazine Subscription : Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine provides readers with a wide coverage of all aspects of the archery community with in depth articles on tips, tools and tactics necessary to be successful in the field.

Bowhunting World Magazine Subscription : Bowhunting World Magazine is the recognized authority on archery, and features technical information, bowhunting and target shooting features, and interviews with the sport's most renowned personalities. Each issue of Bow hunting World Magazine features the most reliable and up-to-date information available on the latest equipment for archery and bow hunting enthusiasts.

Bowling Digest Magazine Subscription : Bowling Digest Magazine features player profiles of male and female stars, news stories, statistics and pages of bowling instruction. Bowling Association stars Jeri Edwards, Parker Bohn III, Bill Spigner and John Jowdy offer tips in every issue of BowlingDigest Magazine.

Boys' Life Magazine Subscription : Boys' Life Magazine is the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, and features adventure, fun and excitement in every issue. Boys' Life Magazine has great stories, jokes, scouting tips and examples of good citizenship that combine to make this a perennial favorite.

Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription : Bridal Guide Magazine is a magazine for the contemporary bride-to-be to ensure a successful wedding day. Bridal Guide Magazine focuses on current trends in wedding fashion, etiquette, decorating, beauty, home, design, and honeymoon travel as well as relationships, marriage and sex; offers information on wedding planning; and explores social issues which affect the bride and groom.

Budget Living Magazine Subscription : Budget Living Magazine is the only one-stop resource that shows readers how to save money without compromising their style. Budget Living Magazine covers topics from home decorating to travelling abroad. Each issue of Budget Living Magazine provides tips on entertaining with style, investing with smarts and value shopping. The first issue of Budget Living Magazine will most likely save readers far more than the cost of a subscription!

California Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : California Game & Fish Magazine is your ticket to the hottest fishing and hunting in California. If you like to hunt and fish in California, at last there is a magazine just for you!

Canoe & Kayak Magazine Subscription : Canoe & Kayak Magazine is the world's leading paddle sports publication and The #1 Resource for canoeing, kayaking, and the full range of paddling sports. Each issue of Canoe and Kayak Magazine includes features about adventure paddling destinations, equipment reviews, paddling techniques for whitewater, flatwater and open ocean, health and fitness topics, conservation, the paddling environment, and the people, ideas, issues and events that shape the growing sport of paddling.

Car Audio & Electronics Magazine Subscription : Car Audio & Electronics Magazine is the source for mobile audiophiles. Car Audio and Electronics Magazine features new product reviews, information on upgrades, and tips to help audio enthusiasts maximize the full potential of their automotive sound systems.

Car Craft Magazine Subscription : Car Craft Magazine emphasizes do-it-yourself modified street and drag race vehicles, for the high performance automobile enthusiast. Car Craft Magazine offers definitive advice on products, events, and rebuilding techniques for street rods and muscle cars built from the 1940's through the present day, with an emphasis on ’60s and ’70s musclecars.

Car and Driver Magazine Subscription : Car and Driver Magazine is the most widely read magazine of it's kind. Car and Driver Magazine's key feature is its road testing on almost every domestic and imported car, pickup truck, van, and SUV designed for consumer use in America. Regular commentary on cars, motorsports, and the auto industry is also provided as well as technology, business and political issues concerning one of America's favorite past times.

Car Stereo Review's Mobile Entertainment Technology in Motion Magazine Subscription : Car Stereo Review's Mobile Entertainment Technology in Motion Magazine , (formerly known as Car Stereo Review) , features all the latest and greatest in mobile electronic equipment. Features include new product reviews, road and lab tests, do-it-yourself help, and even music reviews.

Cargo Magazine Subscription : Cargo Magazine is the men's magazine that's all about the stuff he wants to buy--clothes, cars, electronics, gadgets and more. Cargo will help the savvy male find the right products without any hassle or second-guessing. Cargo keeps readers covered with the season's best fashion and let's them know where to find it. Each issue of Cargo also provides readers with reviews on their favorite toys and tools, including cameras, cell phones and all the coolest ways to accessorize their ultimate toys--their cars. Readers will also enjoy the tips to keep hip in the areas of food, drink, music and entertainment. Cargo Magazine does the shopping for readers and ensures that it's "your money well spent".

Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine Subscription : Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine is your guide to paradise. With CaribbeanTravel and Life Magazine you will escape to romantic hideaways and luxurious resorts and discover secluded beaches and teeming coral reefs. CaribbeanTravelandLife Magazine features all the wonder of the Caribbean Islands from traditional hotspots such as the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and Jamaica, to more remote adventures in the Dominican Republic, Curaçao, Belize, and the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

Catholic Digest Magazine Subscription : Catholic Digest Magazine offers spiritual advice for everyday living. Oriented towards Catholic family life, CatholicDigest Magazine offers fresh, insightful articles on inspirational issues, and will entertain as well as provoke spiritual discussion.

Charisma and Christian Life Magazine Subscription : Charisma Magazine , also known as Charisma and Christian Life Magazine , is a monthly publication with the mission of educating and challenging the Christian charismatic renewal community. Each issue of Charisma Magazine presents the latest news from a Christian perspective. For spiritual encouragement and inspiration in today's world, turn to Charisma Magazine. Charisma Magazine brings you modern Christian perspectives on real life issues facing you and your family.

Chevy High Performance Magazine Subscription : Chevy High Performance Magazine articulates the splendor of one of the nations most popular cars. ChevyHighPerformance Magazine is the magazine of choice for hands on, do it yourself enthusiasts. High performance is defined not only in terms of speed, but also in street prowess, road handling, show beauty and respect for the classic concourse look. Chevy High Performance Magazine strives to be the authoritative source for all Chevy enthusiasts who are interested in buying, building, restoring and modifying high performance Chevy vehicles.

Chicago Magazine Subscription : Chicago Magazine has all the personalities, politics, culture and lifestyles of the Windy City. Chicago Magazine features entertainment, dining, theatre and everything else you need to get the most out of living in or near Chicago. Chicago Magazine has fascinating, in-depth articles about the people who make Chicago happen plus useful features to guide you on real estate, health, education and more!

Child Magazine Subscription : Child Magazine is edited for parents with kids from pre-birth to 12 years. Articles on child development, behavior, health, nutrition, and education as well as discussions of parent and child relationships.

Child Life Magazine Subscription : Child Life Magazine is designed and edited to communicate positive messages to children ages 9 to 11. Child Life Magazine features nonfiction articles about sports , fitness , health , nutrition , general interest stories , puzzles , games , kid's poetry , a computer column and drawings. Child Life Magazine also revisits golden days from the 1920's and 30's. Your child will enjoy nostalgic children's literature fiction written by such famous authors as Carl Sandburg and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Child Life Magazine is beautifully illustrated. Child Life Magazine is one of the nation's oldest continuously published children's magazine for more than 75 years.

Children's Digest Magazine Subscription : Children's Digest Magazine is edited to inform and entertain preteens aged 6 to 12. Each issue of Childrens Digest Magazine includes stories , puzzles , games and fun activities to teach readers about science , health , fitness and safety. Your preteens will love Children's Digest Magazine for it's wide range of fiction , informative articles and reviews of the latest books. The games and puzzles found in Children's Digest Magazine will challenge developing minds and the latest health and fitness news lets them stay out in front in the race for good health.

Children's Magic Window Magazine Subscription : Children's Magic Window Magazine is a publication dedicated to the preservation and advancement of reading among America's youth. Children's Magic Window Magazine is aimed for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Each issue of Children's Magic Window Magazine is a 100-page, digest size, lavishly illustrated magazine with something for everyone. Children's Magic Window Magazine boasts wholesome content including fiction and non-fiction articles, preview and recommendations on the best in books, educational software, boardgames and websites with a focus on education and entertainment. Children's Magic Window Magzine mixes traditional values with a contemporary flair.

Children's Playmate Magazine Subscription : Children's Playmate Magazine offers entertaining stories , articles , poems , activities , creative crafts , easy recipes , book and software reviews and much more for beginning readers aged 6 to 8. Interactive features include Pictures by Our Playmates .

Chile Pepper Magazine Subscription : Chile Pepper Magazine is written for those people who have a taste for hot foods from around the world. Each issue of ChilePepper Magazine features a wealth of recipes, and guides the reader through Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, as well as the Cajun, Texan and Southwestern cuisine of the U.S. in search of the liveliest of spicy foods. If you love spicy foods , then Chile Pepper Magazine is a must!

Chocolatier Magazine Subscription : Chocolatier Magazine is for the seriously addicted chocoholic and features the latest news and trends in fine chocolates and easy gourmet recipes, to-die-for photography and up-to-the-minute chocolate news. Chocolatier Magazine presents the world's most elegant desserts, their preparation and presentation, including new creations from world-renowned chefs and restaurants.

Cinescape Magazine Subscription : Cinescape Magazine is under new management and is now bigger and better than ever! Each issue of Cinescape Magazine is filled with exclusive articles and news on the latest releases, reviews, previews and behind the scenes action on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies, TV, books, music, DVD's and comics.

Circle Track Magazine Subscription : Circle Track Magazine is specifically edited for American oval track enthusiasts. Emphasis on NASCAR race coverage with expertise on auto-racing technology and technical information.

Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine Subscription : Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine delivers the complete story of America's greatest internal conflict - with all its actions, emotion, drama and modern significance. In Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine leading historians and authors take readers on a journey into the experience of the real people who lived the history - from the greatest commanders and politicians to the rank and file soldiers and their families at home. Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine is beautifully illustrated with period artwork and photography. Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine provides readers with a window into America's most dramatic days.

Classic Trucks Magazine Subscription : Classic Trucks Magazine is focused on pre-1973 modified and restored trucks. Classic Trucks Magazine presents restoration, performance technical, how-to articles and coverage of major events in which these trucks participate, and is the innovator of the "Truck Rod" theme. Each issue of Classic Trucks Magazine features technical upgrading and how-to articles for the do-it-yourselfer, includes a guide to proper part selection for all aspects of classic truck restoration, and spotlights the classic truck show circuit.

Cleveland Magazine Subscription : Cleveland Magazine celebrates the 12th largest US market, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Indians, the host of 22 different colleges and universities, rated as among the top 15 places to live in the country and has the fourth largest concentration of Fortune 500 headquarters in the US. All in all Cleveland Rocks, and Cleveland Magazine will turn you on to everything that's going on in and around town.

Climbing Magazine Subscription : Climbing Magazine provides readers with important information for their next climb. Climbing Magazine gives details about climbing destinations, equipment needed, as well as training and techniques to use. Climbing Magazine also features captivating first-hand accounts of climbs, compelling profiles and beautiful photography. Climbing Magazine gives readers motivating editorials, special how-to articles and information about new equipment. In each issue of Climbing Magazine , readers will find contacts for guide services, and climbing schools--along with a Marketplace and Suppliers list for easy reference.

Coin Prices Magazine Subscription : Coin Prices Magazine is a comprehensive guide to retail values for collectible U.S. coins. A market update is featured in each issue of Coin Prices Magazine. Coin Prices Magazine also has special sections that indicate values for Canadian and Mexican coins, colonial coins, errors and varieties, selected issues of U.S. paper money and a guide to grading U.S. coins.

Coinage Magazine Subscription : Coinage Magazine explores the history and human stories about coins and coin collecting and investing, as well as featuring coverage of medals, ancient coins and currency. Most articles in CoinageMagazine deal with U.S. coins and medals.

Coins Magazine Subscription : Coins Magazine covers market trends, buying tips, and historical perspectives on all aspects of the numismatic hobby. Features in CoinsMagazine include articles on cataloguing, selecting and displaying a collection, and the history of coinage. Regular columns in Cions Magazine include The Budget Buyer, Coin Clinic, an editor's column, and a calendar of upcoming events and shows.

Colored Stone Magazine Subscription : Colored Stone Magazine is the gem professional's source for authoritative information on the worldwide market. Industry buyers and decision-makers from around the world depend on Colored Stone Magazine's extensive trade coverage for the latest information in the gem field. Colored Stone Magazine delivers up-to-the minute news on the gemstone trade, no matter where on the globe it's happening.

Columbia Journalism Review Magazine Subscription : The Columbia Journalism Review Magazine is a watchdog of the press' performance in all its forms, from newspapers and magazines to radio, television, and cable to the wire services and the Web. Columbia Journalism Review Magazine reports on developments and trends in the world of journalism in several media. CJR magazine examines day-to-day forces that affect press performance, as well as the political, economic, technological, social, and legal forces that are always guiding the press. CJR includes information on specific magazines, new and upcoming writers, the best picks of various genres, art criticism and commentary. Columbia Journal Review aims to educate readers as well as improve the state of journalism.

Coinage Magazine Subscription : Coinage Magazine explores the history and human stories about coins and coin collecting and investing, as well as featuring coverage of medals, ancient coins and currency. Most articles in CoinageMagazine deal with U.S. coins and medals.

Coins Magazine Subscription : Coins Magazine covers market trends, buying tips, and historical perspectives on all aspects of the numismatic hobby. Features in CoinsMagazine include articles on cataloguing, selecting and displaying a collection, and the history of coinage. Regular columns in Cions Magazine include The Budget Buyer, Coin Clinic, an editor's column, and a calendar of upcoming events and shows.

Computer Games Magazine Subscription : Computer Games Magazine ( formerly known as Computer Games Strategy Plus ) explores the world of computer entertainment and gaming. Articles in ComputerGames Magazine feature computer game-related news, previews, reviews, tips, and interviews with key personalities. If you are into gaming , ComputerGamesMagazine is for you!

Computer Gaming World Magazine Subscription : Computer Gaming World Magazine is America's #1 Magazine for serious computer game players. Every issue of ComputerGamingWorld Magazine is packed with in-depth reviews, winning secrets, sneak previews of the newest games, the latest updates on new technologies, and more. Get the most out of your passion for computer gaming with Computer Gaming World Magazine.

Computer Shopper Magazine Subscription : Computer Shopper Magazine is the tech buyer's bible featuring 1000's of direct manufacturer deals for hardware, software, printers & peripherals. Computer Shopper Magazine has quick-reference product indexes, comparison charts, buying tips, programming techniques, and more. Computer Shopper Magazine is a must have magazine for anyone with a computer !

Contemporary Christian Music Magazine Subscription : Contemporary Christian Music Magazine , CCM , focuses on the latest Christian entertainment news. Each issue of ContemporaryChristianMusic Magazine critiques the music and provides personal profiles on the leading and emerging musicians in the contemporary Christian scene. Contemporary Christian Music Magazine , CCM , also emphasizes the inspirational messages about human compassion and hope in the expression of today's music.

Cookbook Digest Magazine Subscription : Cookbook Digest Magazine offers reviews by a professional staff to help you choose new cook books before you buy them. Selected recipes from each book reviewed are included. CookbookDigest Magazine articles feature seasonal foods, kitchen tools, entertaining, foreign and domestic cuisine. CookbookDigestMagazine also provides kitchen tips for cooks of every level of expertise.

Corvette Fever Magazine Subscription : Corvette Fever Magazine is for those who take the love of their Corvettes seriously. Corvete Fever Magazine has do-it-yourself technical articles, beautiful color features, advice from some of the industry's top experts and interesting news and events.

Country Music Magazine Subscription : Country Music Magazine celebrates today's best Country Music and provides the inside scoop on the brightest Country stars from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Country Music Magazine is the leading source of in-depth information on everything Country, and is the only national country publication full of critical reviews, original photography, and the best writers coming to you straight from Nashville, Tennessee.

Country Weekly Magazine Subscription : Country Weekly Magazine is devoted to country music and entertainment. Each issue of Country Weekly Magazine is packed with feature articles and photos of country music personalities plus music and video reviews, tour dates and late breaking news from the world of country music.

Crafts Magazine Subscription : Crafts Magazine provides an exciting array of projects and interesting techniques. Crafts Magazine gives inspiration to all levels, from beginning to experienced crafters. Every issue of Crafts Magazine features step-by-step instructions, easy pull-out patterns and new crafting product reviews and information. Crafts Magazine also includes special sections on needlework, paints, stitching and more.

Craftworks Magazine Subscription : Craftworks Magazine is written for passionate artisans who enjoy beautifying their homes with handmade crafts. Each issue of CraftworksMagazine features highly detailed patterns with clear directions for a variety of projects for the home, such as throw pillows, baskets, decorative display objects, and kids' crafts. Craft Works Magazine brings fun back to crafting by presenting projects that are upbeat, useful, and easily completed in a short amount of time. Craft works Magazine is the most exciting, appealing, and best-value crafting magazine on the market.

Crazy for Cross Stitch Magazine Subscription : Crazy for Cross Stitch! Magazine is full of the most breath-taking patterns available from America's top designers, all presented in a glossy, full-size, full-color format with crisp, clean, easy-to-follow instructions. Featured in every issue of Crazy for Cross Stitch Magazine is a Master Stitcher column designed to help take your stitchery to an entirely new level! Filled with easy-to-follow stitch and technique instructions, historical tidbits and new-to-you information, this column is the perfect addition to every stitching library.

Creating Keepsakes Magazine Subscription : Creating Keepsakes Magazine offers highly creative ideas for creating unusual and captivating scrapbooks, keepsake boxes, and album covers for the creative and for those who want to be.

Creative Crafter Magazine Subscription : Creative Crafter Magazine , formerly Quick & Easy Crafts, delivers step-by-step patterns from professional designers for high-quality handcrafts requiring minimal time and effort. CreativeCrafter Magazine include plastic canvas, cross-stitch, quilting, sewing, crocheting, floral designs, wood and paper crafts, simple painting techniques, tin punch, embroidery, etc. In each issue of CreativeCrafterMagazine , several projects will be devoted to seasonal/holiday crafts. Each issue of Creative Crafter Magazine also includes a group of projects from one particular medium such as stenciling, rubber stamping, quilting, wearable art, home decor, Christmas crafts, etc. Regular features include Crafting for Cash, Kids Crafts, Christmas Corner, Book Reviews, Product Review, Bulletin Board, Craft Calendar, and Tips & Techniques.

Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine Subscription : Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine concentrates on all woodworking crafts, including woodcrafting, scroffing, carving, Intarsia painting, and other techniques. Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine provides readers with detailed instructions for projects and top-notch patterns. CreativeWoodworksandCrafts Magazine strives to give their readers projects that can usually be made in a relatively short period of time and with a modest number of supplies.

Crochet! Magazine Subscription : Crochet! Magazine , formerly Crochet Home & Holiday Magazine, is a 48 page digest packed with afghan, doily, and home decor projects. Each issue of CrochetMagazine features crocheters sharing tips, information and stitch guides, plus all the instructions needed to complete the projects as well as a skill level rating.

Crochet Fantasy Magazine Subscription : Crochet Fantasy Magazine brings you patterns and techniques that reflect the variety that is possible with crochet. Each issue of CrochetFantasy Magazine features high quality patterns for the avid crocheter.

Crochet World Magazine Subscription : Crochet World Magazine is chock-full of creative patterns for crocheted toys, dolls, doilies, clothing, afghans and more, fashioned with yarns and threads that are readily available. Readers of CrochetWorld Magazine have the benefit of easy-to-understand instructions and full-color photos. Also included in CrochetWorldMagazine are crochet contests, crochet tips and techniques, a helpful question-and-answer column and letters from readers. Crochet World Magazine also includes 25 to 35 clear and complete crochet patterns in every issue for mittens, hats, sweaters, afghans, doll clothes, table accents and Christmas tree trim to name just a few.

Cross Country Skier Magazine Subscription : Cross Country Skier Magazine is the world's premier nordic skiing publication. Regular features include profiles of the influential personalities in the sport, authoritative reports on competitions and events, expert advice on fitness and training tips, and new and unusual ski vacation destinations. Cross Country Skier an indispensable resource for skiers of all ages and abilities.

Cruise Travel Magazine Subscription : Cruise Travel Magazine suggests you take that cruise vacation! CruiseTravel Magazine has features on cruise ships and itineraries, ports-of-call, and cruise, tour and air combinations. CruiseTravelMagazine also features travel products, schedules and prices.

Cruising World Magazine Subscription : Cruising World Magazine is edited for those who enjoy cruising under sail and for those interested in acquiring new skills enabling them to navigate and sail safely in coastal waters, on lakes and across oceans. About half the articles in Cruising World Magazine involve information and techniques aimed at helping an owner maintain and enjoy his/her sailboat. The other half reflects reader experiences, sailing with family, friends, and sometimes alone.

Custom Rodder Magazine Subscription : Custom Rodder Magazine covers the post-1949 custom car market. Each issue of Custom Rodder Magazine features how-to pieces replete with step-by-step instructions and photos for the novice and advanced customizer. Custom Rodder Magazine also includes coverage on the latest new products and aftermarket components, as well as industry trends.

Cycle World Magazine Subscription : Cycle World Magazine has all the latest developments in motorcycles and equipment. CycleWorld Magazine is written for the rider and enthusiast, each issue of CycleWorldMagazine reviews new products and accessories, and features great rides.

Dance Spirit Magazine Subscription : Dance Spirit Magazine is the ultimate resource for anyone who loves dance. Dance Spirit Magazine includes articles and information on a wide variety of dance forms , such as tap , jazz , ballet , urban , funk , hip hop , lyrical , pointe , highland , swing , Irish step and Latin. Dance Spirit Magazine is a source for training tips , combinations , and interviews with the industry's top dancers. Dance Spirit Magazine also includes features on fashion, gear, nutrition and fitness in the dance world.

Dance Teacher Magazine Subscription : Dance Teacher Magazine is the only nationwide magazine addressed to dance teachers of all disciplines. Dance Teacher Magazine provides practical, useful information for professional dance educators. Dance Teacher Magazine includes feature articles about recent developments in the dance world as well as suggestions for planning future performances, coverage of various dance schools, helpful teaching tools and tips on teaching a healthy lifestyle to students. Dance Teacher covers all forms of dance and dance techniques, teaching methods, health and studio business.

Decorating Digest Craft & Home Projects Magazine Subscription : Decorating Digest Craft & Home Projects Magazine features exciting room designs and home furnishings with easy to make craft projects which will decorate and beautify any home.

Decorative Artist's Workbook Magazine Subscription : Decorative Artist's Workbook Magazine features illustrated articles and step-by-step instructions for tole and decorative artists. Each issue of Decorative Artists Workbook Magazine contains four to six projects an full-size patterns, and is America's favorite magazine for decorative painters, with beautiful step-by-step projects for home decor and gift giving.

Delaware Today Magazine Subscription : Delaware Today Magazine is a high quality, monthly magazine that informs, entertains and makes a difference in the community. DelawareToday Magazine celebrate the lifestyle of the state of Delaware, from Wilmington to Dover to Rehoboth Beach, by providing insight into the area's people, history, culture, customs, dining, events, homes, health and fashions.

Dell Crossword Puzzles Magazine Subscription : Dell Crossword Puzzles Magazine provides great puzzle fun with crosswords appropriate for all levels of word game enthusiasts. Each issue of Dell Crossword Puzzles Magazine offers a variety of crossword puzzles sure to challenge the best.

Dell Crossword Special Magazine Subscription : Dell Crossword Special Magazine not only features pages and pages of crossword puzzles, it also includes a variety of word games. Dell Crossword Special Magazine has over 100 pages of crossword intrigue and puzzling word puzzles!

Dell Easy Fast 'n' Fun Crossword Magazine Subscription : Dell Easy Fast 'n Fun Crosswords Magazine is perfect for the beginning crossworder. Dell Easy Fast n Fun Magazine offers a great variety of easy to medium skill crossword puzzles.

Dell Horoscope Magazine Subscription : Dell's Horoscope Magazine helps answers the age old question: 'What's your sign?' Dell Horoscope Magazine gives you all the latest zodiac news, direct from the sun ,the moon and the stars!

Dell Math Puzzles and Logic Problems Magazine Subscription : Dell Math Puzzles and Logic Problems Magazine features a variety of puzzles and problems to challenge and stimulate. Each issue of Dell Math Puzzles and Logic Problems Magazine will sharpen your intellect and lift your spirits!

Dell Official Crossword Puzzles Magazine Subscription : Dell Official Crossword Puzzles Magazine offers a wide range of crosswords for every level of proficiency, as well as a selection of stimulating variety puzzles.

Dell Official Variety Puzzles & Word Games Magazine Subscription : Dell Official Variety Puzzles & Word Games Magazine features a variety of fun-to-solve and educational puzzles including picture maze, form-a-word, number places, hi-score, cryptoquizzes, anacrostics, tanglewords and much much more! Dell Official Variety Puzzles & Word Games Magazine is a great source of entertainment for all word lovers and puzzle minds!

Dell Official Word Search Puzzles Magazine Subscription : Dell Official Word Search Puzzles Magazine offers a wide variety of different puzzles for all skill levels. Entertainment for the entire family is packed into every jumbo sized issue of Dell's Official Word Search Puzzles Magazine.

Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzles Magazine Subscription : Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzles Magazine offers a selection of puzzles at all skill levels.

Dell Word Search Puzzles Magazine Subscription : Dell Word Search Puzzles Magazine offers a variety of word find puzzles at all skill levels.

Dirt Rider Magazine Subscription : Dirt Rider Magazine is edited for both the amateur and professional with an active interest in motorcross, enduro riding, trail riding, bikepacking competition and mechanics.

Discover Magazine Subscription : Discover Magazine gives readers innovative information about developments in the fields of science, technology and medicine. Discover provides readers with an outlook on how these innovations will influence their everyday lives and keeps them up to date on the ever-changing world around them. Discover provides interesting commentary on the latest developments, as well as posing the probing questions about the future of the scientific world that interests us all.

Disney Magazine Subscription : Disney Magazine is the ultimate guide to Disney theme-parks, movies, collectibles and much more! Disney Magazine includes behind the scene looks at the animation process, as well as the workings of the Disney corporation including information about career opportunities and investor information. Disney Magazine also includes fun quizzes and human interest stories about the people at Disney. Disney Magazine is the insider's guide to Disney and provides entertainment and information to its readers!

Disney Adventures Magazine Subscription : Disney Adventures Magazine is for children ages 7 to 14, with features on music, movies, trends, science, travel, games, heroes, explorers and real life adventures. See exciting characters from the animated 'Disney Afternoon' series as well.

Disney's Princess Magazine Subscription : Disney's Princess Magazine is a Fun to Learn magazine which brings together Disney favorites. Each issue of Disney's Princess Magazine is full of magical stories, a collectible poster, a Princess project, and a pull-out workbook full of fun activities for children ages 4 and up. The cast of friends in Disney's Princess Magazine includes: Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty & The Beast, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Pochohantas.

Disney's Winnie the Pooh Magazine Subscription : Disney's Winnie the Pooh Magazine brings readers a classic children's favorite with this Fun to Learn magazine! Join Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and all Pooh's friends in Hundred Acre Wood for early-learning fun in a bi-monthly, full size, 32 page 4-color children's magazine for ages 2-6. Each issue of Disney's Winnie the Pooh Magazine includes stories, drawing, matching, counting, coloring and a Fun to Learn pull out woorkbook. Redan's Fun to Learn brand is fast becoming the US market leader in character-led educational magazines for children, with content parents trust and children love.

Doll Reader Magazine Subscription : Doll Reader Magazine is the number one selling magazine for doll collectors. Doll Reader Magazine provides beginning and advanced collectors with information on antique dolls , collectible and modern dolls , as well as the latest offerings from manufacturers and contemporary doll artists. Each issue of Doll Reader Magizine features articles about Artful Creations, the latest events, the latest doll releases, a showcase of American dolls, a Q & A section, and lists of must-have dolls.

Downbeat Magazine Subscription : Downbeat Magazine is the classic jazz magazine , written especially for aficionados featuring reviews and articles on famous musicians. Each issue of Down Beat Magazine is filled with in-depth interviews of today's contemporary musicians and features profiles on new talent , bio's on the top talent , tips and how-to's from the pros , world accepted record reviews and much more. Downbeat Magazine keeps you current on everyone and everything making it happen in music. Down East Magazine Subscription : Down East Magazine is a regional magazine for all those interested in the great state of Maine. DownEast Magazine includes profiles of Maine people and places of interest. DownEastMagazine is a favorite of residents as well as those considering relocating to Maine, or simply visiting will enjoy the regular editorial features on the arts, history, antiques, natural history, and outdoor recreation.

Ebony Magazine Subscription : Ebony Magazine is the premiere publication for African American men and women covering contemporary topics from black history to sports & entertainment. Ebony Magazine has regular articles on health, fashion, politics & social awareness.

eDigital Photo Magazine Subscription : eDigital Photo Magazine is dedicated to the avid amateur and applications-oriented digital photographer who uses digital imaging for pleasure or professionally. Each issue of eDigital Photo Magazine contains technology news of importance to the digital enthusiast, as well as product reviews, tutorials and an extensive how-to section.

Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine Subscription : Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine presents the latest news, game reviews, hidden tricks and maps for the most exciting new games on Gameboy, Game Gear, Genesis, Jaguar, Neo-Geo video, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn and SuperNEW video game systems. ElectronicGamingMonthlyMagazine is a must for the serious gamer!

Electronic House Magazine Subscription : Electronic House magazine is the only consumer title dedicated to complete home automation, featuring both extravagant and affordable "smart homes" that can be controlled with just one touch. ElectronicHouse magazine is written for consumers who appreciate technology, but aren't necessarily inclined to install their own systems, ElectronicHouseMagazine is about security, entertainment, energy savings, convenience and filled with articles that showcase enhanced lifestyles through whole house control, and provides specifics on how to get started.

Elle Magazine Subscription : Elle Magazine addresses high style and runway trends for the American sophisticate. ElleMagazine alerts you to Beauty and Fashion trends, lifestyles and personalities and all with an international flair.

Elle Decor Magazine Subscription : Elle Decor Magazine is an American view of international home design and style. ElleDecor Magazine features interviews and profiles of top designers, plus features on architecture and interiors. ElleDecorMagazine has a cosmopolitan approach to home and design, furniture, shopping and the best of everything.

Elle Girl Magazine Subscription : Elle Girl Magazine has a sparkling international flair,and features fashion ideas to help girls look and feel absolutely fabulous, lots of do-it-yourself ideas, and other fun stuff for girls. ElleGirl Magazine is witty and smart, and always ahead of the trend. Readers of ElleGirlMagazine are the first to know about the season's best and most affordable clothes, the newest colors in makeup, and the latest news on the coolest people, places, and things.

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Subscription : Ellery Queen Magazine is Suspense! Mystery! Intrigue! For avid mystery lovers only, Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine offers up to 15 who-done-its each month, and is the world's most well read mystery magazine.

Equus Magazine Subscription : Equus Magazine provides the practical information veterinarians, farriers, riders and trainers need to best care for their horses. Equus Magazine features informative articles on behavior, health, riding and more.

ESPN: The Magazine Subscription : ESPN Magazine - ESPN: The Magazine is sports reporting the way it ought to be. ESPN the Magazine puts the emphasis on what will happen - match-ups and players to watch for and perspectives from the locker room, the field and the huddle , season previews and predictions. ESPN Magazine features coverage of all traditional and alternative sports, including pro and college football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. Also included in espnmagazine are feature columns from ESPN Network's own Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott, and Rich Eisen. ESPN magasine is oriented for young, active men whose lifestyles include watching sports, attending games, and participating in all kinds of athletics.

Essence Magazine Subscription : Essence Magazine is the magazine for today's African-American woman. Essence Magazine is edited for career-minded, sophisticated and independent achievers. Essence Magazine is dedicated to helping its readers attain their maximum potential in various lifestyles and roles. The editorial content of Essence Magazine includes coverage of career and educational opportunities, fashion and beauty, investing and money management, health and fitness, parenting, home decorating, food and travel as well as cultural reviews, fiction and profiles of achievers and celebrities.

European Car Magazine Subscription : European Car Magazine concentrates exclusively on European automobiles. Each issue of EuropeanCar Magazine features road tests of new cars as well as classics. EuropeanCarMagazine also evaluates after-market products and technical modifications.

Eurotuner Magazine Subscription : Eurotuner Magazine Eurotuner Magazine ( originally known as Max Speed ) and then Max Power is devoted to the personalization and performance enhancement of late model cars, both foreign and domestic.

Family Circle Magazine Subscription : Family Circle Magazine is among the most popular of the women's magazines because of its focus on issues of importance to the average woman. Family Circle Magazine covers topics including family, relationships, health, beauty, food & finance.

Family Fun Magazine Subscription : Family Fun Magazine is about all the great things families can do together. Family Fun magazine is the family expert on travel, food, crafts, parties, holidays, games, activities, and products--all the essentials that enrich the important time parents and children share. In addition, FamilyFun Magazine publishes an annual toy safety review, which has set a new standard in the area of child-testing products.

Family Handyman Magazine Subscription : Family Handyman Magazine is edited for the homeowner with an active interest in home improvement and remodeling. Topics in FamilyHandyman Magazine include energy efficiency, garden care, woodworking, home decorating ideas and even auto maintenance. FamilyHandymanMagazine has fool-proof, step-by-step photo instructions allowing amateurs to achieve professional results on a wide variety of home projects. Also included in every issue of FamilyHandyman megazine are new product reviews, tool safety, and Handy Hints submitted by readers.

Fast Company Magazine Subscription : Fast Company Magazine is known as the hip guide to the business revolution, featuring the latest business news and trends, leading-edge entrepreneurs and the very fastest growing companies.

Field & Stream Magazine Subscription : Field & Stream Magazine has been considered one of America's best outdoor magazines for over a century. Each issue of Field and Stream Magazine features polished articles on hunting, fishing, the great outdoors and conservation news, as well fiction and new product reviews.

FHM : For Him Magazine Subscription : FHM - For Him Magazine is the latest hot men's magazine from England to land on the shores of the US. Drop-dead gorgeous women, the latest men's fashions, the coolest adventures and the best tech toys. FHM Magazine is funny, amusing, entertaining and informative... the men's magazine that is not afraid to be all a man should be!

Fishing & Hunting News Magazine Subscription : Fishing & Hunting News Magazine is the most complete source of local outdoor information. Each issue of Fishing and Hunting News features expert advice on where to go and what to use to land more bass, trout, salmon, steelhead, walleye, halibut, tuna, and just about every other fresh and saltwater species. Fishing and Hunting News Magazine also provides the latest information on local hunting opportunities: white tail deer, black tail deer, elk, moose, bear, geese, ducks, quail, pheasant,coyotes, and more.

Fitness Magazine Subscription : Fitness Magazine is edited for young women , and presents a balanced approach to good health , covering a wide range of topics that promote total fitness of body mind and spirit. FitnessMagazine helps you look and feel your best!

Florida Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Florida Game & Fish Magazine ; If you like to hunt and fish in Florida, at last there is a magazine just for you! From the Panhandle to the Keys, Florida's best bets for hunters and anglers.

Florida Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Florida Sportsman Magazine is the complete fishing resource for Florida and the Tropics. Florida Sportsmen Magazine is devoted to fishing, boating and other outdoors activities. Florida Sportsman Magazine is the bible for Florida's most active fishermen. Each issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine provides features on the best locations, new product reviews, articles on conservation and specials on technique.

Fly Fisherman Magazine Subscription : Fly Fisherman Magazine is the ultimate source for fly fishing enthusiasts. Every issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and fly patterns. Through informative articles, Fly Fisherman Magazine highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species from around the world! Fly Fisherman Magazine includes knowledgable tips, coverage of conservation issues, and special values for enthusiasts.

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Magazine Subscription : Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Magazine is your complete source for the best in saltwater fly fishing action and information. If you can taste the salt, feel the sea breeze, and long for the breathtaking thrill of a slashing strike, then Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Magazine is the magazine for you! Filled with action-packed photography, insightful techniques from the experts, the latest developments in equipment, and extensive travel information on the hottest fishing destinations around, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters invites you to explore new fly-fishing frontiers with the world's finest fly-fishing magazine.

Flyfishing & Tying Journal Magazine Subscription : Flyfishing & Tying Journal Magazine is the finest and most complete fly fishing and tying magazine available. Fly Fishing and Tying Journal features the finest fly fishing and tying writers in North America contributing articles that will excite readers about the wonderful fishing opportunities to be found close to home as well as in the many fishing paradises found throughout North America. Flyfishing & Tying Journal mag will teach readers how to access and successfully fish those waters using the best techniques and flies. In each issue of Fly Fishing & Tying Journal, readers will find hundreds of color photographs, graphs, and illustrations showing the most productive flies, leaders, knots, casts, and how to read water in order to catch more fish. Fly Fishing and Tying Journal will aid readers in becoming better fly anglers by developing their knowledge with each and every issue.

Flying Magazine Subsciption : Flying Magazine is the publication that soars for dedicated aviators! FlyingMagazine features aircraft evaluation, new technology and product development, tips on navigation and flying techniques.

Fly Rod & Reel Magazine Subscription : Fly Rod & Reel Magazine is the most comprehensive magazine about fly-fishing on the market. Each issue features commentary and advice from experts such as John Gierach, Joan Wulff, and Darrel Martin.

Football Digest Magazine Subscription : Football Digest Magazine is written for the fan! Football Digest Magazine includes pro rosters, schedules, and action photos, statistics and player profiles. Football Digest Magazine also provides articles on great games and players of the past, as well as interviews with today's greatest players and managers.

Forbes Magazine Subsciption : Forbes Magazine: The Capitalist Tool! Business is serious stuff, but Forbes Magazine unlocks the mysteries with in depth coverage of issues, trends, events and articles about the personalities that shape the business world today and will determine the future. Forbes Magazine provides regular features about technology, careers, business services, healthcare, and the various markets. Forbes Magazine also prints annual lists of best companies and richest people.

Four Wheel & Off Road Magazine Subscripion : Four Wheel & Off Road Magazine ( 4 Wheel & Off Road Magazine ) is the world's largest truck enthusiast magazine, for the do-it-yourself enthusiast interested in real world performance modifications. Four Wheel and Off Road Magazine provides technical questions and answers, road tests, new products and off-road events and races.

Four Wheeler Magazine Subscription : Four Wheeler Magazine is written for four-wheel-drive professionals and enthusiasts. Evaluations of new vehicles and equipment, technical articles, driving tips, and a calendar of off-road events.

Freeskier Magazine Subscription : From backcountry lines and big air to super-human new-school tricks and hot chicks, Freeskier Magazine brings you cutting edge coverage of the new skiing lifestyle that spans from the slopes to apres scene. Freeskier Magazine is the ultimate source for the equipment, locations, personalities and tricks that define new-school skiing today.

Funny Times Magazine Subscription : Funny Times Magazine is graced by some of America's best cartoonists and writers who bring a humorous perspectives to politics, entertainment, pop culture and current issues. Each issue of We're Living in Funny Times Magazine strives to be a vacation for the mind with sharp-witted columns and over a hundred cartoons and humor columns by writers such as Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor.

GamePro Magazine Subscription : GamePro Magazine is a magazine for serious gamers. With each monthly issue of Game Pro Magazine , you'll find the hottest inside scoops, in-depth reviews and previews, and all the latest tips and strategies you need to stay one move ahead of the game. Join the ranks of gamers who never miss an issue of GameProMagazine , the World's Largest Multiplatform Gaming Magazine.

Games Magazine Subscription : Games Magazine is the game lover's dream come true. Games Magazine is for crossword connoisseurs and anyone who loves to stretch the brain with all things trivial. Games Magazine is the magazine for intelligent minds to play while matching wits with puzzle masters. Each issue of Games Magazine is loaded with crosswords, logic puzzles, prize-filled contests, trivia and word games, all designed to entertain and to expand brainpower.

Garden Design Magazine Subscription : Garden Design Magazine speaks to a new generation of style-conscious enthusiasts. Garden Design Magazine blurs traditional boundaries, bringing interior design outdoors and inviting the garden inside. Garden Design Magazine is written for those with a passion for both their gardens and their homes. Garden Design is more than just a dig-in-the-dirt gardening magazine, it's for people who appreciate the expert advice and gorgeous photography that will help you be a better gardener. GardenDesign Magazine blurs traditional boundaries, bringing interior design outdoors and inviting the garden inside. GardenDesignMagazine is the definitive source on down-to-earth luxury and style.

Georgia Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Georgia Sportsman Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Georgia outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Georgia , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Globe Magazine Subscription : Globe Magazine covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace in newspaper format. Weekly features of GlobeMagazine include horoscopes, puzzles, advice and celebrity fashions.

GM High Tech Performance Magazine Subscription : GM High Tech Performance Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that serves EFI enthusiasts of domestic late model, GM performance cars including Camaros , Firebirds , Corvettes and Grand Nationals. GM High Tech Performance Magazine editorial features include technical articles exploring engine, suspension and body modifications , fuel injection , supercharging , nitrous oxide systems , turbo technology , electronic engine management , cutting-edge engine hardware and features on exciting late model EFI vehicles. Each issue of GM High Tech Performance Magazine also includes late model EFI events coverage, new product reviews and personality features to round out the mix.

God's Word Today Magazine Subscription : God's Word Today Magazine allows readers to enjoy the comfort and inspiration of God's word with a daily guide to reading scripture. Each issue of Gods Word Today Magazine contains short daily readings, suggestions for prayers, pointers for personal reflection and commentary. God's Word Today Magazine is published by Catholic Digest.

Golf Magazine Subscription : Golf Magazine is a leading authority on the game, with instruction, tournament coverage, and articles on travel and the golfing life. Golf Magazine also features reviews of golf clubs and golf equipment plus lessons from the pros! Appropriate for all skill levels.

Golf Digest Magazine Subscription : Golf Digest Magazine will lower your score! Golf Digest Magazine is for all golfers from beginners to low handicap players. Golf Digest Magazine , the #1 golf publication features first rate instruction from world-class playing editors like Tiger Woods , Tom Watson and Se Ri Pak, who write exclusively for Golf Digest. Golf Digest Magazine also offers step-by-step instructions from the Golf Digest professional staff, Pocket Tips pull-out and save sections, Breaking 100-90-80, news of tournaments, top pros and fresh talent, reports on courses, equipment, best golfing vacations ... and much more!

Golf For Women Magazine Subscription : Golf For Women Magazine is the largest and best magazine for women who love golf. Golf for Women provides golfers with lessons from professionals, top picks for equipment, player profiles, fashion, fitness and more! Golf For Women also provides readers with first glances at developments in the women's golf world.

Good Old Days Magazine Subscription : Good Old Days Magazine is about the way things were! Good Old Days Magazine feature stories and photos of the good old days of 1900 through 1949 are all contributed by readers. Their first-hand experiences, their laughs, their sorrows, their reactions to inventions, and much more are captured in a personal, nostalgic format. This easy-to-read collection of memories will fascinate the young and the old.

Good Old Days Specials Magazine Subscription : Good Old Days Specials Magazine brings back the fond memories of the happy days gone by. Good Old Days Specials Magazine allows the reader to discover incredible heartwarming stories and real-life experiences told by folks just like you. Wartime romances, old-time advertising, witty cartoons and authentic 1900-1950's photographs are just a sampling of the gold-mine of delightful nostalgia included in each and every issue of Good Old Days Specials Magazine.

Great Plains Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Great Plains Game & Fish Magazine ; If you like to hunt and fish in Nebraska, Kansas or the Dakotas, at last there is a magazine just for you! Great Plains Game and Fish Magazine features fishing and hunting hotspots in Nebraska, Kansas and the Dakotas.

Guideposts Magazine Subscription : Guideposts Magazine is an inspirational publication that nurtures the personal growth of readers, and helps them find peace of mind, solve personal problems, and build satisfying relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. "A guide for practical living," Guideposts Magazine is an interfaith magazine written by people from all walks of life who have developed personal strength and positive attitudes through their faith in God.

Guideposts for Teens Magazine Subscription : Guideposts For Teens Magazine contains true stories about real people and religious faith as told by teens in their own words. Guideposts For Teens Magazine includes inspirational true stories about overcoming life's obstacles that will strengthen a teen's faith. Guideposts For Teens Magazine addresses issue concerning teens such as dating and abstinence, family matters, and helpful information for teens preparing for college. In each issue of Guideposts For Teens Magazine readers will find fun and information quizzes, a celebrity Q&A section, and articles on spirituality, faith, music and giving back to the community.

Gun Dog Magazine Subscription : Gun Dog Magazine is edited for the serious upland bird and waterfowl hunters who are enthusiasts of the popular pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds of hunting dogs. Named Magazine of the Year nine times in the last fourteen years by the Dog Writers Association of America, GunDog Magazine features columns and articles by top outdoor writers and gun dog authorities. Each issue of GunDogMagazine contains stories and advice on dog food, health care, training techniques and devices, shotgunning, ammunition, travel and new products.

Guns & Ammo Magazine Subscription : Guns & Ammo Magazine addresses hunting, shooting, reloading, antique and modern arms, ballistics, and arms legislation.

Handguns Magazine Subscription : Handguns Magazine is written for the enthusiast with a strong interest in sport and self defense. Regular topics include personal defense, law enforcement, hunting, hand loading and evaluations of new guns, ammunition and equipment.

Health Magazine Subscription : Health Magazine is for those who want to take more control of their own health. You will find information in each issue of Health Magazine on nutrition and fitness , and health's overall affect on one's life.

Heavy Metal Magazine Subscription : Heavy Metal Magazine is one of the world's foremost adult illustrated fantasy magazines. Each issue of Heavy Metal Magazine includes the work of artists from around the globe, and this unique magazine is both contemporary and futuristic.

Hemmings Motor News Magazine Hemmings Motor News Magazine is an antique, vintage and special interest auto marketplace with each monthly issue averaging over 800 pages. Hemmings Motor News Magazin consists almost entirely of advertising catering to car collectors, hobbyists, and restorers including antique, vintage, muscle, street rod and special interest collector cars, trucks and motorcycles, plus parts, service, literature, automobilia and other related subjects. Hemmings Motor News is the world's largest marketplace to find a used car price, a classic car, place a classified ad, or find a hot rod. You will also find advertisements for antique auto flea markets and car shows.

Herb Quarterly Magazine Herb Quarterly Magazine inspires its readers with the joys and benefits of herbs every season of the year. Each issue of Herb Quarterly Magazine introduces new herbs and recounts intriguing histories and legends surrounding the use of herbs throughout the centuries. In addition, Herb Quarterly Magazine provides herb gardening tips, exhibits the world's most beautiful herb gardens, and features savory recipes using herbs and edible flowers.

Herbs For Health Magazine Subscription : Herbs For Health Magazine is your guide to up-to-date consultation and advice from recognized leaders in the field of medicinal herbs. Herbs For Health provides special information on nutritional supplements and in-depth news about promising research along with advice for treating everyday ills naturally.

High Performance Pontiac Magazine Subscription : High Performance Pontiac Magazine is for enthusiast who love Pontiacs, old and new. High Performance Pontiac Magazine is packed with Pontiac history, performance capabilities and technical highlights. High Performance Pontiac Magazine also features technical articles highlighting after-market parts and services, racer updates and project cars. High Performance Pontiac Magazine covers the world of Pontiacs- collecting, restoring, modifying for more performance and customizing for show. Each issue of High Performance Pontiac features Pontiacs from the early 50's fuel injected cars, through the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's, and right through to today's Trans-Am.

Hispanic Magazine Subscription : Hispanic Magazine is the only megazine of its kind. HispanicMagazine is an English language consumer publication about the Hispanic community that highlights the success stories of today's hispanics. Hispanic Magazine includes business, politics and culture issues.

Hispanic Business Magazine Subscription : Hispanic Business Magazine is a dynamic magazine written for today's upwardly mobile Hispanic executives , professionals and employees. Each issue of HispanicBusiness Magazine reports on the latest corporate news, global developments, and specific trends relevant to the ever more influential Hispanic population. HispanicBusinessMagazine serves the U.S. Hispanic population with information, ideas and advice for individuals looking to go into or actively involved in business. Hispanic Business Magazine is targeted primarily to small business owners , CEO s , managers, buyers, financial and sales personnel and serves both the entrepreneurial developer and the Hispanic consumer at large.

Hockey Digest Magazine Subscription : Hockey Digest Magazine is written for the NHL and WHL fan! Hockey Digest Magazine includes player profiles and data, schedules and rosters, action photos and statistics. Each issue of Hockey Digest Magazine features coverage extended to minor league hockey teams.

Home Magazine Subscription : Home Magazine is edited for the American homeowner and features various architecture renderings, remodeling tips, landscaping and decorating ideas. Home Magazine will keep you up to date with all the latest developments and sources in the home improvement field.

Home Business Magazine Subscription : Home Business Magazine is focused on the growing, dynamic home-based business market. Home Business Magazine has cutting edge editorial content that helps readers choose, operate and profit from home businesses with feature articles on home offices, business operations, sales and marketing, franchising, business opportunities, network marketing, mail order, and the Internet, and acts as a guide to readers who want to select and manage a successful home-based business.

Home Cooking Magazine Subscription : Home Cooking Magazine features more than 100 delicious recipes in every issue! Appetizers, beverages, salads, soups, breads, entrées, desserts and more are included in each issue of HomeCooking Magazine. Easy-to-follow instructions, helpful cooking hints for today's busy cook, nutritional hints and more make HomeCookingMagazine a must for every cook. Mom would be so proud!

Home Theater Magazine Subscription : Home Theater Magazine is dedicated to the pursuits of audio and videophiles. Editors and writers for Home Theatre Magazine remain mindful of consumers' budgets while previewing and testing the latest technologies such as DVD's, software and laserdisks. Each issue of Home Theatre Magazine looks at newly released equipment and examines the benefits and drawbacks of new systems.

Honda Tuning Magazine Subscription : Honda Tuning Magazine is the resource for Honda / Acura enthusiasts building and tuning cars for show and competition.

Honey Magazine Subscription : Honey Magazine is the hottest, hippest fashion, beauty and entertainment magazine for stylish and intelligent urban women. Honey magazine helps its cosmopolitan readers stay ahead of the trends with fashion and beauty coverage, thought-provoking features and exclusive insider scoops on the style and entertainment industries. With gorgeous photography, cutting-edge style stories and informative pieces on topics ranging from health to travel, Honey magazine is the must-read for smart and savvy tastemakers.

Hooked on Crochet! Magazine Subscription : Hooked on Crochet Magazine is edited for crochet enthusiasts, and every issue of HookedonCrochet Magazine is packed with plans, patterns and projects suitable for every skill level.

Horse & Rider Magazine Subscription : Horse and Rider Magazine is the premier source of information for riders of all Western disciplines. In every issue of Horse and Rider Magazine , top trainers share step-by-step training techniques and competitive strategies. Horse and Rider Magazine also provides horse-care articles, hands-on horsekeeping how-tos, consumer advice, tips for coping with horse-life issues, ringside reports on top Western shows, horse-world news and events, and profiles of legendary horses and horsepeople.

Horticulture Magazine Subscription : Horticulture Magazine is appropriate whether you've got a green thumb or not! Horticulture Magazine is the definitive magazine for the serious American gardener and will both inform and inspire. Each issue of Horticulture Magazine includes articles on garden design, landscaping, soil nutrition and the latest planting techniques.

Hot Bike Magazine Subscription : Hot Bike Magazine is edited for the new breed of Harley rider. Regular features of HotBike Magazine include technical information, how-to articles and event coverage as well as road tests. Each issue of HotBikeMagazine also reviews high performance components, riding apparel and accessories, and provides product evaluations in-depth tech help designed to provide the Harley enthusiast all the information necessary to make an informed purchase.

Hot Rod Magazine Subscription : Hot Rod Magazine is the most important of all publications devoted to the sport of hot rodding. Hot Rod Magazine focuses on high-performance and personalized vehicles, everything for the hot rodder from Chevies to musclecars. Hot Rod Magazine provides performance and maintenance tips for Hot Rodders. Hot Rod Magazine features performance news, trends, technologies and auto events in every issue. See hundreds of different cars from custom built to restored muscle cars. Hot Rod Magazine also has special interviews of famous hot rodders.

Hot Rod Bikes Magazine Subscription : Hot Rod Bikes Magazine is the authority for Harley builders. HotRod Bikes Magazine consistently delivers a comprehensive, instructional, technically accurate editorial package that informs and inspires readers to change, modify and improve their Harley-Davidsons.

Hudson Valley Magazine Subscription : Hudson Valley Magazine is a sophisticated consumer magazine that covers with authority and expertise the history, people and places of the 10 counties that border the Hudson River. HudsonValley Magazine readers are given information about the Hudson River Valley that they simply can’t find anywhere else. HudsonValleyMagazine gives distinctive insights into the region’s people, services, architecture, travel, nature, culture, customs, and heritage. Hudson Valley Magazine's award-winning coverage of the environmental, social, cultural, and business issues that most affect Valley residents makes HudsonValley Magazine the perfect cultural guide. Hudson Valley Magazine also includes people and places in the news, current trends, the latest about new shops and services, arts, restaurants and book reviews.

Humpty Dumpty's Magazine Subscription : Humpty Dumpty Magazine features colorfully illustrated stories to be read by first readers, aged 4 to 8. Each issue of Humpty Dumpty's Magazine is filled with games , fiction , poems , puzzles and crafts plus easy, healthful recipes kids can make themselves. Humpty Dumpty's Magazine also features Kidtalk, a forum for young readers. Humpty Dumpty's Magazine seeks to teach new skills and stimulate young imaginations.

Hunting Magazine Subscription : Hunting Magazine is devoted to big and small game, waterfowl, upland game and foreign hunting. Hunting Magazine focuses on vehicles, gun dogs, knives, clothing, bow hunting and firearms each month. Hunting Magazine's editorial coverage includes ecological and conservation issues.

Illinois Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Illinois Game & Fish Magazine ; Where to find Illinois' favorite fishing and hunting destinations. If you like to hunt and fish in Illinois, at last there is a magazine just for you!

I Love Cats Magazine Subscription : I Love Cats Magazine is a digest size magazine with articles on health , care , habits and feeding as well as human interest stories about people and their cats. I Love Cats Magazine provides information to help cat owners let their cats live healthier and happier lives. Articles feature reports on proper nutrition, veterinarian advice, dental care, book reviews and stories about cats and cat lovers.

Import Tuner Magazine Subscription : Import Tuner Magazine covers is the hottest import mag on the scene today. Each issue of Import Tuner Magazine features the latest gear and equipment, product reviews, boulevard cruisers, and revealing interviews with the hot Import Tuner Model of the month! Import Tuner Magazine captures the hottest cars and coolest shows in high-impact, full-color features, while step-by-step tech articles detail how to select, purchase and install aftermarket parts and accessories. Import Tuner Magazine is dedicated to the true import lifestyle

In Fisherman Magazine Subscription : In Fisherman Magazine provides more pure fishing information than any other publication. In Fisherman Magazine has articles and features on largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, pike or muskie, panfish, and catfish in every issue.

Inc. Magazine Subscription : Inc. Magazine is for and about the men and women who run growing companies. Inc Magazine offers practical management advice for starting and running your own small or growing business, with articles by entrepreneurs who have faced and solved similar problems. IncMagazine is edited exclusively for CEOs of small to midsize, fast-growing companies, Inc Magazine offers solutions and perspectives on managing people, finances, sales, marketing, and technology. Inc. Magazine's emphasis is placed on peer-to-peer experience and sharing of ideas.

Indiana Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Indiana Game & Fish Magazine presents the latest strategies and local hotspots for Hoosier outdoorsmen.If you like to hunt and fish in Indiana, at last there is a magazine just for you!

Insider Football News Magazine Subscription : Insider Football News Magazine is edited for football enthusiasts. Insider Football News Magazine provides its readers with the latest news and developments in the world of pro football. Insider Football News Magazine features the latest stories, revealing interviews, columns, statistics, scores, schedules, and analysis.

Instructor (K-8) Magazine Subscription : Instructor Magazine ( K-8 ) is the professional journal that teachers of grade levels K through 8 have relied on for more than a century.

International Figure Skating Magazine Subscription : International Figure Skating Magazine is the authority in figure skating coverage , a magazine dedicated to the world of competitive figure skating, and brings you the latest news and personalities behind the sport. International Figure Skating Magazine has features on the Olympics and other competitions, winning coaches, workout and competition fashions, new routine music, and competition results round out the editorial mix that will keep you on top of the industry and looking and skating your best.

Interview Magazine Subscription : Interview Magazine was originally founded by Andy Warhol, and still offers an eclectic mix of celebrity news, including politicians, filmmakers, musicians, and literary figures, all in a bold Q & A format. Interview Magazine explores the inside world of music, film, fashion, art, and politics via these celebrity interviews. Everyone's 15 minutes of fame is chronicled here.

Iowa Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Iowa Game & Fish Magazine is a sportsman's guide to hunting and fishing in the Hawkeye State If you like to hunt and fish in Iowa , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Islands Magazine Subscription : Islands Magazine is a travel publication that is award-winning, and spectacularly visual for island travelers and dreamers. IslandsMagazine focuses on the places we all dream about--islands around the world. Through stylish writing and vivid color photography, IslandsMagazine takes its readers to every corner of the globe: to islands that are tropical and temperate, undeveloped and urban, famous or virtually undiscovered, revealing the essence and beauty of each place.

Jack and Jill Magazine Subscription : Jack and Jill Magazine stimulates young minds and imaginations with humor , adventure , stories, articles, crafts, games and poetry. Creative, inventive, and fun , Jack and Jill Magazine will delight 7 to 10 year olds for hours on end. Last year, Jack and Jill Magazine readers met kids touring the U.S. on tandem bikes, built robots, and even raised butterflies. Subjects covered include such offerings as articles on the Hale-Bopp Comet, the Mars Pathfinder, jokes and riddles, hobbies and a crayon corner. Jack and Jill Magazine focuses on teaching readers health and self-confidence in its regular features and by publishing readers' stories, poems and pictures.

Jane Magazine Subscription : Jane Magazine is a woman's lifestyle magazine for a new generation of women age 18-34. If you are a confident, media savvy woman you will enjoy all the articles on entertainment, fashion, sex, food, culture, travel, and more.

Jet Magazine Subscription : Jet Magazine is an old favorite with the African American community, focusing on news and features such as Black History and contemporary issues. Jet Magazine covers topics such as current events, business, education, entertainment, sports, religion and more on a weekly basis.

JP Total Jeep Experience Magazine Subscription : JP Total Jeep Experience Magazine is America's first publication dedicated to Jeep owners and enthusiasts. If you like Jeeps, this magazine is for you. From J/P Magazine you'll learn all you need to know about classic - and late-model Jeeps in the pages of JPMagazine. Covering the entire world of Jeep, from the latest on Jeep upgrades and performance modifications to home-based technical how-to articles, JP Magazine features backcountry adventures and True Jeep stories from around the world.

Juxtapoz Magazine Subscription : Juxtapoz Magazine is a new art magazine for a new art movement! The unique publication attempts to fuse the lurid edges of consciousness, avant consumerism, and the international art community, and has emerged as a new art manifesto for our times. Reaching beyond the boundaries of the traditional art world, Juxtapoz Magazine unites artists from every walk of life and media in a common vision.

Kentucky Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Kentucky Game & Fish Magazine is your ticket to Kentucky's favorite fishing and hunting destinations.If you like to hunt and fish in Kentucky , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Subscription : Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine is a consumer magazine that provides information on how to maximize personal assets and plan for changes in the coming economy.

Kit Car Magazine Subscription : Kit Car Magazine is directed towards the enthusiast specialty car builders who accept the challenge of building or rebuilding their own legendary automobile from the ground up. Kits , Replicas and Exotics describe the range of vehicles covered in Kit Car Magazine including Cobras , vintage vehicles , Euro-style re-bodies and other unusual automotive fare. Kit Car Magazine coverage includes detailed technical features on how to build a specialty car, along with buyer's guides to the numerous parts and accessories required to complete a project vehicle.

Kiteboarding Magazine Subscription : Kite Boarding Magazine reflects the heart and soul of the world's hottest new extreme water sport. Kiteboarding Magazine speaks to enthusiasts who use parafoil-shaped nylon kites to pull them through the water on short fiberglass boards, performing spectacular jumps, flips, and other amazing aerial maneuvers. Kite boarding Magazine features the best riders, tapping into the minds of the most innovative designers, uncovering the top places to ride and going behind the scenes at the most radical contests.

Kitplanes Magazine Subscription : Kitplanes Magazine is the number one magazine on homebuilt aircraft. In Kit Planes Magazine readers get insight from top builders on how to improve building technique, as well as personal profiles of the leaders in the field. Anyone who is serious about aviation should read the features in KitplanesMagazine, which include pilot reports on the best kit-built and plans-built aircraft, surveys on the most popular projects, and an annual directory of current kits available, homebuilder supplies and aviation electronics. Every issue of Kitplane Magazine contains a wide variety of interesting topics, from aerodynamics to humor.

Knitting Digest Magazine Subscription : Knitting Digest Magazine is filled with patterns diagrams and instructions, and the primary goal is to bring knitters a variety of fun-to-knit projects that use familiar stitches and readily available yarns ( either through yarn shops or mail order ). Each issue of KnittingDigest Magazine features 15-25 projects including afghans, clothing, holiday items, dolls and toys created with a diversity of yarns, such as, worsted-weight acrylic, wool and cotton yarns, mercerized cotton, bulky and brushed mohair, baby fingering weight yarns, pearl cotton and crochet and knitting cotton thread.

Ladies' Home Journal Magazine Subscription : Ladies' Home Journal Magazine is designed for active, empowered women who are evolving in new directions. Ladies Home Journal Magazine addresses informational needs with highly focused features and articles on a variety of topics including beauty and fashion, food and nutrition, health and medicine, home decorating and design, parenting and self-help, personalities and current events.

Lapidary Journal Magazine Subscription : Lapidary Journal Magazine is the world's favorite gem, bead and jewelry arts magazine. Each issue of LapidaryJournal Magazine features great articles on gemstones, artist profiles, the bead and jewelry arts and easy-to-follow workshops on jewelry making, gem cutting, and more. Also included in LapidaryJournalMagazine are exquisite full-color photo spreads, the world's largest international gem show calendar and much more.

Latina Magazine Subscription : Latina Magazine is a magazine for today's Hispanic woman. Latina features all the hottest trends in fashion, beauty, health, fitness, nutrition, and more.

Lifetime Magazine Subscription : Lifetime Magazine targets women in the "thirty-something" market and the needs of the Lifetime Television audience. Real Life, Real Women. Lifetime Magazine includes powerful stories that inspire and entertain, all from diverse and provoking perspectives. Each issue of Lifetime Magazine also provides affordable and chic decorating ideas, as well as tips on fashion and beauty for women on the go. The editorial content of Lifetime Magazine reflects the unique programming on Lifetime Television, incorporating "Intimate Portrait" features that provide in-depth looks at celebrity lives and real stories that showcase thriving women found in various aspects of life. Lifetime Magazine also continues the network's strive to inform and support women on a wide range of issues through the section "Our Lifetime Commitment".

Living Fit Magazine Subscription : Living Fit magazine is produced from the people at Weider Health & Fitness to inform those who want a healthy life about needed information and products.

Los Angeles Magazine Subscription : Los Angeles Magazine is the true insider's guide to the City of Angels. Los Angeles Magazine's up-to-the-minute stories along with its sleek sophisticated look make it a monthly must-read for anyone who has an interest in the city they call home... Los Angeles Magazine issue highlights include a variety of personality profiles, investigative features, political and social discussions, an entertainment guide and popular monthly features such as L.A. Buzz, Street Smart, L.A.'s Top 10 List, The Guide and Dining Out. If you're looking for the good life in L.A., then Los Angeles Magazine is the magazine that will help you find what you're looking for.

Louisiana Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Louisiana Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Louisiana outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Louisiana , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Lowrider Magazine Subscription : Lowrider Magazine is the authority for enthusiasts of the specialty culture of the chopped and lowered ride. Lowrider Magazine is the nation's leading Latino crusing publication dedicated to the lifestyle and creativity of lowriding. Regular features in Lowrider Magazine include Raza Report , Street Beat , Hydraulics Hotline and Sound System Spotlight. Each issue of Low Rider Magazine also includes great photo spreads, happenings from around the country and special technical features. Lowrider Magazine is your one stop informational shop for custom parts and accessories for your lowrider. This magazine is the first and last place you will ever need to go to when it comes to finding out about lowriders. Don't miss the world-record hops, wild dancers and exciting show action.

Mac Home Journal Magazine Subscription : Mac Home Journal Magazine is the #1 Macintosh magazine for home & family. MacHome Journal Magazine has practical advice, quick hints & tricks, expert reviews and easy how-to's! MacHomeJournal Magazine is written in plain-English to provide solutions for today's Macintosh owner. Each issue of MacHomeJournalMagazine provides jargon-free information about the full spectrum of Mac hardware and software and covers a wide-range of interests and uses.

MacWorld Magazine Subscription : MacWorld Magazine is the ultimate resource for Mac fans. Mac World Magazine features include news, product information, upgrades, gaming and internet tips, reviews, secrets and more. MacWorldMagazine truly, provides everything for those beloved little Apples. Mac WorldMagazine will allow you to stay on top of the ever changing technology with labs-based performance reports and technical pointers, buying tips, and get updates on desktop publishing, telecommunications, graphics and connectivity.

Main Line Today Magazine Subscription : Main Line Today Magazine is devoted to the history, culture, customs , people, places & issues of Pennsylvania’s fabled Main Line communities , the western suburbs of Philadelphia. MainLine Today Magazine features insightful editorial and glorious full-color photos that showcase the best that Main Line living has to offer. MAIN LINE TODAY MAGAZINE includes regular features on the latest dining and shopping options, cultural events, and the business climate. Tastes and lifestyle patterns may change in the region, but a deep and enduring sense of tradition also remains. Main Line Today Magazine celebrates both the changes and the constants. Buy this magazine on line.

Marlin Magazine Subscription : Marlin Magazine is the complete source for the best offshore fishing action and information. Marlin Magazine is inspirational and informative and features on the hottest fishing destinations around the world, superior boat reviews, and updates on the ongoing pursuit for the conservation of our waters. Marlin Magazine keeps you in touch with the latest billfishing tournaments and all the people influencing the sport. Plus, you receive inside information on the latest fishing accessories, equipment and electronics.

Medical Update Newsletter Medical Update Newsletter Magazine is one of the oldest and most trusted medical newsletters in the United States. Medical Update Newsletter is full of useful Up-to-date health , nutrition and medical information presented in a clear , easily-understood format for the general public.

Men's Fitness Magazine Subscription : Men's Fitness Magazine will help you get the most out of your workouts, and guide you to eating the right foods for your fitness goals. Get healthy, get fit and improve the overall quality of your life. Mens Fitness Magazine, Published by Joe Weider, the trainer of champions, Men's Fitness Magazine features consistently concise and expert articles that will help achieve complete physical and mental well-being, and just be a regular part of your exercise routine! You can but this magazine online.

Metropolitan Home Magazine Subscription : Metropolitan Home Magazine is edited for the urban homeowner or apartment dweller and features current style ideas and decorating trends. Each issue of MetropolitanHome Magazine includes home and personal style ideas at affordable prices, as well as features on art, cuisine and collectibles.

Michigan Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Michigan Sportsman Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Michigan outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Michigan , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Mid-Atlantic Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Mid-Atlantic Game and Fish Magazine has everything you need to find great fishing and hunting throughout New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. If you like to hunt and fish in Maryland, Delaware, or New Jersey, at last there is a magazine just for you!

Midwest Living Magazine Subscription : Midwest Living Magazine is a great guide to the best the Midwest has to offer. Each issue of MidwestLiving Magazine includes information on the people, cuisine, and style of the region, from cozy bed and breakfasts to intimate restaurants MidwestLivingMagazine helps you find the perfect hideaway or plan the perfect weekend getaway.

Ministries Today Magazine Subscription : Ministries Today Magazine is edited for Christian leaders, and addresses the challenges facing them and their ministries. Special features in Ministries Today Magazine include book reviews, the latest in electronic equipment, computers, transportation, buildings, educational materials, and other church-related products and services.

Mini Truckin' Magazine Subscription : Mini Truckin' Magazine features a comprehensive editorial package dedicated to setting the pulse for the explosive market of import and small domestic truck owners. Every issue of Mini Truckin Magazine features articles and coverage on a wide variety of special vehicles, combined with tech tips, performance enhancements and full coverage of events for the enthusiast.

Minnesota Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Minnesota Sportsman Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Minnesota outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Minnesota , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Mira! Magazine Subscription : Mira Magazine features the latest news and exclusive interviews on all your favorite Latin stars. Each issue of Mira! Magazine brings you the backstage scene at the most popular concerts, the freshest news and gossip and the real life story behind the headlines and more. MiraMagazine features the latest celebrity news and exclusive interviews in the world of Latino.

Mississippi Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Mississippi Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Mississippi outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Mississippi , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Missouri Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Missouri Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Missouri outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Missouri , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Modern Bride Magazine Subscription : Modern Bride Magazine is a must for the bride-to-be! The bridal magazine, Modern Bride, that features fashion advice and options, and answers all your questions about planning memorable weddings. Modern Bride magazine also features articles on etiquette, home decorating, entertaining, the honeymoon, and the marriage relationships.

Modified Magazine Subscription : Modified Magazine is the "official bible of sport compact auto enthusiasts". Modified Magazine is the ultimate magazine for enthusiasts of all interests, including those that want to enhance their vehicle's performance, appearance and/or sound. Every issue of Modified Magazine features technical and how-to performance tuning articles, engine builds and swaps, suspension modifications, tire/wheel/body and other upgrades. ModifiedMagazine also provides coverage of lifestyle and drag racing event coverage, 100s of sizzling photos, comprehensive product reviews, dozens of feature cars and helpful product buyer's guides.

Mopar Muscle Magazine Subscription : Mopar Muscle Magazine covers all aspects of interest to Chrysler-oriented performance musclecar enthusiasts. The range of editorial content in Mopar Muscle Magazine runs from concourse restored cars to all-out Pro Street modified to street rods , drag cars , Chrysler-powered race boats and everything in between. Mopar Muscle Magazine provides technical and feature articles oriented toward functional restoration and street/race performance.

Mother Jones Magazine Subscription : Mother Jones Magazine is a publication with point of view that provides a leftist analysis not usually found in the mainstream media. Mother Jones Magazine does what it can to challenge the conventional wisdom , feature utopian solutions for perceived social problems and reveal real and imagined abuses of power.

Motor Trend Magazine Subscription : Motor Trend Magazine is a leading automotive authority with monthly reviews and features on foreign and domestic models, car care, motor sports coverage, sneak peeks at future vehicles, auto-industry, environmental and government news reports.

Motorcyclist MagazineSubscription : Motorcyclist Magazine covers every aspect of street motorcycling: cruising, sport riding, touring and commuting as well as road tests, how-to articles, project-bike hop-ups, safety pieces, race coverage and legislative updates. MotorcyclistMagazine also provides articles on performance improvement, maintenance, safety, riding technique, and new products. Personality profiles and technical features are also included in Motor Cyclist Magazine.

Moviemaker Magazine Subscription : Moviemaker Magazine is geared to both established and aspiring film professionals. Moviemaker Magazine covers the art and business of making movies. Features in Movie maker Magazine include behind-the-scenes analyses of the latest Hollywood studio news, as well as insights into the cutting-edge world of independent films. From acting and directing to screenwriting, film festivals, and film education, Movie Maker Magazine is the industry authority!

Muscle and Fitness Magazine Subscription : Muscle and Fitness Magazine focuses on the growing attention paid to physical fitness and is edited for the serious exercise and athletic training enthusiast. Muscle & Fitness Magazine wants to pump YOU up.

Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine Subscription : Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine is the first magazine for women who take fitness training seriously.

Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords Magazine Subscription : Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords Magazine features comprehensive tech articles on superchargers , nitrous oxide systems and after market parts and accessories. Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords Magazine also gives you the latest industry news and coverage of shootouts and races.

Mustangs & Fords Magazine Subscription : Mustangs & Fords Magazine is for the mustang enthusiasts who are interested in Mustangs from 1964 to present. Mustangs and Fords Magazine includes articles on street and strip Mustangs as well as a mix of technical, historical, and how-to articles geared to aid in the restoration of these vehicles. Regular features in Mustangs and Fords Magazine include: Horse Trading, Roundup, Performance Hotline, and a Calendar section where readers are alerted to the variety of Mustang events and other car-related activities taking place across the country

Mustang Monthly Magazine Subscription : Mustang Monthly Magazine covers all there is to know and see about vintage to late-model Mustangs. Mustang Monthly Magazine puts major emphasis on do-it-yourself projects such as paint & body repair , interior replacement and engine and drive train buildup. Mustang Monthly Magazine addresses the late-model market, and features articles on 1979 through the latest Mustangs designed to help enthusiasts get maximum enjoyment and performance from their beloved little pony cars.

National Enquirer Magazine Subscription : The National Enquirer Magazine is the undisputed leader in the field of celebrity journalism. In every issue, of the NationalEnquirer Magazine you’ll find the real untold stories about all your favorite celebrities. PLUS the National Inquirer Magazine - brings the behind-the-scenes exclusives that only the National Enquirer Newspaper can deliver!

National Examiner Magazine Subscription : The National Examiner Magazine is a weekly newspaper format publication featuring stories about everything from the stars to personal human-interest stories. The NationalExaminer Magazine also features what the stars are wearing, local buzz and a weekly crossword puzzle.

National Review Magazine Subscription : National Review Magazine is America's premier journal of conservative political thought. Founded by William F. Buckley Jr., the intellectual giant who led it to it's initial success, National Review Magazine is still led by a cadre of exceptional writers and editors and each issue of National Review Magazine is packed with news, sharp commentary and thoughtful articles about the political and cultural landscape.

Natural Health Magazine Subscription : Natural Health Magazine is for those who want to take more control of their own health. You will find information in each issue of Natural Health Magazine on nutrition and fitness , and health's overall affect on one's life.

Network Journal Magazine Subscription : Network Journal Magazine is the ultimate resource for black professionals and small businesses. The goal of The Network Journal Magazine is to empower African-Americans through knowledge, and includes information about minimizing investment risk via asset allocation. Each monthly issue of Network Journal Magazine includes profiles of successful business people, as well as articles on new management techniques, marketing ideas, legal matters, taxes, and office technology.

Nevada Magazine Subscription : Nevada Magazine covers the history, culture, and people of Nevada, with a special focus on special events and tourist activities in this great state. NevadaMagazine includes complete information on shows, golf, gambling, shopping and roadside attractions.

New England Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : New England Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for New England outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut or Rhode Island , at last there is a magazine just for you!

New Jersey Life Magazine Subscription : New Jersey Life Magazine is a high-quality, sophisticated lifestyle magazine, filled with elegant fashion, interior design, things to do, gardening, and gourmet food. NewJerseyLife Magazine gives you the what, where and when of the best New Jersey has to offer! NewJerseyLifeMagazine celebrates the best of the Garden State. With beautiful photography and compelling articles, New Jersey Life Magazine highlights the state's hottest restaurants, the chicest places to shop, its most intriguing personalities, and great things to do and see. New Jersey Life Magazine has regular features on gardens, interiors, health, finance, travel, and fashion provide readers a fresh look at sophisticated living in New Jersey.

New Man Magazine Subscription : New Man Magazine provides inspiration and advice for the contemporary Christian man. Energetic, engaging articles deal with the substantive issues that men face as they pursue a spiritual life in their marriages, families, workplaces, and friendships. New Man Magazine is full of interviews, analyses of current events, and regular advice columns that offer a sound Christian perspective and effective spiritual motivation for the modern man.

Newsweek Magazine Subscription : Newsweek magazine reports on each week's developments on the national and global news front through news, commentary and analysis. Newsweek Magazine features include national and international affairs, business, lifestyle, society, the arts, politics, the economy, personal business, the Washington scene, health, science and technology.

New York Magazine Subscription : New York Magazine covers the Big Apple! New York covers politics, business, literature, psychology, the fine arts, entertainment, home furnishings, shopping, food, wine, fashion and a broad range of other subjects about the capital of the world. New York Magazine is the recognized guide to the best of what New York has to do, see, eat, think about and talk about right now. NewYork Magazine includes theatre, movie and restaurant reviews and listings. NewYorkMagazine is edited for those interested in critical examination of news, style, contemporary ideas and trends.

New York Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : New York Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for New York outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in New York , at last there is a magazine just for you!

North American Whitetail Magazine Subscription : North American Whitetail Magazine is devoted to the serious trophy deer hunter. Since its start, North American Whitetail Magazine has broken the story on every significant trophy and world-record buck. North American Whitetail Magazine includes science-based research aimed to help hunters and landowners learn how to better manage their land for whitetail hunting. Each issue of North American Whitetail Magazine provides effective techniques brought to readers by North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters, riflemen and bowhunters.

North Carolina Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : North Carolina Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for North Carolina outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in North Carolina , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Numismatic News Magazine Subscription : Numismatic News Magazine is renowned as the complete information source for coin collectors. Each weekly issue of NumismaticNews Magazine features detailed articles about coin collecting, schedules of upcoming events, and features on the people and trends that influence this popular hobby market. NumismaticNewsMagazine is the definitive newspaper for the numismatist.

Nutrition Health Review Magazine Subscription : Nutrition Health Review Magazine is the consumer's medical journal that keeps the reader up to date on information about pursuing good health. Nutrition Health Review discusses disease prevention through nutrition and lifestyle and advocates health of both mind and body. The editorial section of Nutrition Health Review covers medical progress and information relating to nutritional therapy, genetics, psychiatry, behavior therapy, surgery, pharmacology, animal health and vignettes relating to health and nutrition. Buy this mag online.

Off Road Magazine Subscription : Off Road Magazine emphasises modifications of light truck and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles for off highway action. Each issue of Off Road Magazine provides tech tips, product reviews and custom features , technical knowledge and details on how to create a high performance truck engine and suspension buildups as well as step-by-step component bolt-ons as well as off-road events. Off Road Magazine gives you everything you need to take your ride off the beaten path.

Ohio Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Ohio Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Ohio outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Ohio , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Oklahoma Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Oklahoma Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Oklahoma outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Oklahoma , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Old Cars Price Guide Magazine Subscription : Old Cars Price Guide Magazine is the nation's most respected authority for valuing antique and other collectible automobiles. OldCarsPriceGuide Magazine has an extensive price-guide section that includes makes and models of domestic cars, from AMC to Willys, for model years 1901 to 1992. Also included in Old Cars Price Guide Magazine are light-duty trucks and selected makes of imported cars. Cars are valued in six conditions—from Excellent down to Parts Car. Buy this magazineonline.

Old Cars Weekly News and Marketplace Magazine Subscription : Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace Magazine serves 70,000 collectors of classic cars , trucks , motorcycles and military vehicles with features on restoration tips , auction results , car show information, how-to articles and essential information about hobby events and marketplace activity. Old Cars Weekly News and Marketplace Magazine helps you find or sell, fix and have fun with specialty vehicles and hard-to-find parts from 1900 to 1999. Regular features include Weekly classic-car auction results, Car-club information, extensive display and classified ads as well as expert stories and columns!

Outdoor Life Magazine Subscription : Outdoor Life Magazine is for the outdoor enthusiast, containing up-to-the-minute information on fishing, hunting, boating and conservation as well as award winning outdoor adventure stories.

Outdoor Photographer Magazine Subscription : Outdoor Photographer Magazine is written by the world's leading landscape, wildlife, sports and travel photographers. Every issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine features advice that you can put to immediate use to improve your own photography as well as evaluations of the latest equipment and portfolios of stunning photography.

Outside Magazine Subscription : Outside Magazine offers a fuller, more rewarding life through coverage of sports like hiking, biking and skiing; adventure travel; active gear; health and fitness tips; and glorious, glorious photography.

Paddler Magazine Subscription : Paddler Magazine is the perfect resource for all adventurous paddlers! Paddler Magazine includes feature stories about whitewater canoeing , rafting and kayaking within the U.S. and internationally. Paddler Magazine includes a Hotline section that lets you know the latest news and events in the paddling world. Paddler Magazine also provides information on gear and tips on technique, and discusses such issues as conservation and other related sports, destinations, and activities. Paddler includes special articles on specific skills needed in certain exotic locations, as well as interviews with professional paddlers. Paddler is great for any watersport lover, from beginners and recreational paddlers to professionals.

Paintworks Magazine Subscription : Paintworks Magazine is perfect for anyone interested in the decorative arts, particularly folk art painting. PaintworksMagazine provides readers with practical advice to make their artwork its best. Paint works Magazine features how-to articles, illustrations and stories that are sure to inspire the artist in everyone who reads it. Paintworks Magazine will spark anyone's own decorative painting creativity!

Parents Magazine Subscription : Parents Magazine discusses family formation and growth, focusing on day to day needs and concerns of today's parents. Everything you need to know about being a parent is in this magazine.

PC Magazine Subscription : PC Magazine is the leading publication providing information to computing professionals. Every issue of PCMagazine provides comprehensive product evaluations including side-by-side comparisons based on benchmark tests from PC Magazine' own labs. To get the most out of both hardware and software, and get the most timely information available, P C Magazine is the magazine to trust!

Pc World Magazine Subscription : PC World Magazine is edited for PC-proficient managers. Every issue of PC World Magazine provides PC product rankings, reviews, multimedia and Internet coverage and much, much more. PC World Magazine is a vital resource for the home or office PC user.

Pennsylvania Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Pennsylvania Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Pennsylvania outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Pennsylvania , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Photographic Magazine Subscription : Photographic Magazine from Petersen is dedicated to still and movie camera enthusiasts interested in improving their abilities as photographers. PhotographicMagazine contains how-to features, tips & techniques, as well as user reports on new equipment, both conventional and digital.

Plastic Canvas Today Magazine Subscription : Plastic Canvas Today Magazine , formerly Plastic Canvas World, brings plastic canvas lovers a delightful variety of projects for home decor, weddings, bazaars, holidays and more. PlasticCanvasToday Magazine features full-color photos and easy-to-follow directions make plastic canvas projects easy for all craft hobbyists, even beginners.

Pointe Magazine Subscription : Pointe Magazine is the first publication of its kind: an international ballet magazine for ballet dancers and serious ballet students. Pointe Magazine covers ballet around the world and provides readers with news from across the country and abroad about company debuts , competition results , and rising stars. Pointe Magazine is also the ultimate resource for ballet dancers and enthusiasts to hear personal stories of other dancers and get basic tips to keep them dancing. Regular features include a BodyWatch section with information about health issues and care, as well as nutritional advice. Pointe is a must have for anyone serious about ballet.

Popular Hot Rodding Magazine Subscription : Popular Hot Rodding Magazine is for the American automotive enthusiast. PopularHotRodding Magazine features articles on projects, performance, technical items, products and upcoming events for the hot rod enthusiast.

Popular Photography Magazine Subscription : Popular Photography Magazine is for beginners as well as professionals. Every issue of PopularPhotography Magazine provides information on photo composition, production, and new product reviews intended to improve your art and enhance your enjoyment of photography.

Popular Science Magazine Subscription : Popular Science Magazine is the `what's new' magazine concentrating on science and technology. Each issue of Popular Science Magazine covers the latest developments in cars, electronics, communications, tools, space, aviation, science, and much more.

Popular Woodworking Magazine Subscription : Popular Woodworking Magazine is one of America's best wood working project magazines. Each issue of PopularWoodworking Magazine is packed with at least 15 can-do projects for the practical woodworker. Each PopularWoodworkingMagazine project is complete with close-up photos, easy-to-follow steps, tool reviews, shop tips, finishing secrets and more!

Powder Magazine Subscription : Powder Magazine presents the latest information on extreme and power skiing, exotic destinations and product tips. In addition Powder Magazine provides exquisite ski photography; humor; articles on ski camps and stories of adventure skiing.

Power and Motoryacht Magazine Subscription : Power and Motoryacht Magazine focuses on powerboats that are 24 feet and larger , with a concentration on engines , gear , electronics , accessories and tests. Special features in Power and Motor Yacht Magazine include sport fishing , megayachts , gear and electronics and articles and listings of the world's largest yachts.

Practical Horseman Magazine Subscription : Practical Horseman Magazine is the leading all-around resource for English-style riders who are committed to their sport and the well-being of their horses, and are also pragmatic about their performance and maintenance needs. Practical Horseman Magazine offers step-by-step training programs and expert advice on everything from grooming to health care from the greatest breeding and conditioning figures in the sport. Practical Horseman Magazine also spotlights upcoming events and competitions, and how a determined competitor can prepare for them.

Premiere Magazine Subscription : Premiere Magazine is for people who really love the movies. Premiere Magazine tells you everything about movie watching and movie making. Regular features in PremiereMagazine include interviews, profiles and behind the scene looks at soon to be released movies.

Preschool Playroom Magazine Subscription : Preschool Playroom Magazine is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Preschool Playroom Magazine features drawing , counting , coloring and reading activities , with a character poster and 6 page pull-out workbook in every issue. The Bear in The Big Blue House , Maisy , Mr. Potato Head , Spot , Peter Rabbit and Paddington Bear all make it Fun To Learn for children ages 2-5 while they learn colors , matching , spelling and more. There is also a playroom pen pals page to encourage children to write in or draw pictures of their favorite characters.

Progressive Farmer Magazine Subscription : Progressive Farmer Magazine is commited to showing farmers the newest and best ways to make money, save money and enjoy their lifestyle more. Progressive Farmer keeps a close eye on what's currently happening in agriculture and in the world. In every issue of Progressive Farmer, award-winning editors deliver feature articles that keep farmers up-to-date on crop and livestock production, new technology and products, business and financial information, weather, markets and government regulations. Readers will also find in each Progressive Farmer an additional editorial section specifically tailored to their region and state.

Psychology Today Magazine Subscription : Psychology Today Magazine focuses on human behavior and society and how the latest research in psychology can be applied to improve relationships and other aspects of our lives. Psychology Today Magazine explores the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of daily life. Written by the foremost professionals in the field of human behavior, each issue of PsychologyToday Magazine delivers articles on a wide variety of topics. Get the latest news and trends from the field as well as exclusive interviews with the most intriguing people working in the field of human development.

Quick & Easy Crochet Magazine Subscription : Quick & Easy Crochet Magazine is a full color treasure trove of classic crochet patterns, trendy accessories, ideas, patterns and hints for anyone who loves crocheting. Each issue of Quick and Easy Crochet Magazine contains ideas, patterns and hints as well as easy-to-follow instructions and patterns for afghans, home decor, children's items, toys and fashionable clothing.

The Quilter Magazine Subscription : The Quilter Magazine is the definitive quilting magazine for yesterday, today and tomorrow! Each issue of The QuilterMagazine provide wonderful patterns, techniques and materials that will help you create your most wonderful pieces ever. The pattern index section of TheQuilter Magazine has useful cutouts to help you plan your quilt. Commemorate special feelings in space and time and love your colors, fabrics and textures with The Quilter Magazine!

Quilter's Newsletter Magazine Subscription : Quilter's Newsletter Magazine is the premier lifestyle magazine for dedicated quilters. Each issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine provides industry news, high quality features on contemporary and historical quiltmaking, the latest in quilting techniques, and product news. Quilter Newsletter Magazine contains complete instructions for quilt projects, features on the finest quilts of today, book and Web site reviews, as well as entertaining columns.

Quilter's World Magazine Subscription : Quilter's World Magazine, formerly Quick & Easy Quilting, is for busy quilters. Quilters World Magazine focuses on quilting techniques that make it possible to complete a top quality project in a short time.

Razor Magazine Subscription : Razor Magazine is brashly confident and smoothly self-assured, and is edited for those who like to go faster, farther and higher. Razor Magazine is for men who live their lives in the extreme. Whether it's technology, sports, fashion, health, culture or celebrity profiles, Razor Magazine shreds through the artifice to hone in on what's different, alternative or the shock of the new.

Readers Digest Selecciones Magazine Subscription : Reader's Digest Selecciones es la version en espanol de la revista norteamericana deinteres general Reader's Digest. Ahora, usted puede encontrar todos los mismos grandes articulos y secciones fijas de la edicion en ingles, traducidos especialmente para los lectores de lengua hispana.

Rifleshooter Magazine Subscription : Rifleshooter Magazine is written for the dedicated rifle enthusiast. It's focus is on target shooting, collecting and all other rifle sports. Articles and information to help advance shooting ability.

Road & Track Magazine Subscription : Road & Track Magazine is for the automobile enthusiast who enjoys cars and driving. Road and Track Magazine focuses on both import and domestic cars. Subjects in RoadandTrack Magazine include design, engineering, driving reports, road tests, racing coverage, and detailed technical discussions. RoadandTrackMagazine reports on all types of new cars. Road and Track Magazine includes features on such wide-ranging topics as racing, automotive art and photography, and travel stories.

Rocky Mountain Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Rocky Mountain Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Rocky Mountain outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming or Idaho , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Rod and Custom Magazine Subscription : Rod & Custom Magazine features high-tech as well as traditional customs, hot rods, and vintage racers. Rod and Custom Magazine includes restoration advise on vintage cars and pick-ups. Each issue of Rod & Custom Magazine provides a variety of how-to and technical articles for the street rod and custom enthusiast, and lots of tidbits from hot rodding's history. Rod and Custom Magazine is everything a rodder could want, all in one monthly colorful package.

Rugby Magazine Subscription : Rugby Magazine is a tabloid format that reports "all the news that's fit" regarding rugby. Rugby Magazine includes information about rugby worldwide and at all levels, from youth and men's and women's leagues to collegiate and national teams. Rugby Magazine features regular columns on nutrition and exercise, tournaments, news briefs, sport psychology, and player profiles. The calendar includes dates for upcoming coaching clinics. A good selection for public and academic libraries, as well as the dedicated fan.

Running Times Magazine Subscription : Running Times Magazine consistently provides great writing on the sport by runners for runners. RunningTimes Magazine is the dedicated runner's best source for expert information on training, racing, sports medicine, inspiration, news, profiles and more.

Sacramento Magazine Subscription : Sacramento Magazine is a lifestyle publication with features on regional dining, restaurant reviews, travel and people. SacramentoMagazine also includes sections that give a helpful hand in the kitchen, appetizing recipes and tips for home and garden. Also, each issue of Sacramento Magazine highlights local news, government issues, business and real estate. Sacramento Magazine is essential for anyone living or interested in Northern California.

Sail Magazine Subscription : Sail Magazine is for large and small boat sailors. SailMagazine features include articles on boat and equipment design, racing news, piloting, boat handling, navigation and new product news as well as topics such as rigging, hull and sail design, sail trim, and wind and water conditions.Practical advice on choosing and owning sailboats, gear, and equipment.

Sailing World Magazine Subscription : Sailing World Magazine is edited for sailors with special emphasis on sailboat racing and performance sailing. Regular features in Sailing World Magazine include educational material on boat handling, cruising and racing sails, sail handling techniques, navigation, safety at sea, new boats and equipment, racing tactics, cruising experiences, major race and regatta reports, a “Performance Cruising” column, reports of European yachting activity and a college sailing report.

San Diego Magazine Subscription : San Diego Magazine features the arts, dining, culture, economy, and people of the city that thinks of itself as "the first great city of the 21st century". From the beaches to the revitalized Gaslamp Quarter, SanDiego Magazine is the perfect guide to the news, activities, and personalities of this dynamic city. SanDiegoMagazine includes an annual dining guide.

Satellite Direct Magazine Subscription : Satellite Direct Magazine is the number one guide to DIRECTV Dish! Satellite Direct Magazine has 24-hour grids for all time zones and daily pay-per-view listings. Satellite Direct Magazine also includes programming highlights and a list of "Best Bets" for each and every day. Within the grids, readers will find exclusive symbols letting the reader know which movies are wide-screen, Oscar-nominated, and Oscar-winning. In each issue of Satellite Direct Magazine readers will find a pull-out directory, sports schedules, movie reviews and a feature cover story within about current television programs and movies.

Saturday Evening Post Magazine Subscription : Saturday Evening Post Magazine has provided its readers a panorama of contemporary America for more than 230 years. Broad scope and universal in appeal, Saturday Evening Post Magazine entertains, enlightens and amuses readers while offering important advice on personal health and preventative medicine. Published by the non-profit Benjamin Franklin Literary and Medical Society, The Saturday Evening Post Magazine not only provides simple health tips that can help you feel better while living longer, but also the humor, fiction and nostalgic illustrations for which they are famous.

Saveur Magazine Subscription : Saveur Magazine is an award-winning food and travel publication that covers the world of authentic cuisine through brilliant photography, extraordinary stories, and recipes that reflect the traditions, history, and lore of fine foods the world over. SaveurMagazine harks back to food before it was processed, lite, or artificial. SaveurMagazine is a magazine that still remembers what real food was meant to taste like.

Scholastic's Coach & Athletic Director Magazine Subscription : Scholastic's Coach and Athletic Director magazine is dedicated to high school and college coaches and athletic directors. Each issue of Scholastic's Coach and Athletic Director magazine is packed with coaching tips for all men's and women's sports, interviews with prominent sports figures, coverage of all phases of successful program and exclusive coach buyer's guides.

Seventeen Magazine Subscription : Seventeen Magazine has been an icon since 1944, pioneered the young women's magazine market, and is still the leader with the 12-24 age group, and a dominant force in the culture. Seventeen Magazine is the most popular magazine for teenage girls featuring the latest scoop on Style, Friends, Guys, College, Careers, the Stars and Love. SeventeenMagazine provides HOT tips on beauty, fashion, fitness and relationships, plus exciting features including fiction, quizzes, music, videos, trends, and cool articles like Trauma-Rama!

Sew News Magazine Subscription : Sew News Magazine emphasizes fabric reviews, fashion trends, and expert advice on new products. Sew News Magazine also features pattern news, book reviews, notions, fabrics, and new techniques.

SG: Surf Snow Skate Girl Magazine Subscription : SG : Surf Snow Skate Girl Magazine is for girls who want a little action. Whether the scene is on the waves, on the slopes, or at the skatepark, SG: Surf Snow Skate Girl Magazine keeps readers in touch with the latest news and coolest styles. Regular features of SG Magazine cover fitness and fashion, health and beauty, boarding culture and music, horoscopes and hot guys, plus a radical poster in every issue!

Shape Magazine Subscription : Shape Magazine is a virtual manual for a healthier lifestyle, that will help you look and feel better today! ShapeMagazine brings you experts in nutrition, exercise, beauty and psychology to team up for a better understanding of women's fitness issues.

Shape En Espanol Magazine Subscription : Shape En Espanol Magazine is the Spanish language version of the best selling women‘s magazine, Shape Magazine. Shape En Espanol Magazine features top trend setters from various fields of exercise, nutrition, psychology and beauty join forces with nationally known journalists to make each issue of Shape En Espanol Magazine a how-to manual for a healthful lifestyle.

Shooting Industry Magazine Subscription : Shooting Industry Magazine is the gun dealers guide to the industry. Readers of Shooting Industry Magazine will find information on what's going on in the industry and how to increase their sales. Shooting Industry Magazine also provides information about new products, new laws and gives readers ideas on how to sell more guns. In every issue of Shooting Industry Magazine readers will find reviews of hunting and shooting equipment (including clothing, camping gear, etc.), information about how and where to advertise, other salesmen's top selections and articles for and about manufacturers.

Shooting Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Shooting Sportsman Magazine is written for those sportsmen interested in wing shooting and includes features on hunting dogs, gun makers, conservation issues, unusual places to hunt, and game cuisine.

Shooting Times Magazine Subscription : Shooting Times Magazine is edited for both experienced and novice gun enthusiasts. ShootingTimes Magazine highlights all aspects of hunting, clothing, equipment and conservation. Each issue of ShootingTimesMagazine features a section on new guns, hunting news, industry developments and evaluation of new products.

Shotgun News Magazine Subscription : Shotgun News Magazine is edited for anyone serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or some other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could want or need! Each issue of ShotgunNews Magazine presents thousands of rifles, shotguns, revolvers and pistols of all ages, makes and models as well as exciting military products and collectibles, ammunition, edged weapons, optics, mounts, gunsmithing services, books, maps and a host of other related firearms products. There's simply no better way to find firearms than with a subscription to ShotgunNewsMagazine!

ShowBoats International Magazine Subscription : ShowBoats International Magazine is the undisputed journal of record for the luxury yachting community. Besides showcasing the luxury yachting lifestyle and the design and construction of the most beautiful yachts in the world, Show Boats International Magazine has a proud history of galvanizing the yachting community around the need to preserve the quality of the marine environment.

Simple Scrapbooks Magazine Subscription : Simple Scrapbooks Magazine is the scrapbooking magazine that makes it easy for you to preserve your memories. You've got all those photos, now find out how to get them in beautiful scrapbooks! You can do this! Simple Scrapbooks Magazine is devoted to helping you preserve your keepsakes using safe and fun materials.

Sister 2 Sister Magazine Subscription : Sister 2 Sister Magazine covers celebrity events, interviews with interesting people, personal achievement features and more all written in a bold, sassy style without apologies. Each issue of this hip magazine , Sister 2 Sister Magazine , features a special Who Does She Think She IS?! department along with pointed opinions, news on beauty products, fashion, and music reviews round out this hip publication.

Ski Magazine Subscription : Ski Magazine is the leading publication for ski enthusiasts of all levels and is dedicated to the active skier. Ski Magazine regular features and columns cover instruction, resorts, travel accommodations, fashion and equipment, as well as the overall skiing lifestyle . Skimagazine also profiles ski towns and offers tips on health and safety. Ski magazine brings you a Special Buyers Guide at the beginning of each new season!

Skiing Magazine Subscription : Skiing Magazine is edited for the active, serious skier of all skill levels. Every issue of SkiingMagazine provides information on ski instruction, ski technique and equipment, health and fitness, ski adventure travel and ski competition. Skiing Magazine also profiles ski destinations and influential people in skiing. Read Skiing Magazine, and then head for the slopes.

Slap Magazine Subscription : Slap Magazine is the latest for the new school crew into skateboarding, street style fashion and new sounds. Slap Magazine combines a crisp attitude with hot photos of the best skateboarders on the planet. Interviews, product updates, hip hop, rap and rock reviews round out the mix. Slap Magazine is a great read for fast-thinking teens and kids on the go!

Smart Homeowner Magazine Subscription : Smart HomeOwner Magazine helps homeowners make sense of the choices they have for systems and technology for their homes. Smart Home Owner Magazine informs owners about new techniques and technologies. Each issue of Smart HomeOwner Magazine demonstrates simple solutions to problems they thought were unsolvable. Smart HomeOwner Magazine will fundamentally change the way owners look at their homes and inspire them with possibilities for making their homes more comfortable, more economical to live in, and more beautiful.

Smart TV and Sound Magazine Subscription : Smart TV and Sound Magazine is edited to explain the potential and benefits of the new television technology. Each issue of Smart TV and Sound Magazine covers TV/Internet appliances, net-top boxes, digital TV and satellite products, Web TV, DVD, PC on TV, TV on PC, digital broadcasting, electronic program guides, TV telephones, the best Web sites on TV and more! Smart TV and Sound Magazine's editors will bring you the latest TV hardware and software products, user-friendly gear reviews, and practical techniques for painlessly adopting convergence technology in your home or office.

Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine Subscription : Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine celebrates flight in all its forms and covers achievements in flight and how technology can be used to improve the quality of life in the future. Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine comes from The Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institute.

Snowboarder Magazine Subscription : Snowboarder Magazine includes killer photos, features on exotic travel, advanced tips and tricks and hot product reviews in every issue. A must read for all dedicated snowboarders!

Snow Goer Magazine Subscription : Snow Goer Magazine is the inside source with attitude that snowmobilers trust to simply tell-it-like-it-is. Snow Goer Magazine is edited for the sport hard-core enthusiasts, each issue of SnowGoer Magazine features head-to-head comparisons, product evaluations, owners surveys and technical how-to articles. You'll also get owner's reports, technical updates, how-to tips and personality profiles in each issue of Snow Goer Magazine.

South Carolina Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : South Carolina Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for South Carolina outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in South Carolina , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Southern Boating Magazine Subscription : Southern Boating Magazine is for boat owners who cruise and sail the waters from Texas to Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Feature Articles in Southern Boating Magazine focus on cruising, racing, sailing, fishing, also marine-related regional color and history.

Southern Horseman Magazine Subscription : Southern Horseman Magazine is dedicated to showmen, breeders and their horses. Southern Horseman Magazine covers current events in the horse industry with attention on a national scope to the importance of the youth, amateurs and professionals involved in the show ring. Southern Horseman Magazine also keeps readers in the loop with articles about the horses and individuals that are currently active in the industry. Southern Horseman Magazine keeps its readers up to date on the latest styles and trends whether it be in the ring, the breeding barn or the latest innovations in trailers, equipment or tack. Southern Horseman Magazine provides lists of winners of shows and a calendar of events in each issue.

Spin Magazine Subscription : Spin Magazine will rock your world with coverage of the progressive music scene and in-depth investigative reporting on a slew of issues, from politics to pop culture. Reviews, essays, profiles, and interviews make up a package of pure rock energy with an alternative.

Sport Compact Car Magazine Subscription : Sport Compact Car Magazine is dedicated to automotive enthusiasts who are interested in making your ride better than the next guy's with monthly tech tips on performance, styling, handling and cost efficiency. Sport Compact Car Magazine also features product reviews, event coverage and wicked ride features.

Sport Fishing Magazine Subscription : Sport Fishing Magazine is the ultimate resource for salt water fishermen. SportFishing Magazine features tips on boat craft, bait, rigging, tournaments, charters and how to be a more successful fisherman!

Sport Truck Magazine Subscription : Sport Truck Magazine covers the full spectrum of truck customization for the hands-on street truck enthusiast, light duty trucks and SUV, both 2 and 4 wheel drive, with special emphasis on performance. Sport Truck Magazine features customization and modification for the hands-on street truck enthusiast. Note: Beginning with the July 2000 issue, Sport Truck Magazine encompasses Chevy Truck Magazine which has ceased publication. Sport Truck Magazine covers the entire range of light-duty trucks with an emphasis on performance and personalization. Sport Truck Magazine editorial features are focused on basic how-tos, new vehicle testing, performance accessory bolt-ons and classic pickups and restorations. Sport Truck Magazine reviews a variety of different trucks including sport-utility trucks and vans.

Sporting News Magazine Subscription : Sporting News Magazine is America's oldest sports weekly, and a must read for the dedicated sports fan. Sporting News Magazine features intense coverage of all sports, with special seasonal emphasis. Each issue of Sporting News Magazine features in-depth analytical and historical features to raise readers' understanding of their favorite teams and players. Sporting News Magazine comes in a newspaper format.

Stage Directions Magazine Subscription : Stage Directions Magazine serves the strategic , practical and technical information needs of small theaters across the country. Stage Directions Magazine is the magazine that current and aspiring stage managers , lighting technicians , directors , and designers turn to for solutions to their theatrical problems. Each issue of Stage Directions Magazine is filled with advice and information that will help your next production be magical. provides readers with the resources for costumes, training, rennovations, and lighting.

Star Magazine Subscription : Star Magazine brings you the intimate, behind-the-scenes stories on today’s top celebrities, PLUS the latest fab fashion and beauty secrets, PLUS the dishiest gossip. From breaking celebrity news to Hollywood glamour and glitz, you’ll love Star Magazine!

Stereo Review's Sound & Vision Magazine Subscription : Stereo Review's Sound and Vision Magazine is for individuals with a keen interest in music and video and the best way to reproduce it. The result of a merger between Stereo Review and Video, Sound and Vision Magazine focuses on the interests of audio and home-theater enthusiasts alike. Sound and Vision Magazine tests new technologies and explains how to buy and use equipment, and provides precise evaluation of high end components.

Stereophile Magazine Subscription : Stereophile Magazine is devoted to high end audio, and features audio news updates, interviews, and reports on amplifiers, high-end loudspeakers, CD and DVD players, turntables, and digital processors. The experts at Stereophile Magazine perform detailed technical assessments using state-of-the-art equipment, and manufacturers of tested products respond to reviews in the same issue of Stereophile Magazine.

Stereophile Guide to Home Theatre Magazine Subscription : Stereophile's Guide to Home Theatre Magazine has all the in-depth information and advice about the high performance video and multi channel audio technologies available now, and what's on the drawing boards. Use the Stereophile Guide to Home Theater Magazine as a guide to assemble the best possible home theater system or get the most out of the system you already have.

Stock Car Racing Magazine Subscription : Stock Car Racing Magazine has everything for the dedicated fan! NASCAR/Winston Cup, Grand National and sprint car racing results, previews, driving techniques and competition forecasts can be found in StockCarRacing Magazine. StockCarRacingMagazine also features profiles of top drivers and racing teams!

Street Rodder Magazine Subscription : Street Rodder Magazine is the number 1 publication in it's market, and is dedicated to the building, modification and sheer nostalgic enjoyment of automobiles built prior to 1949. Each issue of StreetRodder Magazine includes in-depth analysis of cars, product reviews, show coverage and industry news. StreetRodderMagazine also features step-by-step technical articles to improve performance and appearance.

Strings Magazine Subscription : Strings Magazine is produced by and for players and teachers of bowed stringed instruments. Each issue of Strings Magazine features scores of music for stringed instruments , both contemporary and antiquarian , and also includes interviews with such renowned musicians as Yo-Yo Ma and Yitzhak Perlman.

Stuff Magazine Subscription : Stuff Magazine is the hot new magazine from the genius minds that brought you Maxim, edited for twenty-something males. The premise is: it's a man's world, and Stuff Magazine will help you wallow in it! Stuff Magazine has fast cars, great looking girls, wild stories and easy money. Stuff Magazine provides a humorous look into the world of pop culture with features on adventure, sports, women, gear, fashion, sex, the bizarre, and the latest gadgets. After all, you can never have enough Stuff.

Sun Magazine Subscription : The Sun Magazine is a weekly publication in newspaper format featuring stories that you will not find in any other publication. The Sun Magazine is full of amazing stories about ordinary people as well as predictions for the future.

Super Chevy Magazine Subscription : Super Chevy Magazine is the #1 choice of active bowtie car and truck enthusiasts, including Corvettes and the legendary ’55 - ’57 Chevys. SuperChevy Magazine features performance how-to's featuring modification theories, classic restorations and engine upgrades. SuperChevyMagazine also has comprehensive coverage of all major Chevy-powered motorsports events and car shows.

Super Street Magazine Subscription : Super Street Magazine focuses on performance enhancement of compact cars in Asia, Europe and the United States. SuperStreet Magazine editorials encompass technical and how-to articles that range from complete engine buildups and engine swaps to suspension modifications and tire and wheel selection. SuperStreetMagazine has detailed component guides along with tips on choosing the right installation facility provide the information necessary to select the appropriate power and performance combinations. Appearance bolt-ons and cosmetic enhancements provide guidance for those interested in making strong visual statements with their modified compacts. Super Street Magazine also includes extensive event coverage and vehicle evaluations.

Surfing Magazine Subscription : Surfing Magazine is the authority for enthusiasts of this high-energy, high-intensity sport. Surfing Magazine has monthly features and photos of both long and short board champions. Amazing Photography.

Tampa Bay Magazine Subscription : Tampa Bay Magazine is Tampa Bay's only lifestyle magazine featuring the people, places and pleasures of the TampaBay, Florida area.

Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine Subscription : Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine offers its readers both an art magazine brimming with glowing photographs of exceptional teddy bears and an authoritative guide to the teddy bear world. Published bi-monthly, Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine offers profiles on teddy bear artists, as well as features on everything from miniature teddies to the newest line of manufactured bears. Regular features in Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine cover everything from rare, vintage bears to patterns for making one's own teddy bears.

Teen Vogue Magazine Subscription : Teen Vogue Magazine is the latest production from the editors, writers and photographers who put together "big" Vogue, created specifically teens in mind. Teens love fashion, and since nobody does fashion better than Vogue, it was time to give teen fashion the Vogue treatment. That means the best young models, the hottest photographers and the greatest-looking clothes — all pulled together with Vogue's trademark style and attitude.

Tennessee Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Tennessee Sportsman Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Tennessee outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Tennessee , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Texas Fish and Game Magazine Subscription : Texas Fish & Game Magazine is the authority on the Texas Great Outdoors. Texas Fish and Game Magazine is the largest outdoor magazine in the state of Texas. For nearly 20 years, Texas anglers and hunters alike have turned to Texas Fish & Game Magazine for the information they need to become better and more productive sportsmen.

Texas Monthly Magazine Subscription : Texas Monthly Magazine has been the best guide to the people and places of the Lone Star State for over 25 years. TexasMonthly Magazine features Texan history, events, restaurants, shopping and editorial content as big as the state itself. TexasMonthlyMagazine is a must for those living in and interested in the Lone Star state.

Texas Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Texas Sportsman Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Texas outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Texas , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Theology Today Magazine Subscription : Theology Today Magazine confronts the pressing issues that the faithful face today. TheologyToday Magazine helps readers find a voice in their ecumenical journal of theology. Theology Today Magazine includes articles addressing a wide range of historical and contemporary theological issues by the most prominent theologians today. This thought-provoking quarterly, which also includes reviews and poetry, is a great resource for education about the past, as well as keeping up with the present.

Thomas & Friends Magazine Subscription : Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Magazine is a charming children's publication based on the beloved stories and characters from the Isle of Sodor and the classic children's railway series of the Rev. W. Audrey. Children will love the adventures of Thomas and his friends James , Percy , Sir Topham Hatt and all the other beloved characters from this award winning children's series. Thomas & Friends Magazine offers its young readers exciting stories , coloring , counting and other early learning activities.

Thrasher Magazine Subscription : Thrasher Magazine is a guide to teen culture with coverage of skateboarding, modern music and alternative activities. Each issue of Thrasher Magazine is packed with color photos, interviews, profiles, artwork, fiction, contest coverage, fashion tips and insider industry gossip.

Tole World Magazine Subscription : Tole World Magazine is the nation's leading consumer publication for decorative artists. Each issue of Tole World Magazine features 10-12 exciting painting projects, as well as technique and advice columns and new product information. Tole World Magazine projects are provided for all skill levels but the emphasis is on designs for intermediate painters designed for a variety of surfaces and different mediums. Projects for all seasons and occasions inspire artists to create and improve their painting skills and range from cute to sophisticated, casual to elegant and many become treasured family heirlooms.

Total Health Magazine Subscription : Total Health Magazine promotes longevity through news and information on natural and alternative health and integrative medicine with specific information on herbs, supplements, nutrition, natural remedies and the latest health-based research.

Traditional Home Magazine Subscription : Traditional Home magazine is for homeowners who want to create the beautiful, timeless, comforting home that they’ve always dreamed about. TraditionalHome Magazine is full of stunning photographic essays and insightful design ideas that will help you transform your home into a stylish, welcoming sanctuary. In every issue, TraditionalHomeMagazine beckons you with articles on perfectly-appointed rooms; incredible art and antiques; useful tips on affordable traditional style; and helpful features on gardening, cooking, and entertaining.

Trailer Boats Magazine Subscription : Trailer Boats Magazine is America's only trailer boating magazine, and is the authoritative guide for power boaters. Each issue of TrailerBoats Magazine covers new boat testing, towing, accessories, cruising destinations, how-to tips, electronics, and more.

Travel America Magazine Subscription : TravelAmerica Magazine is the magazine about travel, sightseeing, events, adventure and exploration within the United States. TravelAmericaMagazine features tour, city and resort of the month, regional and state roundups. Travel America Magazine also features tips on travel by car, RV, air or rail.

Travel and Leisure Magazine Subscription : Travel + Leisure Magazine is a modern, stylish and authoritative magazine edited for the upscale traveler. Travel & Leisure Magazine delivers comprehensive service information, vivid commentary and richly detailed narratives that will transport readers to destinations all over the world. Travel plus Leisure Magazine brings a unique point of view by featuring architects and designers, chefs and artisans, performers and cultural icons that shape our society. Each issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine delves into food, the arts, fashion, technology and environment. Travel and Leisure Magazine strives to provide reliable information while conveying the excitement and endless possibilities of travel.

Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine Subscription : Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine treats the game not as an isolated pastime but as the center of a constellation of interests, including travel, cars, wines, fashion, literature, personalities, and new gadgets and gear. No one covers the greens like T & L Golf magazine.

Travel 50 & Beyond Magazine Subscription : Travel 50 & Beyond Magazine is written and designed specifically for readers fifty and older. Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine offers tips on getting terrific senior discounts on airfares, hotels, rental cars and attractions. Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine features top weekend getaways, beautiful driving vacations and irresistible undiscovered places.

Travel Holiday Magazine Subscription : Travel Holiday Magazine is edited for the experienced, leisure traveler. TravelHoliday Magazine features foreign and domestic tourist attractions, off-beat, and well-known locations. TravelHolidayMagazine also offers safety tips and special tour-package information.

Truckin' Magazine Subscription : Truckin' Magazine is the custom truck enthusiasts’ bible! Each issue of Truckin Magazine features road tests, product features and pictorials of the best dressed pickups in the U.S. How-to articles address performance and technical aspects of customized trucks, superchargers, one-of-a-kind graphics, aero styling kits, interior and exterior accessories, concept trucks and upcoming models! Raised or slammed, Truckin' magazine will fuel your passion for full sized custom trucks.

True Story Magazine Subscription : True Story Magazine is a minor American Classic. True Story Magazine gained that reputation by presenting true stories as told by both ordinary and extraordinary women. True Story Magazine also includes features on food, beauty, health, diet and personal advice. True Story Magazine is a traditional favorite.

Turbo & High Tech Performance Magazine Subscription : Turbo & High Tech Performance Magazine is the high-tech leader in the fast growing import performance and late model high-tech domestic market. Turbo and High Tech Performance Magazine is written for hard core enthusiasts who build high dollar street, strip or "total tuning" vehicles. Every issue of Turbo & High Tech Performance Magazine is packed with the latest technologies that allow today's smaller displacement, multi-valve engines to produce more horsepower per cubic inch than anything else on the planet! From basic bolt-ons to stand alone fuel injection, Turbo magazine has it all! Every month you get coverage of relentless dyno testing, extreme high-horsepower streetcars, multiple option tech articles and the best import drag racing coverage in the industry.

Turtle Magazine Subscription : Turtle Magazine is written for pre-schoolers, each issue of Turtle Magazine focuses on health, nutrition, safety, and exercise with a fun, educational style. Turtle Magazine also has stories, articles, crafts, games, poetry, humor, and more to stimulate young minds and imaginations. An entertaining way for kids to develop reading and comprehension skills.

Unique Homes Magazine Subscription : Unique Homes Magazine is a national publication featuring of prestigious, luxury real estate, from western palaces to eastern mansions. Unique Homes Magazine is the ultimate directory for exclusive, high end properties and the brokers that deal in them. Unique Homes Magazine features beautiful photography and exceptional print quality.

U.S. Catholic Magazine Subscription : U.S. Catholic Magazine is a monthly resource for the contemporary Catholic. Each issue of USCatholic Magazine boldly discusses the controversial issues that concern American Catholics in their everyday lives. US Catholic Magazine celebrates the traditions of the Catholic church, while also embracing a spirit of reform and rejuvenation. U.S. Catholic magazine is a forum for theological and spiritual inquiry that can help modern Catholics in the understanding of their faith.

U.S. Kids Magazine Subscription : U.S. Kids Magazine is edited for children ages 5-11. US Kids Magazine encourages reading and excites interest in learning, developing natural creativity and reinforces school skills at home. Each issue of U*S* Kids Magazine has learn-by-doing activities, mazes, dot-to-dots, puzzles and games. The activities tie in with adventure stories, true-life events and science and nature features.

US News & World Report Magazine Subscription : U.S. News and World Report Magazine focuses on news you can put to immediate, personal use with practical information on health, personal finance, careers and education. US News and World Report Magazine shows how and why national and world events are important to its readers and offers a frame of reference for changes taking place throughout society and the world. US News & World Report Magazine is the weekly news magazine with a different point of view. Less interested in the pop culture of the moment, US News & World Report Magazine covers national and world affairs, business trends, `News you can Use' and much, much more.

US Weekly Magazine Subscription : US Weekly Magazine is the pictorial with an insider's look at entertainment, political and sports personalities. Each issue of US Weekly Magazine offers interviews with actors, musicians and newsmakers, entertainment reviews, and special fashion sections.

Vacations Magazine Subscription : Vacations Magazine is America's best source of affordable, new vacation ideas. VacationsMagazine covers discount travel, undiscovered places, weekend getaways, romantic inns, family favorites, scenic drives, idyllic small towns, plush resorts, cruises, and more.

Veggie Life Magazine Subscription : Veggie Life Magazine is the modern voice on seasonal vegetarian cooking, optimum nutrition, and natural healing for today's health-conscious consumer. Each issue of Veggie Life Magazine features more than 100 full-color pages of valuable tips, techniques, recipes, and remedies from dietitians, chefs, herbalists, doctors, and other health experts. Veggie Life Magazine presents great new ways to prepare creative plant-based cuisine, implement diet programs, and use natural remedies for an improved and vibrant lifestyle. Remember, you are what you eat!

Vette Magazine Subscription : Vette Magazine is the consummate guide for Corvette enthusiasts who either already owns a Corvette, or just wish they did. Feature articles in Vette Magazine give you detailed information on Corvettes of all ages. These feature articles covers all aspects of the Corvette world, including restoration of classic Corvettes, new technological developments, tips on modifications for better performance, engine and transmission buildups, brake and exhaust upgrades and customization.

Vibe Magazine Subscription : Vibe Magazine is a voice of the new urban culture: a hip, exciting magazine that covers the latest in music, fashion, politics and sports all while chronicling urban music including rap, dance-hall, reggae, new jack swing and R&B.

Videomaker Magazine Subscription : Videomaker Magazine is edited for novices and expert videographers alike. Videomaker Magazine features articles on the use of a camcorder, digital video editing, and desktop video and audio production. Each issue of Video Maker Magazine features equipment reviews, production tips and techniques, and explains the latest technological advances.

Virginia Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Virginia Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Virginia outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Virginia , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Volleyball Magazine Subscription : Volleyball Magazine features performance-oriented coverage with special emphasis on pro tours, U.S. National teams and collegiate competition. Included are instructional features as well as in-depth interviews and profiles of prominent professional and amateur players from around the world. Regular departments in Volleyball Magazine include reports on the U.S. collegiate volleyball scene, news about professional beach volleyball and updates on All-Stars and Teams of the Month.

VW Trends Magazine Subscription : VW Trends Magazine is the most accurate and authoritative source for VolksWagon enthusiasts on the planet. Each issue of VWTrends Magazine includes do-it-yourself articles on performance, engine build-ups, product and book reviews, as well as restoration tips and procedures. VWTrendsMagazine also features reviews on new beetles, including road tests and evaluations.

W Magazine Subscription : W Magazine presents fashion like you've never seen it before. Each issue sizzles in W's larger-than-life pages. Be excited by the dream, the detail -- as only W shows it to you. Go where only W can take you. Behind the runways. Front-row seats at the world's hottest shows. In every opulent issue, get the first look at the most fabulous fashion in the world. Plus: People. Parties. Beauty. Travel. Hollywood. Home. Like you've never seen them before.

Wake Boarding Magazine Subscription : Wake Boarding Magazine is the premier magazine devoted to the fastest growing water sport around. Each issue of WakeBoarding Magazine offers lots of tips and instruction on moves for all levels of wakeboarding experience, as well as in-depth reviews on the latest boards and equipment.

Washington-Oregon Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : Washington-Oregon Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Washington & Oregon outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Washington or Oregon , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Waterski Magazine Subscription : Waterski Magazine is the world's leading water-ski publication, and provides step-by-step instruction through the use of exciting sequence photography to help you become a better skier. Waterski Magazine also includes hot moves for wakeboarding and knee boarding, comprehensive boat and equipment reviews, advice from world and national champions and stunning, award winning photography.

The Week Magazine Subscription : The Week Magazine is a witty , informative , important and completely indispensable digest of the best reporting and writing from the U.S. and international press. In just 40 pages, The Week Magazine brings readers up-to-date on what's happening at home and abroad and what the experts are saying about it. By distilling the best consumer writing from newspapers and magazines, The Week also helps its readers make smart decisions about everything from cars, wine, books, and technology, to what's worth watching on television in the coming week. TheWeek also entertains with a unique mix of practical information and commentary, and quirky features like the most interesting houses for sale around the U.S., and even the best gossip of the week.

Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine Subscription : Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine features a wide selection of easy to finish wood projects ranging from craft fair novelties and decorative home accents to useful housewares and wooden toys. Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine features an assortment of easy-to-build wood projects challenge weekend woodworkers of different skill levels. Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine will be the source magazine for many hobbies and craft fair designers. Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine provides step-by-step instructions and full-size patterns are included for every project.

Weekly World News Magazine Subscription : The Weekly World News Magazine takes journalism to the edge - and beyond in a newspaper format! The WeeklyWorldNews Magazine covers stories that other newspapers are afraid to touch!

Westchester Spotlight Magazine Subscription : Westchester Spotlight Magazine is an elegant and informative upscale lifestyle magazine--the only monthly consumer magazine focusing on Westchester County and its environs. WestchesterSpotlight Magazine explores, investigates and celebrates life in what is without question one of the most beautiful, affluent and vibrant counties in the world. WestchesterSpotlightMagazine highlights art, music, theatre, dining listings and reviews plus special feature articles from the monthly general interest tri-state (NY, NJ, CT) magazines. West chester Spotlight Magazine is also a great source for finding out events going on in the area each month in its Datebook section.

West Virginia Game & Fish Magazine Subscription : West Virginia Game & Fish Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for West Virginia outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in West Virginia , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Where To Retire Magazine Subscription : Where To Retire Magazine is the only magazine in America designed to help mature readers find the ideal setting for retirement. WhereToRetire magazine features the country's most idyllic retirement towns, undiscovered havens, "tax heavens," the best retirement developments, and the best places to retire on a budget.

Whispers From Heaven Magazine Subscription : Whispers From Heaven Magazine is a special publication filled with inspirational stories, tales of overcoming adversity, and examples of love, courage, and integrity. Stories are written by the magazine's readers and by celebrities from a variety of perspectives representing different faiths and belief systems. Each issue of WhispersFromHeaven Magazine features fine art paintings and beautiful color photography as well as poems, quotes, and short stories.

Wild Fowl Magazine Subscription : WildFowl Magazine is devoted to the interests of serious duck and goose hunters. Every issue of Wild Fowl Magazine includes columns and regular features dealing with those topics of greatest interest to avid water fowlers, such s flyway reports, conservation , migration reports , shot gunning, boats, blinds, decoys, wildlife art and collectibles, and, naturally, duck and goose hunting across the continent and more... all from waterfowling experts! WildFowlMagazine is the definitive reference for the duck and goose hunting enthusiast.

Wildlife Conservation Magazine Wildlife Conservation Magazine is the official publication of the Wildlife Conservation Society ( WCS ) founded in 1895 as the New York Zoological Society. Headquartered at New York City's Bronx Zoo, the WCS works to save wildlife and wild lands throughout the world. For more than a century, WCS has inspired care for nature, pioneered environmental education programs, and helped sustain biological diversity. Throughout its rich history, the Society has remained an integral part of New York City's cultural life and a leader in teaching biology and science in both the U.S. and worldwide. This award-winning magazine , Wildlife Conservation Magazine , is filled with breathtaking photographs and articles will keep you up-to-date on WCS worldwide conservation initiatives.

Wild West Magazine Subscription : Wild West Magazine delivers authoritative coverage of the true history of the people, places and events of the Great American frontier for a readership that has a passion for learning about the Wild West. WildWest Magazine has carefully researched articles - illustrated with colorful period and modern art and rare historical photos - bring all the legends that put the "wild" into Wild West to life, including the Indians, cowboys, adventurers, settlers, lawmen and outlaws.

Windsurfing Magazine Subscription : Windsurfing Magazine is the leading wind surfing magazine in the United States and features easy-to-follow lessons from the nation's best instructors, tips on buying and setting up equipment, information on sailing destinations worldwide, comprehensive equipment tests, cutting-edge technology, and outrageous photography.

Wired Magazine Subscription : Wired Magazine is ahead of it's time. Wired Magazine lays out the possibilities , hopes and opportunities of the digital frontier and the techno changes affecting work, business and our culture. Wired Magazine is a handbook for the 21st century.

Wisconsin Sportsman Magazine Subscription : Wisconsin Sportsman Magazine features the latest strategies and local hotspots for Wisconsin outdoorsmen. If you like to hunt and fish in Wisconsin , at last there is a magazine just for you!

Woman's Day Magazine Subscription : Woman's Day Magazine is one of the oldest and most beloved of all the traditional women's magazines, although Womans Day Magazine has evolved to fit the needs of modern readers. Each issue of WomansDay Magazine is packed with recipes, homemaking tips, and poignant articles. Woman's Day Magazine provides discussions, advice, and a new perspective on how the modern woman lives her life today. Topics covered in Woman's Day Magazine include relationships, health, nutrition, dating, beauty, and family.

Wood Magazine Subscription : Wood Magazine is considered by many to be the world’s leading woodworking magazine for beginning and advanced woodworkers. Wood magazine's readers are passionate about their dedication to woodworking and do-it-yourself projects. They are the doers, builders, and buyers of tools and materials. You can count on WoodMagazine for fun projects, complete with full-size patterns and step-by-step instructions, shop-tested tips and techniques for accuracy , reviews of the latest tools and and interviews with other woodworkers. Wood Magazine helps dedicated wood workers have fun while building their skills.

Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine Subscription : Woodstrokes and Woodcrafts Magazine features a wide selection of easy-to-finish projects ranging from craft fair novelties and decorative home accents, to useful housewares and wooden toys. WoodstrokesandWoodcrafts Magazine's decorative wood painting ideas inspire gift makers, small crafts business owners, and new painters alike, and an assortment of easy-to-build wood projects challenge weekend woodcrafters of all skill levels. WoodstrokesandWoodcraftsMagazine not only caters to the respective needs of painters and woodcrafters but also includes an overlapping section featuring woodworking projects that can be painted. All projects are accompanied by color, step-by-step photographs, how-to instructions, exploded perspective illustrations (when necessary) and full-size patterns.

Word Dance Magazine Subscription : Word Dance Magazine is penned by children in Kindergarten through grade eight. Word Dance Magazine includes poetry, short stories and dynamic art. Young people love to read the works of their peers and are encouraged to submit their own creative work. Word Dance Magazine has been featured in The New York Times.

Working Mother Magazine Subscription : Working Mother Magazine offers practical suggestions for career-committed working mothers who have made the decision to raise a family and pursue a career at the same time. Working Mother Magazine offers advice on working , child care and development , children's education , health and well-being , personal health , fashion and beauty , career options , work/family issues , family finances, food and nutrition. Working Mother Magazine's annual ranking of the "100 Best Companies for Working Mothers" is a benchmark for businesses learning to value employee loyalty and retention.

World of Puzzles Magazine Subscription : World of Puzzles Magazine is published by the editors of Games Magazine and features a variety of pencil puzzles and unique crosswords in every issue. World of Puzzles Magazine is produced for an elite group of puzzle lovers who demand unique, tricky, and crafty puzzles. World of Puzzles Magazine provides crossword and crisscross puzzles, logic and observation, crossword varieties, trivia and name play, cryptic crosswords, word searches, wordplay, double crostics, and cryptography... Everything to keep subscribers of World of Puzzle Magazine scratching their heads, searching for solutions!

Worth Magazine Subscription : Worth Magazine provides individual investors with all the financial intelligence they need to manage, increase, and enjoy their wealth. Each issue of Worth Magazine includes expert advice on stocks, mutual funds, taxes, the economy, real estate and retirement, as well as a regular column from Peter Lynch.

Wrestling Digest Magazine Subscription : Wrestling Digest Magazine is for those who just can't get enough of this fast growing sport. In Wrestling Digest Magazine you will read about all the stars and events in a format that's complimented by action packed photography.

Wrestling U.S.A Magazine Subscription : Wrestling U.S.A. Magazine has been the national voice of amateur and school wrestling since 1964. Not designed for fans of Hulk and the Body, this is the real thing.

Writer's Digest Magazine Subscription : Writer's Digest Magazine is known as the leading publication for for professional and aspiring writers. Working professionals edit monthly columns in Writer's Digest Magazine to enhance the writing of fiction, nonfiction, dramatic works and poetry. Each issue of Writer's Digest Magazine is filled with expert instruction, inspiration, and information on all aspects of the writing life: from how to target manuscripts and captivate editors, to effectively overcome writer's block and negotiate fees.

Xbox Nation Magazine Subscription : Xbox Nation Magazine is a rich source of information for one of the most popular game consoles. Xbox Nation Magazine ( XBN Magazine ) provides focused articles, entertaining editorials, previews and reviews. Xbox Nation Magazine has tips, recommended strategies, and coverage of the latest games. Xbox Nation Magazine covers all gamers need to know about Xbox.

Yachting Magazine Subscription : Yachting Magazine is edited for both sail and power-boat owners. Each issue of Yachting Magazine features a calendar of boating events and reviews of new products including equipment, clothing and engines. Yachting Magazine is for both the experienced owners and prospective owners of recreational yachts. Yachting Magazine profiles yachts worldwide. Also covered by Yachting Magazine are destinations, day-trips, maintenance, design, electronics, and gear.

YM Magazine Subscription : YM Magazine ; (once known as Young Miss magazine and also as Young and Modern) is written for `the teenage woman'. Packed with features on entertainment and celebrities, useful advice on personal relationships, and practical beauty tips: YM serves as the ultimate guide to a thoroughly modern life, and is one of the most popular teen magazines.

Zoo Books Magazine Subscription : Zoo Books Magazine is a simply written and wonderfully illustrated magazine that kids and parents alike will enjoy! Each issue of ZooBooks Magazine aids kids in getting to know many different animals through magnificent photography, illustrations, diagrams, descriptions and interactive activity pages. With pages of striking wildlife photography and simple explanations, Zoo Books Magazine makes "animal facts" come alive for children. Zoobooks is educational fun for kids 5 to 12 and is great for both beginning and intermediate level readers.

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Legendary Handmade Swords, Armor and Other Martial Weaponry from Toledo, Spain

Sword Accessories : Sword , rapier and dagger carriers and holders.

Armor and Shields : Legendary Handmade Armor , Shields and Other Martial Weaponry from Toledo, Spain.

Ancient Swords : Legendary Handmade Replicas of Ancient Swords from Toledo, Spain.

Battle Ready Swords : Legendary Handmade Battle Ready Swords from Toledo , Spain.

Bullfighting Swords : Legendary Handmade Bullfighting Swords , Spears and Knives from Toledo , Spain.

Ceremonial Swords : Legendary Handmade Historical Replicas of Ceremonial Swords from Toledo , Spain.

Daggers : Legendary Handcrafted Historical Dagger Replicas from Toledo , Spain.

Desktop Gifts & Miniatures : Legendary Handmade Sword , Armor and Other Martial Weaponry Gifts from Toledo, Spain.

Fantasy Swords : Handmade Fantasy Swords from Toledo, Spain.

Fencing Swords : Legendary Handmade Fencing Swords and Foils from Toledo, Spain.

Framed Swords : Legendary Handmade Swords , Armor and Other Martial Weaponry Framed for Display from Toledo , Spain.

Historical Replicas : Legendary Handmade Historical Replica Sword , Armor and Other Martial Weaponry from Toledo, Spain.

Japanese Swords : Legendary Handmade Japanese Samurai Swords from Toledo, Spain.

Medieval Swords : Legendary Handmade Medieval Swords , Armor and Other Martial Weaponry Replicas from Toledo , Spain.

Military Sabers : Legendary Handmade Military Sabers and Swords from Toledo , Spain.

Rapiers : Legendary Handmade Rapier Swords from Toledo , Spain.

Sword Stands : Exhibition displays and stands for swords , fencing foils and daggers.

Factory : The Facilities where Legendary Handmade Swords, Armor and Other Martial Weaponry from Toledo, Spain are handcrafted.

Sword Care : Proper care of swords, knives, armor and other cutlery saves money in repairs and rust removal, allowing these fine metal heirlooms to be handed down to children, grandchildren and longer.

Renaissance Faires : Renaissance Fairs and Costumes.

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Inflatable Beds :

Inflatable Mattresses : Inflatable Air Beds

Inflatable Chairs
  • "The Super" Inflatable Chairs
  • " The BeanLess BeanBag " Inflatable Chairs
  • " The Big Bottom " Inflatable Chair
  • High Back " Shell " Inflatable Chairs
  • The " Original " Inflatable Chairs
  • " The Kids Original " Inflatable Chair
  • " The Kids Super " Inflatable Chairs
  • Kids Inflatable Character Chairs

    Inflatable Sofas
  • " The Super " Inflatable Sofa
  • " The BeanLess BeanBag " Inflatable Sofa
  • " The Original " Inflatable Sofas

    Inflatable Blow Up Foot Stools

    Inflatable Pillows

    Inflation Pumps

    Inflatable Blow-Up BackPacks

    Inflatable BlowUp Clocks

    Inflatable Blow Up Frames

    Inflatable Blow Up Sport Bags

    Inflatable Blow Up Tulips

    Inflatable Blow Up Watches

    Complete Old and New Testaments
    FREE Online

    Old Testament
    1 SAMUEL
    2 SAMUEL
    1 KINGS
    2 KINGS
    New Testament
    1 PETER
    2 PETER
    1 JOHN
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    3 JOHN

    Book Reviews :

    A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash by Sylvia Nasar
    A Bend in the Road, A Walk to Remember, Message in a Bottle, The Notebook, The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
    A Bend in the Road is Not the End of the Road by Joan Lunden & Andrea Cagan
    Area 51 by Robert Doherty
    Exchange Rate by Hal Clement
    Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
    Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's Champion Trader by Martin "Buzzy" Schwartz with David Morine & Paul Flint
    Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Star Trek Various Titles & Authors
    The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
    Black Hawk Down, Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden
    Bag of Bones , Black House , Blood and Smoke , Dreamcatcher , Everything's Eventual , The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon , Graveyard Shift , Gray Matter , The Green Mile , Hearts in Atlantis , The Lawnmower Man , Legends: Stories by the Masters of Fantasy, LT's Theory of Pets, On Writing, Quitters, Inc., The Talisman, The Wavedancer Benefit, Dolores Claiborne, El Perro Sun, Quatro Despues de la Medianoche, El Juego de Gerald, Una Despues de la Medianoche: Los Langoliers, Misery, Dos Despues de la Medianoche: Ventana Secreta, Jardin Secreto by Stephen King

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