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Toledo Swords™ - Affiliate Program - Real Cool Savings

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Toledo Swords™   : Collectible Heirloom Armory
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Toledo Swords™ - Affiliate Program - Real Cool Savings

Promote Toledo Swords™   and Real Cool Savings from your Web site or newsletter with Toledo Swords™   and Real Cool Savings banners , buttons , text links , product links and articles.

Link to Toledo Swords™   and Start Earning Money!

If you have a Web site, you can join the Toledo Swords™   affiliate program , FREE and earn money by promoting Toledo Swords™   from your site. Every time you refer a sale , you will earn 10%.

An in-house program is also available with commissions up to 18%. ( 10% if your monthly sales are from 0 - $500.00 , 15 % if your monthly sales volume exceeds $500.00 , and 18% when your monthly sales volume exceeds $1000.00 ) For those interested in the in-house affiliate program , please

As an affiliate, you will have access to a variety of banners, buttons, and text links, product links and articles.

How much money can I make?

Honestly, we had one affiliate that was earning so much with Toledo Swords™   that he bought into the company ! How much YOU will earn will depend on your affiliate marketing skills , your website , newsletters , etc. You will receive guidance in this area if desired. Afterall , YOUR success is what makes us successful !

How do I join?

  • Click Here and sign up to become a Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Partner through ClixGalore
  • Fill out the Affiliate Application.
  • Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions below.
  • If you don't see the answer you need, please

    What does Toledo Swords™   offer your visitors?

    1. Toledo Swords™   is the #1 site for Quality Hand-Forged Collectible Heirloom Armory produced in world renowned Toledo Spain.

    2. Great Unique Gift and Decor items.

    3. Wide , diverse general market appeal. Of course Toledo Swords™   appeals to collectors but even more so to the general public. Who doesn't dream of owning a famous Toledo Spain hand forged , quality functional replica sword , suit of armor , shield etc ? ( ok some people don't but a LARGE number do )

    Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Program?

    The Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Program will pay you every time you refer a sale from your site. Joining the Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Program is not only a way to make money, but it can also add value to your site. The program provides a high level of support.

    How do I get started with the affiliate program?

    It's a simple process: Click Here and sign up to become a Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Partner through ClixGalore . Then make sure you add text links , product links and / or banners to your site.

    Can I participate if I live outside the U.S.?

    Absolutely. However due to the large amount of fraudulent international credit card sales , shipments outside the United States require bank wire payments.

    Does my Web site qualify for the Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Program?

    Anyone can apply for the program. However, Toledo Swords™   reserves the right to refuse or cancel any site, especially if it contains unsuitable material. Web sites that would violate any applicable law, regulation, or third-party right; encourage illegal activity or racism; will be deemed unacceptable for the Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Program.

    Commission Fees and Payment

    How does Toledo Swords™   track sales coming from my Web site?

    Toledo Swords™   uses ClixGalore , as independent third party for tracking and payment of your sales. ClixGalore , is a large pay-for-performance advertising network, and acts as a trusted third party managing the network, tracking and reporting on your activity in real time, and handling monthly commission payments to network members.

    How does ClixGalore work?

    A surfer ( internet visitor ) clicks on an advertiser's link ( like Toledo Swords ) from a publisher's ( your ) site. The surfer is sent to the advertiser's site via a redirection from the network system. To the surfer it appears as a direct link to the advertiser. At this point ClixGalore sets a cookie ( for tracking which site - yours - the surfer came from ) with the surfer.

    The surfer selects products to purchase and completes the online ordering process. After the surfer completes the order, the exit page contains a unique identification number that is sent to the ClixGalore server. When the unique ID is sent to their server , it reads the cookie plus the necessary sales information and stores this information in the database to credit your account.

    As a ClixGalore member , you ( the affiliate ) are eligible to apply to join any of their advertisers' programs , not just Toledo Swords. You will receive money for sending leads or sales to advertiser sites. Advertisers choose whether or not they want to accept all applications to join or manually review and approve them. When you request to join a program, you will receive a pop-up notification telling you either that you have been accepted or your application is being reviewed.

    Then, click on the "Make Money! Join New Programs" tab at ClixGalore . You may search for a particular advertiser , or for a keyword, using the search box. You may also browse the categories listed.

    Once your search has returned an advertiser program, you will see a sample banner and information about the program .
    At ClixGalore click on the "Join Program"

    Get Links / Join Program / Get Products

    The first thing you must do before you get links is Join the Program. Once you are a member of the program, then you may Get Links.

    Links are served to you containing the proper ID codes for your Web site and the advertiser's commission structure. These codes are set in cookies, which are then used to track transactions.

    Copy and paste the link coding into the source code of your web page, in full, exactly ( on the text links you can and SHOULD change the wording to fit your site - just not the code part ) as it appears on our site, and you will be able to earn commissions from the traffic that you drive to Toledo Swords™   through your Web site.

    How much will I earn for each sale that I refer to Toledo Swords™ ?

    You will receive 10% of the total sale ( does not include the shipping charges ). An example: Average Toledo Swords™   sale is $150.00. 10% would be $15.00. If you sell a suit of armor for $3935.95 , your commission would be $393.60.

    When and how do I get paid?

    ClixGalore pays commissions monthly by check or direct deposit , when your ClixGalore account reaches a minimum of $25.00 COMBINED. ( That includes commissions from ALL your merchants you sign up for at ClixGalore : so if you earn $24.75 from us and $0.25 from another merchant , your account combined is $25.00. )
    If your earnings are less than $25.00 combined with all your merchants , the amount will be carried over to the next month.

    How long does the Toledo Swords™   cookie last?

    The Toledo Swords™   cookie, a small file stored on the computer of somebody that clicks your affiliate link, last for 60 days at ClixGalore . That means that if somebody clicks on your link and doesn't purchase right away, they will have a cookie with your referral ID on their computer, so if they purchase within 60 days , you will get credit.

    Promoting My Web Site

    How can I promote Toledo Swords™ ?

    Toledo Swords™   will provide banners, buttons, text and product links that you can use on your site. We have found that the text and product links are the most effective marketing tool for generating Toledo Swords™   sales. In addition to your Web site, you may promote Toledo Swords™   through an opt-in mailing list , NO SPAM , unsolicited emails , will be tolerated !
    Also NO PARASITE software or sites will be permitted !
    Can I change or personalize the images provided by Toledo Swords™ ?

    Not without permission. Just with the url location of your proposed banner or change for permission. However , any banner / image that utilizes the trademarked name , Toledo Swords™ , becomes the property of Toledo Swords , Inc. If we choose to make the banner / image available to others , we will pay you a $25.00 store credit bounty. So be creative !

    Can I change or personalize the text and product links provided by Toledo Swords™ ?

    Yes , please do. Use your own words , but do NOT misrepresent , mislead , etc.

    Can I use Toledo Swords in my URL or in the name of my site?

    No. The use of Toledo Swords or any variation thereof in your URL or in the name of your site will be cause for your immediate dismissal from the affiliate program. In such a case when you breach the affiliate agreement, you thereby forfeit any earned commissions.

    What kind of advertising can I do?

    Be creative. Write a newsletter for visitors to your site, write a testimonial about Toledo Swords™   , write an article. etc. Just don't misrepresent , mislead , etc.

    What kind of advertising is prohibited?

    You cannot send unsolicited email (aka spam) in any way. There will be no leniency in cases of unsolicited email, and affiliates in violation of this policy will forfeit their commissions and be removed from the program.

    Questions? Contact us or call the Toledo Swords™   Director of Affiliate Marketing, Cliff Sokolic , 340-777-8727.

    Toledo Swords™   Affiliate Program Operating Agreement

    We operate under the master Affiliate Program Operating Agreement at ClixGalore .

    We run an affiliate friendly program. If you have suggestions , Contact us or call the Toledo Swords™   Director of Affiliate Marketing, Cliff Sokolic , 340-777-8727.

    Specific additions and changes will be made from time to time. For example , Toledo Swords™   , will allow framing , but I strongly suggest against it. Toledo Swords™   will NOT in any way shape or form allow parasite ( stealing of other affiliate's commissions ) or spamming.

    If your site is accepted , Toledo Swords , Inc. may terminate this Agreement anytime thereafter if your site is determined ( at our sole discretion ) to be unsuitable for the Program. Please maintain a suitable image and projection of Toledo Swords™   quality products. This does not mean you need a "fancy" web site , it means don't misrepresent ( lie ) , mislead visitors , spam , try and steal commissions belonging to other affiliates , or conduct yourself in an otherwise non-businesslike manner.

    Basically , we at Toledo Swords™   recognize the critical role affiliates play in our success. Without YOUR success , we can not be successful. You are our sales force. And you will be treated with the respect due you. We will try and aid you in whatever ways possible. We also pledge to be as fair as possible. If a sale originates from your site , you WILL be paid. We have no budget limit for commission payments.

    We are constantly adding new products so and come back frequently!

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